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Stop motion 📸 just added to the bag o’ tricks w/ @realizingdaydreams! Thanks @mangostreetlab for the insp💡 . . . This was the second attempt. The first ended in utter failure because of not enough lighting. Learned a shit ton about lightning without spending more than 50 thanks to @petermckinnon video. . . Anyone have any cheap lighting or stop motion hacks? . . . . . . . . #stopmotion #alwaysgrowing #cameraoperator #videodirector #videograms #videomaking #videomaker #musicvideodirector #filmmakersworld #cinematographylife #musicvideoproductions #videographers #videoproducers #ipreview

@bloom_katherinepeacock is home 🏡✈️... garden pottering , unpacking orders and getting ready for a really really exciting 2019. #sydneyflorist #sydneystyle #alwaysgrowing #branding #newadventures

I highly recommended👍 this book📚 for personal development... suitable for children and adults alike😘 My kiddos really enjoyed it for their bedtime story. @the_persistent_mitchell and I enjoyed it for ours as well😁 #alwaysgrowing #alwayslearning #personaldevelopment #entrepreneurs #lifebydesign2020 #hopedealer #thepersistentmitchell

Yes, I know it’s scary. Do you know what’s also scary? Looking back in 20 years with regret for not doing the things you dreamed of because you felt scared of failure, people’s opinions and change. ~Unknown Author


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Be someone you would want to date! Don’t wait for someone to come around who makes you want to be better person, inspire those around you to be a better humans, friends, co-workers, parents and role models! Lead by example and live honestly! Spread joy to those around you. But, most of all be honest with yourself! There is nothing more beautiful than someone who realizes that they are broken and then works to fix it. #beautifullybroken #dontsettle #liveyourbestlife #outlivingit #veteran #ptsd #survivor #cancersurvivor survivor #spreadjoy #alwayslearning #alwaysgrowing #besomeonewhomakesyouhappy #leadbyexample

You always have a second chance and it’s never to late. - So don’t settle for less than you deserve. - Don’t like your house? Move! - Don’t like your job? Work on something that will enable you to walk away from it. - Click the link in my bio and take that second chance. - We have your back

Excited to share with you that I have finally found a spot to continue my bmw turbo build. Going to focus on fabrication on my motorcycles along side some great motorcycle builders and continue to grow my passion for building cool shit! #deathcycle #motorcycle #turbo #turbobmw #k100 #custom #fabrication #tig #welding #mog #miller #handbuilt #caferacer #moto #bikelife #performance #turbonetics #bmw #bmwmotorrad #alwaysgrowing #murica

|| Who else wants to work with their closest friends and have fun like this? 🙋🏽‍♂️|| #friendsarefamily * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * One of the greatest blessings is being able to grow with the people you love ❤️. Amazing day at the office with the team yesterday 👍, getting refocused and setting our goals and plans down for 2019 ✔️ Owning your own business requires work, it is hard but it is worth it. The life of an entrepreneur is a life with ups and downs, but in the end you learn to love and enjoy the ride. At the end of it all, you discover who your true friends are and who was willing to believe in you when no one else would. I will win, I will succeed, because God didn't make a quitter! 💯 _______________________________ • • • • • #realtalk #myjourney #mystory #thisisme #thisismylife #classicmanfitness #mindset #alwaysgrowing #whoswithme #thereisafriend #apictureisworthamillionwords #suitandtie #ipreview via

There will always be obstacles thrown at us. We need to keep moving forward, push past all your barriers and keep climbing over that mountain that may stand in front of you. Remember you can handle all that is thrown in your path. You are exactly where you need to be right at this moment. Embrace it, find the positive and move forward with your goals. When you start a fitness journey if feels like it will take forever. This is actually true because fitness is not a part time gig. It’s not something we squeeze into our day. It’s a choice to take tour health back. A choice to be the best you. A 30 minute allotted time to create energy to be better mom , wife , girlfriend, sister or daughter. Did you take time for yourself. Did you take care of yourself health today? Drop a line and tell me what you did?

