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Ed Giles

4 Hours Ago

Throwback to what was one of my favourite shoots of all time - a story on @daveoverseas and the development of rock climbing in the granite mountains of the #sinai in #egypt, worked on with @samuelforey . There is some amazing climbing in this quite remote and absolutely stunning part of Egypt. Some of the crags here are right by the town of St Catherine, others require overnight camel treks into the hills. ... #climbing #rockclimbing #tradisrad #adventureclimbing #expedition #sinai #fromthearchives #adventure #climbingphotography

😂😅The +~700 monster that is Baraka (7b)... 🙌 it would turn into a mega day and quite a gripping epic (video to come). . This was our scouting mission during our rest day. It was a sobering moment getting up close and personal Oujdad but I’m glad we manned up and gave it a go! . @hitec_sa . . . #morocco #taghia #climbing #adventure #adventuremaker #explore #blog #travel #adventureclimbing #africatrip #lifeofadventure #alwaysgo #exploreeverywhere #neverstopexploring #keepexploring #keepitwild #adventurethatislife #traveldiary #lonelyplanet #travelbuddies #rockclimbing #iloveclimbing


15 Hours Ago

#repost @thejoltjoker ・・・ Because I never got into the habit of using crashpads when bouldering... 📷 Photo taken by @matthewonmission when we stopped on the side of the road because I saw something that was climbable. •⁣ •⁣ •⁣ •⁣ •⁣ #iamjohannes #travelon #climbingnation #rockclimb #adventureclimbing #climbmore #travelingram #mytinyatlas #climbingrevolution #playoutside #adventureattitude #weareoutdoor #travelpics #tothesummit #climbhard #exploringtheglobe #instapassport #adventureenthusiasts #lasportiva #visualoflife #forahappymoment #mentalpreparation #adventureculture #training

Hauling my out of shape ass up sheepshead dome in Cochise Stronghold. After 7 months off earlier last year climbing all the time, I've been working too much again. Time to change that! #cochisestronghold #rockclimbing #granite #desert #desertrat #arizona #tradisrad #adventureclimbing

Spent the weekend climbing mountains with good mates, enjoying cracking sunsets and drunk bouldering all whilst hitting some new achievements and nailing some of the most difficult climbs I’ve ever tried. Such an amazing time. Thanks to my good mates Em and Lou for making this trip possible! Loved every minute of it! #arapiles #victoria #tradclimbing #bouldering #topropeclimbing #boulderingaustralia #patagonia #struggletown #eyeontheprize #adventure_culture #adventureclimbing #freesolo #wannabe #climbing #climbingarapiles

Kai Fitchen

1 Day 23 Hours Ago

Battling the crux of One of the “easy” , possibly sandbagged pitches on Baraka (680m 7b)- I was humbled big time by the length, precariousness, and intensity of each and every route I tried in Taghia. ⠀⠀ . @hitec_sa . . . #morocco #taghia #climbing #adventure #adventuremaker #explore #blog #travel #adventureclimbing #africatrip #lifeofadventure #alwaysgo #exploreeverywhere #neverstopexploring #keepexploring #keepitwild #adventurethatislife #traveldiary #lonelyplanet #travelbuddies #rockclimbing #iloveclimbing #bigwalls

Raúl Molina

1 Day 24 Hours Ago

Caminando de regreso al auto y escucho a @sebasmaya.climb "tomame una foto asi como que no me doy cuenta" jajaja pues salió muy buena la foto con el sol metiéndose y coloreando una de las caras de los pies.

Kai Fitchen

2 Days 10 Hours Ago

We ran over our “bail curfew” and the epic began shortly after this pic was snapped but we made the summit of Oujdad with the rest of the snowy Atlas growing in setting sun around us. . . . @hitec_sa . . #morocco #taghia #climbing #adventure #adventuremaker #explore #blog #travel #adventureclimbing #africatrip #lifeofadventure #alwaysgo #exploreeverywhere #neverstopexploring #keepexploring #keepitwild #adventurethatislife #traveldiary #lonelyplanet #travelbuddies #rockclimbing #iloveclimbing

