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Yesterday's lunch was so good. A spontaneous hamburger salad that was fairly anti-inflammatory. (Maybe pass on the tomatoes if you're in a flare-up.) - My goal is to create delicious meals with five ingredients or less in 15 minutes or less with advance meal planning and prep. - Would you be interested in some direction like that? If yes, comment below with your favorite food emoji. I need at least 20 comments before I can invest in creating a free guide for you this year, so tag a friend as well if you think they'd eat this up (pun intended) #energybudgeting #mealplanning

It's Birthday eve. I'm nearly 27 and 3 years into my Acromegaly and hypopituitarism diagnosis. Here is a timeline of all my birthdays for the last 4 years. Recovery isn't all smiles, and as I've realised recently, recovery from something so life-changing isn't a smooth process both physically or emotionally. However, I look back at these photos and remind myself that however tough these conditions can be and however sad they can make me feel I always manage to crack a smile. Because there is nothing more powerful than a smile. 😁 #acromegaly #pituitary #pituitarytumor #addisonsdisease #addisons #adrenalinsufficiency #hypothyroidism #hypopituitarism #hormones #hormonalimbalance #health

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Loyalty pays, You've been waiting for that royalty wage. It's never gonna come, is it?


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My first attempt at color coding my #healthplanner with #midliners What do you guys think? Might take some getting used to on my part, and I might need a few more colors. 🤣 ... ... ... ... #addisonsdisease #adrenalpump #plannerjunkie #eclifeplanner #eclp #teacherplanner #plannermom #teamhourly #plannerlove #plannernerd #echourly #teachersofinstagram #planner #erincondren #cortisolpump

Life before at 54kg ⏩ The time of diagnosis 66kg ⏩ Now - 3 months later at 61kg. • I am still getting used to the steroids, the water retention & the bloat. I have slowly managed the weight gain & I am finally starting to see a loss. After being really poorly over the new year I’m finally able to train properly again. The progress is small, but progress is progress. I have a long way to go before I’m comfortable again. • Whilst my training is back on track, I still have no idea what to eat or what to avoid. Any help or advice would mean the world 🤸🏽‍♀️

At my happiest - with not a care in the world. • Before my life was turned upside down & being diagnosed with Addison’s Disease & Hypothyroidism. Before the steroids that I will potentially have to take for the rest of my life, the over 10kg weight gain & the endless horrid side effects. • Whilst a lot of things now piece together, I still have a million questions which remain unanswered & I’ve come to realise that there’s not much support or help out there. • For a long time I have felt on my own & that now that I am not embarrassed anymore.. I though that I’d start this blog & share my journey along the way, in hope to help others & hopefully I’ll be given some help too 💘💘💘

This morning lovies has got me all melty and stuff. It’s been a long journey with this girl starting with day one. So many health issues that we became each other’s support through each of our battles with disease, hers is Addison’s and mine is Endometriosis. 2 years later we are both stabilizing, although I hate that I have this awful thing inside me, but because of it I was able to see she wasn’t right and she was diagnosed quickly. The love and joy she brings is overwhelming. PHOTO CHALLENGE: what brings you JOY 📸 I CHALLENGE everyone I know to post an image everyday for 30 days of what brings you joy. It can be anything: your shoes, a favorite shirt, person, critter, meal, place or thing. Doesn’t matter. The point is to focus on one image each day that captures the joy you felt.📸

#goodmorning #fam Sending everyone #positivevibes and #love ! Man, our we ever #grateful we found our #light ! Just want to reiterate that if this human is capable of changing for the better ANYONE IS! Don’t let that voice in the back of your head say otherwise. To the new fam, (thanks for coming along this new #journey! ) about 6 months ago we had pretty much a zero quality of life! #depression, #anxiety, #ptsd, #fibromyalgia, arthritis, add, ocd, tbi, hypothyroidism, #addisonsdisease #pmdd, asthma, neuropathy, severe hypoglycemic, Raynaud’s phenomenon (that’s all we can think of 😂) took over this body and mind for SIX YEARS! After going into a coma and waking up with Addison’s disease, we thought life was over...well that life was. We tried the #meditation and #yoga thing off an on however there was always those “excuses” to justify why this body was unable to get better. It wasn’t until we received some random DMs. From some human. We weren’t sure if they were a man or woman (didn’t really matter cuz they took time outta their day to show tough love) for the first few weeks 🤣 This person completely changed our perspective on everything, we are forever grateful for you @oneun1verse Words can’t express the endless love we have for you. Thank you for showing us our true abilities!!! Thank you for directing us to the light 🙏🏼 We love you so damn much. 💜 #healing #awakening #consciousness #weareone #energy #onelove