For everything that brings you down in life, you become that much stronger 👊🏼💕

How often are you giving away your power? Tell me if this sounds like you... ⚡️You put your happiness and worthiness in the hands of other people and your accomplishments ⚡️You’re constantly feeling like life is happening TO you not FOR you...and things are continuously spiraling out of control ⚡️You overcompensate for feeling a lack of power by either being dominant in an unhealthy way or you neglect your basic needs and feel unworthy of them. Giving away your power is not a win for anyone The person or experience who receives your power gains a false sense of power And then you step into unworthiness How to take back the power: ✨Get honest with yourself and find where you’re giving it away ✨Declare that you are taking it back and that it’s safe, okay and you’re capable & worthy of having it back ✨Set the energetic standards for maintaining this level of empowerment ✨Eliminate anyone or anything that doesn’t hold you to a higher frequency Then go on and live your life like the incredible powerful woman you are🔥 Xoxo 👑B

We are looking for a couple more grade 9&10 and 11&12 Boys to fill up our team roster for the season 2019. Please contact us if you are interested! Invite a friend Tag a friend #matolops #basketball #repteam #clubbasketball #training #basketballneverstops #playtodayfortomorrow #alwaysgrowing #impactinglives #masterthegame #hamont #oakville #burlington #stoneycreek #waterdown #georgetown #haltonhills

We are looking for a couple more grade 9&10 and 11&12 Boys to fill up our team roster for the season 2019. Please contact us if you are interested! Invite a friend Tag a friend #matolops #basketball #repteam #clubbasketball #training #basketballneverstops #playtodayfortomorrow #alwaysgrowing #impactinglives #masterthegame #hamont #oakville #burlington #stoneycreek #waterdown #georgetown #haltonhills

4. Aprende a manejar tus emociones asistiendo a terapia. ¿Qué le agregarías?

Yes we had to turn back because he forgot the GoPro 🤦🏼‍♀️ and yes he took us to the wrong terminal 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ but it was fine, I was cool...until he spilt milk on me 🤬

The bigger picture lies beyond the surface @datdudejonny . • • • This was the very first yoga picture I ever posted of myself. Truth be told, I don’t really like posting pictures of myself doing yoga. I don’t practice to be seen or noticed or liked. I don’t practice poses to be held in the best lighting, on my good side, making sure my abs are visible so it trends more...I practice Asana: Living, breathing expressions of my existence. But every once in a while, someone sends me a message telling me how something I shared impacted them, made them think, uplifted them. I have no idea what I’m doing when I share these photos; these moments; these messages. But I know living my yoga helped me shape them and every time any of you watching so graciously share a bit of yourself with me, I’m reminded why I must do it. You are appreciated. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #noideawhatimdoing #soidoyoga #meditate #andlove #yogateacher #asanapractice #youareappreciated #yogalife #asana #alwayslearning #alwaysgrowing #yogapractice #yogastudent #yogastudio #mindfulness #meditation #yoga #blacksburgva #inbalanceyogablacksburg #life #love #growth #fromwithin #bigpicture #miami #miamiyoga #mindfulmiami #datdudejonny #onelove


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“It’s a trap to be fueled by praise or defeated by criticism. Neither define you. We’re constantly changing, becoming, growing- so nobody’s opinion can embody who you are. Don’t commit to approval, commit to growth. The growth that takes place when no one is watching. The growth that outlives the opinions of people. There’s a stark contrast between self-improvement and wanting to be noticed.” -Brittney Moses #letyourlightshine #lookwithin #openyourmind #beyourbestself #alwayschanging #alwaysgrowing #alwayslearning #changeyourperspective #lifeisajourney #spreadlove #bekind #lifeisajourney #clapforyourdamnself #mindfulness #goals #positivevibes #loveyourself #myspiritualjourney #nobodycandragmedown

Slowly getting my groove back. 💃🏼This is a slow process 🐌, but I feel ready this year. 🤨 More ready than I ever have been. It’s a long road, but I’m up for the challenge. 🏋🏼‍♂️ Yes...those thighs are natural 😳😂🤣 ...#patience #trusttheprocess #bringiton #mevsme #fitandthick #fitthick ❤️

Ok.... Yes? No? Can I do this while potentially working full time? I really think a law degree would complement my compliance field. I'm always starting projects, so I'm going to need some discipline and strength to get this done at the elder age of 34..... 😄 #growthmindset #compliance #alwaysgrowing #foreverstudent #lsat #law

Prepping for a Leadership Event tomorrow night! Teaching and inspiring is my passion. This is when I feel alive!! These ladies are in for an intense but powerful night! I am SO excited! #gracelifecoaching #leadership #bethechange #inspire #alwaysgrowing #pourintoothers #missionstatement #visionstatement #aromafreedomtechnique #breakfree #freedom

