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17 Hours Ago

When you kick your own ass in the gym and have to hover over a trash can for a min 😂🤪 #duespaid #1am1stphorm #1stphorm #mytransphormation #springsprintchallenge #fitwife #fitmarriage


1 Day 9 Hours Ago

- Bear Grips👇🏽 . If you guys are like me, when I’m deadlifting a weight that my grip strength gives out before my actually body, I tend to use lifting straps. . But for the past few weeks, I’ve been using what’s called Bear Grips. . These Grips are designed to give you that extra grip you need when your grip strength starts to give out. . These have been a staple in my strength training program for me because it gives me that natural feel of the bar rather than having lifting straps wrapped around the bar. . Another reason why I love using Bear Grips now is because it doesn’t cut off my circulation in my hands like your traditional lifting straps. They are very comfortable to wear and easy to set up on a Barbell, Dumbbell etc. . If you’re looking for a better quality, hand made, easy comfort, and a natural grip feel of the bar, you should definitely look into something like this. . Head over to BearGrips.com to check them out to see if this is something that’s rights for you!💪🏽 . . . @Bear_Grips #beargrips #deadlifts #gripstrength #naturalfeel #1am1stphorm #powerlifting


2 Days 5 Hours Ago

Homemade hummus, vegetables and salmon for dinner tonight. . When my world flips around like Simone Biles sometimes having something to come home to that is predictable is as calming as yoga. So nearly every night I have just about the same thing for dinner: -mixed greens -grape tomatoes -beets -cucumbers -kidney beans -salmon, tilapia or tuna -hummus -lemon water -microfactor . Have you every seen the prices of hummus in the stores? If you eat it only every once in a while I can see picking it up at the store but eating it practically every night gets pricey. So making it at home is super cheap, super fast and super unprocessed! . One less thing for my overactive mind to think about!


2 Days 11 Hours Ago

Snow days aren’t enough of an excuse for me to skip a workout! Couple glute bridges added in to leg day after some lower back madness last week! #mytransphormationstartstoday #1am1stphorm #legionofboom #warriorfitness #teamonemorerep


3 Days 2 Hours Ago

Everyone has a past. . Boy oh boy do I have a past! I have done a lot things in this short life I have been on this earth and have seen a ton. There are some days I wish I hadn't seen most of them but today more than ever I am grateful for them all. . I know as a strong independent woman that I am only this strong because of those moments as they gave me the strength to overcome all of them. I can never be ashamed of what I have done, where I came from or the smallest successes. . We all have our own story that shapes our lives and creates our personalities. The good, the bad, the petty and the serious. Never allow one's success story discourage you from your goals and personal growth. There are so many people out there that do not have the strength to show their weaknesses. People find comfort in bragging to their social society of all their greatness and I feel that is only part of their story. . Social media is often called a success reel and I agree to a certain degree. It just takes a lot of digging to find the truth out there just as your real life. Easily we look at the images of our past and only see greatness but finding courage to look at your weak moments can be an amazing opportunity to learn from them and evolve into something great! . Be proud of who you really are and don't let anyone to write your story. #beresilient


4 Days 3 Hours Ago

Don't get caught at the store staring at the chip idle trying to find a snack. . Grocery stores have loads of easy food that you can pick up and eat on the go that are loaded with good nutrients, low in calories and created in dirt not a lab. . So many processed foods are packed with chemicals and nutrient lacking macros. Making more conscious choices can be more easy with practice, so try some of these tips to help you when your faced with temptation: . -drink more water -add an extra piece of fruit each day -store a snack bag of natural nuts and organic dried fruit in your car for emergencies -kick the soda and juice habit to reduce salt intake -take a walk to clear your mind . Try one or a few tips or even come up with some unique to your lifestyle and see things with a clearer view as well as more energy and even maybe losing excess pounds! #motivation


