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3 Hours Ago

Turned the living room into a studio so we can look back and say we used to turn the living room into a studio. Changed the word struggle into progress. It sounds better and motivating 🤷🏾‍♂️ #flipthescript


3 Hours Ago

Remaining available tomorrow sizes are limited 🙏🏾

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I live in one of the most expensive Neighborhoods in the south it Ranks in the top 3. I come from the Mud. The Mud to Buckhead My future started from my pass I believe then I would moved to Buckhead even when the odds where Against me. Everyone I knew and came across said it not the right choice to move to unless your rich. . 4 years ago from my small hometown we call the MUD I could not stop thinking about moving to Atlanta the future. A opening appeared disguised as a opportunity from someone I did business with. Only $128 in my pocket I got on a Airplane to Atlanta. . I'm in buckhead not so fast Tony No your in North Georgia not Atlanta off of 85, 25 minutes away with no Traffic and when dose that ever happen Never 🤣 3 months making $50 a WEEK sleeping on a blow up bed that kept sinking😥 all as a grown Man in his late Forties WTF!!! I see my future not my CIRCUMSTANCES before I left my city I knew my skills as a entrepreneur would kick in for opportunities they don't come to you you make them. . . Moving in with my business partner was the best move for me the agreement was a expediting contract that I had experience with back home in the Mud I would drive all over the city of Atlanta and the suburbs dropping off package to businesses and residential (a Key) . I Know who I Am, I know what my future look like. All I have to do was look back at my pass because history always has a way of repeating itself to you Good or Bad. You must make the changes when things are not going right for you. Your future is all up to you. My lifestyle is my lifestyle it's far from perfect a lot of pain and joy. But I hold the key not my family, not my friends, not my busines associates or people that dislike me. . . THE KEYS TO YOUR LIFESTYLE ARE IN YOU

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8 Hours Ago

#tbt to our booth at @AgendaShow Summer 2017. Live a #vastlife. #throwbackthursday #agendashow #agenda2017.


9 Hours Ago

God has a funny way of putting you back together in front of all of the people who tried to break you.


10 Hours Ago

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Gracias por el apoyo @melissamartinezguillen_ BELLYOFTHEBEASTLA.COM


10 Hours Ago

Creative fashion is like Creative Freedom. . This windowpane track suit by #hudsonclothing has the Drip💦 look you need to stan out from the rest. . To have creative freedom says you have the ability to name your price💵💰💲. I laugh to myself 🤣😂 when people come telling me they have the best product, best service or they are the best in there INDUSTRY but can not explain why that attention doesn't reflect in their Bank Account . . How many times have you said to yourself how is that company, person or products getting people to believe in them My company is better. . Before someone till you they are the best marketer, they understand album rhythms, search engines optimization ooOH not to forget you have to have a personal story that's Relatable, Work Hard, Hustle, your passion will get you there, your time will come, Be patient ect. All are true BUT that's BullS❌💩T the biggest and most important thing you need to do is know who to get. . Creative Attention without people realizing it!


11 Hours Ago

“I need a big ol’ Bentley coupe, cup to hold my juice” 🥃 | hit the link in our bio to become a member today!


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12 Hours Ago

I always believed in myself, even when nobody gave a fuck. I nearly worked until I lost my mind, this is why I take nothing for granted and keep pushing. HUSTLE DAILY 🏆🏆🏆


13 Hours Ago

Buenos Días. Ⓜ️ and Mexico’s Finest Premium Jacket by BELLYOFTHEBEASTLA.COM


15 Hours Ago

Pense em uma coisa incrível que vc já fez até hoje. Qual é? Qq coisa: de aprender a nadar, viajar sozinho, até conseguir dizer aquele não necessário ou passar/se formar na faculdade... 👽 Nave Mãe quer saber tuuudo! Força nessa perucaaa pq uma coisa mag na vida vc já fez e fará mtas outras (mag = magnífica) 😘 👽 😘 👽 #flatlayforever #caderno #cadernopersonalizado #cadernos #agendas #agendashow #planejamentos #caneta #canetas #canetaspersonalizadas #broches #broche #escrita #escrevasuahistoria #escrevasuahistória #anamariasaad #emotionallyfit #superdilifestyle #saudemental #saúdemental #depressão #ansiedade #escritaterapêutica #maketodayamazing #diaincrivel #diaincrível #escolhiserfeliz #superaçao #superacao #superar

Agendas abertas para seu culto/evento, ☎️ Contato: (+55)19 99344-3006 . . . . . #vamosadoraradeus #godisgood #gospelmusic #agendashow #musica #adoracao #likeforlike #instamusic #bandagospel #goodmorning


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New Arrivals coming tomorrow. Limited edition release. Don’t Sleep 💰💰💰💰


1 Day Ago

The eyes chico, they never lie.


1 Day 1 Hour Ago

S/O to @djstyleofficial for always showin Soe Clothing Luv 🙏🏾💯💯💯 #successovereverything #soe #soeclothing #soeclothingbrand


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Thank you @curetoronto for taking care of us to finish off the @sneakercon weekend! All love to @hennessycanada for always providing that vibe 🙏🏾 Sounds by @johnjmusic 🔥 — *COME JOIN US THIS FRIDAY OCT 26TH AT 425 ADELAIDE ST W TORONTO INSIDE LIAR LIAR™ AS WE FEATURE A LIMITED COLORWAY MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR @DOYOUTRUSTUS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE IN THE CLUB🖤❤️🖤