10 years ago? 11 years? 12? I have no fucking idea how old I was there. Nonetheless, here’s my quote, unquote #10yearchallenge. 👌🏻 Only thing that’s changed is my hair. 💁🏽‍♀️ Still pounding skins!! 🥁🤘🏻 (last pic taken by yours truly, @maneophotography) 🖤 • • • #tempusdrums #fibreglassdrums #pearldrums #tamadrums #dwdrums #sabian #ziljian #wuhancymbals #meinlcymbals #evansheads #remoheads #daddario #vicfirth #promark #gibraltar #alwaysgrowing #alwaysgrinding #family #friends #love

Ever tell the truth, no matter what, for 24 hours? Post an emoji below that best describes your willingness to do it.

#repost @the.holistic.psychologist (One of my favorite follows on IG) - “Any therapist eventually comes to understand that people spend the vast majority of their days caught up in their own thoughts.⠀ -⠀ Those thoughts involve fear, sometimes borderline obsession with judgements from others.⠀ -⠀ Our egos make us believe that people care so much about our activities. Our successes and ‘failures’, all of it.⠀ -⠀ This just is not reality.⠀ -⠀ People aren’t watching like you think they are. And if they do judge, it’s a reflection of how they feel about themselves.⠀ -⠀ It actually IS that simple if you allow it to be.” - @the.holistic.psychologist - Follow @sean_sechrist

👉👉Important over urgent.👈👈 I had a checklist of things to do today, all of which made me excited. Then, one of my babies needed to stay home to get over a cold. 😷 The checklist had to go on the back burner because the important work was sweats, cuddles and care. At first I was flustered about my plans getting ruined, but then I thought of my pastor telling us to do the important things, not the urgent things. I think I have heard this from @emilypfreeman and @hopewriters before. It is finally sinking in. My hope, this year, is to put this phrase first in planning my days and controlling my #mood. #hopewriterlife #mood #day4 #important #momlife #alwaysgrowing #alwayslearning #meckchurch


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Thought I’d do an introduction post: 💗 Hi, I’m marci. I’m a stay at home mom with two kids on the autism spectrum and a wonderful husband in upstate NY. That’s the simple description of me. 💗 I’m a dreamer I’m an essential oil educator and lover I’m a Disney fanatic I’m a music aficionado I’m a sunshine chaser and a moon obsessed witchy woman I’m into stars, magic, travel, female friendships, therapy, seeking deeper, loving harder, pushing past fears, giving more, dancing longer, singing in the shower and everwhere else, being barefoot, being near water, trying new things, and just all around exploring this earth we call home and sharing stories with you. I’m pretty much an open book. Are you a match for me? Nice to meet you. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

This year is shaping up to be one of the busiest for social calendars so if your organising events this year you might want to gather those group invites early. 2019 will not disappoint with social events and with that can come a lot of unnecessary drama so buckle up this year will be over before you know it! Remember to budget an allowance for some quality TLC this year - trust me you’re gonna need it! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I will be back on the socials doing my Monday Live at its now regular slot of 10am!! Thank you for all the love while I’ve been gone! If the start of this year is indicative to what 2019 will look like then it will be one of the best years of my life! BRING IT ON!! I hope wherever you are you’re having a wonderful day x Tui x happy Friday!! 📸 via Pinterest 😍💖✨

\\ long post alert // I have only recently developed a healthy relationship with fitness and eating. All throughout middle school and high school I treated exercise as punishment and food as the enemy. I would glance in every mirror I walked past checking to see if my stomach was flat enough. I thought that just eating a piece of fruit for a meal would help me achieve my “dream body”. In college I forced myself to stay on the treadmill till I burned my 500 calories, spent 45 minutes on core exercises, and logged everything I ate. And did I feel good about myself? Not one bit. This is not a healthy mindset to have, or the best way to treat the bodies we were blessed with! >>fast forward to now. 125 lbs➡️135 lbs (and still growing😉) I never thought I would get into strength training because I thought I would get “too big”. How wrong I was! Lifting has has completely changed the way I view fitness and my relationship with food. It is so freeing to think of exercise not as a way to punish our body for eating one too many sweets, but as a way to cherish and care for it💪🏻💕

Thank you for the kind review, Chris! 🥰 • Did you know that I work with all different types of people and ages? While my focus is on the reproductive years, I am more than happy to help anyone that is willing and ready to make a positive change in their health and life. Make sure to reach out if this sounds like you! #makeyourhealthapriority #realfoodies

I was chatting with a friend the other day about writing down and LOOKING at your goals. Do you? I am guilty of having them written down, but not checking back in with them! I made the decision to make them front and center, so I can be reminded of where I’m heading!

