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The aftermath: 1 jaar later en vol overgave en commitment 2-3 x per week PT / ID+Coaching gedaan. Zelden een training overgeslagen, gestart met trainen en RPTC Nutrition onder begeleiding van @lavitamom.nl. 12 maanden later test van absolute kracht: 💥 2 x Body Weight #deadlift at 180kg 💥 Super prestatie @depastaman. Pay attention to this mans form during the lift 👌🏽 Spot on! ____________ #fitnessmotivation #hammerstrength #fitdutchies #whoopband @iamrotownfitness @hammerstrengthofficial @inbodyusa #powerliftingmotivation #powerlifting #absolutestrength #idcoaching #personaltraining #individualdesign #programming #fitness


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@narcisso145 @dzmachine finishing week 3 hard making improvements in strength and technique every week , 2 more weeks to go. #deadlift #hamstringworkout #posteriorchain #absolutestrength #bantamweightchampion #fightnights #iefightnight


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My last bench day of the week has been lackluster this entire 4 week training block. It’s interesting because during my previous phase, the last bench day of the week was consistently solid. I think it has more to do with my deadlift volume going up the day before than anything. It’s important to remember everything we do in the gym is connected.


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I have been slacking on recording training videos the last week so here is a clip of some sloppy paused deadlifts. On the plus side, no one was at the gym so I didn’t feel bad about taking my shirt off. Sick thot angle from my boy @austin_dillon_


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200lbs #absolutestrength


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Tell us which Athlete you are and how many reps you got! Questions? Comment below! #repost @kodacompetitor ・・・ How did you do on yesterday’s CP Battery Test? (Max Effort PC in 8:00 @ 90% 1RM) Here is a preview of next level knowledge that we will be diving into on a regular basis through @kodacompetitor NOTE: the following concepts are assuming form was NOT an issue for you. . _____________________________________________________________ *Under 17 reps* Recommendation: CP Battery work Ex: EMOMs with 80+% of your 1RM to decrease the amount of time it takes your body to recharge between heavy reps . ______________________________________________________________*17-28 reps: SOLID cleans but burning lungs like @freddypetrolia * Recommendation: Aerobic Bias Track to build lung capacity that will keep up with your strength . ______________________________________________________________*17-28 reps: SLOPPY cleans but lungs were good like @tobiasdevelopment * Recommendation: Strength Bias Track to build the structure/support muscles to keep up with your capacity _____________________________________________________________ *29+ reps* Recommendation: Strength Bias Track to build your Power Clean 1RM (as your capacity is clearly not a limiter)


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Tear it down tuesday!! We will be release full clips on our website soon!!! #betterthemovie #better #coreday #tearitdowntuesday #tuesdays #insanity #fitness #partnersforlife #firewithin #absolutestrength #weallwegot


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#tiptuesday Tomorrow Koda Gyms will be Focusing on hip and spine position during HIGH REP deadlifts. Here is @bricecollier talking technique and safe tips to make your workout even better!


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TEST DAY!! ✨✨✨✨✨ A) Find Close Grip Bench 1RM B)Find Power Clean 1RM C) ME Power Cleans in 8 min @ 90% of B


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Baseball is an explosive sport so pinpointing and training the specific strength zones with Velocity-Based Training (VBT) helps maximize the potential in these athletes to create power/explosiveness. Let’s first talk about Force. The equation for Force is Mass * Acceleration... 💪🏼 All movement is initiated and driven by Force (F). This makes it along w/velocity the most important quality to train for Power. Strength training, which requires muscles to produce F against an ext. resist. is the common name for Force training -> more Force means getting stronger (Video 1 - Strength Deadlift). 🔥 However, since there is a time component (acceleration) in the force equation, the greatest amount of weight lifted may not always be the ideal intensity to use since more weight will obviously take longer to move. Finding the sweet spot between intensity and time to completion is where using a device such as a GymAware, Tendo or PUSH unit that measures acceleration and force output helps take a lot out of the guesswork (Video 2 - Strength-Speed)... . . . #velocitybasedtraining #vbt #absolutestrength #strengthspeed #baseball #elitebaseball #offseasontraining


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🧐NEW EPISODES🧐 • If you haven’t checked out the latest episodes of the Absolute Strength Podcast, your missing out! • Life happened these past few weeks so these are coming at you a bit dated BUT shit happens and there’s to much value in these episodes not to share! • Enjoy!