4 Days 18 Hours Ago

So heres the thing about getting your body the nutrients that it needs. It starts working at optimal levels. And when your body starts working at optimal levels great things start happening. I easily wake up at 5:40am... it’s just what my body does now. I also sleep completely through the night. My energy levels are consistent through the day. I used to get really tired by the time I was hitting my 7pm Client but these days I’m good to go until 10:30-11pm. I wake up hungry. Most people don’t like this or think it’s a bad thing.. but it isn’t. You SHOULD be hungry when you wake up. It means your body has used what it needs and is ready for more. It means your metabolism is in check. Due to this I’ve started doing my morning reading and then having breakfast right away to move my body from a catabolic state to an anabolic state. I’ve also increased my carbs at breakfast (because when your body politely asks for 336g of carbs a day you give it!) to kickstart my day. Keep in mind not everyone needs a ton of carbs. My body just happens to love them. There are so many benefits to getting the right amount of nutrients in. I’m going to talk about this on tomorrow’s FB live so jump over to my Renada C account on Facebook and I’ll show you how to figure out if you’re eating enough (or too much!). Have questions? Just send me a Dm and I can help you out. Now go enjoy your Monday Morning! #1am1stphorm #foodporn #nutritionist #personaltrainer #instafit #healthy #entrepreneur #dowork #mytransphormationstartstoday


5 Days 14 Hours Ago

Happy Sunday🌞 This morning I heard a great message at Church and I feel compelled to share because I know I can't be the only one who needed to hear this... • • • ❤️We are all individual pitchers of water. We are constantly pouring ourselves out for others: friends, family, co-workers, strangers. We are constantly giving of ourselves. This means we need to find a way to refill our pitchers so that we can continue to give of ourselves to others. If not- there is nothing for us to give.❤️ This one hit me. I love to give- gifts, my time, my affection. Some days I forget that I need to give TO myself too. It's amazing to give to others, but we need not forget that we need to give that same time and affection to ourselves as well. It's important to take care of ourselves so that when we give to others, we give our best selves and we still have some left over to give. • • As always, have a great day y'all. Take care of eachother and take care of yourselves.❤️ • • *wearing @buffbunny_collection athena leggings in charcoal* ------------------------------- #sundayfunday #messageoftheday #givetoothers #giveofyourself #bekind #givingheart #selfcare #selfreflection #spiritualhealth #1am1stphorm


6 Days 3 Hours Ago

When you get a nice upper body pump even on leg day🤷‍♂️ Chipping away slowly , week by week , day by day ! Still enjoying 300grams of carbs a day and foods i love while continuing to drop body fat and increase lean muscle tissue . You don’t need to restrict yourself and starve yourself to make progress. There’s more than one way to skin a cat , avoid those people who tell you that you MUST cut out all sugars and foods you love . The whole point is to enjoy the process , not hate it . Remember it’s not a race , it’s a life style. There is no finish line , it’s a never ending journey filled with tons of self trail and error! Enjoy it, embrace it and let the gainz begin!🙌💪


6 Days 16 Hours Ago

Day 82-Another bomb ass Krav/kickboxing class with Omar @xtremekravmaga. - I work my ass off (literally) and learn how to defend myself against all sorts of riff raff...like zombies, idiots or toddlers...I use it frequently for the twinsters. - If you're in the St. Louis area you really should check them out. Go for a free class or one of their seminars. You won't regret it. - Time to go home and do legs...this should be fun since I feel wobbly as it is... - Have a great Saturday kids!! #mytransphormationstartstoday #teamrowan1p #1stphorm #mytransphormation #mytransphormationchallenge #1am1stphorm #neversettle #kravmaga #xtremekravmaga #fenton #kickboxing #sweatyourassoff #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fit #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation


