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i would be very, very happy to be back in snowy Zion today versus here in 9000 degree LA (without AC). ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ it's been one of those rough, every. single. thing. goes wrong kind of days to the point where it's gotten comically absurd. after getting no sleep due to the jerky pets, i discovered a random pipe in our under-construction bathroom spewing out sewage, our foster kitten, Puma Thurman fell and injured her leg, the power went out (only in my office bc FML) and i lost an hour's worth of work, my bank decided to reverse my refund from the web design company who scammed me, our pool is still leaking a ton of water and we can't figure out why...⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ excuse me while i give up on today, open a bottle of wine, and binge on Fleabag. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Planner – Alexievents - @alexievents_u.s.a⁠⠀ Photographer – @prettyboldphotos⁠⠀ Model – Lexie David, @lexie_david⁠⠀ Bridal Shop – Fleurish LA - @fleurishla⁠⠀ Gown – Lillian West, @bylillianwest⁠⠀ Stationery – Amber Dickens, Adaria Designs - @adariadesigns⁠⠀ Floral Designer – Marianne Hunt, @millefleurdesign ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ #zion #adventurousbride #adventurebride #adventurebrides #adventuretime #adventure_culture #adventuretogether #adventuremore #adventurers #adventurousstorytellers #adventurouswedding #stayadventurous #adventurouslovestories #adventurousphotographer #liveadventurously #elopementphotographer #elopementphotography #elopement #elopementwedding #elopementlove #elopementcollective #helloelopement #mountainelopement #destinationelopement #coloradoelopementphotographer #brideinspiration #indiebride #mountainelopement #utahelopement #elopementinspiration ⁠⠀

Had such a lovely night with these ladies for their engagements! We took a stroll through some fall colors down to the most incredible beach and ended with a gorgeous moonrise ✨🍂🌊

everything about this day... the love, the couple, the moodiness, the trees changing; everything was absolutely perfect

Sometimes captions are hard BUT these gorgeous humans are getting married and really, I just love them!! 😍

Take me to greenery and I’m a happy camper. The outdoors seems so sacred to me, a sanctuary to escape the busyness of daily life. A place to be reminded of just how great our Creator is. Can’t wait to take our little girl on her first camping trip this weekend on the AT. (Prayers appreciated, we might be a little crazy) Building a bucket list for future engagement sessions. Comment with your fave national parks, hikes, places to visit or whatever that just makes you think WOW this is freakin amazing and God is good.

I’m over here just trying to keep it together! 😭 These two were some of the most genuine and fun people we’ve ever met! My sweet husband also made a pretty awesome film of their engagement session and I can’t wait to share it! Victoria + Santi were a dream! ✨

⛰🌲Nothing like some pretty mountains & pines am I right?!

Nothing was as great as Annie’s dad’s face when I asked for his help hanging his daughter’s wedding dress on the gutter of her house 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ It was a lot of “just trust me, it’ll look great” and “oh wow you were right” - thanks for the help, Steve 🙌🏻 #caseyshannonphoto

These two prayed for 1,695 days for this very moment.

This family session has such a special place in my heart. I’ve known them for pretty much my entire life, and even though they’ve been through so much, they remain some of the sweetest people that I know. Y’all are my favorites 🖤🖤