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Keep Track of your Workout Today! && post below... _____________________________________ SUCCESS is STEADY PROGRESS toward one's personal goals. -Jim Rohn


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Consistency Wins. ✨ ________________________________________________ It’s a new week, a new month, and almost a new year. Schedule your workouts and make a plan of how you’re going to make the changes you want; mentally physically, emotionally. Then, consistently work on them.


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Today's Class. Performance & Fitness. Strict press 3RM. Conditioning. Elizabeth intervals. © Copyright of CrossFit Coleraine #crossfitcoleraine #youonlybetter #crossfitforeveryone #health #performance #fitness #longevity #absolutestrength #barbellcycling #gymnastics #intervals #energysystemtraining #mixedmodal #atlanticbarbell #glc2000uk #proformnutrition #fitaideurope


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BIGGEST 3 SETS of 2018? 🤔 - #prparty Part I 🤴🏿🌟 < 7 days ago, taking the 1st football L of the season & trapping a nerve in my upper back meant my elbow couldn’t travel above my ears without excruciating muscle pain 😫😢. I have only trained twice in the past 10days at nowhere near 100% Capacity. I’ve had to listen to my body & be patient: < Exercise: Conventional Deadlift Bodyweight: 86.8kg Clip #1: 180kg x5 #nobelt 😝 - RPE: 6 Clip #2: 190kg x5 #nobelt 😝 - RPE: 7 #pr Clip #3: 200kg Failure DOG ✊🏿😌 Clip #4: 200kg x5 #nobelt 😝 - RPE: 8 #pr - The 1st set was so easy it was completed using Double Overhand Grip (DOG✊🏿). 190kg flew after I Switched to Mixed Grip 😁 as with 200kg. < My body has been eager to show me what it’s capable of. We still want the end of year 255kg, may not get it but no shame in gettin as close as possible before #2019. We’re not derailed, just delayed 😄. < Shoutout: 🎥📢 🤛🏿@clifford2087 & @p_officiallly 😁 < #deadlifting #pr #health #fitness #wellbeing #powerlifting #reps #goals #perseverance #dedication #purity #absolutestrength #minorsetback #majorcomeback #resistancetraining #coretraining #patience #mentalstrength #happyplace #relief #gripstrength #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel


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Solid bench day today. 335lbs x 8. It’s actually been a good training week, need to keep the momentum going.


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WANT A STRONGER BACK SQUAT? 🍑💪 - There are lots of different Back Squat programs out there however the phase “Simple But Effective” is what you need! - There is no magic program and there is no special tool that is going to do it for you. - Just grab a bar, pop it on your back and do: 💥3-5 sets of 💥3-5 reps (resting 2-3 minutes between sets) Each week, adding a little bit more. - Nothing special, nothing sexy, but a tried, tested and successful method. - You will improve, but you must stay the course. Most people give up after a few weeks looking for something different. But this is where hard work and consistency pays off. - Tag someone who needs to squat 💪 - #squat #backsquat #strength #absolutestrength #lift #powerlifting #weightlifting #strongman #fitness #fit #fitfam #training #train #hardwork #hwpo #hardworkpaysoffs #training #strengthtraining #consistency #progress #progression #motivation #fitnessmotivation #crossfit #crossfitcoach #coach #personaltraining #roarfit


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Since switching to sumo I have seen a lot of benefit in doing higher rep sets. Sets of 8 specifically. The key of course, is to maintain good technique which can be difficult when doing higher reps on any exercise. It’s a constant battle. Today was 455lbs for some 8’s. I still need to clean a few things up but I was happy with how the sets moved after squats. 📈


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Here is a tip: If putting your back foot on a bench during Bulgarian Split Squats doesn’t feel right, use the pad on a leg curl machine. The pad moving with your foot makes it a lot more comfortable/natural.


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Have had no squat for 2 weeks but hey....i’m back , but a weaker self i guess - 120kg x5 reps (rep 6th got me like a b*tch ) - Sure as hell im not cut out for Bodybuilding lol...(making fun of myself posing ) 🤣🤣🤣 #squat #absolutestrength #posing #fitness #noexcuses


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Today's Class. Performance & Fitness. Strength. Week 10. Front squat. Conditioning. Performance. 7min Amrap. 7 DL. 7 HPC. 7 BS. 7 T2B. Fitness. 7min Amrap. KB complex (R). WTD SU. KB complex (L). WTD SU. © Copyright of CrossFit Coleraine #crossfitcoleraine #youonlybetter #crossfitforeveryone #health #performance #fitness #longevity #absolutestrength #barbellcycling #gymnastics #kbcomplex #glc2000uk #irishcrossfit #proformnutrition #fitaideurope