Kai Fitchen

3 Days 6 Hours Ago

Wild approaches, wild exposure and amazing memories- that was before we got any climbing done! . This was our regular approach to Oujdad, the central monolith that towers over the Taghia valley . @hitec_sa . . #morocco #taghia #climbing #adventure #adventuremaker #explore #blog #travel #adventureclimbing #africatrip #lifeofadventure #alwaysgo #exploreeverywhere #neverstopexploring #keepexploring #keepitwild #adventurethatislife #traveldiary #lonelyplanet #travelbuddies #rockclimbing #iloveclimbing

Kai Fitchen

4 Days 7 Hours Ago

These Tajines definitely warmed the soul. This has been our base for the last 11 days. It was freezing everyday so we had to plan our days out in the sun ☀️ . @hitec_sa #adventuremaker . #morocco #taghia #climbing #adventure #adventuremaker #explore #blog #travel #adventureclimbing #africatrip #lifeofadventure #alwaysgo #exploreeverywhere #neverstopexploring #keepexploring #keepitwild #adventurethatislife #traveldiary #lonelyplanet #travelbuddies #rockclimbing #iloveclimbing

Andrei Badea

4 Days 9 Hours Ago

#mountaineering in #bucegi , one of the most beautiful places to climb close to Bucharest.

Dawn over Kenya is a spectacular moment as climbers Olga and Jon start up the Nelion Route on Mt Kenya. A technical day climb on beautiful rock, after trekking in over 3-4 days. 📷 AC Guide Jon Bracey @jonbracey_alpinist of Olga enjoying the climbing on the way to a 10am summit, 5188m, followed by 20 rappels to descend. Adventure climbing at its best! #mtkenya #climbingmtkenya #nelionroutemtkenya #adventureconsultants #acteam #adventureclimbing

In the mountains I feel small. @glacialpace questing along the summit ridge of Steeple Peak (2205m) in the New Zealand Southern Alps, having climbed the West Face via Weta Prowl (400m 3+ 14). #climbmountains #alpineclimbing #adventureclimbing #newzealand #climbnz #mountaineering #alpineadventures #climbrocks #tradisrad #alpinism #nzmustdo #climboutside #explorenewzealand

Kai Fitchen

5 Days 7 Hours Ago

Welcome to the experience that is walking the makeshift rock and driftwood looking bridge that is the Berbère trail. This was what we got up to on our rest day, scouting the Taghia valleys and trying to find our bearings. Wild stuff!! . @hitec_sa . . . #morocco #taghia #climbing #adventure #adventuremaker #explore #blog #travel #adventureclimbing #africatrip #lifeofadventure @hitec #alwaysgo #exploreeverywhere #neverstopexploring #keepexploring #keepitwild #adventurethatislife #traveldiary #lonelyplanet #travelbuddies #rockclimbing #iloveclimbing

Andrei Badea

6 Days 11 Hours Ago

It's snowing heavily in the city. Everything turns to white: rooftops, sidewalks, cars and people. Somehow, I get the feeling that the Mountains are blowing just a little bit of their magic towards mortal men and their dull concrete jungle.


6 Days 14 Hours Ago

Since the first time I saw climbers on Monkey Face, I’ve seen it as the quintessential rock climbing objective. I finally made it to the summit with a solid group. I did my first basic aid climbing lead and spent a good hour and a half in the Monkey’s mouth. We managed to keep cool heads as we raced to the summit trying to beat the sun before it set. The temperatures dropped to about 25 degrees as we climbed the super exposed final pitch to the top. The rock felt like ice and my fingers were completely numb. Tying two ropes together we rappelled the 140 free-floating feet to the ground after the sun had set... Overall it was a very successful adventure day... No penis jokes please. #zeitgeist #rockclimbing #adventureclimbing @bobmountain @laurynabenteurer

Just before the end of 2018, @awesomewoodys put up a post asking what folks summer goals were. Ours was to climb at least one decent route in the Chalten Massif. As it turns out, we were lucky enough to top out on Aguja de la S and Aguja Guillamet. We also had a feeble and ultimately unsuccessful attempt at the iced-over cracks on Aguja Mermoz, but you know what they say... 2 out of 3 ain't bad. And so, without further ado, STANDBY FOR PATAGONIA SPAM!!! #climbing #alpinism #lacarreteraalta #zenandtheartofclimbing #climbpinnaclesports

Multi-Pitch Trad Preparation • From the Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing video series on our website. When you want to get out on a multi-pitch, how do you select and prepare for that route? How do you set yourself up for a successful day? In this video, we talk about the process from selection to preparation and approach! We will take you through three levels of preparation: Macro, Meso, and Micro. • IG only allows one-minute videos, so we've edited this into three quick parts. • Want more? has 200+ free instructional videos across ALL indoor and outdoor categories. Know & Go with CTT.

