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2018-07-17 19:56:05

Huge jump today! 🔥


2018-06-01 08:28:04

Bitcoin price recovery soon? #bitcoin


2018-05-30 11:50:34

@floydmayweather - You can call me Floyd Crypto Mayweather from now on...Hubii.Network #ico starts tomorrow! Smart contracts for sports?! #hubiinetwork #cryptomediagroup 🤑🤑 -


2018-05-29 13:40:47

Chain link is cheap atm 🔥!! #chainlink


2018-05-21 15:09:38

🔸Today’s Panel Discussion 🔸 All things ICO Marketing 🔸#mayfair101 #conference #cryptocurrency #crypto #ico #marketing #cryptomediagroup


2018-04-28 14:36:15

2500 is possible which means you should snatch up some cheap coins while you still can!


2018-04-19 11:18:52

Go follow me on LIT! #lit #mith


2018-04-17 16:22:19

#pornhub is accepting crypto who’s next ?


2018-04-17 09:49:40

MITH is on the rise ! #mith


2018-04-12 13:15:47

Summer time is near!!! Great time to invest #bitcoin


2018-04-12 07:48:39

Electroneum is doing a great job of keeping us informed on the future if there business. #electroneum


2018-04-10 08:01:38

Who has ever used a Bloomberg terminal? #bloomberg #bloombergterminal


2018-04-03 14:06:14

@nextgencurrencies posted a new pic go check it out and leave a comment !


2018-04-03 14:03:17

Thoughts on Chain tech? #vechain #chain


2018-03-20 13:34:20

Thoughts on the latest dips 💭 ? Comment below


2018-02-11 16:01:46

Times are changing #newgoldrush


2018-02-03 20:34:19

He market bounced back a little today from the latest crash.


2018-01-28 20:02:45

Ether is bae!


2018-01-20 22:10:28

Been holding ETN for a while now it’s definitely a coin to keep your eye on! #etn


2018-01-18 09:44:59

If you are looking for a great place todo some technical analysis of your own, or even looking at others TradingView is a great place todo so!


2018-01-16 23:34:06

There will be bad days and good days in the market! Definitely take the opportunity to buy on the #dips #market


2018-01-16 18:25:31

Rip in piece Bitconnect! Glad I never put a dime into this company. #bitconnect #rip


2018-01-15 06:40:31

IOTA clearing the FUD. Founder of iota clarifies that their rise cannot solely be attributed to their partnership with Microsoft. There is a reason they are in the top 10.


2018-01-13 17:43:19

Check out @nextgencurrencies newest post and watch the video!


2018-01-13 17:39:54

Go check out my new video and subscribe if you are new! There are gonna be a lot more videos in the near future!


2018-01-12 21:13:22

Working on some projects that I will release soon! Hopefully this will help people out in the crypto world!


2018-01-10 00:04:19

Ethereum is gonna be the new king in 2018! #ethereum


2018-01-04 07:29:58

Etherum is taking off will we see 1k all?


2018-01-04 07:27:52

Gotta love making money with crypto currencies while on vacation!


2018-01-02 04:02:23

Dagangan matawang crypto tidak dihalang di Malaysia?? adakah ini permulaan yang baik untuk matawang digital di Malaysia? #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #bitcoinmalaysia #cryptocurrencymalaysia #bitcoinmarket #cryptomarket #luno #lunowallet #cryptonews #bitcoinnews #cryptomediagroup #bitcoinmedia #cryptotrading #bitcointrading