I am taking a winter bible study on Romans 12. This particular nugget of wisdom especially hit home for me. Why do we continually think our life should be perfectly wrapped up in some neat little package? And when tragedy or a major illness strikes we can’t seem to understand God’s plan for us? HE did not promise us a picture perfect life. HE promised us a life meant for purpose. 💙💙💙 Romans 8:28 #purpose #greatreminder #biblestudy #bibleverse #godspromise . . #invisibleillness #invisibleillnessawareness #chronicillness #addisonsdisease #adrenalinsufficiency #autoimmunedisease #butyoudontlooksick #makinginvisibleillnessesvisible #raredisease #speaker #addisonsdiseasewithgodsgrace

Bath nite for Boo Boo! We still miss Gaga so much. It's been 2 months but it still hurts like yesterday. Boo seems to be adjusting okay to just being him and Woof now. I miss my sweet lil girl. #ripgaga #familypet #rainbowbridge #addisonsdisease

You can't even tell that it fell and landed on the floor! That was a scary moment... #oilpainttuesday #wip #addisonsdisease #chronicillness #clearlyalive

For most autoimmune disorders, there is a clear sexual dimorphism—with women being disproportionately affected. - 👩‍🔬 According to the American Autoimmune and Related Diseases Association, the female to male ratio of the following diseases is: - ✔️ Hashimoto’s thyroiditis 10:1 ✔️ Systemic lupus erythematosus 9:1 ✔️ Primary biliary cirrhosis 9:1 ✔️ Antiphospholipid syndrome (secondary) 9:1 ✔️ Sjogren’s syndrome 9:1 ✔️Autoimmune hepatitis 8:1 ✔️Graves’ disease 7:1 ✔️ Scleroderma 3:1 ✔️ Rheumatoid arthritis 2.5:1 ✔️ Multiple sclerosis 2:1 ✔️Myasthenia gravis 2:1 ✔️Autoimmune thrombocytopenia purpura 2:1 - 🤰 There are many theories about the gender discrepancy in autoimmune disease, but many of them revolve around hormonal differences—for instance, puberty, pregnancy, and menopause all alter vulnerability to development of autoimmune disease. - Higher testosterone levels, for example, may be one of the reasons why autoimmunity is less prevalent in men. - 💪🏼 Testosterone exerts an immunosuppressive role, and testosterone deficiency in women can exacerbate autoimmune pathophysiology. - Testosterone possesses anti-inflammatory effects in both humoral (antibody mediated) and cellular elements of the immune system. - 💥 Testosterone deficiency, on the other hand, is associated with increases in pro-inflammatory biomarkers including C-reactive protein (CRP), interleukin-6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF). - The effect of estrogen is complex, as it suppresses Th1-dependent disease, but potentiates Th2-dependent diseases. - 🥊 There are also differences in immune system function between genders. - Compared to females, males of most species exhibit relative immune suppression, and this is linked to male sexual activity. - Women, on the other hand, due to their responsibility in gestating and protecting the future members of the human race, show greater immunocompetence, which may be an evolutionarily encoded adaptation that translates into improved resilience in the face of potentially pathogenic threats. - Continued 👇🏼

I’m actually really annoyed today, went to visit my nan who sat there the whole time telling me about some chick my age with a chronic illness how sick she is every day , how she has days she can’t drive her car or work, has to sleep so she doesn’t get sick.. she was literally like “ you should see her Skye she’s so sick” I felt like fucking crying I had to leave!!!! Why can’t the people who are close to me see THAT is my life except I don’t have a husband to help me pay for the medical bills and life bills and I also have three children to raise!!! I know we all have our struggles and the poor girl is obviously unwell just like me but fuck it really upset me to know I struggle every day even sitting there brain fogged and dizzy trying to focus so I could visit her, and my family don’t see it or choose not to believe me idk anymore😞 living with an autoimmune disease isn’t easy and I choose not to talk about it constantly because it’s just my life now, like some people I know talk about it over and over ( that would drain me more ) maybe that’s why people don’t understand how unwell I am 🤷🏻‍♀️ sorry for the rant but I needed to get it out. My whole battle I’ve come to realise that people I don’t even know have been here for me more than people I do, which is sad!!!! Ahhh The end LOL #chronicillness #autoimmunedisease #addisonsdisease #headfuckedkindaday 🤦🏻‍♀️