How To Coil The Rope - Butterfly Coil (aka Mountaineer's Backpack) • From the Basic & Intermediate Outdoor Climbing video series on our website. IG only allows one-minute videos, so we've edited this into two quick parts. • Coiling the rope into a Backpack Coil is helpful for descent scenarios, when climbers walk off a climb (versus rappel). It also helps with light-and-fast scenarios, when a proper backpack isn't required. Pretty much the only times to forgo this coil are when sport climbing with a dedicated rope bag, or alpine climbing (e.g. glacier travel) with a Kiwi Coil. See our separate Alpine video for the Kiwi Coil. • Additional thoughts: Sometimes this Backpack Coil is created by starting with just one end of rope (versus both ends, as shown). This helps decrease the tangle factor, when flaking rope for the next climb. Either way, notice all strands are even; there are no rope strands longer than the rest. Otherwise the wearer runs the risk of tripping or snagging on the errant strand. Also, sometimes the bight of rope that is passed through the coil can be cinched a bit differently (i.e. rotated closer towards the other side), so the bight is then closer to the body when worn. If you have way too much tail, add an extra wrap or two around the bulk of the coil (before passing the tails through the bight). Make sure you actually tie a Square Knot at the waist, and not a pseudo-Square Knot. Otherwise the knot holding the coil on your body comes undone when least expected (e.g. downclimbing 4th class trail!). Don't trip on the tails while wearing the mountaineers backpack, or walking on the trail. Instead tuck the tails away, or tie an overhand knot with excess tail and clip it to your harness. For stowing the rope in the bottom of an actual backpack, you then take off the coil, tightly fold it in half, and wrap the excess coil around the now much smaller bundle. Then shove it in the very bottom of the backpack, making sure it packs in evenly so the weight is correctly distributed, and space is maximized for remaining gear. • Want more? has 200+ free instructional videos across ALL indoor and outdoor categories. Know & Go with CTT.

Fingerlocks vs. Liebacking for Cracks • From the Traditional Climbing video series on our website • We often talk about using the skeletal system - versus the muscular system - in relation to resting and optimal efficiency. Becoming comfortable with fingerlocks in crack constrictions (along with proper feet and body positioning) can be the difference between sending thin cracks, or flaming out to failure. • Want more? has 200+ free instructional videos across ALL indoor and outdoor categories. Know & Go with CTT.

Alan Goldbetter

10 Days 3 Hours Ago

Mountain: Aguja St. Exupery Route: Italiana Summit: ✅ (barely) New Finnish Phrase: Aito reitti!

Raúl Molina

10 Days 17 Hours Ago

Este año comenzó con mucha motivación. No quiero decir que la motivación este relacionada al nuevo año (me chocan los propósitos de año nuevo jaja), sino mas bien que el año nuevo coincidió con la motivación. Afortunadamente pude escalar mucho las ultimas semanas y planeo seguir haciendolo incluso a partir de la siguiente semana que retome el ritmo "normal" de responsabilidades. Mi objetivo es entonces aprovechar todo mi tiempo y energía! Hoy, a falta de coordada hice algunas vias solo y aproveché probar algunas cosillas técnicas 👌 Aunque disfruto más escalar con amigos fué un gran día! Mi compañía fué una cascabel justo junto a mi reunión en el piso jaja

Because I never got into the habit of using crashpads when bouldering... 📷 Photo taken by @matthewonmission when we stopped on the side of the road because I saw something that was climbable. •⁣ •⁣ •⁣ •⁣ •⁣ #iamjohannes #travelon #climbingnation #rockclimb #adventureclimbing #climbmore #travelingram #mytinyatlas #climbingrevolution #playoutside #adventureattitude #weareoutdoor #travelpics #tothesummit #climbhard #exploringtheglobe #instapassport #adventureenthusiasts #lasportiva #visualoflife #forahappymoment #mentalpreparation #adventureculture #training

Andrei Badea

11 Days 11 Hours Ago

First light rays of the New Year glimmering of the beautiful limestone ridge of Piatra Craiului, one of the most beautiful ranges of the #carpathians.