I’m going to be posting photos from this session forever! Shelb is the cutest ✨

Greetings. So it’s been some time since I’ve shown my face on my feed. So bam! Here it is 😅 I shy away from the camera a lot, which a lot of people think photographers would be so comfortable in front of the camera, not this photog. 🙇🏻‍♀️ I would say it’s a gift for people to actually capture me smiling with teeth at all (so consider yourself lucky) lol. _______ This is me. Sandal, shorts & t-shirt wearin California gal that enjoys playing video games on my down time, going to comic cons and geeking out, hanging with my friends and family on weekends, plus a plethora of other stuff. _______ I am proud of who I am, proud of where I come from, I love showing off the art on my body, I like being transparent with everyone I meet. Being genuine and open to make that personal connection. My goal is to not treat anyone like a number or just “another client” but to develop a lasting friendship. This is me. So let’s start with “hello” ________ 📸: @olivebearphoto ______ #genevaricophoto #belovedstories #authenticlovemag #wedventuremag #wednorcal #muchlove_ig #justalittleloveinspo #wanderingweddings #wedinthewild #epicloveepiclife #californiaweddingphotographer #oregonweddingphotographer #seattleweddingphotographer #hawaiiweddingphotographer #sanjoseweddingphotographer #montereyweddingphotographer #destinationphotographer #destinationweddingphotographer #engagementphotographer #adventurousphotographer #dirtybootsandmessyhair #engagementsession #bigsurphotographer #santacruzweddingphotographer

I don't really shoot seniors but WOW. 🖤 . . . @belovedweddingstories @theradinlove @justalittleloveinspo @midwestlovestories @adventorouslovestories @authenticlovemag @belovedweddingstories @thekansascitybride @goldenlovestories @loveherwildly @greenweddingshoes @magicandmarried @wildlyinlove @wanderingweddings @sisterphotogs @adventorousstorytellers @wellwedmagazine @muchlove_ig @loveandwildhearts @engagedlife

I don't really shoot seniors but WOW. 🖤 . . . @belovedweddingstories @theradinlove @justalittleloveinspo @midwestlovestories @adventorouslovestories @authenticlovemag @belovedweddingstories @thekansascitybride @goldenlovestories @loveherwildly @greenweddingshoes @magicandmarried @wildlyinlove @wanderingweddings @sisterphotogs @adventorousstorytellers @wellwedmagazine @muchlove_ig @loveandwildhearts @engagedlife

I don't really shoot seniors but WOW. 🖤 . . . @belovedweddingstories @theradinlove @justalittleloveinspo @midwestlovestories @adventorouslovestories @authenticlovemag @belovedweddingstories @thekansascitybride @goldenlovestories @loveherwildly @greenweddingshoes @magicandmarried @wildlyinlove @wanderingweddings @sisterphotogs @adventorousstorytellers @wellwedmagazine @muchlove_ig @loveandwildhearts @engagedlife

WE SOLD OUR FIRST PHOTO!!! ➡️ Swipe to see which one! Since this is our first sale, I wanted to do something extra special. So Moki and I celebrated by playing in the mud and signing his paw print onto thick watercolor paper to send along with the canvas photo print. I hope she loves it as much as we had fun doing it! ❤🐾 . #dogphotography #canvasphotoprints #photosforsale #petphotography #petphotographyfeatures #muddypaws #petphotos #dogphotos #photoprints #photoprintsforsale #adventuredoggo #adventurousphotographer #backcountrypaws #theruffoutdoors #hikingonpaws #dogsofinstagram #dogsonadventures #sunrisedog #chasingsunrise #chasingsunrises #chasingthesunrise #petfeatures #instadogfeature #dogoftheday #hikingdogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #dogphotoshoot #dogphotographer #dogphotographylife #adventureswithdogs

Audrie Fox

1 Day 8 Hours Ago

All of my Halloween shoot dreams have been met 🖤

Friday I spent the evening with two of the most fun people I’ve ever met and I have been obsessing over their photos ever since! 😍😍 • It always makes me so happy to show people around Arizona and show them everything I love about the desert. 🧡🌵 Ashley + Tom came all the way from Calgary making them my third couple from Canada this year! 😱 I’m still always shocked that I have such an amazing job that allows me to meet people from all over the world. 🧡 • #arizonaweddingphotographer #desertphotographer #desertcouple #californiaweddingphotographer #adventurousphotographer

Obsessed with this couple and these black and whites from their session! I had a blast shooting these two! Other than the moment I stepped in a hole and fell to the ground. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 😂 . . . . . . . #kyrareinhardtphotography #seekthelight #thekansascollective #loveandwildhearts #kansascouplesphotographer

Kimberly + Lian drove to St.Augustine when I was in town and made a little trip out of their engagement session. Love sweet couples like these two and I think you'd love their engagement photos too so go check it out on my blog!!

