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Foram quase 20 horas de uma corrente humana de solidariedade formada por bombeiros, biólogos e voluntários, na Praia Grande, em Arraial do Cabo (RJ). Às 16h30 deste domingo, a baleia jubarte que estava encalhada ali desde a noite do dia anterior voltou às águas. Para a emoção e comemoração de todos! ❤️🌊🐳 #jornalextra #baleia #jubarte #rj #amor #solidariedade #natureza #nature #whale #sea #arraial

- You look good you feel good 😏💯

✨ . ‏وأنك اعمق مما اقول وأكتب❤️ . • . Snap: K9.e 👻

FORGET FAIRYTALES I RUN WITH VAMPIRES 🌕🍷💉 i really obssesed with vampire, werewolves, and zombies. For me, vampires are forceful, strong, untouchable, immune, mind readers and powerfully seductive. i would love to meet one and i've always wanted to be bitten by one as well 😅 • anyway, what are you guys planning on being for #halloween ? 😬 • Products List : Softlens : Geo The Twilight Series #red Body Painting : @viva.cosmetics Lipstick : @kyliecosmetics in Leo