Andrei Badea

13 Days 11 Hours Ago

With close to 80 days spent in nature, I can honestly say that 2018 was a great year! It's a new year, a new dawn and a new day... and I'm feelin' good!

Ana Martinez Casas

13 Days 14 Hours Ago

I have the most badass climbing partner. Just saying. • #climbingpartner #adventureclimbing #multipitchclimbing #redrockcanyon #tradisrad

Andrei Badea

14 Days 10 Hours Ago

Guided climb up to about 2250m on #lespezi Spur in Făgărașului Mountains, also called the #transylvanian #alps. Bad snow conditions turned us back, but, neithertheless, we enjoyed a beautiful winter day out in nature. #guidelife

**ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS** • Who’d like to be featured in a CTT Instagram takeover within the next few weeks? • Our 200+ instructional videos on already feature expert crushers, but our Instagram is open to contributors! • We offer fame and fortune... or at least juicy @climbingtechtips swag. In fact we’ve just printed a fresh round of CTT apparel. • Nominate friends, respond below, or direct message for details! We prefer inspiring images, with relevant tech tips or interesting narrative. Include locations, tags, and photo credits. Ideally a max total of five images. We will feature you, and send you a box of swag! • For previous takeover guests, next week we ship packages to your locations around the world. Thanks again from CTT!!

Shan Mayo

17 Days 17 Hours Ago

Somehow still ended up in the shade today 🤷🏼‍♀️ summiting into the sun was a nice relief 🌞🏜🧗🏼‍♀️ our original plans got foiled by large crowds, I had the added adventure of catching a shoe-box sized rock (yes literally catching) so we left, hiked around a ton, and still ended up on a classic, inspiring route. Thank you as always, Red Rocks ❤️ - #rockclimbing #redrocks #adventuring #choss #adventureclimbing #climbing #summit #sunshine #climbscared

Stuart French

18 Days 23 Hours Ago

Hopeing 2019 is filled with times like these again. I'm guessing It won't include as many first ascents but hope it includes more routes. First picture is me towards the top of a highball boulder in Damian's boulders, Musandam, Oman. Second picture is the last belay of an epic 600m first ascent multi pitch in the Hajar mountains, Musandam, Oman. #2019goals #climbing #tradclimbing #bouldering #highballbouldering #nightboulder #tradisrad #firstascent #multipitch #climbingfundamentals #lasportiva #blackdiamond #dmm #wildcountry #adventureclimbing #adventure #functionalfitness #functionaltraining #fitness #fitnessmotivation #nightphotography #climbingthrowback

Andrei Badea

19 Days 11 Hours Ago

Happy New Year's with a great view to Piatra Craiului, one of the most beautiful ranges of the Carpathians. Here we are in a mountain village, with houses scaterred over the hills.


20 Days 1 Hour Ago

As much as I love living in #chamonix I miss British sea cliff climbing. Aka guano encrusted adventure. An even better reason to sneak in an ascent of the classic Moonraker at Berry Head late December with Bruce @bwthatchers . Wet, slimy and covered in shite from a colony of auks. At least we saw two seals and a dozen Dolphins. Sport climbing it wasn't! #perfectday #adventure #adventureclimbing #rockclimbing #seacliffclimbing #coast #brixham #berryhead #moonraker #oldredoubt #guano #auks #seabirds #seals #dolphins #brothers