Chronically mighty!!! I've decided to create this brand because haveing a chronic illness isn't just about being sick all the time. It's about having everything knocked out from under your feet and than being able to still find strength through all the mental and physical pain. In the blink of an eye your whole life can change due to a disease, abuse, and/or a number of other things. It's hard to stand back up when something just takes so much away from you. I want this account to be an inspirational brand that spreads strength to those who are going through any kind of chronic illness. Although this account may be directed more toward those with chronic ilnneses, it is still an inspirational brand to those who need mental of phycical strength. We are all chronically mighty in our own ways! I will also still continue to share all of Dakotas and my life experiences and battles! coda_the_servicedog will be officially turning into Chronically Mighty tomorrow 💪🐾💕

Well...I ended up back in the hospital with an Adrenal Crisis. 🤯😷. Too much stress, not enough rest. 😵😌. So, that isn’t working for me at all. It’s definitely time to make pacing myself, being present and moving with purpose the center of my life. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come but my body is throwing up the hazard lights over and over and I’m not listening. 🤕💥🥊. I eat well, I take the supplements, the balance medication over quality of life, but I’m still pushing too fast and too hard. I’ve rebuilt this temple within myself from rubble and I’m trampling over my work trying to get it done. I’ve rebuilt myself from a 90 pound woman who was dying to the woman I am today through hard work, dedication and self love but I’ve lost sight of that recently and I’m rushing. That is not working. This isn’t a race, it’s a life journey. ❌🛑🚫. ☮️💜 I am so grateful for this body. This body that still goes on with 6-7 rare chronic illnesses/diseases/disorders each day, with constant pain off the charts and with failing organs and body systems. This is an amazing body. I truly believe if I’d been given a different body I wouldn’t have made it to 40. I am beginning to truly make friends with my body. It has never betrayed me and never gives up. 💪👍. 🏃🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🙏🏻 💫#youmatter ✨ 🌟 #mefirst #selflove #nevergiveup #adrenalinsufficiency #selfcare #beachbody #bodypositive #lawofattraction #addisonsdisease #positivity #hydrate #powerofnow #raredisease #grateful #loveyourself #naturalbeauty #beachbodycoach #california #wheelchairlife #californialiving #eds #californiagirl #juicing #chronicillness #motivation #ehlersdanlossyndrome #pots #gastroparesis #chronicillnesswarrior

Being active is one of the most important parts of my life ⭐️ It gives me so much energy back 💪🏾 • I’m happy to be able to do workouts on a favourite sunny island 🌴🙌🏾 (for a few more days, at least 😉) . . . . #beachworkout #strength #trainingmotivation #autoimmunedisease #t1d #addisonsdisease #hypothyroidism #celiac #prematureovarianfailure #infertility #butyoudontlooksick #spoonie

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I can’t believe that it has been two years since I got to spend the most amazing week with this lovely lady!! We completely need another trip somewhere beautiful!! We need to make this happen @bailey60601 my beautiful American mom because girls who only have half a stomach stay together 🤣#invisibleillness #surgery #struggling #strength #gastroparesis #gastrectomy #chronicillness #palliativecare #chronicnausea #weightloss #dietitian #chronicallyill #feedingtube #stomachulcers #doctors #spoonie #nurses #malnourished #sepsis #hospital #nutrition #crohns #tpn #pituitarytumor #addisonsdisease #autoimmunedisease #halfastomach #pancreatitis #americanmom #travel

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I started this journey barely fitting into dice 14 jeans. I never really wore jeans cause they felt uncomfortable. Today I’m a size 8! Can not believe I would ever in my life be a size 8. I’m super proud of my hard work and consistency to get where I am. Skipping intervals for cardio and heavy leg day today. #progression #legday #goals #hardworkpaysoffs #consistencyiskey #52fitclub #addisonsdisease #fightlikeagirl

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People will judge you. They will look at your flaws as they fail to look internally at theirs physically and mentally. When they do just smile and use the negativity to push you past where you are and where you want to be. #t1dlookslikeme #diabeticmuscleandfitness #adrenalfailure #addisonsdisease #bodybuildingforlife #fightforabetterlife

