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Тўй кортежи.... @telegram_yulduzlari 👈🏻#telegram_yulduzlari

Empezando la semana con una buena sesión de cardio 🏃🏼 -Feliz semana a tod@s 👊

دكتر عزيز به همراه ، هنرمند توانمند و ارزنده آقاي مجيد اخشابي #ونك #تهران #تهرانپارس #مجيد_اخشابي #ايران #موسيقي #فينال #جام_جهانی

Мечты сбываются!!!!!!😱✊🏽🙌🏽 Теперь всем вам и нам приятного просмотра матча! ⚽️💥 смотрю почти с вип места😎👍🏽 Болеете за Францию или Хорватию???

Progress on my body. (I'm almost 5'10) Im not plus size, but im also not as slim as most think I am. So, back last September, i had to start a new medication for my lupus. I got up to about 200lbs. I wasn't in the slightest happy, before the med I was 120 at my heaviest. I still want to slim down, but ive lost about 60lbs. Im pretty happy how far I've gotten. I'm always looking for gym buddies😊 (Haters will be blocked)