Munter Hitch, and Munter Mule Knot • From our Beginner & Intermediate Outdoor Climbing series. The Munter hitch can be used by the leader to bring up the second climber, if for some reason one lacks a belay device. DO NOT LET GO OF THE BRAKE HAND. The Munter mule knot then allows the leader to tie off the second climber and go hands-free, such as in rescue situations. • IG only allows one-minute videos, so we've chopped this video into two quick sections. It is important to learn this in two parts; the Munter Hitch for belaying, and then the Munter mule knot for hands-free / self rescue. • From Wikipedia: The Munter hitch, also known as the Italian hitch or the Crossing Hitch, is a simple knot, commonly used by climbers, cavers, and rescuers as part of a belay system. To climbers, this knot is also known as HMS, the abbreviation for the German term Halbmastwurfsicherung, meaning half clove hitch belay. This technique can be used with any locking carabiner wide enough to take two turns of the rope. The Munter hitch is named after a Swiss mountain guide, Werner Munter, who popularized its use in mountaineering around 1970...This hitch can also be used to rappel or abseil down a vertical or semi-vertical wall. When using the Munter hitch to rappel, make sure to get proper training before using the hitch. Using this method to rappel is very hard on rope because of the rope-on-rope contact, and is generally considered an emergency option only. • Want more? has 200+ free instructional videos across ALL indoor and outdoor categories. Know & Go with CTT.

Shafiq Lalloo

22 Days 12 Hours Ago

On my way to south of Spain for 3 weeks of climbing, stoked to sesh with Ania and Mar Lenka and would you believe it Dexter will also be joining, one of the oldest I-drens newly enthralled by the rock 2 Ras! Ever since Greece I’ve decided to put all my rock-warrior focus on climbing and slaying the 1000 headed ego dragon, selah. Wishing everyone and adventurous new year with plenty of learning joy 🤗🔥🎉 #climbers_of_instagram #adventureclimbing

Combining Optimal Anchor Placements with Marginal Gear • From our Traditional Climbing series. This series showcases “trad” skills such as how to use camming devices for protection, how to build traditional anchors, and how to crack climb. • IG only allows one-minute videos, so we've chopped this video into four quick parts. This is one of the many trad anchor scenarios depicted in the series. The goal is to learn how to build trustworthy anchors out of optimal, and at times sub-optimal, belay scenarios. • Want more? has 200+ free instructional videos across ALL indoor and outdoor categories. Know & Go with CTT.


24 Days 21 Hours Ago

Throwback to Cornwall on my 17th birthday. This is the view from the top of commando ridge after we soloed it. Beautiful climb. Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot. Life has been too chaotic so haven’t been climbing. Hopefully more adventures to come soon! . . . adventure #explore #discover #climber #outdoors #travel #nature #beautiful #landscape #photography #climbing #cornwall #tradclimbing #adventureclimbing #seacliffs #beach #holiday #seacliffclimbing #squadgoals #climbingsquad #commandoridge #soloing #pendeen

Andrei Badea

25 Days 10 Hours Ago

Merry Christmas to nature lovers everywhere! May you always love nature and treasure your time spend in her heart.

Maxwell Cullen

25 Days 22 Hours Ago

Havin' a cruise up either Hope or Faith finger crack. Can't remember. Pretty fun thing though. Few weekends ago at Mt Piddington. Cheers to @wyer01 for the snaps!

How to Read Weather Systems • From our Multi-Pitch Trad series • Want more? has 200+ free instructional videos across ALL indoor and outdoor categories. Know & Go with CTT.


27 Days 4 Hours Ago

For Chrismas santa brought me a first ascent and a entire day of adventure! "The Wanderer" 5.6 #firstascent #tradisrad #climbokinawa #adventureclimbing #okinawaclimbing #沖縄クライミング

Andrei Badea

28 Days 9 Hours Ago

Have a fairy tale #christmas, everyone!

Lex Rodgers

28 Days 19 Hours Ago

@jeconant showed me a crag he found somewhere out in Shannondale. Good times adventure climbing! He got more practice with cleaning tricams of course 😆 #tricamfanclub #queerclimbers #transclimbers #tradclimbing #adventureclimbing

Tight Hands • When climbing tight hands or knuckles, don’t just jam your hands and feet anywhere. Look for specific parts of the crack where it widens a little bit, this makes a big difference. Sometimes cracks have little pods that are a dash wider, visualize these are where your hands and feet go. Zero-in on them. • Always try placing gear on the narrow sections of crack, even if that means using smaller cams. This way the wider parts are free for hands and feet to flow up the crack. Similarly, try to never place a cam or nut where your next hand goes. That’s why some climbers prefer to place gear at waist-level, versus placing gear at head-level or above. • @arcelia_climbing trad climbing tech tips Day 6 Route: Sirenus Crack, La Coconetla Photo: @alpinerudolf #exposureclimbingteam #thenorthfacemx #mexicovertical