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Round 2!💥 .. It’s was @kez0205 and @alisonfaye43 turn to bust me and the PiT Up! 🥊 .. Some serious calories burned Tonight 💯 .. Well Done Ladies 😊 .. FitterFasterStronger 👊 #fitterfasterstronger #constantlyvaried #coach #beastmode #garagegym #boxing #padwork #believe #hiitworkout #conditioning #chronicillness #addisonsdisease

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Today I took this scruffy guy to the vet again.....for his aggression. 😭 he has bitten me badly once, minor other times. Vet said to reduce prednisone dose ✅ and start Trazodone w PRN Xanax. 😳 let’s hope this works so I don’t have to buy a muzzle ..... 😣☹️ I love my Addisonian doggy! #olliegram #maltese #addisonsdisease #onsteroids #doggypsychvisit

When I went to nursing school, I was excited to finally learn the secrets to good health. Instead, I spent the next few years learning the pathology of disease and the pharmacology of prescription medications with very little emphasis on wellness. - Now I often feel like an apologist for conventional medicine as I try to explain how a broken and flawed system is filled with good people who thought they were entering a profession where they could help others. I really do believe that! - The biggest secret I learned I didn't learn in college. In fact, about 90% of my health-related knowledge and experience came from the real world - and it's available to you for free as well! - I learned the secret that each of us is responsible for our own health. No one else can "fix" it for us. There is no "easy" path where if we wait long enough, someone will hand us a cure. These cures simply don't exist in pill form. - No, the secret is that only when we shift our mindset from waiting on others to provide us with the answers to searching for the answers ourselves - only then will we find them. - This principle applies to how I've approached, not only my physical health, but my mental, emotional, relationship, and spiritual health as well. - When people lamemt, "But no one ever told me!" My question is, "But did you ever ask?" Seek and you WILL find. Wait and you will stay stuck.


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Repost........ Or, in my case before diagnosis, they thought I was just rundown because I had young children. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Doctors often times look at one symptom without looking at the greater picture & missing the root cause of the problems. It can lead to a revolving door of doctors appointments without answers. Being your own advocate, doing research, and knowing your body is essential. If you know something is wrong, listen to that voice and fight for answers! 💙💙💙 #invisibleillness #invisibleillnessawareness #fightforanswers . . . #butyoudontlooksick #spoonie #adrenalinsufficiency #addisonsdisease #chronicillness #chronsdisease #autoimmunedisease #addisonsdiseasewithgodsgrace

Another one down...fingers crossed this is my last planned surgery 🎉❗️I’m a bit of a trailblazer(prefer this word than experimental specimen!) if I do say so myself, in this one...only the 6th person to have this surgery. All went well & feeling surprisingly Chipper...even though I can’t eat solids for 4 weeks!! Can anyone tell me if you can blend Tim Tam’s?? #rapprocedure #nomorehospitalsplease #addisonsdisease #chronicpain #bringontheblender #blenderrecipesplease #thanksforthesupport #myrockandmyheart #mrp

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2 weeks in and great success 🏆 Roller coaster of emotions fills my soul being back in action 👯‍♀️🕺🏽💃🏻🕉☯️. Most who know this instructor knows the health struggle I’ve endured that kept my passion for instructing in 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣. Taking baby 👣 is proving to be the best dose of meds ! #zumba #zumbafitness #zumbainstructor #zumbaclass #zumbastrong #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnessgirl #fitnesslife #instructor #yoga #yogainspiration #yogalife #namaste #health #healthylifestyle #getmoving #getinspired #getwellness #addisonsdisease #addisonsdiseaseawareness #overcome #breathe #peaceofmind #joinme


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Hi guys sorry I've been missing awhile! Vet pupdate: Turns out I might not have Addison's disease or may have Addison's in addition to an intestinal issue or something else. The vet realised this when I was showing excessive signs to do with the meds I'm on. So I'm told to lower my meds and see. Have an ultrasound and endoscopy booked for next week to further investigate. We will keep you posted on progress but might not be posting much, sorry! #dog #doggy #dogsofinstagram #pet #animal #labradoodle #doodle #petsofinstagram #dogs #labradoodlesofinstagram #animalsofinstagram #ilovemydog #instagramdogs #dogstagram #dogoftheday #doglover #adorable #perth #instadog #love #addisonsdisease #addisonsdog #vet #mustlovedogs #aww #bestfriend #dogmom #goodboy #cutepetclub

