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Lihatlah senyum bahagia dalam keluarga ini ketika pertama kali mendengar tangisan sang buah hati...😖🚼 bagaimana dengan anda.... ??? Sudah kah anda memberikan kebahagiaan untuk suami ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Follow: @info_kehamilan69 @info_kehamilan69 🏥Untuk mendapatkan info kesehatan, medis, Program hamil(privasi terjaga) & hiburan bayi ️✔ contact person : 📲Whatsapp: 083111972385


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Post workout sweaty selfie, 100% unfiltered. . I could complain about the dark circles and wrinkles under my eyes, the frizzy postpartum hot mess hair, the chapped lips from the chilly AF weather... . But really? I’m focusing on the happiness I see because I just dedicated a tiny fraction of my day to getting stronger (and more sane 🙌🏼). I may not have weight to lose right now, but I have A LOT of strength and muscle to gain. I have a body that’s grown two beautiful babies and had five MAJOR surgeries and is still kicking. THAT deserves some serious love - I’ve given it rest and now it’s time to do WORK. . This is going to be a journey &&& my goal is to face it with JOY. Who wants to join me?!

I always listen to music when feeding the girls and today 2 of my fav songs came on. Huge tears rolled down my face while I listened to overwhelming reckless love of God and so will I while feeding Faith and Grace. Flashbacks of hearing these songs came running in my mind. A lot of these songs I would listen to during the hardest moments of our infertility journey. I listened to these songs as I drove and sat in traffic for all the ivf monitoring appointments and in church as I prayed so hard to God that he would open my womb and do the impossible even after hearing I wasn’t pregnant once again after a previous failed embryo transfer and the list goes on and on. Infertility took me down some of the hardest days and moments that I never would wish on my least favorite person. But in the end the hardest days lead me to these two beautiful girls. Before infertility there was not a serious bone in me at all. Most days consisted of me just being goofy and enjoying life. Before infertility I never knew what it meant to experience a storm in your life or walk down a road you never thought you would find yourself on. I often think about the conversation my husband and I had in our old home when I told him I wanted to close the doors of IVF after we got the call that our 4th transfer was unsuccessful and we were not pregnant. I told my husband there was NO way I could do a 5th transfer because I was physically and emotionally drained and he would not let us give up and asked me to do one last transfer and then we would officially close that door. To be completely honest I actually told my nurse to call him with the results the day of my pregnancy blood work because I knew it would be the same call that I received 3 other times and I didn’t want to hear the heartbreaking news again and relive the nightmare. God knew I needed a husband who would push me to finish the race and a husband who would encourage me when I wanted to throw the towel in and walk away from something we worked so hard at. I’ll never stop sharing our story of what Jesus did. 🙌🏻 He takes broken and makes something so beautiful! 🌸#swertbabytwins #swertbabyjourney


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Katie Warner (32), Liam (4), and Skyla (7.5 months old)⠀ ⠀ West Salem, WI⠀ ⠀ Katie shares - ⠀ ⠀ “My first postpartum journey went from 100 to 0 really fast. I had about 3-4 months of riding high in my bubble of baby bliss, but then I went back to work only to quit my job a few weeks later. I felt like a complete depleted-sleep-deprived-waste-of-an-education-sucking-at-motherhood & life failure. ⠀ ⠀ Within weeks I was bedridden & in the depths of the worst depression I’d experienced. I sought help, grasping at any hope to pull through because my husband & baby needed me. Talk about adding more guilt to an already difficult situation. ⠀ ⠀ I sought help, began to feel better, & finally became a functional human again. I became involved in the BIRTHFIT community & a local MOPS group, each outlet bringing support in motherhood in a way that allowed me to be honest and encouraged. ⠀ ⠀ I have had two postpartum seasons now, & each one has been marked with the heartbreaking decline & death of my father-in-law & then my own father, each to cancer. No number of squats or meditations on childbirth can prepare a person for losing your dad. Even as I write this, my throat has become tight because it’s so damn painful to reflect on. It's been four months since my dad died. I’ve wondered why our children have to grow up without a grandpa & have been so angry over the nature of their suffering in their final time on earth. ⠀ ⠀ I want to remember this moment - three days prior to my 33 rd birthday & 7.5 months postpartum - as one that my body or spirit will not be crushed by walking the hills and valleys of this life. While it is messy, I will openly & honestly own my story so others may see light in their darkness, especially my kids.”⠀ ⠀ Full story at 4thTriBodies.com