29 Days 14 Hours Ago

Are You Looking For Adventure Trip ? Then You Must Try Out To Reach The Glaciers Around Uttrakhand; Where You Can Stand At Zero Point Sites Of Northern Himalayas. . . . Choose Any Destination For Kumaon Hills , We Will Bring You There . With Highly Skilled Team Members. . . . . #trek #trekker #trekk #trekking #trekkings #trekkingday #hiking #hikingadventures #adventureforyou #adventureclimbing #adventuretravel #adventurer #explorer #explore #travelgoals #traveladdict #ecotour #ecotravel #ecofriendly #tourist #travelling #ecotraveller

Linda Tyler

2018-12-20 18:54:22

I love this Man. I love long rambles in the mountains with him. I love uncertain adventures in the deserts with him. I love seeing sunrises and sunsets and moon shapes of every variation with him. And I love that we both prefer these wild days, with sometimes chossy terrain and prickly consequences, to easy access main attractions. I love how we feel more at home in perhaps “scrappy” Las Cruces than we do in more obvious destinations. I love his big beaming smile, his lighthearted humor, his unsuspecting compassion, and his unquestionable love for me. . I’ve loved these few days playing in the #organmountains, as I do each little adventure that makes up our lives together. But mostly, I love that I get to share this life with you, Ty. Thanks for taking the hard walks with me. . . . #luckiestgirlintheworld #organmountains #tradisrad #hessmilingatme #climbingtheworldwithyou #adventureclimbing #graniterocks #vanlifeisthebestlife

Have you got the winter blues? Don't worry no season lasts for ever. Think positive, put on your bright clothes and think of blue skies and warm spring sunshine. Here Richard Bailey and Uisdean Hawthorn head out for a route in the Verdon Gorge. Mountain Equipment Beta Pants fitting the sunny mood. . . 📸 @lukaszwarzecha 🧗‍♂️ @uisdeanhawthorn @richbr3 @mountainequipment . . . . . #verdongorge #verdon #gorgesduverdon #climbingislife #sportclimbing #climbinginspiration #sportclimbing #adventureclimbing #ouradventureoffice #lwimages #sportclimber #climber #climbon #climbinglovers #climbingnation #rockclimb #mountaineer #moountainstories #mountainlife #france #southernfrance

Rattly Hands • When I reach a section where the crack is too big for a solid hand-jam but not the right size for a fist-jam, I go for the hand jam and rely way more on my feet than my hands for upward progress. The key is to jam one foot on top of the other in relatively close proximity, and to go at a faster pace than usual. This helps me get the right balance, as well as feel a confident flow, despite the lack of perfect hand-jams. • @arcelia_climbing takeover Day 2 Route: La Muralla de los Sentidos (5.10+), Aculco, Mexico Photo: @zenith_am #exposureclimbingteam #thenortfacemx


2018-12-18 19:38:27

Back in September, my friends and I set out to establish a route up the great chimney visible from Horseshoe Bend vista. We weren't able to complete it, as we were going ground-up from the river and were without a bolting rig. ⁣ ⁣ Yesterday we set off to finish the job and at least got some decent rap anchors on it. We needed to get into it from above, so we hiked in from Lee's Ferry. We climbed a 1600 ft bluff, then used only our phones and physical stamina to forge a "trail" over the rugged, Mars-like terrain of the Colorado Plateau. We eventually found ourselves on top of Horseshoe Bend. Approach time, just under 5 hours, 6.3 miles. One way. With heavy packs. ⁣ ⁣ We began to despair of finding a way down to the top of our route, but Matt was able to find a descent that was doable without ropes. This was the loosest rock I've ever climbed on in my life, and I had an EXTREMELY close call when a massive rock tumbled at max velocity right over my head. It was miserably stressful. ⁣ ⁣ On achieving the top of the chimney route, we built an anchor, finding the rock exceedingly soft (scarcely worthy of the word). Matt only brought regular bolts, but glue-ins would have been a better choice, and we intend to replace them with glue-ins this summer. He established a line of bolts leading out of the cave to a rap anchor. Now the route can be descended without a major rope-retrieval debacle, as we experienced last time. In the last photo the blue line represents the Chimney Route as it is now. The yellow line shows the route we took down off the top of the bluff to get to the top of the chimney.⁣ ⁣ Due to the longer-than-expected approach and desire to chase daylight on the hike out, we decided this was a success and packed to go. We had little difficulty navigating back to Lee's Ferry and even made it back to Marble Canyon Lodge 15 minutes before it closed. Needless to say, that was the most satiating meal I've had in quite a while. ⁣ ⁣ I don't know what else to say other than I freaking love these guys and have rarely smiled and laughed this much while being so exhausted and cold. Get yourself some friends who love Type-2 fun as much as you do :)

