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Come rescue me, I'll be waiting I'm too young to fall asleep


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Erstes Food Dairy 23.9.18 2 Käsekuchen 1 Karottenkuchen 1 selbstgemachter Rinderfilet Burger mit Light Mayonaise dazu Pommes und 2 Chicken Nuggets Als Abschluss dann eine Quarkspeise: 250gRicotta Käse 200g Hüttenkäse light 100g Honig 125g Heidelbeeren 100g Naturjoghurt ICH FINDE DAS ALLES VIEL ZU VIEL ICH HASSE MICH DAFÜR!!!😭😭😭Nie kann ich mich beherrschen Will nicht wissen wie viele Kalorien das mal wieder waren,aber ich bleibe stark😤das wird nicht ausgekotzt! #anorexiarecovery #bulimierecovery #bulimie #ana #anorexia #tw #recovery #recoverywin #selfhate #fat #eat #burger #cheese #cheesecake #ricotta


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‪What a day! This morning I began my #jogle challenge! It has been a challenging first day with hail storms, rain and the funniest topple off my bike in to a puddle of mud! But I am still smiling and even managed to challenge my #anorexiarecovery tonight w/ fish & chips‬ @triggerpub @kate1majid @shaw_mind


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Eaten out TWICE today!! #lunch - chicken samosa and a chocolate digestive #dinner - homemade nachos, chicken strips, sweet potato fries and soft serve ice cream!! This isn’t my whole intake for the day fyi xxx - - - #recovery #motivation #kickinganasbutt #recovering #health #wellness #nutrients #vitamins #protein #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #prorecovery #edfighter #edwarrior #eatingdisorder #food #yum #eatingdisorderrecovery #happy #happiness #yourbodyneedsthis #food #foodie #🤤 #tasty #hungry


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A veryyy challenging dinner tonight, it was chicken curry and rice (!!!!) This was challenging for so many reasons but honestly delicious 🙃 I had huge afternoon snack so that only made this a lot harder but I ate it all! Trying to tell myself that if food didn’t hurt me as a kid then it won’t hurt me now 😊 Have a great night people 🌹


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Dessert on a rest day? ✨ Hello again my loves.. 💓 So i’m not feeling the greatest right now... I feel like i’m such a big mistake, and.. i just don’t want to Keep breathing any longer.. My fight for happiness is so hopeless.. Anyways, my dessert was a protein cookie dough bar with some cookie dough icecream & a hot chocolate ☕️🍦 The bar was a bit dissapointing.. Like a 6/10, it was a bit dry, and the taste was a bit weird. Maybe it was some sort of protein powder i could taste? 🙈 But yeah.. I’m not giving up.. I have to keep going, even though i feel like no one cares about me anyways.. Stay strong and goodnight, beauties 💕


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Non ha senso. Me lo sono detta mille mila volte in questi giorni ma non ci ho mai creduto veramente fino ad adesso. NOM HA SENSO. Non ha senso avere un corpo scheletrico . Non hanno senso i miei pensieri legati alla malattia e alla malnutrizione. Non ha senso ridursi allo stremo delle forze per la ricerca della perfezione che non si avrà mai. È questo il problema, non ha senso. Eppure io ci ho creduto e ci credo fortemente ancora adesso qualche volta. Ma adesso che il CIBO ha ricominciato a circolare nel mio corpo e quindi i pensieri sono diventati più o meno lucidi, comincio a cambiare idea, approccio. Sono gonfia? È normale. Sono scheletrica e si vede quando mangio. Ho la pancia sproporzionata rispetto al resto del corpo? Normale. Ma prima o poi crescerà anche il resto così riavrò un corpo che si possa chiamare tale. . . . Domani passano i medici e la nutrizionista per la rivalutazione e mi diranno per quanto tempo tenermi in ricovero a medicina con il sondino. SPERIAMO BENE! Intanto: #pranzo vecchio in #schiscetta all'uni con: *#riso thai🍚 *#olive nere😍 il mio amore *#granapadano🧀 *fesa di #tacchino🦃 anche se non si vede😅 . . . #recovery #anoressiaitalia #anoressia #bulimiaitalia #bulima #recoverywin #siamopiufortinoi🏆 #food #foodporn #lunch #università #anorexiarecovery #bulimiarecovery #motivation #motivationalquotes #motivazione #loveyourself #likeforlikes #followforfollowback #nofilter

