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She helps a lot of people (including me) to accept them the way they are♡ ♡ #ashleygraham #beautybeyondsize #anewmodel #beautiful #wonderful #inspiration #idol

This week's #showmeyourstack is the book haul from NYC #girlbossrally • • • @estherperelofficial @sophiaamoruso @theashleygraham #girlbossworkbook #matingincaptivity #thestateofaffairsbook #anewmodel #bookstagram #bookstack #literaryladywithlibations #llwl

Chapter 7 : I Feel Your Food FoMO (fear of missing out) 📖 #greece🇬🇷 #summer #book #ashleygraham #anewmodel


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Woman crush everyday! @theashleygraham #ashleygraham #anewmodel #empowering #queen #beautiful #curvy #breakingbarriers

@theashleygraham #ashleygraham #anewmodel

Indochine NYC

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#tbt that time Ashley Graham had a book launch at Indochine

@nationalamericanmiss Social Media Challenge day 9: post a picture of your role model. So of course I had to throw it back to when I met @theashleygraham 😍😍❤️ She's a body positivity activist making strides for plus size girls in the fashion industry. She also is helping us destroy the unrealistic body expectation with her #swimsuitsforall campaign AND SHES FROM NEBRASKA!❤️❤️ Love her❤️ #ashleygraham #anewmodel #meetngreet #model #plusmodel #nam #nationalamericanmiss #missnebraska #namnationals17 #roadtonamnationals #roadtonationals #rolemodel #nebraska #cornhuskers

Naomi Bryant

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Reading body positive book, 'A New Model,' by Ashley Graham. Absolutely love! #bodylove #anewmodel #ashleygraham

En mi columna de esta semana en @closhop.ok podrás conocer todos los detalles sobre el nuevo libro de @theashleygraham "A New Model", donde habla de sus experiencias personales y reflexiona sobre la diversidad corporal. 📖📖 ¡No te la pierdas la nota! Link: https://closhop.blog/2017/10/30/el-nuevo-libro-de-ashley-graham/ #anewmodel #ashleygraham #style #bodydiversity #imagenpersonal #imageconsultant #diversidadcorporal

Rachel Rocconi

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In honor of a true queen's birthday, @theashleygraham is an inspiration to me today and everyday! Can't wait to read A New Model 🙌🏽

Anais Conde 🌸

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Happy Birthday to one of my inspirations in life, not only in a career way but in accepting myself and become the best version of myself, to respect myself and others ❤️ and to NOT GIVE A F*CK about negative opinions Don't fall in the trap of doing anything to please others. You will only achieve disappointing yourself - @theashleygraham ✨ #anewmodel #ashleygraham #beautybeyondsize #curves #picoftheday #bodypositive #mybody #loveyourself

Sarah Lynch

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Y’all ever read a book so good you wanna OWN it?? Lol I went to the library for this one, but was so worth it. Ashley Graham talks about her journey to being one of the most successful plus-size models of our day, while remaining totally humble at the same time. She talks about wanting to grow up too fast, her walk with God, and her relationship with her parents. It’s a beautiful auto-biography, and its SOOO cute. Like, SOOOO cute. One of my favorite auto-biographies, Ashley Graham is such an inspiration. Her constant support for body positivity and brutal honesty made me want to keep reading! I can’t say much more because you honestly just need to read it for yourself to experience the whole thing. #bookstagram #ashleygraham #anewmodel

Someone I look up to immensely is @theashleygraham and she's always doing a breathtaking job of explaining the better side of overlooking today's standards. As a society we immerse ourselves in "self improvements" in what we think is an acceptable form of how others view us.. perfect hair, slim model-like body, flawless skin, etc. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or 22, have zits, split ends, coffee stained teeth, the list goes on. You can be healthy as long as you’re taking care of your body, mind, and soul, working out, and telling yourself ‘I love you’ instead of taking in the negativity of beauty standards. . For starters, wearing lingerie isn't about anyone else but ME, MYSELF, AND I. If I dressed for others I would be a miserable individual and there isn't a single thing wrong with feeling sexy for YOU😏💋 . Highly recommend her book "A New Model" go check it out and I hope you admire her as much as I do! #practiceselflove #loveyourself #curvy #confidence #cantphaseme #anewmodel

Great things never come from comfort zones 🌊 Reading @theashleygraham's book #anewmodel definitely helped me get out of mine! ❤️ I always thought of myself as a confident person until I realized how I was treating myself. I found myself saying a lot of the unfortunate & common phrases many women say to themselves that Ashley talks about in her book. "I wish I didn't have this. I want to get rid of that. Etc, etc." I realized how unkind I was being to my body...blaming it for always being a work in progress. But hold on! Being a work in progress doesn't mean that you are not beautiful or undeserving of kindness. It doesn't mean that you can't take beautiful full body photos of yourself... in a bathing suit on a beach...in front of a ton of people (nope that was not a private beach)! 👙 😳 Flipping the script in my head has been helping me smile more like I am in this photo. It allows me to have fun and live in the moment all while working towards my fitness goals. 🏋️ If you haven't read Ashley's book yet do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy and be prepared to feel HELLA fierce & confident after! 📖💃

Marissa 🙋🏼

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Look what I finally got my hands on! My request for our library to put it on the shelf WORKED and I’m first to read it 😍😍😍 And of course it will fly off the shelf into my cart as soon as I see it in stores anywhere here. Soooo excited to start reading this tonight!! My idol and inspiration @theashleygraham ❤️ #anewmodel #anewmodelbook #ashleygraham #loveher #cellulit #inspiration #myidol #wce #wce #bodypositive #selflove #bookworm #librarylife #stoked #ifyouhavereadthiswearebestfriends #lastpostofthedayiswear