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Hey everyone. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’ve been extremely depressed. I had to go to the doctor, even get referred to a therapist; I feel weak & lost. On June 16th a car struck mine. The driver was at fault & I called the police, which was the biggest mistake of my life. The guy was calmly trying to blame me for stopping my vehicle in front of him, after he side swiped me. He had not been trying to stop for any reports & rear-ended me. There was initially a car to my left he almost pushed me into & I felt too near-death for comfort, so I was frantic. Looking back, I realize I’d been in his blind spot, he probably hadn’t intended this, but he failed to respond appropriately & inflicted more than enough damage. Paramus NJ Police chatted with the man awhile then let him go -but began harassing me. I don’t drink or smoke weed as anyone who’s ever came to my bar can verify. I was wearing the shirt in the 1st pic. Cops claimed to think a bottle of seltzer in my car was “alcohol” so I told them they can check that bottle or breathalyze me. I still don’t understand why they even accused me of anything after I’d been the victim of a crime. They didn’t even check that bottle. They proceeded to tear my car & purse apart, then saying “it smells like weed in here” (complete lie) They then found medications prescribed to me for my wisdom tooth & an emergency procedure I had performed on me recently. I had all the medication together. I told them, I don’t know what the man was thinking, I had stayed in my lane, my iPhone GPS plugged in my aux told me (verbally dictated) I had to stay in the 2cd lane from right & I had been. This guy collided into me. My arm was hurt badly. They shoved that same arm of mine in handcuffs, towed my car, found any excuse they could to arrest & violate me & once they knocked my phone out of my hand they said they’ll lie & testify on behalf of the other guy then also said “oh she said she was on her phone so add that to the report” when I hadn’t used my phone, it was telling me where to go. My shirt kept falling down & these 4 scary men with weapons wouldn’t let me fix it. I was violated & I want the world to know.

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