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Solidarity with @OaklandEA educators prepared to strike for smaller class sizes, better support for their students including more counselors and nurses, and a living wage for teachers. We are all with you! 💪💚🌳💛 #redfored #unite4oaklandkids • • • #strikeready #wearela #redfored #stopstarvingourpublicschool #allin4respect #stopthebillionaireprivatizers #kidsfirst #wearepublicschools #armmewith #schoolslastudentsdeserve #lausd #handsoffourschools #teacherstrike #studentsdeserve #studentsnotsuspects #union #teacher #teacherlife🍎 #teacherlife #teachersofig #teachersfollowteachers #utlastrong #wearela #losangeles  #1u

One year ago yesterday, I learned about another tragic shooting at MSD. Today, just as then, I am still sad for the loss of lives to senseless gun violence. I cannot imagine what Brit @fivefootoneteacher and everyone at school that day endured. I took time to honor those lives lost yesterday and thought of their friends and families. I am encouraged by the students and faculty who have fought to bring about changes in our country that could save the lives of our students. And I stand with them now and always. #armmewith #notonemore

Happy Friday!!!!!! 📚I have been working in public schools for 22 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way! #loserteacher *📚Way to go Denver teachers! So proud you stood up for educators and students to make your town do what is right by public education! #redfored #redforeducation #redfored🍎 #armmewith 📚Massachusetts teachers - Just a couple of hours until February vacation! We’ve got this!!! . . . #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #iteachtoo #iteachmiddleschool #teacherlife #teachers #teachersofig #edtech #teched #teacher #teachersofinsta #teach #teachersfollowteachers

Messages to pass to our students courtesy of @positivelypresent 💕

6 hours can make a big difference. ***** 6 hours was all it took for me to spend Valentine's Day last year blissfully unaware of the #parkland tragedy. ***** It wasn't until I was snuggling the babies in the early morning, trying to coax them into a bit more sleep, that I learned 17 families were now incomplete, and an entire school community was rocked. ***** I can't imagine what that day was like for them, or what the 365 days since then have been like. I do know that we STILL need better legislation and solutions to prevent this from happening again. ***** Today, I'll slow down a bit. Hug the boys a little tighter. Pray for everyone in Parkland. And call my Senator to remind him that we've still got a ton of work to do around gun control. ***** #enoughisenough #notonemore #armmewith #msd #teachersofig #teachersofinstagram ***** #repost @readlikearockstar (@get_repost) ・・・ #msdstrong One year ago today I was celebrating Valentine's Day at school with my students. I started receiving texts about yet another school shooting in our country. Anniversaries of tragedies bring up a lot of feelings for many people. This community has been feeling it every day for a year. Thinking and praying for your community @fivefootoneteacher. ♥️

Ms. Kunesh

1 Day 7 Hours Ago

I’m going to bed tonight dreaming of a world where schools are free of gun violence, where students don’t have to think twice about locked gates, intercom announcements, “is it a drill?” and where we can teach without having to defend. Today we remember Parkland yet again and those students who may fall victim or have fallen any day of the year. I can’t wait to see my own students again Tuesday, safe and sound yet again for a successful and productive day. I am armed with strong rapport and relationships fortified by trust, respect, and compassion. #armmewith

Day 14 of the #teacherlovephotochallenge: What I ❤ about Valentine's Day! ❤ I LOVE Valentine's Day! I didn't always. The cynical part of me is totally over made up holidays for the benefit of corporations... but the wife, mom, friend, and teacher in me feel otherwise! I totally love DIY Valentine's gifts, and honestly, another excuse to show one another affection is what this world needs right now. I love treating my kids and husband to little gifts! I always get all 150 of my students a little treat (I'll show you these tomorrow), and love doing Valentine's themed activities with my friends (who are pretty much entirely my colleagues!). ❤ Today was a "red, white and pink" spirit day, so of course, I took part! Yesterday, the office surprised us with balloons and treats! Today, I surprised my students with Valentine's bookmarks and pencils. My day ended with my husband and kids surprising me with flowers, cards, candies, a cake, balloons, ribs (yum!), and chocolate-dipped strawberries! ❤ We can't let this day pass, however, without recognizing those #msdstrong students, staff, faculty, and families that now--and forever--see today differently. The world lost 17 beautiful souls a year ago. Their loss set a fire in the hearts of so many who refuse to settle for thoughts and prayers. Thank you to those who will never let these children, and all the who have died before them, perish in vain. We must demand better. Our children deserve the best. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ #elaforthemiddles #valentinesday2019 #valentine #valentinesday #teacherlove #armmewith #englishteacher #middleschoolenglishteacher #elateacher #teachersofinsta #igteachers #teacherlove #loserteacher #nomakeupselfie #loveteaching

