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Im jackson & idk who to model


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赤 が可愛いタイトワンピース 🍒


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+ It’s your local mess up lily here!i get bored very easily. Doesn’t like to be left on read🐾 I’m single that’s exciting. I like to skateboard and go to the beach. Comment @wherearetheavocados 5 times for a tbh and rate💛 Dms are always open :) Okay that’s it so bye now🌿


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Hadi gençler dertlerinizi dm den yazabilirsiniz ☺️


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oceaneyes.. 💦


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Melanie🌼 21. as gay as they make them. enjoys spending time with friends, going to the beach, and getting high as a kite. she’s a sweet girl but sometimes she isn’t. her favorite era is the 50s. she is adopting a Dalmatian sometime this week. Her happy place is in Hawaii. She drives a 1955 cherry corvette and is the owner of a home originally built in 1962. The walls are pink and covered in vintage items. Her wardrobe is mostly dresses, skirts, tank tops, and crop tops. she spends her time making music, mostly around 12 to 4 am. She’s a complete insomniac and can go on and on about her problems. Like+spam about me for a rate, dop+fop


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There is a definitive moment in a person’s life where they know that they have found their partner in crime. The person they can count on to be awkward with. The person who they know will always go along with there plans no matter how crazy or stupid they may be. So, to that awkward person, who happens to be my best friend, I say this: Thank you for being you and for letting me be me. Thank you for letting me not feel ashamed to be myself when I’m with you. Thank you, for sharing in my happiest moments; for listening to my saddest stories and telling me when I'm being stupid without fear that I'll get upset. Thank you for being the only person who will tell me the truth no matter how hard it may be to say. Thank you for always making sure I'm fed, and for bringing me food at work or coffee after a late night. Thank you for making sure I go to class and forcing me to turn off my Netflix and study. Thank you for taking millions of selfies with me and never complaining when I force you to take a million pictures. Thank you for telling me when I look like a complete mess. Thank you for all the advice and making sure I am aware when I can do better than that guy who broke my heart. Thank you for pretending to be my girlfriend when a creepy guy hits on me at the bar. Thank you for knowing my order at my Chick-Fil-A , any Chinese restaurant, and which movies always make me laugh and cry. Thank you for the laughs, for the cries, and for everything in between. Thank you for being my rock, and keeping me grounded. Thank you for all of the things you do, big and small. Thank you for sticking with me even though I'm sad a lot, annoying, a wimp, and so much more. Thank you for knowing my favorite ice cream flavor and what song to play in the car to cheer me up. Thank you for always knowing what to say and for being one of the life’s best teachers. Thank you for making fun of me when I deserve it, and for loving me when I don’t. Thank you for being there in my darkest times and my lightest times. I have no clue where I'd be without you. I love you so much Alejandro Sebastían Rodriguez ♥️ and thank you for staying with me, always


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I cannot change you so I must replace you #openrp


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¡mi gay favorito! 8) ahq. hasta aquí lo que te prometí bb. otro día será tú hermoso texto hecho por mi. sólo ten presente que tú eres la mejor persona que he conocido en mai fakin’ laif y te amo demasiado ¿si? nunca lo olvides alexander.


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— peter/mr.salvatore/ripper of monterey. a seventeen year old student that attends mystic falls high school. little do the people around him know that the mysterious male is an one hundred and seventy-one year old vampire. the “teen” roams around the streets of mystic falls, posing to be a normal human to keep the secret of his family and him hidden from others who’ve hunted their kinds in the eighteen hundreds. do be careful when you’ve seen a familiar face like his, they might have the same appearance, but definitely not on their attitude, nor behavior. the male stands 5’11 with his soft chocolate hero hair, and emerald orbs. a few things about the salvatore, he’s currently single,but not looking. peter, he’s a kind gentle teen, and with a-bit of anger issues. the seventeen year old vampire does come with a humanity switch that has been kept on due to his friends and family. another thing, he’s quite protective when it comes to the ones he loves, he’ll protect them at any cost. he’d put his life behind, just to keep the ones he loves happy and living. a quick warning for the salvatore, never try to harm the people he cares for, because he’ll snap at any moment, and bring much pain to you. other than that, he’s a kind soul who enjoys making new friends, hanging out, drinking his bourbon with his brother. if you’d like to become friends with the male, don’t be afraid to comment below or just send a direct message, and he’ll respond as quickly as he can. #openrp #stefansalvatore


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My prince @jbrennanpix


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1. Bölüm 🎬 @ufaktefekcinayetler & @tulinyazkan Ne güzel seni sevmek,💞 hep güzel seni sevmek...😍 Daha iyi yerlere geleceksin ve akıllara kazınacaksın.💋 Kuduranlar, çıkışlar sağdan!🙅


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This audio plus these guys 😍


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spencer a. gray sixteen,, doesn't care what's in ur pants,, millie's wife,, either a sweetheart or a total bitch,, crime tv show enthusiast,, blackbear, billie and lil xan,, always listening to music,, the office stan,, kendall and kylies dad,, luna's fortnite pal,, always up to party,, has a big heart,, gay for Cheryl,, can't dance,, adores tacos,, conspiracy theorist,, doesn't trust easily anymore,, comment a good crime tv show for a rate


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. 夏ですね☀ Tシャツですよね😤👍(デジャヴ感) 2日続けてプロダクツタグ😂 好配色の爽やかさん🍀 . さわやか繋がりで閉店後にめっかわ女子2人連れて さわやかハンバーグ食べに行きました🍴 女子達の食いっぷりハンパないって😂 久々に楽しくご飯食べられました😁 . #champion #tee #producttags #60s #70s #チャンピオン #tシャツ #プロダクツタグ #再びのプロタグ #好配色 #夏色 #爽やか #さわやかハンバーグ #ご飯会 #うまし #めっかわ #めっかわ女子#おっさん #ブラックホール胃袋 #幸せそうに肉を食らう者共 #古着 #古着屋 #customfever #カスタムフィーバー #preciousjunk #プレシャスジャンク