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Photo credits to Alec Madrigal @madrigala95 this was his first time ever using a film camera. Shot on my canon ae1 with fuji xtra 200 cross processed in d76. #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #filmphotography #photography #experimentalphotography #art #wood #logs #fujixtra #fujifilm #fuji #canon #canonae1 #sony #sonya6000 #film #35mm #28mm #macro #spring #blackandwhitefilm #c41 #filmisnotdead #darkroom #d76 #kodakd76 #kodak #crossprocess


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NANDAS ❤️ #35mm


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o @bbarros_1980 fez um ensaio subaquático com um rolo de Tri-X 400 lá no Pará e depois me enviou o rolo pra que eu fizesse exposições por cima. não sabemos se o filme passou em raios-x demais ou eu errei na revelação, mas gostamos do resultado de todo jeito . (filme Kodak Tri-X 400 revelado em casa com D-76) #35mm #analog #filmisnotdead #theanalogclub #analoguepeople #filmshooterscollective #fotofilmebr #staybrokebuyfilm #buyfilmnotmegapixels


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Point Reyes, CA #35mm


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🌍 #35mm


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"great memory....everything is forgotten, even a great love. That's what's sad about life, and also what's wonderful about it. There is only a way of looking at things, a way that comes to you every once in a while. That's why it's good to have had love in your life after all, to have had an unhappy passion- it gives you an alibi for the vague despairs we all suffer from." Albert Camus


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Link in BIO: Read more about the life and work of Takuma Nakahira on #afixed's site.⠀ .⠀ "At one time it was declared that images had an independent meaning in themselves opposed to language, and a 'language of images' was spoken about as though it were real. Yet, these notions are surely mistaken. Images haunt language like a shadow, the line language and give it substance, and in some cases, they bring about the expression of language." - Takuma Nakahira (For a Language to Come, 1970)⠀ .⠀ Not only an accomplished photographer, Takuma Nakahira was an active theorist and photography critic. Influenced by the writings of Roland Barthes and Walter Benjamin, as well as the photography of William Klein, Nakahira was fascinated by the relationship between language and image. In the 1960s, he co-founded the experimental magazine Provoke to probe further into this relationship and to explore the potential he saw in photography to bring about social change.⠀ .⠀ Takuma Nakahira, 1970, from For a Language to Come ©Takuma Nakahira, Courtesy of Osiris/Yossi Milo Gallery


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The Civic district is my favorite neighborhood in Singapore. 👌🏻


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Same film


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really digging abstraction right now


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Нет, я ещё не дофотала 😐 . Ну бывает время когда нет вдохновения и всё не ложиться в кадр. И вообще не хочется брать с собой фотик... На плёнку хочется запечатлеть что-то особенное💫, ведь там всего ничего кадров💁‍♀️ С другой стороны любая мелочь может быть особенной🌱 главное как ты её воспринимаешь 😏 . #canonet #canon #35mm #пленка #filmphotography


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sun obsessed 🤠 #35mm #filmphotography


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Cuando varias personas se unen para hacer arte ✨ ayer fue un día para recordar 🤩 que nunca falte la alegría ✨ gracias amigos Ph: @phraa Estilismo: @kamlaparedes Asistencia: @oscarribadeneira


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2018-03-04 06:13:09

Moon between trees #moon#between #trees