The 1% are on course to control as much as two-thirds of the world’s wealth by 2030. In that context, the U.S. is the richest country in the world and Los Angeles is the city in CA with most billionaires. Still our schools are underfunded. #contradiction #priorities • • • #strikeready #wearela #redfored #stopstarvingourpublicschool #allin4respect #stopthebillionaireprivatizers #kidsfirst #wearepublicschools #armmewith #schoolslastudentsdeserve #lausd #handsoffourschools #teacherstrike #studentsdeserve #studentsnotsuspects #union #teacher #teacherlife🍎 #teacherlife #teachersofig #teachersfollowteachers #utlastrong #wearela #losangeles  #1u

Literary Safari

1 Day 10 Hours Ago

One year after Parkland, what resources can we create for families and educators ? That’s the question we asked ourselves at Literary Safari. This #armmewithgames list of empathy games curates recommendations from leading game designers, researchers, and educators. Link in bio. #armmewith #sel #empathy #gamebasedlearning #games #literarysafari

These schools each had school shootings that resulted in death in 2018. Add 17 more shootings that resulted in only injuries for a total of 114 people shot in school shootings in 1 year. I would like to say I can’t believe it, but sadly I was raised in the school shooting era of America. I remember doing lockdown drills and just remembering how uncomfortable it was and how sitting in a corner probably couldn’t save me in a glass classroom. Now every time we practice, I stand between the door and my students, like all educators before me. I know it is a drill, yet I can’t stop thinking about what I would do if I encountered a shooter, or if they made it into my room, or my students, or all the students and families that have had to grieve from such a preventable disaster. Please fight to make 2019 safer! #parklandshooting #safeschoolsnow #msdstrong #alexschachter #armmewith #protectuswith

Oaktown numbers. What I find most compelling about Oakland are the school closures happening right now. Black and Brown students having their school being slated to shut down in 4 months. Also, the portfolio district is alive in Oakland, as they have the largest charter school density in the state at 30%. We know Eli Broad in LA, well they know him in Oaktown. #red4ed #unite4oaklandkids • • • #strikeready #wearela #redfored #stopstarvingourpublicschool #allin4respect #stopthebillionaireprivatizers #kidsfirst #wearepublicschools #armmewith #schoolslastudentsdeserve #lausd #handsoffourschools #teacherstrike #studentsdeserve #studentsnotsuspects #union #teacher #teacherlife🍎 #teacherlife #teachersofig #teachersfollowteachers #utlastrong #wearela #losangeles  #1u

Mitchel Meighen

1 Day 12 Hours Ago

Our voice has never been stronger: enough is enough. As students, teachers, families, friends, and survivors continue to ban together to spread this message, we’ll always be left with the painful reminders of those who we couldn’t help. Through education, I hope to empower my students’ generation to be the force that will continue the fight to keep America safe. In the past year, 20 states and Washington DC have passed meaningful gun violence prevention bills into law. Although its not nearly enough, here are some highlights of the progress made in 2018: •Legislation requiring background checks on all gun sales has seen momentum at the state and federal level, with at least 20 states requiring background checks on all handgun sales. •The number of states with red flag laws (laws that enable a court to temporarily prevent access to firearms by people who are a risk to themselves or others) has more than doubled. •States have continued efforts to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. •The federal government and many states have acted to prohibit bump stocks (devices that enable semi-automatic firearms to be effectively converted into fully automatic machine guns). •Over 90 percent of gun lobby supported bills were rejected in Congress and the states. One year stronger. We’ll never stop fighting. ❤️ #armmewith Stats provided via @medium

