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Happy Friday!!!🎉 . Thanksgiving 🦃 is less than a week away! Which means my 30 Holiday Accountability Challenge starts in ONE WEEK!!!! . If you haven’t already signed up, please message me so I can get you added to the private Facebook group! . This isn’t a diet! You don’t need to spend hours in the gym! I️ won’t be saying no to the occasional cookie or egg nog, and neither should you! But let’s work together in finding a good balance of moderation and getting more active! I️ know this is the busiest time of year, but it doesn’t mean all goals and previous hard work needs to be thrown out the window! . I need YOU to help keep me accountable! I’m a sucker for all the holiday treats, workouts are not a priority because life gets so busy, and I want to enjoy myself at holiday parties! But I also don’t want to gain 5-10lbs like the average person does this time of year!! Let’s not wait until January with our New Years Revolutions to workout and make healthy choices! You CAN make January a little easier by not gaining more weight now by learning moderation and balance! . Let’s get ahead of the game now so we don’t feel the need to hide behind baggy clothes and feel overwhelmed come January! . This challenge is FREEEEEEE!!! It starts Friday, November 24 and runs until Saturday, December 23! Message me to sign up, and I’ll add you to my private Facebook group that includes: 🎄Nutrition 🎄Daily motivation 🎄Workouts 🎄Group Support 🎄Recipes 🎄Accountability 🎄Meal Planning 🎄Weekly Facebook Live Q&A’s 🎄Personal health coach Message me to sign up!! Let’s do this together! . . . #holidaychallenge #accountability #takeactionnow #dontwaituntilthenewyear #balance #moderation #tistheseason #bestself #helpingpeoplechangetheirlives #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #1stphormathletesearch #personaltrainer #onlinetrainer #challengegroup #wedothework #bethe1 #legionofboom #neversettle #fitness #nutrition #workout #healthyandhappy #fitchick #bebetterthanyouwereyesterday #yakima #washington #pnw

Live with passion and no exceptions for nonsense. #selflove #selfcare #knowledge #magic #action #control #accountability Repost @aliyawanek

21 day Fix Extreme— cardio fix extreme is in the books!!!💪🏆 I do it for myself because nobody will do it for me!!

Mastery on this planet is to be a loving being. We're going to be playing a little game through this new moon energy called connect the dots. Trailing us back to ourselves through some dark subconscious patterning. Try not to look away in fear but instead stay in your heart centre, listen and integrate. This is a beautiful opportunity for awakening and accountability in our creating. To be conscious is masterful and unconscious is damaging, dangerous and painful because of our disconnect and denial within ourselves and to all of humanity. Many decisions to be made will be handed to us at this time but the most important will be the opportunity to wake up and to witness our relationship to abusing our own power and to instead beginning to choosing love. #scorpioseason #newmooninscorpio Side note 📝 I am not an astrologer I just listen to the sound of consciousness 🙏🏻✨

Wishing everyday could start like this! . LOVED having my girl @bridesser with me this morning >> AAA >> Arms, Abs + 🍑🙊 . Too bad 20 of the 30min workout consisted of puppy kisses... 🤣Piper was so worried about her buddy! (who KILLED it today btw! 🙌🏼👯‍♀️) . Did i forget to mention she is also my ultimate #sanantonio #drinkingbuddy !? It’s called balance y’all 💁🏽‍♀️ . Day 5✔️

Let's talk hydration on Day 358. Here are some of the benefits of staying adequately hydrated: · Endocrine gland function improves · Fluid retention is alleviated (If you are continually hydrated, your body will be better at regulating its water and you will not “hold” excess water as much) · Liver functions improve, increasing the percentage of fat used for energy · Natural thirst returns (A lot of people think they are hungry, but they are just not adequately hydrated. If so, those false food cravings may go away) · Metabolic functions improve · Nutrients are distributed throughout the body · Body-temperature regulation improves ·  Blood volume is maintained Here are some of the effects of dehydration: · Decreased blood volume · Decreased performance (adversely affects circulatory functions) · Decreased blood pressure · Increased core temperature · Water retention · Increased heart rate · Sodium retention · Decreased cardiac output · Decreased blood flow to the skin · Increased perceived exertion (you think you are working harder than you actually are) · Increased use of muscle glycogen STAY HYDRATED MY FRIENDS! - #hydrate #hydration #water #drinkwater #healthylifestyle #health #healthy #day358 #accountability #fitrocketscientist