What is Addison's disease? Addison’s disease is a disorder in which the adrenal glands – which sit on top of the kidneys – do not produce enough of the hormones cortisol and aldosterone. (Hormones are chemicals that control the function of tissues or organs.) Cortisol helps the body respond to stress, including the stress of illness, injury, or surgery. It also helps maintain blood pressure, heart function, the immune system, and blood glucose (sugar) levels. Aldosterone affects the balance of sodium and potassium in the blood, which in turn controls the amount of fluid the kidneys remove as urine, which affects blood volume and blood pressure. Addison’s disease is also called “primary adrenal insufficiency.” A related disorder, “secondary adrenal insufficiency,” occurs when the pituitary, a small gland at the base of the brain, does not secrete enough adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which activates the adrenal glands to produce cortisol #med #medical #medicalstudent #medical #doctors #doctorsofinstagram #doctorslife #addisonsdisease #addisons #studygram #medicogram #medikogram #medico #medicos #motivationalquotes #inspirationalquotes #housemd


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The seriously talented @sushibravo 🙌

Check out my new blog post.. . . Link in bio and 👇 . . . . . #addisonsdisease #hydrcortisonedependent #addisonianwarrior #adrenalinsufficiency #fibromyalgia #fibrowarrior #autoimmunedisease #chronicillness #chronicpain #spoonie #notshadyjustsick #butyoudontlooksick #invisibleillness #author

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Thanks for the prayers our boy is home!! Not out of the woods yet but stable and feeling better Backstory on Freddie 2 years ago we almost lost Freddie to an Addisons crisis. An Addisonian crisis is the result of undiagnosed Addison's disease in dogs. If your dog does not get immediate medical attention, he could die from multiple organ failure. What i learned online: Addison's disease is a genetic disorder where your dog's adrenal glands no longer produce the hormones necessary to deal with stress. Normally, your dog's adrenal glands excrete glucocorticoids to deal with the stress. In addition to glucocorticoids, the adrenal glands also release mineralocorticoids to balance electrolytes. When these steroids aren't excreted during stress, your dog is unable to handle it, electrolytes become imbalanced, and your dog's heart and kidneys cease to function. The result is a tragedy, but you can avoid it by rushing your dog to an emergency vet who can stabilize your pet. To identify symptoms, you must know your dog's behavior. Even veterinarians tell you that Addison's disease is an extremely difficult disorder to diagnose unless the vet knows what blood work to run. Signs of a crisis can include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, anorexia, dehydration, decreased activity, shaking as if he/she is cold. Never in a million years would i have guessed that my almost 2 year old dog at the time would become so sick that we would almost lose him. He has had episodes of vomiting for months but he chews on sticks outside and we just thought it was because of that. He also became finicky with his food which is not like him and eventually stopped eating. He would still drink like crazy so when they told us he was dehydrated i was surprised. He also stopped going up and down the stairs, and jumping up on our bed. He even had episodes where his back legs buckled when he walked. I was convinced that he somehow had injured his back and was in pain so he didn't want to eat, or be active. Boy was i wrong. First vet visit showed a problem with his kidneys. So he was put on an antibiotic. 5 days later he was even worse and his eyes looked droopy like a basset hound. Continued in comments.


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I bought these today and I totally blame it on Amanda with @avalonandninth. 💜Her homeschooling teacher planner has inspired me to color code my health planner. colors should I use??? swipe to see a picture of how I’m organizing the planner now. I want to keep it the same, but use highlighters instead of different pen colors. Thanks #plannerfriends. ... ... ... #addisonsdisease #adrenalpump #plannerjunkie #eclifeplanner #eclp #teacherplanner #plannermom #teamhourly #plannerlove #plannernerd #echourly #teachersofinstagram #planner #erincondren #cortisolpump #healthplanner

