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First Second or third ?

下班嚕 今天上班除了逗利是外,好像沒有做過什麼。。😂

Dá um abraço aqui!!!! Eu adoro essa mulher, que é gostosa até no nome! O q é isso, né Brasil? @adrianabombom É sempre uma delícia te encontrar e dar boas gargalhadas, pq em matéria de gargalhadas...tamo com tudo!🤣🤣Aí tem história, hein!!! #blackandwhite #negresco #pessoagostosa #gargalhadas #turmadaxuxa #bombom #paquita #encontro #abraco #amizade #planetaxuxa

Sometimes people try so hard to get (manifest) what they want such as a job, health or relationship, but they keep attracting the same outcomes, only with a different jobs, aches or mates. - They don’t realize that you don’t get what you want, you get what you are. - In other words, what you are is comprised of what you subconsciously hold inside of you. The behaviors that you emit, the fears of your parents that you’ve taken on, the influence of your peers and your entire programming that you’ve received via external inputs. Concurrently, you are also the experiences that you’ve had, the lessons that you’ve learned and the mistakes that you have corrected. - So take the time to rewire and reboot a bit. Understand what you need to release and what you need to expand; what you need to forgive and what you need to strengthen; where you need to put more energy and where you need to remove it from. - In essence, make sure what you want . . . your desires, needs, goals and dreams, are in alignment with who you are. Be an active participant in your own life and the rest of the world will come to you. - #alchemytribe1 #entrepreneurmindset #mindset #soulful #manifestor #millionairemindset ##mattgottesman #quoteoftheday #alchemy #flow