When one of your challengers thank you for helping them get started and you are reminded of why you started coaching.... 😍 I've been in the same place this person has been! I've felt terrible, down on myself and disgusted at what I saw in the mirror! I can relate to my challengers because I. HAVE. BEEN. THERE. 🤤 THIS is why I'm a coach people. I help people find hope when they are hopeless, I help motivate when excuses take over, I show up everyday to show it can be done, even with a busy schedule and I'm a coach because damnit, we all fall down and we ALL need help getting back up from time to time! 🙄 My challengers inspire me every damn day. They show up, are supportive as hell, help out where they can and never give up! Definitely feeling blessed to be in a position to help in the way I'm able to 🙄 If you want to know more about this group, I'll be going live tonight and trust me when I say this, you'll want to take part.... - - - #followforfollow #fitness #accountability #acountable #workout #fitfam #fitness #health #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #ripped #blessed #sixpack #confidence #agility #leangains #cleanbulk #beacoach #coachlife #getinshape #inshape #sweatyselfie #inspiration #inspire #healthy #motivation #fatloss #bodybuilding #physique

🙌💯Best Friday, ever! Even with this gnarly head cold! I DID IT! I haven't been here in 15 years! My hard work is paying off! #neverskipaworkout 🎉 What did I celebrate with? Another workout! 💪✅. . You can do it too! Even if just need to tone and not lose weight. I'm here to help! . 📬 Jackieas333@gmail.com 📬

It's not to late to join my free accountability group. Right now we're focusing on eating habits and I'm teaching about clean eating 🥗These past few days we've been tracking our regular eating habits. I fell off and see now HOW bad I'm doing. It's important to know yourself before trying to adjust your habits. So if you think you would like to join, shoot me a DM or comment below and I'll get you in 😘 I give prizes too. Even more reason to get on track ⭐️ . . . . . #cleaneating #accountability #beachbodycoach #healthplans #accountabilitygroup #backontrack #fitness #nutrition #weightloss #facebook #mealplanning #knowyourself #weightlossjourney #letmehelp #fitspo #fitmomsofig #healthyeating #makethechange #progress #motivation #hustlemode #grindseason

Our Goals board coming along nicely 👌 ------------------------------------------ Why do we do this? We all get unmotivated this time of year, it's that awkward stage where Christmas season is starting to enter our schedules and the weathers getting a lot cooler. ------------------------------------------ Setting yourself a goal and telling others about it creates both accountability and support. When we're not feeling in the mood lets motivate each other to get back on track and achieve our goals 🙌💪😃 #bodybyg #weightloss #healthy #diet #exercise #challenge #goals #fitspo #irishfitfam #motivation #accountability #support #community #gymlife #gains #aspiration #winning #gymrat #instapic #family

It's getting closer and closer! Tomorrow is the BIG day!! Will you be at Gwinnett Braves Stadium in Lawrenceville from 9am-12pm? Rain or shine you don't want to miss it. Bring your unwanted paint, old electronics, old BIG '' TV, old tires etc. We will have free toner/printer cartridge collection and paper shredding, bring your documents with personal information such as letters, bills, receipts, those collection letters, credit card bills, and boxes of old files. If you are a lawyer, CPA, Real Estate Broker or Doctor this is the most efficient way to ensure all your confidential documents about your clients or patients are destroyed in a safe, secure, and professional manner (limit five copier paper boxes). In addition, bring your old sneakers and gently used clothing to be donated to those in need or to be recycled into new products. Lastly, your paint will help us put smiles on many faces around the world and change lives in our communities right here. Come recycle your waste, it's FREE!! Thanks to everyone in advance, you will play a major role in helping keep America Beautiful by ...!!! See you there Please check our TAKE ACTION page for information about organizing a Paint Drive in your community, learn more www.globalpaints.org - TAKE ACTION!! All your donations are tax deductible. Thank you Rony Delgarde Founder/President www.globalpaints.org #recycling #reduce #reuse #recycle #repurposed #donate #dobeautifulthings #environmental #impact #entrepreneurs4good #environment #repurposed #org #sustainability #creative #paint #gwinnettcounty #wastemanagement #sanitation #hygiene #collaboration #communityimprovement #accountability #paintdrive #globalpaint #globalpaintforcharity

@serioustone I had to make money moves this morning and be at daughter school But i still got it in this morn just earlier & Different location *oh yea I went up an extra set this week ! AND I ran the mandatory lap after each set #accountability Before the child