Thanks for the gift @theptdc and @jonathan_goodman101 We cannot wait to dig in and continue learning and growing as professionals and individuals. #learnsomethingnew #selfemployeedlife #alwayslearning #alwaysgrowing #knowledge

You don’t need to start a diet, you are perfect just the way you are, and YOU ARE ENOUGH 🙌. That is the message I want you to hear. 🤗What I also want you to hear is that if you aren’t happy with the way you look, feel, act, and ARE in any part of your life, then it can feel very satisfying to have someone tell you that you don’t “need” to change. You deserve more than having someone tell you don’t NEED to do something. It’s easier to stay stagnant. It’s easier to tell ourselves we don’t NEED to get out of debt, exercise, eat well, and personally grow into a better version of ourselves. It’s easier to stay the same. I will not validate complacency because it has brought me too much heartache 💔 of me lying to myself about what I am truly capable of and want in life, and I don’t want you to accept that for yourself either. 🙅‍♀️ What I want for you is excellence, VICTORY (that is my word for 2019), and absolute sheer happiness 🎉💗. Usually those things are only achieved when we NEED to strive for more, and from my experience it cannot be achieved by telling yourself that you’re fine just the way you are. We are never “finished” becoming better. We can do more than we think we can. We are made for more than we think we can do. Do it for YOU. Whatever it is. Make a goal to CHANGE. It will be hard. But don’t let someone tell you you’re fine the way you are, especially if YOU are not happy (and I mean UTTERLY BLISSFULLY HAPPY) with where you are, who you are, and what you are. We’re in this together, and I’m cheering you on with wherever you want to go. OH THE PLACES WE CAN GO 🙌 . . . #goals #newyear #change #love #halfwaythroughjanuary #youcandoit #washingtonmom #mom #cheerleader #bliss #militaryspouse #yay #alwaysgrowing #learnsomethingnew #gosomewherenew #beafriend

“❄️YOU were DESIGNED for ACCOMPLISHMENTS , engineered for SUCESS, and endowed with the seeds of GREATNESS”❄️- Zig Ziglar- . MANY live their lives NEVER discovering their fullest POTENTIAL, who they could have become, settling for a mediocre life.- . 🦋Help REACH your POTENTIAL🦋 . WRITE down your GOALS. SET these GOALS . DON’T let anyone tell you what your goals SHOULD be- . Choose things OUT OF REACH... don’t just think about what is “realistic” (ignore the haters, the ones who tell you “you can’t”, and those who secretly want you to fail.... aka: JEALOUS/WEAK minded!.. Is it really that hard to be happy for others when the succeed?! And than be there GENUINELY when they stumble 💁‍♀️ . Take MASSIVE 💥 ACTION... Never do anything “normal” (no matter what others say)- . Stay 🏆PERSISTENT (failing and setbacks are inevitable, it’s a learning experience a journey, just be sure you GET the f*ck back UP....EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. with even more GRIT & GRIND) #yougotthis #ivegotthis #greatness #neverstoplearning #alwaysgrowing #beopentochange #yourfullestpotential #findyourself #itsajounrney

