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{ B U I L D I N G • blocks } // dying to nail that *insert your exercise nemesis* and help your clients do the same? 🤔 a truly great instructor knows just how to get you there without over complicating things and without saying too much 🙌🏼 Sooooo, how the HECK do they do this?! 🧐 they understand that you don’t master the *insert goal exercise* by banging out endless reps of said exercise 😛 every exercise is made up of a multitude of skills that if mastered separately and in a logical order for your client will give the fast track pathway to progress 👊🏼 put time and focus into comprehensively learning the Pilates method including how to break it apart and put it back together again 💥 every person is different and so the building blocks for each individual are not always predictably the same 🙂 the talent and artistry behind a teacher who says little but achieves a lot is in their ability to program mindfully and communicate it with a sprinkle of magic ⚡️ #pilatestip #pti #build

When you’re exhausted after class 😂 what a wicked effort tonight. Sweat dripping from every single pore! 😩 . Never seen so many of you bolt out of class so quickly to watch Married at First Sight 🙈 enjoy! ✌🏽❤️😊

➖ 🍑🍑IT AINT THE DAY OF HUMPS WITHOUT SOME FROG PUMPS! 😜🍑🍑 • Throw away the ego of always trying to lift super heavy.. we all need some light/bodyweight exercises in our lives! • And one of my favorite finishers on #legday is the 🐸🐸FROG PUMP🐸🐸 - you don’t require heavy weights to totally activate your glutes and burn out your adductor muscles. Try 5 sets of 20 reps at the very end of your leg sesh.. make sure your butt never rests on the floor between reps & control the movement & if you’re not burning by the end, well then you must be superhuman! 😂💪🏼 •• #bevictorious 👑

CONNECTED We are all connected We are all loved We are all unique We are all one April 6-9 I will be working alongside this beautiful soul at the SOUL GLOW RETREAT in Yallingup if you want to join this special weekend please connect with us link.bio ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #perthyoga #yogaaustralia #perth #lovinperth #soperth #perthcity #welcometoperth #perthlife #yogaperth #perthisok #yogaphotographer #yoga #yogini #yogaworld #yogaiscalling #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yogapose #yogalove #yogalife #poweredbyyoga #yogatrail #myyogalife #activeinperth #perthfitfiam #yogsinspiration #yogagirl #yogihunter

Jemi 🐝

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The gyms not so bad when you finally notice a difference #gym #gymlife #willgetfit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #activeinperth #perthlife 💪🏻

AUTUMN Challenge countdown is on! 👇 ____ NEW ⚡Unlimited Membership option. (*We only have 9 Left). ____ Commit to 10 Weeks upfront and we'll even reward you with a discount: __ 15% discount on online merch 15% off workshops and events 35% discount code to access Autumn online challenge. _____ Starts Apr 2 ⚡️ Don’t miss out. Book now and secure your spot. 🍑 Link in bio

When it's been a long week but it's only Wednesday

That sky 👌👌 . Great booty session with lots of laughs. Thank you for your time ladies

Spence killing this months Challenge after his PT sessions with 27 deadball slams in 1 minute! Don’t forget to post vids via @jetts_canning_vale or #jettscanningvale to be in the draw to win a Supp Pack! 👌🤞🏼💪 . . . . #competition #supps #challenge #perthfitness #riseandgrind #prizes #health #fitness #canningvale #activeliving #functionaltraining #activeinperth #fit #hiit #monthlychallenge #staylean #stayactive #strength #conditioning #perth #newyear #2018 #perthfitfam #suppmart #humpday #fitspo #motivation #goals

{ M A T W O R K } •// there’s something so completely honest about the matwork 🖤 it’s just you and your body figuring out how to adapt to, accept or fight gravity and the ground reaction forces 💪🏼 if you’re a hard core Reformer lover, pop some matwork into your routine and if you’re a matwork addict, make time to make friends with the springs too 👌🏼 the apparatus and the matwork together offer such different challenges so change it up once in a while 😊 #matwork #pfi #pilatesfriends

Have you done your good deed for the day? Well this good deed could win you a FREE 30 minute remedial massage or a pair of @pointestudio Pilates socks! This week we are raising money for the Sudden & Unexplained Death in Childhood Foundation @sudcfoundation Let’s help to find an answer when there is no explanation 👶🏽👼🏽💕 #sudc #good #deed

BOXILATES ®  The perfect fusion of cardio, strength & mind-body connection. BOXILATES ® is an interval style workout that marries the functional benefits of Pilates (Longer, Leaner muscles & increased joint health & mobility) with the high intensity cardio & coordination of boxing. Suitable for all fitness levels & ages, get ready to sweat it out & tone up! Come Box with me on: Mondays 7pm - Currambine Tuesdays 7pm - Duncraig See you there 🥊

We meet again... @lifefitnessofficial #treadmill #longslowwalks #liss

Matty V

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Today marked another step towards creating a healthier version of myself. Thanks to everyone who attended my talk about my struggle with obesity and mental health. A special thank you to @greenzonejoondalup for inviting me to share my story and for always providing such a supportive environment.