Our guest this week is Arcelia Garcia, aka @arcelia_climbing! Her topic: How to trad climb with less stress and more flow. Here we go... • I love trad climbing, when I get my hands and feet inside a crack it is like my entire body knows what to do and I just enjoy every inch of a good splitter. It wasn’t always that way though. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but a few tips I picked up along the way helped me speed up the learning curve. Hope it helps. • Being able to identify the right cam size for the crack should become second nature. If you are new to crack climbing, practice placing gear at ground-level to become familiar with your rack. Try always racking them in the same place on your harness or sling, so you quickly find the gear you are looking for. Also, visualize the route to identify spots where you can be comfortable placing gear. Once you are ready to place gear, find your balance, and place the gear where you can see it to make sure it is bomber. Don’t forget your helmet! • @arcelia_climbing on La Herencia de Piedra (5.11), Cuarto Dinamo, Mexico City Photo by @alpinerudolf #exposureclimbingteam #thenorthfacemx


2018-12-18 06:16:23

I always think what those tourists miss who don't go kayaking, climbing or hiking. Thankful for all the places I've seen while chasing the waves, mountains & surface of the rock. 💘🏞💎🔥 #dolomitemountains #dolomites #dolomiti #climbinglife #climbingdolomites #climbing #vertical #rockclimbing #adventureclimbing #climbing_lovers #climbers #climbersofinstagram #italy #passofalzarego #sassdestria #feelthedolomites #rockclimbing #climbingdolomites #mountains #cortinadampezzo #climbers #climbgirls #climbersofinstagram

Andrei Badea

2018-12-17 23:57:30

Fairty tale #winter at 2000 meters high, in #bucegi mountains.

Jeffrey Joseph

2018-12-17 14:00:36

The approach.... Suesca, Colombia!🇪🇨 The search for more is never truly quenched. But remember. Be patient and get on the good wave Life is about winning or losing its about the learning and enjoying the process... Also like to the my good friend @hannival22 foe showing me around and introducing me to good people! Bless. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . @petzl_official @urwithjeff #colombia #suesca #backpacking #adventureclimbing #rockclimbing #petzl #theprocess #zenlife #thegreatoutdoors #wanderlust

Raúl Molina

2018-12-16 21:11:10

El "hijo de su pin**e madre" que le salió del alma a @maxalvarezcham resume la sensación del momento de tirar este y varios otros bloques este fin. Este lugar cada vez promete más e invita a ser escalado!

Niall Hamill

2018-12-16 12:37:02

Congrats to @grantwstewart on passing the initial tests to become a fireman, you can save me from a burning building any day. It was a smoky day, due to the wildfires, good training I guess! These are a couple of photos from last summer's ascent of Peyto Tower that I didn't get around to sharing. Photo 1: Grant onsight- first ascenting a quality 5.11 pitch. Photo 2: The look of perpetual psych, a true climber!