Alright y'all, I've done one of these before – quite recently actually – it did not go well lol 🤷‍♀️ so I'm gonna give it another go. BUT I'm changing it up this time 💪 What the heck am I talking about?? A new NO COMPLAINTS challenge. Now this time I'm going to go a little easier on myself, but with some concessions. Last time I said zero complaints and found myself with a lot of repressed emotion that came out as passive aggression and eventually a total 180 of non-stop complaining. SO to avoid this outcome from the current challenge I'm setting up some ground rules. Thanks to the advice of a good friend I've decide to limit my complaints to 5 complaints day. A DAY you say, yeah, I complain a lot. I could get 5 complaints out in 5 minutes. Okay so letting myself complain 5 times BUT this isnt going to be easy. Every time I use up one of those 5 complaints I have to do the following: (1) Write the complaint down on paper or in my notepad app (2) Ask myself why I am complaining about it, what emotional trigger is this hitting, and write that down (3) Reframe it as something I can grow from and write down the ways I will grow Why put myself through the ringer like this? Because I want to create an environment filled with more positive thinking and less pessimism. I want to see the world for more than what I find annoying about it. I want to thrive and grow into the best possible version of myself. Complaining not only brings me down, but it brings down those I'm complaining to. I can't do this alone folks, I need some accountability partners – are you in!? ✌️✨ #nocomplaintschallenge #forrealthistime #positivevibes #mindfulness #newchallenge #growthchallenge #personalgrowth #selflove #happiness #happyvibes #createjoy #makeyourownjoy #seelifeforitspossibilities #alwayslearning #alwaysgrowing #evolving #changeisgood #consistencyiskey #accountability #accountabilitypartner #growthanddevelopment #growyourmind #stopcomplaining #liveyourbestlife #bethebestyou #challengeyourself


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Twin problems #laundry #endless #alwaysgrowing

Jumping on the bandwagon. The smiles are the same but the people are VERY different, and I’m not just talking about the loss of hair 😂 - Mentally I am as in a much darker place 10 years ago. I have worked on this aspect diligently and have had the support of some amazing people along the way. While everyday is still a battle to make myself the best version of me that I can, it is a lot easier now than it was then. - #mindsetiseverything #alwaysevolving #alwaysgrowing #keepimprovingyourself #10yearchallenge #thenandnow #betterwithtime #tbt

I don't know about you, but I'm DONE letting my bullshit stories control my life. . Bullshit stories about what kind of coach I am. Bullshit stories about my value and worth. Bullshit stories about what I'm capable of. I'm just done. . In today's episode, I'm gonna get a little raw and a little real and tell you about some of my stories from my past, how I got through them and give you 3 tips for how to reframe and move through the bullshit stories in your own life! . . . . . #riseandgrind #lifebydesign #noshameinmygame #alwayslearning #thegrowthtribe #alwaysgrowing #cantstopwontstop #introvert #15minsforme #everydamnday #routines #liveauthentically #liveyourpassion #liveyourbestlife #confidenceiskey #clarityiskey #empoweryourself #takeaction #theeverydaygirl #timefreedom #selfbetterment #habits #selfconfidence #claritycounts #selfcare #personalgrowth #podcaster #podcastersofinstagram #bullshitstories #limitingbeliefs

"Surrender what you know, in order to become what you never believed you could be." • • • • It has been a struggle for me to be a student and teacher or coach and athlete. What "I know" sometimes conflicts with other coaches teachings, and regardless of who has the better method, the one who loses most, is the one battling with confliction (aka me). In order for me to optimize my learning and progression, I must COMMIT to the role of student and/or athlete and I must SURRENDER what I think I "believe" or "know". This has brought me great peace and has allowed me to learn much quicker. I hope maybe it can do the same for you. • • 📷:@kgoodphoto #alwaysgrowing #alwayslearning #cflolo #loveonlifton #coach #personaltrainer #athlete #student

Today's #dailymovementchallenge is inspired by incredible malinmallejansson and this cool #stickchallenge. She has quite a few challenges I plan on trying. Be sure to check her out! Can you keep the stick on your feet while rolling over backwards? #tagafriend has sensitive feet. #challengaccepted #challengeyourself #igchallenge #faileveryday #alwayslearning #alwaysgrowing #alwaysplaying #fitnessjunkie #vitamingirl #fitnessmotivation #faileveryday #failatsomething #movementhasnorules #garagegym #garagegymexperiment #hamiltonstrong #hamont #dailychallenge

There comes a time in your life, if you’re lucky, when a door is opened to an opportunity that you would not have been able to open yourself. @bobbileekoehler and me were those lucky ones and grateful we walked through that door. Blessed to have this amazing couple in our lives and for the mentorship and efforts spent on our behalf. The power of association is everything! #wwdb #personaldevelopment #alwaysgrowing #mentorship #extremeownership #youmakeyourlife #designedforgreatness