7 Days 2 Hours Ago

We are animal lovers! . Over the last 4 years we have adapted our schedules to accommodate these beauties. Changing our training times, skipping out on trips we can't drive to and emerging from always on the go to always with the pups when ever I can. . There is no other creature on earth that will sit around all day and wait for you to come home. When they see me pull down the driveway, they dance around in circles at the door until I walk in and give each one their own hug. Lucy and Zena will stand up on their hind legs, wrap their arms around my neck and give me a sloppy wet kiss. Ricki is dainty and will run right up to your face, abruptly stop and then slightly tick her tongue out and just barely kiss your nose. . These girls have so much love to give and I don't ever want to think of what I would do if something happened to them that could have been prevented. . Yes I supplement the girls with daily multivitamins. Just as humans, the food industry over time cannot provide a full spectrum of daily nutrients due to agricultural devastation. Soil, farms and game are not as they were 20-30 years ago. The earth has not had enough time to heal itself, so after every harvest the soils loses just a small amount of nutrients. . We feed our girls holistic grain free food but over time we saw that their nails would break and their coats were dull. I started giving them a daily packet of microfactor and sure enough their coats were again shiny and their nails were strong. This is mainly from the 3 multivitamin capsules and the efa capsule. . Multi vitamins are used to fill in the gaps of what we lose through our diet. It's a great way to add nutrients that they are missing through their dry food alone. . Essential fatty acids (efa) help their coats shine bright like a 💎. Similar to humans, efa's will help your blood health as well as your hair. . Knowing you love your pets as much as I love mine, are you giving the best quality nutrition you give yourself? #puppylove #adogslife


7 Days 21 Hours Ago

Coffee and ordering business cards bright and early this morning! #1am1stphorm #everydaymala #teamwarriorfitness #butfirstcoffee #gettingthereslowly


8 Days 8 Hours Ago

My must haves every week at grocery store. This is a glimpse into my cart every week know matter what's going on in life. 5lb of chicken 2 8oz of nautral turkey breast 5 avocados Asparagus Two cartons of egg whites 12 count of brown eggs One bag of veggie cauliflower tots and broccoli Fish Level-1 protein Opti green- 50 to get my 11 servings of veggies and fruit in. When you're prepared with healthier options it's hard to choose bad ones. #1am1stphorm #healthylifestyle #npcbikincompetitor #summerbody #fuelyourbodyright


8 Days 15 Hours Ago

Baby got back 🍑 . Try this hip circuit for your glutes that @renegadefitnesswauconda and I did today . No equipment required so you can do it anywhere 😊 . Do 10 reps of each move on each leg once through, no rest between exercises . •fire hydrant• straight leg extension • side kick • forward hurdle circle • backward hurdle circle • donkey kick • hip thrust• . #1am1stphorm #duespaid #gluteworkout #homeworkout #circuitworkout #booty #bootyworkout #workoutideas


8 Days 17 Hours Ago

🌟 Passion & Hustle 🌟


9 Days 3 Hours Ago

Protein shake with a dash of greens before bed. . ✔Phormula-1 Vanilla milkshake ✔Opti-greens 50 ✔banana ✔almond milk ✔ice cubes Cannot get enough of this! I have been looking forward to blending this up every night for a few weeks now. . You can pick up Phormula- 1 and Opti-greens using the link in my bio for free shipping 🚚


10 Days 4 Hours Ago

Tell me I'm not good enough . Tell me I can't do it . Because I will show you over . And over . That I can #wonderwoman


10 Days 18 Hours Ago

For most people breakfast is one of the hardest meals to get in. If you are like me, you probably leave yourself just enough time to get ready, and to make it to work on time. I do not have time to cook a well rounded meal, so this is why this recipe is a staple in my nutrition on a daily basis! . Feeding yourself a well rounded meal in the AM will help keep your metabolism functioning, keep you in an anabolic state, promote better energy, and improve brain function. There are several more benefits to having a well rounded breakfast, but to me, these are the most important. . Here is a quick solution to filling your breakfast void. 10oz-12oz unsweetened almond milk 1 heaping scoop Level-1 (Milk Chocolate) Hand full of ice cubs Hand full of frozen baby spinach 3/4 cup rolled old fashioned oats Blend for 45 seconds . Level-1 is designed to digest in our bodies how normal food would, to help keep you feeling full for the next several hours. You will not be left feeling hungry in 45 minutes. I love how the protein is low temperature processed so that is not denatured in anyway, so it will not leave you feeling bloated, gassy, or give you an upset stomach! . If you have any questions please comment below, or DM me! . #breakfast #protein #1am1stphorm #1stphorm #mytransphormationstartstoday