Just a #loserteacher here, who would have taken a bullet today for any one of my students. Today was the 1st anniversary of the tragic Parkland shooting. As I gazed upon the faces of my students today, I thought about the emotions I might experience if one of them was taken from me in a senseless act of violence. ⁣ ⁣ I saw a flash of a former student who was taken from this life during an earlier moment in my teaching career. His face played over and over in mind as I struggling to carry on through my day. ⁣ ⁣ I took just a few moments at the beginning of class to remind students that this day filled with love, was also filled with hate. That I love each and every one of them; enough to protect them from violence while educating them to the horrors of this world. ⁣ ⁣ The past few weeks, this idea that we must do better has been passing through my mind. My job is prepare my students for so much more than just obtaining a good ACT score or acceptance into college. I am preparing leaders and change makers. All the while, remembering that at any moment, any one of these kids could be lost to another tragic act of violence. ⁣ ⁣ So today, as we celebrate our love for one another, let’s remember that hate exists. It is real. It takes many forms whether it be inequities in our educational system, discriminatory business practices, the discord of our political system, or a random act of senseless violence that takes the lives of 17 beautiful souls. Hate is all around us and must be extinguished with love. ❤️⁣ #msdstrong #loserteacher #armmewith

✊🏽Congratulations to Denver teachers! When we strike, we win! ✊🏽 Denver’s educators have successfully won their strike. We are proud of Denver’s educators and this historic agreement that will provide greater opportunity for students and stability for their public schools. Next up: Oakland Education Association #redfored Denver Classroom Teachers Association - DCTA #dctastrong #utlastrong • • • #strikeready #wearela #redfored #stopstarvingourpublicschool #allin4respect #stopthebillionaireprivatizers #kidsfirst #wearepublicschools #armmewith #schoolslastudentsdeserve #lausd #handsoffourschools #teacherstrike #studentsdeserve #studentsnotsuspects #union #teacher #teacherlife🍎 #teacherlife #teachersofig #teachersfollowteachers #utlastrong #wearela #losangeles  #1u

Today we want to take the time to reflect and honor those who lives were lost in the tragic school shooting a year ago. Please take the time to research their page and take a stand in their movement. As educators, we have to fight for the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. May the #17angels Rest In Peace.🙏 • • @marchforourlives @msdalumni #rip#armmewith #17eagles

A cute Valentine’s Day gift from my pupils 🥰

One year ago tragedy struck in #parkland when 17 students were killed. The Parkland survivors continue to show incredible determination in their fight for real gun reform and we are proud to stand with them. We oppose arming teachers because MORE GUNS = MORE VIOLENCE. Arming teachers keeps no one safe. EnoughIsEnough #armmewith • • • #strikeready #wearela #redfored #stopstarvingourpublicschool #allin4respect #stopthebillionaireprivatizers #kidsfirst #wearepublicschools #armmewith #schoolslastudentsdeserve #lausd #handsoffourschools #teacherstrike #studentsdeserve #studentsnotsuspects #union #teacher #teacherlife🍎 #teacherlife #teachersofig #teachersfollowteachers #utlastrong #wearela #losangeles  #1u

On February 15, wear RED in solidarity with Oakland and to show your support for public education. Whether the fight is in Oakland, LA or beyond, educators working together to improve public education impacts us all. Solidarity to every single educator on the frontlines for our future✊ #unite4oaklandkids #redfored #latooakland • • • #strikeready #wearela #redfored #stopstarvingourpublicschool #allin4respect #stopthebillionaireprivatizers #kidsfirst #wearepublicschools #armmewith #schoolslastudentsdeserve #lausd #handsoffourschools #teacherstrike #studentsdeserve #studentsnotsuspects #union #teacher #teacherlife🍎 #teacherlife #teachersofig #teachersfollowteachers #utlastrong #wearela #losangeles  #1u