“Some entrepreneurs think how can I make a lot of money? But the better way is to think how can I make people’s lives better? If you get it right, the money will come.” - Richard Branson . . That dude may know a thing or two about entrepreneurship and making money. He couldn’t have made a statement with more truth. . . With network marketing being so popular now and MLMs popping up left and right, it seems everyone and their dog are joining one to “get rich quick”. What happens to most? They quit or they keep switching from company to company. They quit mostly because they don’t have a passion for the product, don’t have a passion for what they are doing, or simply because they didn’t get rich quick and it’s not fulfilling them… . . I aligned myself with a company that has the motto “Helping people live healthy and fulfilling lives.” We do that by providing a total solution through health and fitness by providing fitness programs, nutrition programs and providing all the tools for success. Got to love that, right? . . Guys, I waited SEVEN years to join. SEVEN. I was using the programs for years, but I kept thinking there’s no way I could add something onto my plate with Ava and then with the twins. These jobs were for people who had more time than me. WRONG. I had the time. I let fear and excuses keep me from saying yes. . . Now, not only do I have the time, I have been to Mexico and in March I’ll be going on my first ever cruise, earned and PAID FOR!!! Punta Cana in 2020, also paid for! I have travelled to San Diego, Colorado, New Orleans, Indianapolis, New Jersey. ME!!!! I usually only left the house to go to Walmart or grocery shopping! #sahmproblems Now I’m traveling the world ✈️! . . I want to shout from the rooftops that everyone needs to do this LOL 🗣. But, in reality it’s not for everyone and I get that. But, if you read this and thought, hmmmmm maybe.… Reach out to me. I’d love to share with you what I do and how it could work for you. You can say no and I won’t be a pain in the ass and chase you like some other people 😆….. But at least you would know that it’s not for you instead of wondering.

T H E N • & • N O W Jumping on the #10yearchallenge wagon! I’ve lost my baby cheeks, found my eyebrows, enhanced my wardrobe but the biggest thing is the person I’ve become - although still a work in progress! Over the last 10 years I’ve finished a degree, had 4 jobs, started a health and wellness business, become a life coach, bought property, run a marathon, become more confident, enhanced my self awareness, developed clarity on my vision, got out my comfort zone, met incredible people, traveled parts of the globe, had amazing experiences!! Remembering and reflecting on that is more important. @shescotland #10yearchallenge #eyebrows #fashion #2009vs2019 #2009 #2019 #personalgrowth #itsajourney #remember #reflect #achievements #personalwins #personalsuccess #experience #friendship #memories #yourlife #business #vision #next10years #workinprogress #alwayslearning #alwaysgrowing #tbt

Are you the type of person that needs schedules and structure? The type of person that needs to write things down because you are pulled in many different directions and it's hard to keep track of where you're supposed to be and when?! 🙋‍♀️ me too. I highly recommend finding something that can help you schedule your events and lessen the stress of trying to remember everything. There are so many different journals and planners out there that can be altered to your specific needs and goals! For me, I love finding something I can use that doesn't cost a fortune. $3 Dollar Store find right here! #illtakeit this planner helps me put pen to paper on my monthly goals then allows me to break down my individual days to see what I've accomplished. Its not for everyone! We envy those of you who can remember every detail of past and upcoming plans! Just try it! Cant hurt, might help right?! If nothing else, it will be cool to look back at a years worth of brainstorming and see what you accomplished in 12 months time! We like simple in our house. What do you do to keep on schedule?! I would love to hear your tips!

Spent all morning at the 2019 Real Estate Sales Summit... glad I was able to attend and hear not only some positive forecasts for the Denver Metro Market but some great customer experience tips and tricks as well as knowledge given from industry hot shots from around the country! #alwaysgrowing #denverrealestate #listingagent #buyingagent #denverhomesforsale #denvermarket #realestatesalessummit #summit2019 #viprealestateco #katherinebryantrealtor

That glow up though! It’s strange to see myself when I was still in middle school to now. Excited for more fun time with my sister 💕

Encourage Each other In every way! Allow Marriage to be a Passionate Journey! ❤️❤️ #alwaysbuilding #alwaysgrowing #alwaysloving #followyourheart #leadwithlove #loveyourselffirst

I ❤️ switching roles and being the learner. However my winter jacket is on for this PD session. #cold #yegwinter #alwaysalearner #alwaysgrowing #pd

well, a twilight marathon was on the other day so I naturally wanted to add this incredible paramore throwback to my rep... so yeah, here’s what I do when I’m bored in my hotel room... sry neighbors #alwaysgrowing #imperfect #yolo #goforit #tryingtosingmorethings #sensiblenostrilflare