11 Days 2 Hours Ago

Singing my song, currently I singing/butchering Sirens by Pearl Jam. . I guess you can say I didn't get the musician gene in my family, but I'm a pretty darn good hummer 😂 . There is never a day that goes by that I am not humming a tune, singing gibberish throughout the day or belting out a tune on my daily travels to work. I have been caught on the daily singing/screaming a Pearl Jam, Weeknd or Timberland song. By far some of the most embarrassing moments in my life but why stop when you've been seen! . Be proud of who you are and be happy with all that you have accomplished. . Never allow the outliers in your life dictate your passion and dreams. Accept that they are weak to fear and encourage that the fear they feel is the pavers on the pathway to success. . Every day that I overcome my fears and so called limitations I see strengrh as we all asmy dreams coming to fruition. So why stop now? . Believe . Be successful . Find strength . Sing like no one is looking


11 Days 12 Hours Ago

First of all.... 😅 Today I did a focused glute day with quite a few dead lift variations. To burn out my #mondaybuttday I finished up with: 1) tire flips/drags 2)sled push/pull 3) TRX alt. tucks & pikes I hope you get after it today too! Any questions/comments/inquiries about training DM me😉 #mondaymotivation #lift #gluteactivation #operationpeach #trainwithme #1am1stphorm #recover #phormula1 #ignition #ufcgymorlandpark #rhe_inventyourself


12 Days 9 Hours Ago

Better late than never on Sunday! Had family obligations. Big day for my nephew! Hope all my transphormation entrants are ready for 2nd 8 week challenge from 1st Phorm. Let's all do are very best w max effort. Show everyone what you got. Don't hold anything back!!! #maxout #100to0 #1am1stphorm #50k


12 Days 18 Hours Ago

Time, patience, and trusting the process. We become seditary. Next thing we know a few months are yesrs go by and we have gained 20,40,100 pounds. It happens over time. Realistic expectations and goals are what is needed to reverse it. It will not happen over night. There is no healthy and sustainable "lose 20 pounds in 20 days" plan. #20poundsin20daysisalie #dontfallforit #grind #macros #train #coach #trainer #ironhousestrengthandconditioning #1am1stphorm #herecomestheboom #beastmode #lift #fitlife #bodybuilding #keeppushing #workhard #putinthetime #trusttheprocess


13 Days 15 Hours Ago

Just 3 days left! If you need help with your nutrition, exercise or accountability you should definitely sign up! No purchase necessary! We just want to help! Oh and the possibility of winning $50K is another perk. #1am1stphorm #legionofboom #dothework #transphormationchallenge


14 Days 8 Hours Ago

We are pro guns in this house. #xd9 #smithandwesson #45 #1am1stphorm #1stphorm


14 Days 9 Hours Ago

Finally getting the weight back up on the left arm. 2 plates and a quarter each side on these pull downs. Idk why I kept looking at the camera hahaha #keepgoing #stillrecovering #coach #trainer #ironhousestrengthandconditioning #1am1stphorm #pull #backattack #nashvillemisfits #nashvillefitness #macrosareeasy #dietallweek #feedthebeast #workhard #trainhard #dontstop motivate