Fun fact: reception pictures are my favorite part of the wedding to edit✌🏼

What it's all about♡ And how cool is the EDIE #cuffring on this beautiful bride!! So much love to you both♡ #repost @coffeewithheather (@get_repost) ・・・ Two weeks ago today, I was headed to the airport on my way to Colorado to catch these two love birds renew their vows. Today they’re beautiful and adventurous vow renewal is on the blog. if you’re into snowy, autumn, mountainous adventures, then this is totally your jam. Go click the link on my bio and read more about these two. I’ve been dying not to over share their vow renewal on Insta but totally over shared on the blog. 🙈🤣😬🖤 . . . . dress: @hyacinthbridal makeup: @jessica.faye.beauty jewelry: @katabankocouture florals: @delaneydarlingflorals hat: @gigipip leather jacket: @pickingwildheather . . . . . . . . . #wildhairandhappyhearts #motherhustler #adventurousphotographer #natgeoyourshot #muchlove_ig #justalittleloveinspo #engagedlife #dirtybootsandmessyhair #wedphotoinspo #radlovestories #wildelopements #worldviewmag #30risingstars #wippi2020 #flashesofdelight #2020bride #wanderingweddings #idahoweddingphotographer #idahonative #idahobride #mountainwedding #coloradowedding #estesparkphotographer #coloradoelopementphotographer #adventurouselopementphotographer #wanderingwedding #rockymountainnationalparkelopement #adventurousbride

Two weeks ago today, I was headed to the airport on my way to Colorado to catch these two love birds renew their vows. Today they’re beautiful and adventurous vow renewal is on the blog. if you’re into snowy, autumn, mountainous adventures, then this is totally your jam. Go click the link on my bio and read more about these two. I’ve been dying not to over share their vow renewal on Insta but totally over shared on the blog. 🙈🤣😬🖤 . . . . dress: @hyacinthbridal makeup: @jessica.faye.beauty jewelry: @katabankocouture florals: @delaneydarlingflorals hat: @gigipip leather jacket: @pickingwildheather . . . . . . . . . #wildhairandhappyhearts #motherhustler #adventurousphotographer #natgeoyourshot #muchlove_ig #justalittleloveinspo #engagedlife #dirtybootsandmessyhair #wedphotoinspo #radlovestories #wildelopements #worldviewmag #30risingstars #wippi2020 #flashesofdelight #2020bride #wanderingweddings #sawtoothwedding #idahoweddingphotographer #idahonative #idahobride #mountainwedding #coloradowedding #estesparkphotographer #coloradoelopementphotographer #adventurouselopementphotographer #wanderingwedding #rockymountainnationalparkelopement #adventurousbride

I DID A THANGGGG YALL! I’m so pumped + excited that I’ve finally made a huge investment in myself, my brand + business. I signed up for @theheartuniversity ! I’ve been following Evie + Lindsey that created this course // workshop for awhile now. They inspire me not only with their work but being who you are within your business. You don’t have to sacrifice who you are and what you bring to the table personality wise just because it’s not the professionalism we’ve been taught. As I told you guys I’m showing more ME! I’m a hot mess, I’m goofy, I’m a mom, I’m a wife, I’m obsessed with The Office....so on! I’m here to make connections because THAT right there is what will bring trust + amazing images! Just because I chat with you as a friend, or send you a GIF does NOT mean I’m not 100% professional! I’m here for you no matter what, you have a question...I’ll have the answer. You will receive the best session and/or wedding experience with me, but why not do it while having a blast!? Anywho...I’m so excited to learn, take it all in, set goals and put it into play ✨

I literally cannot help but sing ‘isssntt she loooovelllyyy’ when I see these photos. Are you signing it now too? ⋒

Dead over this cute session! These two flew all the way from Florida, borrowed a friends 67 mustang and drove it all the way to Sedona (with no ac! 😆) just for their engagement session with me! I had a blast hiking around and getting to know them. Many many many more to share from these guys 😍

You better be-leaf it when I say I love Utah falls 🤩🍂🌾

I love you to the 🌚 & back.