🐇🐇With Easter just around the corner, you’ve probably been tempted at the shops with Lindt and Koko-Black Chocolate Easter eggs🍫. And I won’t judge you. I’m a sucker for anything sweet. Just like this sweet-ass deal… Head over to the link below (or on my profile⬆️) to find out what the EASTER ANANDA CHALLENGE is about. By simply completing the challenge, you'll score 2x free classes 😎and one lucky winner will WIN a uniquely designed pair of @rachelwhitemanart #ecofriendly Ananda leggings made from recycled plastic bottles 💃! . 🎉 Challenge runs for the whole month of April 🎉 . https://www.bodyscapeyoga.com.au/easteranandachallenge

Sunset views 😍

This week saw the end of our 6 week fitness course with a great bunch of ladies. Stay tuned for the announcement of the next course starting soon.

One of my fave movements for the glutes is Half Rack Deadlifts . Part of my lower body workout was the rack deadlifts with a 2 second pause at the bottom paired with front foot elevated alternating lunge 🔥🔥🔥🔥boy do you feel the glute burn! . Swipe to see my bio sig results 🙈 I’m not usually one to put up my numbers in terms of weight, body fat and measurements because 1. It makes me super uncomfortable 2. I don’t think you should define yourself by a numerical measure and my numbers will be completely different to yours 🤷🏽‍♀️ . The last time I did measurements was back in October - since then I’ve put on about 3kgs of lean mass and lost about 1% body fat. Was this my goal? I’ve been really scared of committing to a goal...ever since I competed (even though it was 3 years ago) I’ve absolutely feared declaring a physical goal and sticking to it. . This is purely because I have an obsessive personality and i haven’t been ready to deal with the feeling of potential failure. So what have I done since October? Well from October to January I was still obsessed with the idea of “burn burn burn” and was eating about 1400-1600 as well as training about twice a day 6 days a week. . I was tired, not that confident within myself, not getting any stronger and I constantly felt pressure to be a certain way because I was now emerged in the Fitness industry 😕 . So from about jan through to now I’ve upped my food to 1900-2100 and increased my carbs around my work outs. When I first stepped on the scale I was a little upset because I was heavier than before (still having moments of that mindset of smaller is better) but then when my results came in I hadn’t gained any fat and I gained it through muscle. . Why am I saying all of this? Well, it’s because I want you to start realising it isn’t always ‘burn’, but more ‘build’ - unfortunately we’re conditioned to think we need to eat less, be defined by a number on the scales that is less but i want you to know you’re worth way more than that. This is why I always recommend other ways of measuring progress not just weight. Everyone’s goal is different but you deserve to feel strong, whatever that looks like to you!

To all my clients: You have always been beautiful, now you’re just choosing to be stronger, fitter and happier. Love Leah. 💕 . ▪️ Wednesday’s group sessions- BODYWEIGHT TONE 9:30am

Sunshine🌞Stretchy bands & Push ups! Can’t think of a better way to start the day! #sunrise #sogood

Having a little play with this spinning combo and #pdlibellula

SHAKE IT OFF // Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, Power Plate’s vibration technology will help you achieve your goals 🍑👌🏻

That's right SQUAD.... IT'S ON... . Are you ready? We're gonna BURPEE, SQUAT, WERK & TWERK. . . See you at 7pm with Chloe + Kirsten ✌🏼 . . Let's make that magic happen! Don’t forget your Water, Sweat Towel & Mat X #thejunglebodsquad #itson #wedneslay #humpdayvibes #fitsquad #belmont

If you haven't been in to try Sammi's 6pm Hot Slow Flow, you're missing out 🏃‍♀️🙋 This warm loving class weaves together breath and movement through a calm, sweet flow practice. While this class is a slower pace than regular Vinyasa, it will still challenge and inspire you to deepen your practice. The class includes sun salutates, standing poses, balancing postures, twists, basic inversions, and always ends with a deep, relaxing Savasana 🙏 Thursday's flow - 6am Rise Shine Ignite / Vinyasa with @kikimatyoga 9.30am Morning Flow / Vinyasa with @sacred_earthgypsy 6pm Hot Slow Flow / Vinyasa with @sacred_earthgypsy 7.15pm Cultivate Calm / Yin Yoga with Mel #twistingpeacockyoga

Like what you see? Tap & Shop! Getting your gym gear just got that much easier 📦✈️💪🏽

JOIN ME IN NORTH BEACH THIS FRIDAY ✨ #repost @stoke_physio •••••••• 🎉OUTDOOR PILATES one off class 🎉Due to this AMAZING weather, Kate @pilates_withkate is putting on an Outdoor Pilates class this FRIDAY @ 7:30am! Just $15, 45 min, all levels welcome 🤸🏼‍♀️✨ Book online, message here, or call us on 9448 2994 to join! #spreadthestoke #stokeoutdoorpilates

It's hard to believe 2 years ago we started with a bunch of backyard equipment, a big empty space and a Heave dream! We are extremely grateful to everyone who has helped us get here and can't wait to see what the future holds! #heave #happybirthday #theheavedream #strength #power #performance #gymlife #business #morethanajob #wharehousegym #community #family #activeinperth #fitness #fitnessinspo #weightlifting #crossfit #grouptraining #personaltraining

🎉OUTDOOR PILATES one off class 🎉Due to this AMAZING weather, Kate @pilates_withkate is putting on an Outdoor Pilates class this FRIDAY @ 7:30am! Just $15, 45 min, all levels welcome 🤸🏼‍♀️✨ Book online, message here, or call us on 9448 2994 to join! #spreadthestoke #stokeoutdoorpilates

Headphones on not giving 2 fucks about anyone else 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 #smashingweights #zerofucksgiven