RE/MAX Elite's Kickstart 2019 this morning featured Valerie Garcia. A realtor for 20 years, now consulting and coaching across North America. My ✋ hurts from taking 8 pages of notes ✍️ and my head feels like it's going to explode from all the ideas she shared, too many to share. The gem 💎 for me was "it's about building relationships". 👩👨👧🧒👶👵👴♥️ Thank you 🙏 Derrick for organizing this and Paul for bringing @valeriegarcia11 in to share with us. PS. Congrats Paul for your leadership award nomination. It's well deserved 👏🙌 . . . . . #kickstart2019 #remaxeliteyeg #personaldevelopment #yegrealtor #alwaysgrowing #gottobeaweirdo #remax #yeg #sherwoodparkrealtor #yeglife #yeghomes #realtorslife #selfgrowth #successtips #realestatecoaching #entrepreneur #realestatedesigned4u

Because testimonies say everything. Winks Fitness isn’t just a gym. It’s a one of a kind fitness community providing body, mind & spirit transformations. Meet Courtney, this is her story. I could not believe my ears, at only 30 years old, hearing “You have breast cancer.” The next six months consisted of endless appointments, surgery and chemotherapy. I have always been active but treatment made me weak. Most days I did not have the energy to do more than a walk around the block. I ate out of boredom. Once I received the ok to go back to the gym from my doctor, the scale was up and my confidence was down. I put on a wig and wore looser clothing but I just didn’t feel like myself. ​ I told myself that cancer had already taken so much from me, I’m nearing the end of treatment and I’m no longer going to let it control of my happiness. One sleepless night about two months ago I researched trainers online and found Wink Fitness. After one workout I was totally hooked. Jessica keeps the workouts challenging and gives TONS of support for anything I need. I adore all of the supportive, strong and smiling women who have become friends there. Throughout my radiation treatment my doctors kept telling me how surprised they were about how quickly and how well I was bouncing back from everything. I strongly believe the time spent at WinkS Fitness is the reason. Although I still have plenty of work to do before I reach my goals, I already feel stronger and am regaining my confidence. I love the motivation I receive at from Jessica and the other ladies. Seeing their results has taught me a positive mindset is everything. Courtney is 3 1/2 years cancer free!!! ❤️🙏🏻 #everydaywink #breastcancer #survivor #healed 🙏🏻

Remember no matter how cloudy the day is, the sun is always shining behind the clouds. Every day is a bright spot, the question is if you will find it? #leadership #liveeveryday #findthebrightspot #enjoyrightnow #realestatelife #leadershipgrowth #alwaysgrowing

When you think about all the people in your life, do you sometimes put people above you. . Your so impressed with what they get done in the time it takes you to get your 2 year old strapped in their car seat! “If only I could get a hold of my time like that.” , you think. . Or you see someone tackling huge goals and believe there is some quality they have that you don’t, and that’s the reason they are so successful. . Maybe you believe your husband is a better parent or your sister is a better daughter than you. . You may never put others down and believe in a persons unchanging self worth, but putting people above you is just as damaging as putting people down. . When you believe others are better, you acknowledge that there is a scale. A worthiness scale. A place where our value changes based on what we accomplish, how we look, how organized our pantry is ect. . Just by believing they are better you are creating the belief that you are worse... and it’s just not true! . We are all amazing human beings with the same worth. . We are not the sum of our experiences. We are not our thoughts or our emotions.We are also not our actions, that’s just how we show up in the world. We are good, whole, worthy of connection and capable of love. . . #yourbestself #liveinspired #lifecoach #lifecoachforwomen #womensupportwomen #createalifeyoulove #mindsetcoach #alwaysgrowing #lifecoaching #lifecoaches #lifecoach2women #lifecoachnetwork #lifecoachinghappiness #lifecoachuniversity #lifecoachformoms #ldslifecoach #ldsmarriagecoach #marriagecounceling #coachingfordepression #themodel #helpfordepression #feelbetternow #ldswoman

It’s my Friday!!! 😘 Feeling good about this week! ✨Slower work pace = working ahead on homework and assignments...only 8 weeks to go! ✨Got a number of new connections on the books for coffee over the next few weeks. ✨Settled into a different (EARLIER 😬) morning routine, in preparation for the soon-to-be ‘new normal’ routine, because sane people must train for the upcoming training! Lmao 🤔 ✨Also, learning a lot about being flexible with self, esp when it comes to making shifts and changes in life. #alwayslearning #alwaysgrowing #nourishinglife