Here’s to the moments where we’re fully present and fully known by the ones we love. This remains one of my favorite photos from when Kyle and Tara got engaged in Michigan last year and had a bunch of their closest friends drive up to spend the weekend celebrating.

Yesterday was a rainy day, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the north shore. The views, rain or shine, are simply breath taking. #hawaii #oahu #travelingphotographer #adventurousphotographer #georgiatohawaii #naturephotographer #explorenature #exploretheworld #getoutside #rainyday #viewsfordays #nature #natgeo #picoftheday #followme

“My mother always tells me to smile and put on a happy face. She told me I had a purpose to bring laughter and joy to the world.” ________ I love when couples trust me to capture their love in weird and quirky ways. I had such a great time with Olive and Krystal last night and frolicking in the woods as the Victorian styled Joker & Riddler ———— Makeup: @sephora831 ________ #genevaricophoto #belovedstories #authenticlovemag #wedventuremag #wednorcal #muchlove_ig #justalittleloveinspo #dancingwithher #wedinthewild #epicloveepiclife #californiaweddingphotographer #oregonweddingphotographer #seattleweddingphotographer #hawaiiweddingphotographer #sanjoseweddingphotographer #montereyweddingphotographer #engagement #engagementsession #couplessession #elopements #bohoelopements #engagementphotographer #adventurousphotographer #dirtybootsandmessyhair #engagementsession #bigsurphotographer #santacruzweddingphotographer

I have absolutely loved watching this vibrant little girl grow up! They are two of my loyalist clients and hold a special place in my heart! Thank you for always trusting me to capture the beauty in your lives. It is such an honor 😭 This is the busiest time of year for me and I am having so much fun! Thank you to all of my wonderful clients for choosing me. ❤️ . . #jessmichellephotos #itsallgoodep #elpasoweddingphotographer #adventurousphotographer #texasweddingphotographer #eptx #lascrucesweddingphotographer #californiaweddingphotographer #newmexicoweddingphotographer #palmspringsweddingphotographer #chasinglight #southerncaliforniaweddingphotographer#newmexicoengagement #radlovestories #elopementlove #dirtybootsmessyhair #palmdesertweddingphotographer #elpasofamilyphotographer #mommyandme #mommydaughtergoals #mommydaughterphotoshoot

Last nights sunset with these babes

Hat’s off to ya Monday, let’s get it 👏🏼

I have 5 different sessions, including a wedding, that I need to edit and share with you. But I’m still obsessing over Jeremy and Heidi’s session from a month ago, so I’ll share one of those instead ☺️

These two rocked it out at our session tonight. It was cold and windy but they took it like champs and we got some amazing shots. 😍 you can tell their love is so real and it’s apparent how much fun they have together! I say it all the time, but I love love. 💛 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #westernncphotographer #nclifestylephotographer #wncphotographer #lindseygreenephotography #northcarolinaphotographer #valifestylephotographer #sclifestylephotographer #nclifestylephotographer #hickoryncphotographer #hickoryphotographer #morgantonncphotographer #morgantonphotographer #statesvillencphotographer #statesvillephotographer #cltphotographers #charlottephotographer #charlottencphotographer #virginiaphotographer #southcarolinaphotographer #greenvillescphotographer #greenvillephotographer #adventurouslife #adventurousphotographer #adventurouscouples #adventurousfamilies #pnwphotographer #pnwcouplesphotographer #pnwweddingphotographer

No caption necessary. - - - - - - Model/HMU: @munchzmf - - - - - - - - - #gramkilla #gramkillaportraits #kyrareinhardtphotography #portraitvision #instagood