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Today has consisted of folding laundry, grocery shopping, meal prepping and entertaining these littles.🙌🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ All I can say is thank God for Starbucks coffee, thank God for the Instant Pot and thank God for Netflix!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Felt pretty on top of things considering we are coming out of a week of the flu... until I realized I had some technical difficulties last night 🤦🏼‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Soooo If you’re interested in my #transformtribe that I’m currently enrolling for... you know, the 20 minute program that is literally designed for busy mommas... then click the link in my bio! Becaussssseeeee I didn’t get your email yesterday 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #hotmess | #momlife | #gettingishdone


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Usually I take a dozen photos and trim them down to a few, choosing the ones that are the least blurry to keep. This time all of them are great, even the slightly blurry one. I could be blinded by the fact that she's my girl but every one of these photos is amazing to me. She is developing so much personality in her expressions! I can't wait to see how she continues to grow. . . . . . . . . . . #newborn #newbornbaby #babygirl #littlemiss #littlelady #littledarling #mygirl #myheart #mylove #love #beautiful #beautifulgirl #precious #fourthtrimester #4thtrimester #postpartum #takebackpostpartum #singlemom #motherhood #parenthood #momlife #mombie #mamasgirl #proudmama


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I'm 9 months old & I know how to help mommy on laundry day 😍 #sevenlove #sundayfunday #laundryday #9monthsold @frobabies @nollywoodkids #frobabies #nollywodkids

Give the gift of sleep this Christmas and have a #happyambybaby! The Amby Baby Hammock makes the best kind of gift - not only is it a stunning addition to any room, it has been designed to soothe babies and help them to sleep for longer. Perfect for over the busy festive season when babies need a calm environment to escape to ❤️ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #babyhammock #ambybabyhammock #calmbaby #hammock #hammocklife #baby #naturesway #family #babybed #4thtrimester #interiordesign #sleepingbaby #cosy #nursery #nurseryinspo #nurseryfurninture #infantsafety #newborn #babiesofinstagram #babygram #soothing #womb #newbaby #selfsoothing #babygift #pregnancy


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Thought I would push myself a little today and broke into an old program I did a few years ago and LOVED! • And boy, I forgot how intense it was! But I still loved it 😝 • On a side note- videotaping yourself working out is never the most flattering thing, but I’ve come to a place where I don’t cringe at all when even seeing the worst angles. When I say I’ve never looked like this in my whole life, I mean it, I’ve NEVER looked like this- ever. So even the worst angles I’m proud of. • It’s so wonderful all the things you gain when you start to take your health and worth seriously. ⬆️self confidence ⬆️happiness ⬆️ physically feeling better ⬆️ mental health And so much more. • Why not you? Why not now? If you only could believe in yourself the way I believe in you🤩 I’m just a dm away 💕 join us in our new bootcamp starting January 7th • #mombodtransformation #foodie #athomeworkouts #inspirationforwomem #bayarealiving #workoutvideos #dailymotivation #healthyeating #weightlosstransformation #needmotivation #athomeworkouts #happyandhealthy #progressnotperfection #girlmom #4thtrimester #theeverygirl #newadventure #californiadreaming #leowife #dogmomlife #newmom #curlyhairbabe #longhairdontcare #mauilove

Whether you’re struggling with aspects of your own #wellness or wanting to make some changes in your life, #babysteps can help us get there. Small efforts toward our goals help us move in the right direction without those changes feeling overwhelming. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #goals #therapy #lifestyle #health #heathyhabits #momlife #dadlife #parenting #postpartum #4thtrimester #mentalheath #maternalmentalhealth #psychology #healing