2018-12-15 23:43:25

Via Ferrata/klettersteige in Pirknerklamm, Austria. Fantastic climbing through a canyon with multiple waterfalls & huge boulders. 💎💪😍🧗‍♀️🔝💘 #dolomitemountains #dolomites #dolomiti #lienz #pirknerklamm #sudtirol #southtirol #tirol #tyrol #austria #viaferrata #klettersteige #climbinglife #climbingdolomites #climbing #waterfall #vertical #rockclimbing #adventureclimbing #climbing_lovers #climbers #climbersofinstagram #austriandolomites

On the Descent. [continued 6 of 8] Following a brief moment to enjoy the panoramic summit views from Steeple Peak (2207m) @glacialpace and I turned our collective attention towards the back of the mountain, where we began searching for a suitable path downwards. Nick, still on belay located the obvious route, a loose but not overly steep ridge leading to a col which met the scree slope. With Precipitous drops and shattered loose rock in abundance, we chose to carry on protecting the initial steeper downclimbing for a couple further pitches. This was the final passing of the trad rack, not far from the end of technical terrain, with late evening light stretching across Lake Ohau far below. #newzealand #newzealandadventures #explorethemountains #tradisrad #mountaineering #climbnz #exploreoutdoors #climbrocks #climbmountains #alpineclimbing #adventureclimbing #nzmustdo #adventurelife #climbinglife #climboutside

Raúl Molina

2018-12-14 16:35:16

El otro día me quede sin sistema para rappel y decidí usar este sistema, entre nuchos que existen "improvisados", para bajar. Practicar este tipo de maniobras en espacios controlados es sumamente útil para poder usarlos con confianza en ambientes 'reales'. En retrospectiva, hubiera mejorado el sistema cambiando la orientación del primer mosquetón para evitar la posibilidad de que la cuerda girára el barril, sin embargo, este es el sistema que más recomiendo 👌👌👌 genera una fricción impresionante en la cuerda suficiente para descender con seguridad sin la sensación de muerte si aflojas la mano jajaj

Andrei Badea

2018-12-14 01:52:37

Winter in the #transylvanian #alps.

James Mixon

2018-12-12 12:35:51

Ranger Tom - the man, the myth, the marsh-walker. Sometimes when climbing in Africa, what with the buffalo and big cats and all, you need a guy with a gun. Tom Cheruiyot hails from Meru province and meanders through the moorlands like it’s his backyard - since it is. He watched us carefully decipher our way up remote rock formations with fascination, but when we offered him a harness he laughed and said he’d prefer to stay on the ground: “I’m a very good walker...” That you are, Tom. #kileleproject #adventure #kenya #aberdares #explore #wander #rockclimbing #adventureclimbing #outdoors #greatoutdoors #natgeo #kenyawildlifeservice #safari #africa #natgeokenya #tradclimbing

I just finished three days of climbing in Tasmania - such an amazing 3 days!! The second day I got to go on an adventure climb and climbed the Moai. That’s me really little on the very top! It’s a sea stack, which is very unique to the Tasman peninsula area. To get there we had to bushwalk for 1.5 hours, past several more tiger snakes, climb around some boulders on the edge of the cliff, and then repel down. Once we made it, the climb was amazing! The route we climbed wound around the pillar high above the ocean. After climbing the Moai you have to climb back out, which includes a short free solo climb and then 3 pitches, and then walk another 1.5 hours until you wind up at beautiful Fortescue Bay. I highly recommend it to all my climbing was a day I won’t forget soon. The other two days we climbed on the Organ Pipes on Mt. Wellington. There is so much amazing climbing in Tasmania, and the Dolerite is fantastic to climb on — a bit rough on the fingers, but skin regrows! 😁🧗🏾‍♀️ #climbing #rockclimbing #adventureclimbing #australia #discovertasmania #travel #outdoors #wanderlust

Sam Todd

2018-12-12 06:20:58

This is what it looks like at 2am and the walk off is a bitch, into the abyss we go🌚 . . . After cruising Geronimo we had hopes of topping out on top of Jackrabbit so that we could do the walkoff off Brownstone Wall. As described on MP the adventure climb would be a fun linkup, but what we found was much much different 🙃 Scary rubout slab, unprotected chimneys and more sparse gear made this adventure a little more than what we bargained for. Thank goodness for good spirits, smart climbing and safety first, we made it back to the car in one piece🤘😄 happy with our risk assessment and Eli's strong head game. Definitely a character builder! Stay safe my friends. . . . . . . . #climbing #climbon #safetyfirst #rockclimbing #adventureclimbing #redrocks #optoutside

Andrei Badea

2018-12-11 08:55:23

Jaws. #internationalmountainsday