I finallyyyyy have cleaned out the rest of the dirt in my ears from the razor ride up to this magical place, 4 days later ✨. . . . . . . . . . . . . #elopement #arizonaelopement #wedding #bride #engaged #outdoorwedding #coloradobride #adventurouswedding #adventurousphotographer #canon #elope #elopementwedding #elopementphotographer #rockymountainbride #wanderingweddings

Love the hand photos 💍

Hawaii is winning me over...for a vacation destination. My mountains needs to have all 4 seasons, ha! We’re starting our 2nd full day and I have not been disappointed. Yesterday’s sunrise was gorgeous, even if it did rise through the buildings. . . We’re slowly checking off bucket list destinations. Although, this one was for me. My husband lived here while in the military, so it’s nothing new to him. . . Where are some places you long to visit? My #1 is Scotland and Ireland. We plan to ✔️ that off next year! . . #travelingphotographer #adventurousphotographer #hawaii #oahu #bucketlists #vacations #naturephotography #landscapephotography #natgeo #picoftheday #swipeleft #followme #getoutandexplore #explorenature #explorehawaii #exploretheworld #captureit #makingmemories #pictureslastalifetime

What a dreamy view with a dreamy couple. Alexandra & Ron on their gorgeous wedding day 💕

Sometimes it’s a blur because we’re always on the move but there’s so much beauty in the movement on wedding days and I love it.


4 Days 8 Hours Ago

Can I be honest for a minute? x I struggle with comparison. Wayy more than I should. I wish I could say I didn’t, but I know I’m not the only one and I think it’s good to not be alone! x I compare my photography with almost EVERYONE else's. Of course, that’s absolutely RIDONNNKKKULOUSSS!! Everyone’s work is so unique and their own and everyone is in a different phase of learning (because FYI, I’ve been figuring out that it never ends😁😁!). I’ll sit and stew and mull over the smallest things about my photos and even my image as a business in general and I will come up with the dumbest reasons why I am not as good as the next person. x But what I keep losing grip of, is that very fact that everyone is on their own UNIQUE road! My photography journey is not the same as any of my other photographer friends, no matter how close we are. The photographers I know that are traveling all over the world capturing destination elopements (something I can only DREAM about at the moment)? Yea. No matter how much I might value them above me, I can’t compare myself to them. Because we are all our own strand of thread in this crazy business of photography! There’s no “top tier” or hierarchy I should be pushing for, but I should strive to be the creative storyteller Christ has woven me to be, REGARDLESS of how I think it lines up with someone else’s work. x There’s a reason original works of art are wayyyyyyyy more pricey than mere copies. That’s because it is widely known that originality is of VALUE! If I simply take off my glasses of doubt and let myself have a little bit of business self-worth (is that a thing? It is now!), then maybe I can fully see the tapestry of my purpose with this talent Christ has so lovingly led me to. He is the ultimate creator and storyteller, and comparison isn’t of him. I am his masterpiece, as is every single human on this planet, He didn’t intend for us to be the same! Isn’t that awesome? LOVE Y’ALL!! x Side note: I realize I grow SO much every time I am vulnerable on here 😂😂! It’s like confessions and desire for growth are good or something……. 😅😅

Handmade with LOVE.

🍔🍟 || A few photos from this fun anniversary shoot ❤️ How good does that root beer float look?! 😋😂 & how cute are these 2!