Well having a massage in the comfort of your own home is officially the most amazing thing! Deep tissue massage. Hurt at points but was so relaxing! And in contrast to before I can now lift my arms above my head! Doms are still in my triceps but eased so much compared to before. Yep definitely got a mark on my forehead from the massage table 😂😂 I’m a convert!! #fitness #fitfam #slimming #makingprogress #accountability #weightloss #healthyeating #healthy #weightlossjourney #foodprep #macros #weightlossblog #fooddiary #xxfitness #mealprep #iifym #igfitness #igfitfam #myfitnesspal #workout #calories #exercise #healthylifestyle #losingweight #strength #diet #cardio #training #sweatingforthewedding

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Sometimes you get walked all over and are still wise......🤣 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #honesty #respectforothers #accountability #intergrity #teamwork #stewardship #humility #positiveatttitude #loyalty #footsie #converse #path #inspiration #inspirational #inspirationalquotes #instagram

Haven’t posted a breakfast pic in a while, whole wheat pita pitette stuffed with egg, turkey sausage, bell peppers, spinach, and cheese, multigrain waffle with sugar free syrup, 2 slices of peppered turkey bacon, pineapple, strawberries, and grapes. 358 calories for the plate 🤤👌🥙🌶🥚🥓🍇🍓🍍 #accountability #balance #byebyefat #caloriecounting #cico #eats #extremeweightloss #fitfam #fitgirl #healthyeats #healthylifestyle #inspiration #losingweight #lowcalorie #myweightlossjourney #naturalweightloss #obesitysurvivor #portioncontrol #starttoday #weightloss #weightlossinspiration #weightlossjourney #weightlossmeals #weightlossmotivation #whatsonmyplate #yummy

Jumping for JOY because I am FINALLY feeling confident again in my own skin!! Won’t you JOIN ME?? — I only have EIGHT spots left for my virtual bootcamp which kicks off the Monday after Thanksgiving, November 27th!! — This bootcamp will be geared around staying healthy during the “Holiday Hustle”. Why not make this year the year when you go to your Christmas parties feeling confident and healthy? Why not throw on your little dress for New Year’s Eve and feel comfortable and confident? — Seriously- this can happen! And I can help you!!! You DO NOT have to wait until 2018 to start this- in fact, you shouldn’t! — Message me, fill out the link in my bio or email me (thewillisstrong1@gmail.com) to get more info or to reserve your spot TODAY!! You will not regret this... I promise.

I took some left over crack chicken, threw it in a flat out (6 carbs), added some pepper jack & rolled it up😋 Then there was dessert because it's Friday & it's been one helluva week!! Chocolate cupcakes I made from Good Dees chocolate snack cake mix, with some SF whipped topping & then topped with candied pecans I made a few days ago!! Feels like I'm cheating😜 And my sweet puppy Brody Patton enjoyed watching me eat it all!! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Check out @gooddeesmix if you want in on some yummy keto treats! Their blondies are pretty amazing too!!

A one-size-fits-all diet plan simply will not work for everybody. Instead, pay attention to the signals your body sends, called biofeedback tools. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t. After each meal, monitor your hunger, energy and cravings. These sensations can act as biofeedback tools that give you insight into your hormonal fat burning metabolism and help you (or a nutrition coach) adjust your diet. By eating in a way that generates less hunger and cravings and more stable energy, you can fine-tune your diet to the perfect approach for you. Eating this way will result in eating less calories without even trying and will turn weight loss to fat loss. • If you’re struggling with nutrition and are looking for a personalized plan, I’d love to work one on one with you. I’ll help you determine the right macronutrient breakdown for your body.

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The next Shred10 is happening soon! We just had the best round with our accountability group! Shred bad habits after Thanksgiving and before Christmas - such a great way to help avoid the typical 7-10 lbs gained over the holiday season! #shred10 #cleaneating #healthyhabits #accountability #jumpstart #joinus #health #wellness #itseasierthanyouthink #notadiet #takehealthyback

Yesterday was #day22 but passed out when i got home #quickpost #accountability


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Flashback Friday😁 First off I want everyone to know I do not post these to brag or show "myself up", I post these because their is nothing...NOTHING, more important than ones health💞 When I started this journey I was constantly tired😴. I would literally fall asleep with the kids every night I could. I was stressed out without an outlet to express myself😖. I was angry and easily set off by the simplest of things and tasks😡. Worst of all I was so judgmental and mean....because that is how I treated myself😞. My health was suffering again and my family was about to pay the price again.😩 I share this with you because I know the struggles of everyday life, and parenting. I am a normal person doing this the right way! This is not easy; their are no magic wraps, shakes, meal replacements, surgeries, or calorie counting....you know why? Because I am living a REAL life! I do not now; and never will rely on artificial products, or gimmicks. I share this because although the work is not easy, it is permanent, and 100% worth it! Those 36 inches are not inches I have lost, for I NEVER plan on finding them again🤜 I know what needs to be done and I am putting it all on the table! 💚Nutrition plans 💚Portion control 💚Over $6000 worth of convenient at home workouts. 💚30 days worth of Superfood Shakeology 💚Access to my private Facebook accountability group 💚Me as your coach for as long as you need or want☺️ So who is with me? Who is ready to make 2018 their healthiest, most fulfilling year of their life 💪 I am looking for 5 more people to add into my December 4th group. Comment below or send me a message, if you are seriously prepared to join this journey with me❤️ #beckybellfitness

