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follow my sis 👅 she a freak 💦@__celecea ! you won't regret it 😚

🎥 “Your Body’s Calling” - R. Kelly (1994) - #rkelly #12play #rnb #rnbmusic #slowjams #stuckinthe90s #90smusic #everydaythrowback #94

간만에 스크린 치러 총총 ⛳️♥️

今夜は5時前から#お家ごはん ・ #カレー 🍛 #豆苗サラダ #なすの煮浸し #アスパラベーコン #ほうれん草のおひたし #いちご 🍓 ・ 今日は @yuigd422 ちゃんが来てくれて一緒に夜ご飯🌝 おばあちゃんのおつかいにも付き合ってくれてありがとう❤︎

As long as I live I’ll never get over being excited about the fact I have a booty now. It’s BRAND SPANKING new lol. Miss new booty right here 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ I had like negative bootyliciousness before this year. I was the typical yogi— super quad dominant (hello long isometric holds in warrior poses), glutes not firing off effectively, not getting enough protein, drinking green juice and wondering why my body was namastaying the same and not getting stronger. Protein and mind-muscle connection have reshaped my body and allowed me to build instead of continually breaking down. A strong booty looks great and will save your poor lower back and overworked hammies🙏