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Can u imagine the feeling of being so happy u see ur BF coming in from the window after being away from each other for 8 hrs “That’s a long time when you spend 80 % of ur time together” & then wondering what’s taking him so long 2 walk thru the door so u walk back to the window 2 see him lying flat on the ground unresponsive. The feeling is indescribable! Sean you were the definition of a real MAN & a great FATHER. You taught me soooooo much! I’ll miss waking up 2 u EVERY morning & giving u a good morning kiss. We did EVERYTHING together. You were My best friend, Travel buddy, turn up partner, Lover & soooooo much more. If u saw him u saw ME so it’s ok everybody caught amnesia as soon as this tragedy happen. It’s crazy bcuz when I use 2 see ppl post saying fake pages were messaging them cruel things when a loved one passed away I use 2 say 2 u do u really think sumbody would do that & u would just laugh n say Sunshine u can’t put nothing pass these ppl that live for the internet & Pooh Bear u were right. U wouldn’t believe the things that are being sent 2 me My God 🤦🏽‍♀️ U know better than anybody it’s hard 2 break me so the fake pages can keep coming bcuz NOBODY can take away what we had. Your last memories are with me & I’m forever grateful for that, Im so happy we got 2 experience a lot of things for the 1st time 2gether. I still can see the look on ur face when I asked u where did u wanna go for ur bday & u said well I always wanted 2 go 2 Dubai & 2 weeks later I walked in from work giving u a paper with the flight & hotel information. Your face was priceless. Im so happy I made u happy & brung you nothing but joy. Please watch over me 💔 P.S nobody can make u go pop like ur Sunshine ☀️ I’ll love u forever S1 😘

Prendi la mia mano bella señorita🤝

Ich wünsche euch allen ein schönes und sonniges Wochenende 😍☀️🌸💐🍀 📸: @geisserm #tb #daszelt #daszeltgala #zürich #happiness #moments #spring

Cantik banget tadi siang di brownis di lanjut brownistonight @ayutingting92 Edisi rok mini perbaduan kaos bola 😍

Lindisma semana!! 🙌 Gracias x los mensajitos!! ❤️Disfruten mucho este finde!! Paz y mucho mucho amor para todos! . • - Hoy vestida x @encantosdemujerstyle , mis accesorios @milpetalosaccesorios y mis zapatos @vizzanochile .