Fun with in Hospital..... Have to find positive ways to get through your day apart from sleeping 😴 which is important especially when you are so nutritionally Depleted .... But instead of Netflix and chillin 😎 all day you have to find ways to break it up especially when it’s going to be many months as I found out this morning. I have 5 medical teams looking after me and they were all hers at 8.30am , at least u know what I’m in for .... I hate the unknown and uncertainty.... there is enough of that in life. #eatingdisordersrecovery #anorexianervosa #bulimianervosa #cptsd #bipolardisorder #lupus #addisonsdisease #chronicillnesswarrior #gastroparesis #metoo #bebrave #beyourself #fuckwhatpeoplethinkaboutyou #summer2019 #my40thyear #onedayatatime #hanginthere @mel_vpp .... Look forward very much too spending time with you tomorrow. You are one of my dearest, longest friends and even though I don’t get to see you that often..... our bond will never be broken. Can’t wait to have Coffee @theorganicshop tomorrow and a long chat .... and a big hug 🤗 💯🤜🤛🙌🌍☕️💐🦋✌️🥰❤️❤️

Oh my goodness! The #shenanigans we got ourselves into today!!!! 🤣🤣 Man, I love this woman!! (Kinda hope so, she is the woman who birthed this human!) I’ll throw the videos up on “my story” to show you want it looks like when a #stoner hangs out with her mom who’s had a couple strokes (her memory can be a little wonky at times..but damn is she ever a #warrior) #confusion to say the least 🤣 🤣 It’s so awesome hanging out with her. Even more so now that this humans become #conscious ! Not so wrapped up in all the “health issues” its given us the ability to focus on her more! Sitting here shaking this head. Thinking not even 6 months ago, it was “impossible” to do more than one thing in public. Like, grocery shopping was THE WORST THING EVER! WE DREADED IT! Just check back 3-6 months on this page and you’ll see a COMPLETELY different human being! Completely different! Not that we “count” anymore however we went to 6 different stores/places today plus grocery shopping and now it’s time to get ready for our evening #meditation and #yoga ! Can you say #lifeisgood !!! So so #blessed and #grateful. Thank you to everyone who’s stuck around during this rollercoaster ride of a #journey, you guys have saved this human numerous times, with you support, words of encouragement, love and understanding! And to the new #friends thank you for coming along on this new #journey of #positivity, thank you for welcoming us in with open arms and endless words of #inspiration ! There were many of a times where this human was curled up in a ball ready to throw in the towel. Deep down we KNEW there’d be a change. It took months of meditation and yoga for the “breakthrough” and to be honest..if not for #addisonsdisease we wouldn’t have had the time (or wouldn’t have took the time) to do all this work on the self within. For once, we can actually say we appreciate, love and accept Addison’s disease and “company.” As it’s brought us to this point in life. #awakening #family #motheranddaughter #healing #energy #spirituality #weareone #thirdeye #namaste #onelove #om 🙏🏼

Stay toasty friends! #winterstormharper


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Theodore had an awesome 6 month follow-up. His levels are good and we don’t have to go back to the vet for another 6 months. Life. Is. Good. #addisonsdisease #addog #pitbull

Adam Cooper

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The PiT Team getting Fighting Fit This Week 💥 .. Wow this lot can pack a punch 🥊 .. Nicki, @helen231165, @chrismorewood05, @sc00byurabusrb5 and @dkwicks all providing today’s/tonight’s Energy! ⚡️ .. Class from you All 💯 .. FitterFasterStronger 👊 #fitterfasterstronger #constantlyvaried #coach #beastmode #garagegym #boxing #personaltrainer #chronicillness #beastmode #addisonsdisease

Western medicine likes to put things in a box: If you have these symptoms and these lab values, then you have this diagnosis and this is the treatment we are going to prescribe. - If you're like so many of the women who contact me for help, however, then I know that your path to a medical diagnosis has not been so cut and dry. - As much as science would like the pathology of disease to occur in a predictable pattern for each patient, the simple truth is that no two human bodies are exactly alike. - Sure, there are enough similarities that standard protocols have been written, but if anyone tells you that there isn't still a lot of trial and error and titrating and tweaking for each patient, then they are lying. - Healing is an art. It is intuitive. It is not the same path for every person. - What scares me the most as a nurse is when I see patients paralyzed for lack of a medical diagnosis. They make no forward movement and instead choose to wait, wait, wait... on whom? On what? - Diagnosis can be helpful - when a name for what you are suffering brings validation and sympathy. It also brings insurance reimbursements. - Diagnosis can be harmful - when you create an identity around being sick and become dependent on the opinions of others. - Especially when it comes to many inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, the treatments are the same regardless of which body system is affected - steroids, biologics, SSRIs - but NONE of these provide a cure. - They merely suppress your body's signals that your HEALTH needs attention. Are you giving it what it needs? Or are you waiting to start to #becomeyourownbestselfcaregiver ?