Cheers to a great weekend ahead. 💛

HIIII it’s me 🤓 I just realized I haven’t shown my face here or introduced myself in awhile! I’m Madison! 🤪 I’m a 20-something that moved from snowy Montana to Scottsdale AZ to pursue bigger things ✨ I married my high school sweetheart a little over a year ago but we’ve been together nonstop since 2011 (so crazy to say!) . . I’m infatuated with money + finances. which is such a “taboo” topic but let me tell yaaa - I can get FIRED up about this! I freaking love money and I am not afraid to admit it. It doesn’t make me a gross person lol. I grew up with such a scarcity mentality around money and It baffles me how nobody really teaches you about money management or our finances and yet (unfortunately) it’s what controls our worlds. . . I listen to mainly alternative music & tanner hates it lol - he says it’s too sad for him 🤣💀 . . I love love love talking about conspiracies, aliens, after life, literally anything thought-provoking!! Even if I think you’re bat sh*t crazy I love to hear people’s perspectives. Makes sense considering I’m an ENFP / enneagram 7 😝 . . I don’t like to participate in drama, but OH BABY DO I LOVE WATCHING IT. (Hence my love for the bachelor) Like if there is a dumb teenager fight going on at the mall, you best believe I’m going to be trying to see what happens. 🤣 most people are like “who cares” and I’m over here like 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ . . I for some reason smell everything first — which sometimes I regret lol like why Madison?? . . . I always like reading these, I think they’re fun so ENJOY 🤪 Happy Friday 💕

I’m feeling like everyone in this industry is just crazy busy in this season right now. I’ve been workin my buns off and have SO so much fun content to share soon—If you’re waiting for sneaks from me, I promise you they are headed your way next week. And if you happen to be reading this and are waiting patiently for work back from another photographer or videographer right now, send some love their way because I guarantee you they are working around the clock this fall 😜🍂 photo ppl, holler if you feel me!

The foothills will forever be my go-to spot for all my sessions 🌾🌾

Hey Utah friends ✨ I’m coming back November 8-12 so let’s set up a shoot! Portraits, couples, bridals and small families. Discounted sessions + no travel fees :) dm me!

“My soul is my guide.” - Rumi . . . . . . . Gracias for the photo love @jasminejeanettephoto Edited by yours truly. 💜

Happy FRIDAY boys & ghouls! 🎉👏🏼💀 || Finally have some new spooky & other content coming your way these next 2 weeks!

Our moonrise chase lastnight was a good one 😊 it was cloudy in the east so we didn’t get a lower shot but it was still beautiful when it started peaking out. . . Tips on chasing a moonrise. Find a high location with no lights around. Take snacks. Take a speaker. Have good company. And have a tone of patience 😅 . . Here are a few shots of the full moon rising over Sydney 😘 . . #adventuresofafobkid #visitsamoa #photography #potd #chasinglight #portraitcollective #dearphotographer #thehonestlens #adventurousphotographer #adventure #liveforthestory #sincerestorytellers #tagsforlikes

To the other hustling couples out there that are doing life a little differently, hang in there. Keep your mind set on the mission. Keep the support strong. Stay grateful. Repeat. . Our free times rarely overlap. Our mornings are fast-paced and on different agendas. Dinners together are sporadic. Daily conversations don’t happen til late at night when we’ve both called it a day. Some days are more difficult than others. We sometimes question if this is worth it, but then we remember what it was like to wonder what trying harder, serving more and pushing further could lead to. . The decision to live a little differently makes us more grateful for the moments we do have.. Moments like this ^ where we get an hour on a Sunday for a spontaneous adventure. It makes us think twice about what we commit to. It forces us to be fully present when we’re with each other, and it sure as hell forces us to focus on the future. A future that involves more than just a few hours a week with people we love. . Whatever you’re working towards, as a couple or not, hang in there. Keep reassessing your decisions. Keep supporting. As long as the love, support and gratitude are always present, you’ll make it through the sacrifices. Stay strong. ✨


“Bring me desire To get over the sun. I can be brighter than ever If you want me to burn. “ #lonelyintherain #kellybalchphoto Model: @teelalaroux

Leave it to @paigearminta to make sitting in a chair look cool

I had this long caption all written out and when I tried posting my photo, Instagram said sorry, not today. So this caption will have to do for now! Also, there’s nothing I love more than chasing my couples in a field. I hope you love starring at these two, because I will forever post this session! @nmdonato_ & Dan 🌙

Love is blind. Blindfolded as a symbol that love sees no gender or race. And that love will prevail through all obstacles. #lovewins🌈 #loveislove