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Bongkar, Rahasia Cepat Hamil Dalam Waktu Kurang dari 3 Bulan!!! Jika sudah lebih dari satu tahun menikah, belum juga memiliki keturunan. Tidak mungkin tidak ada masalah pada kesuburan. Pertanyaannya....???? Apakah semua wanita menyadari akan hal itu??? Bunda, tahu tidak! Semakin lama hambatan kehamilan tidak di atasi maka akan semakin kecil peluang bunda untuk bisa hamil, karena semakin bertambahnya usia, semakin berkurang tingkat kesuburan. Bunda sudah melakukan berbagai cara agar dapat hamil, program BAYI TABUNG misalnya, Perbaikan kesuburan dengan dokter kandungan, melakukan Terapi Pijat dan mengkonsumsi penyubur yg memiliki efek samping untuk kesehatan. Bukannya kehamilan yang didapatkan tetapi kesehatan yg semakin memburuk. Tenang bunda jangan khawatir karena setiap masalah pasti ada jalan keluarnya. Kuncinya hanya dengan teratur dan disiplin, maka dalam waktu kurang dari 3 bulan bunda akan segera merasakan menjadi wanita seutuhnya. Kenapa bisa? Sudah pernah mendengar tentang Terapi Alami menggunakan Bioentropy Berenergi? Sudah banyak yang membuktikan dengan terapi BIOENTROPY BERENERGI. Jangan hanya menjadi pembaca yang baik untuk setiap cerita keberhasilan orang lain bunda, segera akhiri penantian bunda bersama terapi alami BIOENTROPY BERENERGI. Konsultasi “GRATIS” Kesempatan “TERBATAS” hubungi: Follow: @babby.kids @babby.kids @babby.kids @babby.kids 🏥Untuk mendapatkan info kesehatan, medis, Program hamil(privasi terjaga) & hiburan bayi ️✔ contact person : 📲WA; 087864523902


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This weekend reinforced the fact that moms D E S E R V E chiropractic care BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER pregnancy! • We learned so much valuable stuff during our advanced perinatal training through the ICPA! I cannot wait to bring this knowledge back and include it in the care and service I give my mamas!!! • • • • #chiropractor #prenatal #pregnancy #perinatal #4thtrimester #pediatricchiropractic #learning #service #lovingserviceismyfirsttechnique #icpa


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Semoga yang like dan 👉 mengikuti promil kami bisa hamil di thn ini آمِيّنْ... آمِيّنْ... يَ رَ بَّلْ عَلَمِيّنْ. ================================ Apapun penghambat kehamilannya akan tertuntaskan, Kista, Miom, Pcos, Torch, Varikokel, diabet, kanker, masalah sperma dll. Follow: @babby.kids @babby.kids @babby.kids @babby.kids 🏥Untuk mendapatkan info kesehatan, medis, Program hamil(privasi terjaga) & hiburan bayi ️✔ contact person : 📲WA; 087864523902


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Did you get my good side Mum? Always baby girl, always 💖 - - - - - #newborn #baby #babygirl #princess #babiesofinstagram #babiesofficial #4thtrimester #birthphotography #newbornphotography


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Newest member of #patriotnation Go Pats!!


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T W O Months ❤️ 11 lbs 13oz 24 inches long This girl keeps blazing her own trail in height! How is she my child?? - She’s talking up a storm and is obsessed with her dad ❤️ #annikahopekeyser #2monthsold #4thtrimester


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The 80 day results are in! . Cindy: -7 pounds and -10 inches! . Kyle: -7 pounds and -4 inches! . The last 80 days went by whether you joined us or sat back and watched... a little tough love is sometimes hard to hear BUT if you want something bad enough, you have to put in the work. You have to show up. And you definitely have to TRY. . But I PROMISE you that it’s worth it. Guys - TEN INCHES that are gone and I never have to see again. I’m back to my pre-Connor weight. It’s just the start of my postpartum journey and I can’t wait to do the next phase with even more of you 💕 . I’m taking applications for my virtual gym now. Send me a DM, apply in my bio or leave me your favorite emoji below ☺️ . . . #momlife #fitmom #girlmom #momswholift #momofgirls #fitlife #weightloss #weightlossjourney #12weekspostpartum #fitnessjourney #4thtrimester #postpartum


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Gingerbread cookie decorating tradition going strong! 🎄#cookiedecorating #tradition #family

Semoga yang like dan komen amin bulan ini bisa cepat mempunyai momongan.,. Amiinn BAGI YG INGIN CEPAT ATASI HAMBATAN KEHAMILAN SPRT: HAID TIDAK TERATUR, KISTA, MIOM, PCOS, PENYUMBATAN TUBA FALOPI, OBESITAS, SPERMA ENCER DLL.YUK BURUAN CEK IG KITA 😘 DAN KONSULKAN SEGERA ALHAMDULILLAH SUDAH BANYAK BUNDA2 YG BERHASIL HAMIL 😃 Follow: @sepesialis_kehamillan @sepesialis_kehamillan @sepesialis_kehamillan @sepesialis_kehamillan @sepesialis_kehamillan @sepesialis_kehamillan 🏥Untuk mendapatkan info kesehatan, medis, Program hamil & kewanitaan ️✔ contact person : 📲BBM: DD086A18 📲WA,,,: 081252022749 📲LINE: sepesialis_kehamillan

