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What's your favorite water filter? Used to carry Sawyer Minis in all the kits but this @survivorfilter Pro has slid into the number 1 spot. The. 01 micron filter coupled with the carbon filter definitely removes additional contaminants and helps improve the taste of water. It has been a noticeable difference in side by side testing against the Sawyer. Check these things out if you've not seen them yet.

Day 5 of the new 80 day program is done! Legs on 🔥🔥. I'm trusting the process and following the workouts and nutrition plan exactly. Already feeling and seeing results and loving it! I promised myself I would rock 2018 in every way and I intend on keeping that promise. Take charge folks.... Forget the haters... they don't matter. Keep your resolutions and your goals, but don't just settle for them. Crush them! You owe it to yourself your loved ones. (AND YES MY CHRISTMAS TREE IS STILL UP. My mom is coming for a visit tomorrow and the kids insisted on leaving it up until she comes.) #finallygettingfit #finallygettinghealthy #nobettertimethannow #nooneisgoingtodoitforyou #betteringmyself #100lbslost #100poundsdown #betteryourself #betterformyfamily #fittosurvive #fitnessispreparing #fitnessissurvival #survival #survivalmindset #survivalmode #preppermode #preppermindset #apocalypseready #dadstuff #dadbod #dadof3 #anythingforthekids #christmasallyear #treestillup #getoverit

What's your favorite shooting drill?

Want to take the family on a road trip?

I’m working on my dating profile. Based on dudes I’ve been matched with on #zoosk I created this photo montage to accentuate some of my best/worst angles. 1. Body shot aka sexy pose 2. Face photo using only the bottom 1/2 of the frame bonus points for hat AND sunglasses 3. Bedroom mirror to show off my #fashion #style 4. The nostril shot. #nosnot #ithoughtitwasaboogerbutitssnot SO.... what do you guys think? Please leave constructive criticism/phone # (dudes only(must also dm a dick pic)) in the comments. Thanks!! PS don’t msg me on zoosk bcuz I’m not paying for that shit. PSS #apocalypseready #itstheendoftheworldasweknowit #detroit

So, @learningtobeprepared has come up with a really cool way to store and organize EDC gear. Are you doing anything different?

forget me now 🥀

3 Days 23 Hours Ago

isn’t it? . . . #sick #sad #apocalypseready #emo #mood

Azmara Asefa

4 Days 5 Hours Ago

Apocalypse. Ready. Tip 0116: This is all just a simulation anyway, right?

🌞 Vik 🌙

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A cave dweller in his natural habitat @_roberttaylor #apocalypseready #postnuclearwarhome

Anyone use a sling bow?


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Cold nights - winter in the city. #apocalypseready #nevertheless365 #daytwohundredandfourtythree

Mission 11 ⚠️ Codename: Parter In Crime ⚠️ ◾ ◾ Debrief: The notion of being a lone wolf in a survival situation is often romanticized by preppers and survivalists. Many think they will be better off by themselves in a SHTF scenario. While it wouldn't be impossible to survive on your own, there are many advantages to having a partner. Too many to list from a tactical/defensive perspective. But, you must also consider first aid reasons - some things you just can't do yourself. There are other practical reasons but most people overlook one of the most important reasons, and that is that life can be very depressing if you are completely isolated. This will affect your will power which is your biggest motivating factor to survive. Find a partner or a survival group/team/community. Many preppers live their life without being able to share their ideas with like minded individuals. Don't be "that guy", find someone you can trust, have each other's backs. Action Items: ❌ Identify potential candidates to be your partner on this mission. This could be friend, family, or someone you've met through an internet group. Geography matters, someone that lives hundreds of miles away will be of little value. Trust is key here, it MUST a trustworthy person. ❌ Find a way to introduce the idea of preppering. Maybe this is over a survival themed book/TV show, or a news story. ❌ Continue to develop this interest in prepping but begin to lead down the path of partering/grouping together. ❌ Begin learning skills together, focus on complimentary skills, and learn from each other. ❌ Do not violate the trust of your prepping partner. Maintain OPSEC.

Mission 13 ⚠️ Codename: Stay Hydrated ⚠️ ◾ ◾ Debrief: 3 days without water will kill a person. This mission is meant to be an exercise that will not only result in making you more informed about your current water inventory, but also increase your ability to produce safe drinking water, and increase your water storage. Action Items: ✅ Spend some time researching different contaminants that make water unsafe to drink or use. This would include biological/microbial contaminants like bacteria, protazoa/parasites, viruses, fungi and organic toxins. It's also common to find chemicals like heavy metals, minerals, solvents, nitrites, pesticides, petrochemicals, salts, radioactive particles, hormones, pharmaceuticals, etc... Additionally, there are physical contaminants such as patriculates/sediment, dust, garbage, fecal matter, etc... ✅ Identify areas near your home, workplace or along your bug out routes when you can obtain water whether natural or man made IE. springs, creeks/rivers, lakes/ponds, well, spout/spicket, pool, water tank, etc... ✅ Learn methodologies of water filtration. This includes what type of filter is required to remove certain types of contaminants (especially those common to your area). Your top priority is to learn how to build a makeshift filter in the field. ✅ Study different chemical treatment methods. This can include, but is not limited to Chlorine, Iodine, or Bleach ✅ Memorize the amount of time required to boil water based on your elevation. Yes, it differs due to changes in water's boiling temp the higher up you go. ✅ Consider introducing alternative solutions for making water safe like UV treatment, distillation, ionization, etc.. ✅ Understand the limitations of each treatment option so you know when 2 or more purification methods will be necessary to truly make water safe. ✅ Slowly increase your water inventory. Purchase 1 case of water for each person in your family. Continue this process weekly until you have at least 6 cases per person. Rotate these out regularly. ✅ Design a long term plan like rainwater harvesting or high volume storage (55 gal drums).

Garrett Fröess

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If the apocalypse hits, I think I'm gonna be juuuuuust fine. #lumberjaxe #axe #axethrowing #doublefisting #apocalypseready #realmenwearpink

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Apocalypse. Ready. Tip 0114: LA's not so bad. ✌🏾️🚲🌴(practicing a back up exit strategy 😉)


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Hey MTV, welcome to my crib for the hiking weekend. It’s a sweet cave with a view and no one around.

Everyone should have a few tourniquets around, accidents happen.

Matt Frise

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This resolution to teach us about living off grid is going👌 #apocalypseready #nspower #noreaster #eastcoastlifestyle

How much gear can you fit in your Bug Out Vehicle?

Drew Little

11 Days 23 Hours Ago

I ran on snow, slush, and ice. My shoes filled up with ice water by mile 1. And I fell in a waist deep hole covered up by snow. So I ran slower than I wanted, but I wasn't about to waste the first day with above freezing temperatures we've had in a week. 6 miles done! #ihaterunning #ihaterunningtho #justkiddingiloveit #finallygettingfit #finallygettinghealthy #100lbslost #100poundsdown #dadstuff #dadof3 #dadbod #betteringmyself #betteryourself #nooneisgoingtodoitforyou #nobettertimethannow #survival #survivalmindset #survivalmode #preppermode #fitnessispreparing #fitnessissurvival #apocalypseready #fittosurvive #betterformyfamily #anythingforthem

Everyone here at ACN found it hilarious that I walked into Monday ready to play the villain... Shoes @ironfistclothing White Walker peppermint coffee @burialgroundscoffeeco #whitewalker #thoseshoesthough #zombie #apocalypseready #killerheels #coffee #hellosweetie #happymonday #seriouslythough #bookishfeatures #read #amwriting #authorslife #notalkybeforecoffee #notamorningperson