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#repost @karen.f.jones with @get_repost ・・・ While today is filled with flowers and candy and valentines, it's also a day filled with sadness, reflection, and rememberance. Today the teaching community mourns the loss of so many precious lives at MSD one year ago today. It's important to reflect and remember, but also act in the name of the teenagers and teachers who suffered then and today at the hands of unnecessary and negligent gun violence. Act on behalf of the faces in your classrooms today, as their lives are forever changed by lock down drills and fear of a gumman entering their school. Act to elect representatives that support common sense gun legislation. Act so that people wake up and realize that our biggest threat isn't the migrant family walking across the border, but our own people, our own citizens. Act so that we stop repeating this nightmare of Sandy Hook and Parkland and Virginia Tech and Santa Fe. Act like the lives of your children depend on it. * #educatorsagainstgunviolence #commonsensegunreform #msdstrong #sandyhookpromise #armmewith

Today is a day to show our love and support to our brothers and sisters at Stoneman Douglas. 1 year ago today 17 Eagles were taken from them. If you pray - pray for this community. If you don't - squeeze your loved ones a little tighter. I love my job and I love this community. The support, compassion, and advocacy we share is beautiful. ❤ #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #iteachmiddleschool #iteachela #iteachtoo #iteach8th #armmewith #marchforourlives #msdstrong #enoughisenough


1 Day 21 Hours Ago

#msdstrong 💛

One year. . I typed up a million different captions, but nothing felt right. There are just no words. Sending all my love to the teachers, students, and parents of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas today. #unbreakable . Eternally grateful to @fivefootoneteacher for sharing her strength and becoming such a strong advocate and voice for her students in the aftermath. You are the epitome of grace, and the world is lucky to have you. ❤ . Repost via @fivefootoneteacher . [From May 2018] "I never knew. I never knew that my beautiful and comfortable classroom would soon become part of a crime scene. I never knew that when I escaped with my students on February 14th, that I would never re-enter my classroom again. I never knew that when I said “happy Valentine’s Day” or when I said “see you tomorrow” that I would never see my two beautiful students again. I never knew that such a tragedy, such a nightmare, and such an unimaginable event could occur here—my happy place. It has been 3 months. I never knew that we would ever have to feel this way. I never knew that we would have to endure this type of pain. I never knew. But today I ask myself, what do I know now? I know that my students and I are capable of creating a safe space no matter where we are. I know that this is the strongest, most powerful community and I feel extremely grateful to be part of it. I know that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be and that is a testament to how strong my students are, because THEY give me so much strength. I know that my students are going to change the world. I know that we will rise from this. I know that change is upon us. Most importantly, I know that we have 17 angels looking over us each day. We can never forget. We will never forget. And we will never stop fighting." #neveragain . . . #parkland #parklandstrong #teachersofinstagram #armmewith #notonemore #educators #teachersfollowteachers #lgbtqteacher #msdstrong

Karen Jones

1 Day 12 Hours Ago

While today is filled with flowers and candy and valentines, it's also a day filled with sadness, reflection, and rememberance. Today the teaching community mourns the loss of so many precious lives at MSD one year ago today. It's important to reflect and remember, but also act in the name of the teenagers and teachers who suffered then and today at the hands of unnecessary and negligent gun violence. Act on behalf of the faces in your classrooms today, as their lives are forever changed by lock down drills and fear of a gumman entering their school. Act to elect representatives that support common sense gun legislation. Act so that people wake up and realize that our biggest threat isn't the migrant family walking across the border, but our own people, our own citizens. Act so that we stop repeating this nightmare of Sandy Hook and Parkland and Virginia Tech and Santa Fe. Act like the lives of your children depend on it. * #educatorsagainstgunviolence #notonemore #commonsensegunreform #msdstrong #sandyhookpromise #armmewith