Banyak yang telah berhasil, ratusan hingga ribuan testimony kami dapatkan. Setelah mengikuti terapi dengan ikhtiar &do'a 1-2 bulan, banyak bunda bunda yang sudah positif hamil dan mengatasi masalah hambatan kehamilan dan kesehatan lain nya. Pertanyaan..?? Bagaimana cara mengatasi, apa kunci nya keberhasilan bunda bunda yang lain. Pasti nya timbul tanda ??????????? Info lebih lanjut, silahkan konsultasikan bersama kami.. KONSULTASI GRATIS DAN SOLUSI SEPUTAR HAMBATAN KEHAMILAN. Follow: @my.pregnant.id02 @info_cepat_hamil08 🏥Untuk mendapatkan info kesehatan, medis, Program hamil(privasi terjaga) & hiburan bayi ️✔ contact person : 📲WA; 082335794748


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Woah woah woah, why are we outside?!? I thought snow days were for mimosas and Hallmark Christmas movies. • • • • #newmom #newborn #firsttimemom #labordelivery #rvababies #rva #bundleofjoy #progressnotperfection #postpartum #4thtrimester #momsofinsta #foodie #winelover #nursingmoms #boymom #boymomma #boymomclub #10weeksold #tistheseason #christmas2018 #firstsnow


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My Instagram feed yesterday was filled with moms posting before and after pictures of their six packs and almost all of them had babies the same age as mine. I was totally annoyed....not because those women aren’t awesome, they are. But because there aren’t pictures of women who post their stomachs that aren’t six packs and we then get these unrealistic expectations in our head. So here is my still very pudgy tummy. (Colin says it’s like a bounce house... 🤦🏼‍♀️😂) My exercise pants are still mostly too small. My old jeans are no where near fitting. Truthfully I just started slowly exercising again this week because I just didn’t feel ready. And you know what?! That is totally ok!! Everyone’s body’s are different. Embrace your now, even if it isn’t what you would deem Instagram worthy! Because someone just might need to see it. #takebackpostpartum #thisispostpartum #10weekspostpartum #4thtrimester #4thtribodies #bodypositive

I have two packs of these lovely bows left. Red velvet, check and red cotton bows. Perfect Christmas bows. Now only £5 in my Etsy shop. Sarah x


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We had our first hard night last night. Hard as in, she was screaming and we didn’t know what was wrong and we tried everything we could think of to help her, and finally she fell asleep out of exhaustion. She woke up in great spirits though, so it’s still a mystery. At 2:00am, it’s so hard to work circles around myself making sure she doesn’t have to burp, are her feet cold, is her diaper too tight, maybe there’s something in her eye?!, when did she poop last, how much did she just eat; she can’t be hungry, right?, maybe this outfit is itchy....... 🥴🥴 We tried this, and we tried that (even baby yoga stretches and everything else Google suggested) and eventually everyone got to sleep (a little) and we got a few smiles this morning. Her way of saying thank you, I’m sure 🙏🏻 . . . . . . . . . #postpartumhealth #ppd #postpartumlife #postpartumjourney #4thtrimester #breastfeedingmama #strongwomen #empoweringwomen #feelallthefeels #newbornbabygirl #honestpost #momsofig #theeverymom #sharetheeverymom #womensupportwomen #memoirsofmotherhood #memoriesinthemaking #holdthemoments

STRETCH MARKS - Well earned stripes of a mother, there to remind you of what your amazing body did of growing another human being. Be proud Mama! If stretch marks are a concern for you or affecting your confidence and ability to love yourself, then I do have a few lovely body oil recipes over on my blog (link in bio👆) that are full of vitamin E rich oils to boost skin tone. The essential oils in them focus on increasing collagen production and circulation leaving skin smooth and soft. They also smell amazing so great for mind and body 💜

“We all have judgements. Noticing them and being willing to call them into question is not just a start; it's the most powerful thing we can do. We have the power to shift culture. The effect in our world is immediate when we acknowledge that what we see may not be the whole story." {posted by Heather} #repost @motherbirth.co ・・・ ~ motherhood culture ~ ⠀ ⠀ What do you see when you see this photo? Beauty? Exposure? Natural state? Modern society? Skin? Contrast? Provocation?⠀ ⠀ A photo like this can easily bring up our judgements as well as our appreciation. It's also easy to dismiss... this isn't real life. I don't know this woman; I am not confronted with this physical of an embodiment of feminine/mother energy in my day to day. How I feel about this photo doesn't matter.⠀ ⠀ Or does it?⠀ ⠀ The culture of motherhood in our modern world is primarily one of judgement. I look at this photo and see incredible, profound beauty and my system also registers other things in a flash; almost imperceptibly. Exhibitionism, perhaps. Jealousy at how gorgeous I perceive her body to be. Uncertainty of what the motives of the photographer are.⠀ ⠀ We're doing this all day long, to ourselves and each other. Notice it. Maybe all you see in this photo is beauty. But ask yourself, honestly, what your judgements of the mothers around you are. Are they too put together? Not organic enough? Not breastfeeding? Breastfeeding too long? Too critical of their children? Too messy, too controlling, too made up or fit or overweight?⠀ ⠀ We all have judgements. Noticing them and being willing to call them into question is not just a start; it's the most powerful thing we can do. We have the power to shift culture. The effect in our world is immediate when we acknowledge that what we see may not be the whole story.⠀ ⠀ So, what do you see in this photo? What judgements do you have of mothers around you? Anyone willing to share? 😬⠀ ⠀ Photo by @shootmejade ⠀ Handmade Soulry by @sol.svn ⠀ Lingerie Designed by @jasminenicholeart ⠀ Model @scrapperella ⠀ ⠀ #stopcensoringmotherhood #normalizebreastfeeding #postpartum #postpartumbody #4thtrimester #4thtribodies

Semoga yang like dan 👉 mengikuti promil kami bisa hamil di thn ini آمِيّنْ... آمِيّنْ... يَ رَ بَّلْ عَلَمِيّنْ. ================================ Apapun penghambat kehamilannya akan tertuntaskan, Kista, Miom, Pcos, Torch, Varikokel, diabet, kanker, masalah sperma dll. Follow: @info.cepat.hamil01 @info.cepat.hamil01 @info.cepat.hamil02 @info.cepat.hamil02 🏥Untuk mendapatkan info kesehatan, medis, Program hamil(privasi terjaga) & hiburan bayi ️✔ contact person : Whaatsap: 083848541706


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Bruno! You are here, and everyone has had one week to fall in love❤️. 8 lbs 4 charm galore. . . . #almamidwifery #birthwithoutfear #mamastrong #portlandoregon #4thtrimester #midwifery #midwife #birthwithconfidence #birthcenter #naturalbirth

Channeling my inner 1998 self with boot cut jeans and @adidasoriginals ! ✌🏼 Have you checked out my post about postpartum style on the blog? Follow the link in my bio! 💕

8 weeks old already?! 😭 Eric is doing well! Apparently he’s on the small side now, weighing in at 10 lbs 6 oz and 21.5” long. We decided to supplement breastfeeding with formula so that I can get more sleep and have a bit more freedom, and honestly I felt guilty about that for a day or two but it’s made a world of difference already. He sleeps a bit longer, he isn’t as fussy, and I don’t feel as much like just a milk maid (I love the experience of breastfeeding but he still eats every 1.5-2 hours, so I’ve been glued to the couch and am getting a little restless). He can roll over from his stomach to his back and he tracks objects and people. He can hold his head up really well during tummy time, and he cooes constantly. I wonder if that means he will be a talker like his dad and his sister, or more quiet like his mom, or if it’s totally unrelated. He smiles all the time now and just started giving us little baby giggles in the last couple of days which is maybe the best sound ever. Overall I love motherhood, he makes me so happy and my heart is so full, some days I can’t believe how lucky I got. - This last week I started thinking too about how best to take care of my body. I don’t believe in comparing anyone’s experience with pregnancy, especially since that’s a little bit of a depressing road to go down considering how hard my own experience was. But the facts are I am about 30 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, and I lost a lot of muscle and strength, so I have some big postpartum goals that I’m trying to frame in terms of function. Omg I tried to do a push up yesterday and it was bleak!! So I’m very excited to start working out again and to transform my body. I’ve lost that much weight before and I didn’t know nearly what I know now, so I know I can do it in time. More important than that is staying active with my baby and enjoying my time with him - he doesn’t care how much I weigh as long as I am healthy and present for him, after all. ❤️💕 #motherhood #thisispostpartum #postpartum #4thtrimester #boymom #8weeksold #baby