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Bodyweight exercises are underrated in some circles for building muscle and strength. I have always been a huge fan of weighted pull-ups, dips, pushups, handstand pushups, pistol squats, etc. for assistance work. There are a bunch or progressions and regressions as well so it’s actually easier to adjust the load than you might think. It’s just hard to replicate on a Lat Pulldown what 45lb weighted pull-ups for 5 sets of 10 does 👌💪🏼🤙🏼


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“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!” - Zig Ziglar _______________________________________________ What are you looking forward to this week?


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Hope everyone is digesting well after Turkey Day. 🦃 - If I want vascularity, I'll eat heavy and drink a lot of water. If I want striations, I'll do a lot of reps or calisthenics. If I want mass, I'll lift real heavy. With enough practice, it becomes a simple science. But today, I'm hydrated and carbed up before this Popeye forearm workout. - But no matter what, I promise to always keep it natural and drug free, through all peer pressures. ✊ - I need nothing more than eating and training. After 8 years of calisthenics and 2 years of weightlifting, it's been a slow journey. But I did it by myself, because it's harder. So I'll always take the stairs. No cycles, no future liver issues, no high blood sugar, no seizures, or mood swings. I want to live long, healthy and do things with minimal effort. - Even when you don't have much going for you, you still gotta be serious about something. I'm #mrantigravity and I destroy all stereotypes. 👊💥 - #haisian #blasian #bloodinmyveins #noneedlesnecessary #drugfreeforlife #nohelp #noneedles #noshortcuts #healthandfitness #naturalist #allnaturalbodybuilder #allnatty #naturalbuilding #drugfree #justtrain #goodgenetics #keepithealthy #traininsane #traininsaiyan #trainingtobeatjiren #jiren #absolutestrength #gymjunkie #shredded #vascular #vascularity #strongmind #strongdad #strongmindstrongbody


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My squat has been all over the place lately, using this noodle bar didn’t help. The cool thing about powerlifting is the constant need to always clean stuff up.


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🌟 Battle Royal 🌟 Who's winning this fight? _____________________________________________ #saiyans #shoto #jiren #ssj #ultrainstinct #messatsu #absolutestrength #satsuinohado #legendarysupersaiyan #miggattenogokui #battleroyal #tournamentofpower #vs #streetfighter #dbs #bosses


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🦃 EPISODE 177 🦃 • Why Is Everyone So Strong, Our First Jobs, and the Key To Business Success w/ @derekcharlebois • 🏈 EPISODE 178 🏈 • How To Determine Training Volume, Best Books on Training, How To Break Plateaus, and Would You Ever Take Steroids • Also! Don’t forget to checkout @huntfitness new eBook: Absolute Strength V2.0 - Meet Prep Edition • LIVE NOW at www.kylehuntfitness.com/absolutestrength2


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The perfect cure when you have stacked up a few subpar workouts in a row is to go in and hit weights you know you can crush. Had 5 sets of 7 at 325lbs followed by CGBP with the 1/2 inch @benchblokz. I have really liked the 1/2 inch block for close grip work. That bottom position tends to bang my shoulders up when I bring my hands in.


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Today's Class. Performance & Fitness. Teams of 2. 'Running Clock' 0-10min. 1RM Axle bar Floor press. 10-13min. Transition. 13-33min. 20min Amrap. Choose either: Cindy or Mary. © Copyright of CrossFit Coleraine #crossfitcoleraine #youonlybetter #crossfitforeveryone #health #performance #fitness #longevity #teamwork #absolutestrength #gymnastics #atlanticbarbell #cindy #mary


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Today’s accessory movement: Hyperextensions with a DB. Benefits: • Increase lower back strength • Strengthen the core • Strengthen the glutes This leads to an increase in explosive power, strength in squats, strength in Olympic lifts, and can also aid in recovering from back injuries. #dsfperformance #hyperextensions #absolutestrength #accessorywork #roguefitness #ghd #strengthandconditioning #remotecoaching #strengthandconditioningcoach


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THIS. IS. THE. BEST. 💛🍁 I love. Koda Native. #repost @kodacrossfitnative with @get_repost ・・・ THANKFUL 🍁 . . . We appreciate all of our members and all the continuous support they give us. Thanks for choosing to be with us everyday! 💛