My earliest memory is of leaving church with my Mother. Mass was FINALLY over and I was dragging my poor Mother as fast as my two little legs could carry me to our local store to buy penny sweets and whatever toy or comic book I could sweet talk her into getting me. Most of my childhood memories are of my Mother. I was like her shadow. I wanted to be mini me or mini her as the case may be. I would dress up in her clothes, go shopping with her and my favourite memory is driving to my Grand-Mother’s house. My Mother would turn up the radio full blast and we would sing like screeching cats to Buddy Holly and Shania Twain. I thought she was so “Cool” to have the volume the whole way up. My Brother is fourteen years older than I am. He would play fashion show with me, which was basically me dressing up all my Barbie dolls and giving them a number, we would pull numbers out of a jar and one by one they would be eliminated until only one Barbie remained. Mind you this game would have been a whole lot more fun if I didn’t have a clear favourite and every time she didn’t win I would be moody. I also remember being on my Father’s shoulders and playing in the fields out back. I would catch butterflies and grasshoppers, put them in jars with air holes and look at how pretty they were. It wasn’t until I got older that I realised, looking back on my happy memories as a child, none of them are memories of my family as a unit. They are all separate memories of me with my family as individuals. That is because although they all loved me, there was no love for each other. I still had my unconditional love. My family, all fourteen plus years older than I, had lost theirs. What seemed normal to me back then would largely shape my entire life.


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Parsvottanasana - Pyramid posture🌙 After yesterday’s climb a real stretch out was NEEDED🙌🏼 so many benefits in this posture👇🏼 🌟Improves digestion - 🌟stimulates & strengthens abdominal organs - 🌟 cools the brain & soothes the nerves 🌟 stretches the spine, hips, hamstrings, as well as the shoulders & wrists in full pose 🌟improves balance & posture Learning so much in my YTT can you tell😝 LOVING it as well, off to chill for evening, lotsa love✨

trigger warning.......?


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In my nutritionist appointment this week, I sat there expressing to her these fears that have been popping up for me lately. I know they’re irrational, but even though I know that, they still feel so very real, so I recognized the importance of bringing them up. • • And this is what I fear: that I will lose my ability to be ‘good’ at restriction. Each day that I go fulfilling my meal plan I have this nagging voice telling me that I’m losing this ‘strength and ability’ to restrict effectively. And what I fear more so is that there is inherent truth in this fact, and that the whole point of recovery is to leave behind restriction. So maybe it’s not the fear of getting ‘bad’ at restriction that scares me, maybe it’s the underlying fact that I know I have to abandon restriction. This thing that has been such a constant in my life. This thing that I know I have control over, and I know I can be good at and succeed at even when nothing else in life may have that same certainty. To just let that go, it’s scary. It’s unknown. It’s uncomfortable. • • As I expressed this to my dietitian, she countered back at me with the question many of us have heard before: “So what? So what if you’re not ‘good’ at restriction anymore? So what if restriction isn’t a part of your life anymore? So what?” • • And I said back, “Well, it’s just something I know I can control my success at. It’s something I, or I guess my ed, is proud of.” • • Her response: “Is that really what you want to be good at in life? Restriction? Is that what you want your life to be about - maintaining a restricted life? Yes, you may have to give up restriction, but think about what you’ll be gaining as a result.” • • That got to me. Is being good at restriction really what I want to be good at? I know my answer: absolutely not. And so now I ask you, is being good at restriction really what you want your life to be about? #ed #edrecovery #eatittobeatit #eatingdisorderrecovery #recovery #recoveryisworthit #edwarrior #edfighter #edsoldier #beated #lifewithouted #freefromed #freedom #morethananumber #anarecovery #anorexiarecovery #2fab4ana #eatingdisorder #anorexia


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So .. anyone that has known me a while , knows I “suffered” with #anorexia for about two years . I ate , but unfortunately trained every day 3-4x . This included #walking 7-10 miles a day, #weights and #cycling 🚲 Unfortunately I missed a lot of my early 20s. I missed #family events , nights with my #friends and everyday moments and memories ..😩 Eventually my heart give up #ministroke and my #lungs-collapsed.. & despite Lagan Valley #nhs doing nothing . I realised.. that I was never going to #survive. The doctors told me to take painkillers and sent me on my way at six stone 😳 They also told me I would never #train or function “properly” again...😕 Five years later ... i have done it 👊🏽 with NO professional help .. 👩‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️ I train daily 💪🏾 and I am the happiest and strongest I have ever been 🤗. I love the gym and my only walking is with my #pup 🏋🏽‍♀️ but the main change was I learnt to love myself #selflove .. I fell in love 😍 and I have an amazing #fiance and #puppy who I would move mountains for.. 🌲 and I also have the most amazing family by my side .. 🙌🏽 I drink every weekend, eat out at least once a week!! 🥘, never miss a social event & try to travel at least 3-4x a year 🌍 I eat #chocolate 🍫and a abundance amount of #peanutbutter 😂😂 But the main thing is that I don’t #restrict or #feelguilty . I do what I want , when I want. I wake up and plan my day around how I feel . If I have energy , I’ll use it 🏋🏽‍♀️ I ain’t going to lie.. I get them voices every now and again.. that tell me to go harder or to put the fork down .. 🍴 but 80% of the time I can ignore it and live ... A lot of things happened prior to my #eatingdisorder which I would not wish on anyone .. but for me .. I do not feel #ashamed or #embarassed about it 🤪 it has made me who I am.. and given me #strength and #pride 😋 I have learnt to love myself #selflove and appreciate that #myhealthismywealth 👌🏽 So for anyone out there #struggling .. you are not alone ! & it is not the end .. Your future path is yours .. #embrace it 💕 and remember that the extra pudge after a holiday or night out does not make you a bad person... #anorexiarecovery #mentalhealth #eatingdisorder #strongnotskinny


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This morning I was so tired that I skipped Church. I think it's bcos I took my meds super late last night (I take Depakote, Haldol 😒, & Benadryl). The doctor wants to take me off Haldol but wants have me have monthly Abilify injections again. But FUCK NO!!!! I've heard that Abilify causes weight gain (although when I was Abilify Maintena injections for ~2 years I lost 60 lbs 😮). . .Anyway for breakfast/lunch I had a poatato. We do don't have sour cream so I substituted w/ plain yogurt by mixing lemon juice and salt into it. It tastes so close!!!👍😸 #bakedpotato #potato #potatoes #sourcreamsubstitute #rantingsofabeautifulmind #anoreixa #anorexic #anorexicgirl #recoveredana #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #fighton✌️


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I`ll be here, like ur weapon from this world 🔫 #anorexicgirl #anorexiarecovery #anorexiafighter #anoreksja #polishgirl #photosession #photooftheday


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BLT WRAP (I guess more like BLTE because I added edamame) for breakfast 🥓 🍅 - - - My eating this past week has been horrible. I’ve been restricting, and then binging on junk food. I’m still looking at workouts as a way to lose weight not get stronger, and I’ve had barely any energy. But it’s a new week! Tomorrow I start classes again, and I can always start back up on eating well, and doing healthy exercise! I keep wanting to give up, out of fear of weight gain, and it being too hard. But I need to realize that maybe a little weight gain isn’t the worst thing, and it’s okay to take rest days. So that’s what today is. It’s a rest day and a refresh day! Happy Sunday 😀 - - - #progressnotperfection#nutrition#edrecovery#eatingdisorderrecovery#staystrong#progress#movingforward#healthymindset#healthybody#healthylife#healthylifestyle#nutrition#motivation#healthymindsethealthybody#foodplan#foodie#foodporn#drinks#fitgirl#healthygirlsrock#strongnotskinny#blt#wrap#baconwrap#organicdiet#refresh#anorexiarecovery#anorexia#bingeeatingrecovery#healthyexercise


2018-06-06 05:03:31

Lunch before going back to revising 🤓


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Tag 86: #frühstück Haferflocken, Sonnenblumenkerne, Kokosraspeln, Kürbiskerne, Joghurt, Zimt, Proteinpulver #mittagessen Schupfnudeln mit Gemüse & Kräutersoße, Götterspeise #snack Müsliriegel #abendessen Brot, Veganeraufstrich, Sonnenblumenkerne, Käse Mir wurde letzte Woche gesagt das ich hab morgen aufhören soll meine Fettpunkte zu zählen da ich mich langsam auf Zuhause vorbereiten soll. Ich hab kein Plan wie es weiter gehen soll. Heute beim Frühstück sind mir ständig Ereignisse von damals hoch gekommen. Mir passiert das öfter aber heute war es mehr als sonst. TW Naja morgen ist wieder wiegen und ich hab Angst das ich wieder zugenommen habe. Ich bin schon 800g über meiner Haltekurve. Ganz ehrlich ich möchte wieder abnehmen. Ich hoffe so sehr das ich abgenommen habe. Ich möchte das net mehr und ich kann es einfach net. Tut mir echt leid wenn ich das so sage aber es ist nun mal so. Immer höre ich nur du sollst du sollst du sollst. Aber was ist damit was ich möchte. Ich weiss es ist ungesund im Untergewichtig aber da fühle ich mich am wohlsten. #anorexiarecovery #anafighter #fdoe


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This was breakfast. I didn’t eat the papaya because it really wasn’t my favorite. For lunch I had tuna and my boyfriend brought me a pint of almond crunch halo top which I ate half of. I’m not doing so well today. I’m terrified. And I don’t know how to talk to people so I don’t know how to deal with it. #eatingdisorderawareness #inpatientrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #foodie #mentalhealthawareness #anorexia #anorexiaawareness #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorder #fuckanorexia #mentalhealth #ana #intuitiveeating #healthy


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NO SUGAR | Ровно 20 дней без сахара. 👅 Осталось ещё 10 дней. Но я даже не знаю захочу ли я вернуться к нему. Кожа и самочувствие стало за эти дни гораздо лучше чем когда либо было да и вообще мне это нравиться !)