Another vacay workout complete! ✅ did you even lift if you didn’t selfie?!🤣 So, I’m going to be honest...this isn’t normal for me! I, a)rarely go on vacay lol 😂 b) get all my workouts in c) solid workouts in too! 💪🏼 There’s definitely a balance to find, having fun and a good time and your health and fitness journey. I’m pretty lucky this is a girls trip and my accountability partner *cough-cough* @teamburkefit is just as motivated as I am to workout/eat and have fun 🙌🏼❤️ • • • #fitnessfunsized #healthandfitness #workout #back #motivation #dedication #swolesisters #accountability #workout #fitness #fitgirl #selfie #igfitness #igdaily #fitspo #fitfam #vacation #bodybuilding #weightlifting #womensphysique #physique #instafit #igfit #igers #igersusa #adventuresofbigandlilj #gym #gymtime #traps #girlswholift

With the holidays approaching do you feel like you just can’t hang on to those fitness goals?? It can be tough to stick with as the season changes — especially when that season brings holiday parties, cold weather, and a handful of easy outs. Here are a few tips to keep you on track: * * Be realistic: Having goals and being realistic about what are can be two very different ideas. If you have a busy work schedule, don't commit yourself to workouts that will be impossible to get to. Set an exercise schedule and meal plan that aligns with your daily life. * * Jot it down: Writing workouts into your calendar will make you twice as likely to get it done because it holds you more accountable. Decide what works best for you, early morning or afternoon. * * Build a posse: Including friends in your fitness routine can help immensely when it comes to sticking with your goals. Seeing others meet their goals will also give you more incentive to tread on. * * Post about it: Studies show that women who use social media to show off hard work and dedication are more likely to keep it up. The positive encouragement from your peers is always awesome: kudos for something specific, such as making a healthy meal and posting a picture of it.

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One of my sons came grocery shopping with me to help, since I CAN'T LIFT ANYTHING!!!😠 I seriously could not have done a Costco run without him.❤ Even just the walking was tough for me...😔 Im so over this back pain!!! It can GO AWAY anytime now... That'd be great, thanks!

💡 Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one! I had all of the excuses to not workout: 〰️Marla needs a bath 〰️I need to do dishes 〰️I’m feeling hungry, maybe I should eat... but then if I eat I have to wait to workout.. 〰️I really need to go to Target to look for a shampooer 〰️I have cramps 〰️and a whole bunch of other BS I told myself yesterday... And I HAD THE DAY OFF! Work wasn’t even an excuse and I still made a list of excuses 😂 💡 But nothing will change unless I make the change, so I drank my preworkout, put my chores aside, and freaking killed my workout yesterday!! One step closer to my goal, and it’s all because I made a change to my mind and took action! 💫 your turn 💫

⭐️Did you remember to order your extra Clean Cheatz pro-nuts this week? . Satisfy your sweet tooth without completely derailing your goals with our Clean Cheatz pro-nuts and NEW protein cookies! . 👶🏼🍩🍪❤️ . #cheatresponsibly #mealprepwithouttheprep


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430 calories. Cauliflower. Ground beef on bread. Coulda ate it open faced to save some calories but I didn’t think of it until the end. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I like to keep things easy! . . . . #foodislife #foodjournal #lunchtime #notpretty #nofilter #postworkout #sweaty #workout #morningworkout #morningroutine #weightloss #homegym #motivation #transformationstory #support #accountability #lifestyle #progressnotperfection #healthy #healthychoices #cleaneating #cleaneats #determination #weightlossjourney #breakinghabits #goals #getfit #bodypositivity

Im looking for one 🤗 DM me if you’re interested. Serious inquires only. . . I’ve already met a lot of lovely women on IG but I’m looking to really do somethings and I know having a solid person is necessary. . . No yes people. I need someone to say girl that’s not cute or boo no. I need someone to keep I️t real because I will fosho do the same. . . Also, the way my personality is setup I can’t be serious all the time 🤣