Creating with a camera has been a huge part of my life for, dare I say, a few decades? I can’t be that old ;).... Being able to take an idea from start to finish, wasn’t learned overnight! It takes LOTS of learning, failing, getting back at it and trying again. That part, is the best part to me! #foreverastudent

Did you know we get an average of 330 days of sunshine each year in Medicine Hat? As part of Canada's sun belt, we use the power of the sun as much as possible! . . . . #alwaysgrowing #albertagrown #bigmarblefarms #yycbiz #yegbiz #localproduce #farmtotable #farmfresh #eatlocal #buylocal #supportlocal #albertabiz #tomatoes #freshfood #produce


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Relaxation time last night with the pup.🌙 For shits n gigs, i’m adding “learn the kalimba” to my Life List of things to do/try. This is a small little addition to life but as I continue to learn throughout the days of life, I’ve come to find that creation, adventure, and loving are a few but some of the most powerful, beautiful and high vibrational things humans are capable of. Make not just this “New Year”, but also this life your BITCH, and do everything YOU want and YES a dash of extra (even the small things) 🤟🏼💫🙏🏻🥰#alwayslearning #alwaysgrowing

I’m gonna follow suit on this trend of the 10 year challenge right here.👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽 I could give a fack less how everyone has aged... Join @laurenmmoser & I by showing how much you’ve GROWN. Left 2009 Right 2019 Hair: @dallan_flint #studentoflife #alwaysgrowing #alwayslearning #hausofflint #10yearchallenge #growth @keunenamerica

Guess what? All those details you're worrying about probably don't matter. I get it.. You know that you should have carbs to fuel your workout. You know all about complex carbs and whole grains. You know about intermittent fasting and extending your fast. You know about these supplements people love. You know your macros and that you need to nail them. You know that getting your ketones up is good. But guess what! These details don't matter! They distract and derail you from the essentials - quality food, consistency, appropriate portions. Until you're hitting those, you're just making it too complicated and focusing on the wrong things. By the wrong things, I mean the things that WON'T get you where you want to be. Want to make real changes? Build a solid foundation to stack all those heavy details on. #alwaysgrowing #truthbomb #buildafoundation #nutrition #health #wellness #crossfit


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#tbt this was like 03-04 I never did work in class and still graduated..

Not every day is full of ☀️ and 🌈. Some days you feel defeated, weak, and frustrated. Today was one of those days for me. I have no idea why (other than maybe lack of sleep) but the important thing is that I still showed up!!! •I sat down.... for a second. •I let myself cry.... for a second. Then, I got my ass up, and pushed through that workout, both physically AND mentally today! @shaunt says he will transform your body and mind..... I think this was just my mind transforming a little. • • Everyone is given the same 24 hours a day. Everyone is given the same gift of choice. I chose to make every minute count and commit to be the best that I can be and.....sigh..... I feel so much better! It’s funny to think that two years ago, I would’ve just cried in bed all day. Thankful AF that I learned how to deal with my emotions in a healthy way. #personaldevelopmentbooks #alwaysgrowing #alwayslearning #mentalworkout #physicalworkout

If anyone ever tells you that your options in life are limited, our students will tell you otherwise. They are a true example of a group of talented individuals who believe that they can grow, evolve and rise to any challenge. The staff have trouble keeping up with them! #swipeformore #newproducts #newclayproduct #newtubtea #soaptruffles #newsoapproduct #valentineproducts #alwaysgrowing #alwaysevolving #dedication #perseverance #cantstopwontstop #seetheability

It’s been raining a lot so here’s a pic of me inside. ⛈⚡️ I wanted to write this whole spiel of my wellness journey (weight fluctuations, bad habits, disordered eating, adderall & other rx pills, injuries, auto immune to living a healthy, active and happy lifestyle now) but I got tired. Interested in hearing more? @theholisticspace

don’t let me fool you; the water was actually extremely cold

1. Acceptance 2. Living in the moment 3. Keeping my eye on the prize #cherylshares #cherylsellscars

What I would tell my younger self #10yearchallenge #strongerandwiser #alwaysgrowing

Loved this from my devotional so I thought I would share. Such a great reminder 💕#dailydevotional #godisgood #dailyreminder #alwaysgrowing #alwaysgrateful #prayer