One year ago today everything changed. I checked an Instagram message on my phone from a friend and my face went white. I rushed to my computer to see live video footage of her school being evacuated. We found out that we had lost 17 beautiful souls, and as a community of educators we mourned. We mourned for the students, we mourned for the teachers, we mourned for the parents. We watched the students rise up and start a movement to keep all kids safe from guns in schools. We banded together and started the #armmewith movement to support teachers as a conversation about guns in our schools started happening without us. Last year was marred by far too many senseless tragedies involving guns and people who should never have had access to them. . This is still a battle we are prepping for, training for, strategizing and organizing for. The fight continues. You’ll hear more about that, don’t worry. . But today, on this day of LOVE, tell your people that you love them. Hug them, kiss them, send them flowers, cook them dinner. Say it out loud and live it out loud. Love your people. . 💛

amy mascott

1 Day 23 Hours Ago

♥️❤️・・・ @TeamTrace teamed up with @MiamiHerald to collect stories of nearly 1,200 kids killed by guns in America over the 12 months since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.⠀ ❤️ Take a moment to read these powerful stories from the perspective of teen journalists at the link in our bio. #sinceparkland ♥️ link: ♥️❤️ #dosomething #saysomething #notonemore #momsdemandaction #educatorsdemandaction #marchforourlives #armmewith

🌻💛 How are you celebrating Valentine’s day? We still remember the 17 who lost their lives in one of the places that they should consider safe: school. We are still shouting from the rooftops that enough is ENOUGH. We are still standing behind MSD #msdstrong 🦅 and their UNBREAKABLE teachers, administrators, and students like @fivefootoneteacher 🦋 that continue to shine light in this world every single day. Sure we can remember. And sure we can share on social media. But what ELSE are we going to DO to ensure NO teacher, student, staff, or family member has to FEAR for their safety and that ALL students, staff, parents, family, and educators can pursue their educations and careers? It’s up to US to make a CHANGE. For the LOVE of humanity. 💛🌻

I wrote this a year ago in the wake of the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Today, we remember those students and faculty who lost their lives and we continue to fight for change. ••• Throughout all the news of school shootings, I've kept quiet. My heart has broken for the victims. I've not cried... I've gotten angry. Angry that this violence could be prevented but isn't Angry because of misplaced blame Angry seeing ignorant social media posts Angry that nothing is being done But for some reason this paragraph is what broke me I see myself in that teacher. I see myself in that student. I see myself, the protector of my 12 year old babies, not knowing what to do in that situation except to pray to God that we're not next! I shouldn't have to triple check my door lock throughout the day.... just in case I shouldn'thave to worry if my window covering would actually hold during a lockdown I shouldn't have to worry about making the decision to give my life for my students Civilians shouldn't have access to automatic and semi automatic weapons.... but they do. So I do what I have to do. I check my lock I cover my window I fight for change And I pray My God is a big God and I pray over my classroom every day. I pray for protection and safety. I pray that I can be a light to every student I meet. I also pray that these little minds can be molded in a way that promotes kindness and peace but that they learn to stand up and fight for what they believe in...because they are what I believe in. #enoughisenough #schoolsafetynow #armmewith

It’s been on my mind all week and on my heart for the last year. Last year I was shook by the horrible news. I cried, called my representatives, wrote letters, and marched for a cause that now goes down to my bones. But I cannot imagine the inexplicable pain that is endured by the people that have to live this day over and over again. Today I’m counting my blessings, hugging them tightly, and continuing to promise that I won’t just pray, but continue to fight towards a better future. Our kids’ lives depend on it. Standing with you @fivefootoneteacher ✨ #msdstrong

My thoughts in comments ⬇️ #repostplus @fivefootoneteacher - - - - - - We were writing Valentine’s Day cards almost one year ago to characters in Romeo and Juliet until we heard the loudest noise that still rings in my ears today. The only people in my classroom were me and my precious students. When you go through something traumatic together, you fight together, you mourn together, and you heal together. It has always been us and together we are truly unbreakable, I saw that today. