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32 Minutes Ago

He’s tooo cute archiewooooh!😍❤️🍂#dogsofinstagram #cute #archie


35 Minutes Ago

“𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓽𝓱𝔂 𝓮𝓷𝓸𝓾𝓰𝓱” part 5! HOW COULD JUGHEAD?! 𝐇𝐎 𝐇𝐎 𝐇𝐎 𝐢𝐭’𝐬 𝐚𝐥𝐦𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐜𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐦𝐚𝐬! 𝕘𝕖𝕥 𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝟝𝟘𝟘 𝕗𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕓𝕖𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕖 𝕍𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤 𝔻𝕒𝕪? - - HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Follow @bettyxkisses [me] for more! - -


35 Minutes Ago

¿Quién creen que es? Yo tengo algunas teorías: FP, ya que cuando el rey gárgola llega a la casa de los Cooper, siento que evade bajar con Alice a averiguar. Sierra (Madre de Josie) o Tom Keller: Ya que ambos no han estado tan activos esta temporada, similar al padre de Betty en la temporada pasada hasta poco antes de descubrir la verdad, por lo que se podría seguir el patrón. Díganme sus teorías :) #riverdale #archie #sabrina #dark #mystery #follow #like


36 Minutes Ago

Archie the cutieee!😍❤️🍂#dogsofinstagram #cute #archie


39 Minutes Ago

You look so pretty😍😍😍


54 Minutes Ago

Our latest fan art!🍒 Since our last auction was such a success, we’re hosting another one for this piece of fan art!❣️ Keep your eyes open for a new post explaining what bidding for this painting could do for you👀 Starting price: $15 Love, Mika & Kat🍒😘


43 Minutes Ago

🌹HELLO RIVERDALITES!🌹 We wanted to thank you so much for helping us reach our goal of .2k followers!🎉 In order to properly thank you all for your support, we are hosting a special @varchiexconfess giveaway! If you enter & win, your award is an exclusive piece of #bughead Christmas fan art!❣️🎄 🌟GIVEAWAY RULES🌟 1. Must be following @varchiexconfess! 2. Must DM us one of YOUR Riverdale confessions! 3. Must tag 3 other Riverdale accounts in our giveaway! 4. Must bid on our last piece of fan art! 🌟 Again, thank you all so much for helping us reach .2k followers. We are so greatful for your support, this account is our favorite thing in the world & this is our way of thanking you for making are dream come true. Peace & Love, Kat & Mika🍒


44 Minutes Ago

Building skin


50 Minutes Ago

I just love this photo of @archie_the_scare_pig We are so grateful to have met our dear friends the Milsteins and all of their rescue pets 🐶🐱🐷🐽💕


48 Minutes Ago

[Saturday Detention- part 3] ~ ~ Ughhhh I'm so inactive and I'm sorry internet problems😩 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #archieandrews #josiemccoy #veronicalodge #bettycooper #jugheadjones #cherylblossom #archie #cheryl #jughead #betty #veronica #josie #riverdale #saturdaydetention


56 Minutes Ago

Imma be posting more on here cause I missed u guys! Also I wanna be in this pic cause i luv fruit and I luv them #riverdale #sad #feels #bughead #jughead #betty #veronica #archie #varchie #kevin #riverdaleedit #riverdalecast #colesprouse #lilirienhart #kjapa #camimendes #caseycot #cheryl #madelinepetsch #riverdalefunny


1 Hour Ago

Who’s excited to meet Jellybean?


1 Hour Ago

Hi I’m in love with this look

Veronica mf Lodge!!! Honestly, so far she’s been owning season 3 too!!🥰🙌