15 Days 4 Hours Ago

Can you believe we are already 5 full days into the second quarter of 2018?! The days just seem to fly by me at warp speed, it feels like just a minute ago we were ringing in the new year. . It's funny how we always become so ambitious December 31 creating resolutions to become our best self yet. Some of the most resolutions: lose weight, eat better, quit smoking or exercise more or even maybe communicate more. I love all of these goals because they are determined by our will power to stay on track. Some more ambitious than the next, it takes constant motivation each and every day to stay on track. . Stepping stones guide your path but it is YOU that will have to show up each day to work towards you resolution. So I ask, have you given up or or do you have to start back up right now? . Wake up every day with a new goal in mind and continue to work on your long term goals. . I wrote this in my back door step June 22, 2017. I am still working towards the goals that I created for myself that day. These goals are not easy and they will take some time to reach fruition. I wake each morning, day dream and fall asleep thinking about them. . Stay on track and if you drift off get right back on! . . #goals #resolutions


15 Days 8 Hours Ago

Try these your next leg day 🍑 . . Elevated wide stance hip thrusts . . I always see @christinasf_ifbbpro doing feet flared hip thrusts and I finally gave them a try & oh my gosh they burn!! . . #gluteworkout #1am1stphorm #glutegains #workoutideas #workout


18 Days 7 Hours Ago

Started my morning at @breathefitness2016 💜 915am SuperHERO Strength makes Monday morning something to look forward to! Comment or DM if you want to come and #letitout with me on Mondays or Thursday’s for 50/50 at 930am. #selfiestation #lift #fitmom #groupex #instructor #1am1stphorm #breathefitness #rhe_inventyourself


16 Days 3 Hours Ago

Sigh it out- . This week more than ever I have found the stillness and calmness in my breath. . Having the ability to come to a place where it is solely for me is my saving grace. We live in a world where we give, give and give only to take, take, take the next minute. . We handle so much stress that we easily become immune to the signs that we are about to snap....until one day we do. The snap is the irrational wiring schematic of our conscious and when it snaps we speak words that are hurtful, disrespectful and are just belligerent. . How does it make you feel when your wiring become compromised? Do you later regret the things you said or are you embarrassed that you possibly truly crossed the line with someone you cared maybe just slighly? . Finding the balance of strength to conquer the world and weakness of humility before the fracture is exemplary to a persons balance. Balancing the good and bad is what makes you human. Not one person is absolutely perfect just as there is not all bad in another. We all have good and bad habits in the view of ourselves and through the eyes of our peers. . Respect yourself and appreciate your beautiful body . Find the beauty in your faults and the faults of others . Find your breath. Breath deep in through your nose, open your mouth and sigh that shit out! . #nameste #justbreathe #humpdaymotivation


16 Days 11 Hours Ago

Grab some friends and join us on Saturday & Sunday for a small group class!! Each class offers workouts for all levels and personable assistance for everyone along with 1-1 assistance when needed! DM me to save your spots and keep pushing toward your goals in this fun empowering atmosphere💪🏽😼 {Saturday's is almost fully booked!} • • • • • #1am1stphorm #getfitstudios #smallgrouptraining #getfitwithalexajaye #getfit #dynamaifitness #strength #power #legs #bootywork #workouts #personaltrianer #cpt #nasm #ocbfigurepro #ocbpro #allnatural #paleo #fitnesspage #fitfam #gymmotivation #transformation #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #workout #ocbfigure #lift #positivevibes #gymtransformations


16 Days 15 Hours Ago

🍌Banana bread protein muffins 🍌 *Each muffin is 60 calories * . ✨1 large banana, 3/4 cup egg whites, 3/4 cup gluten free oat flour, 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt, 2 scoops of @1stphorm cinnamon cookie batter, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 cup chocolate chips ✨makes 12 muffins . Fat: 0.8g Carbs: 8.3g Sugar: 2.3g Protein: 5.4g . Found this recipe from https://iheartvegetables.com/?s=Banana+bread+protein+muffins . 🎵Just what the doctor ordered- @tednugentofficial #tednugent 🎵 #1am1stphorm #healthycooking #healthybaking #proteinmuffins #proteintreats #protein #iifym #iifymgirls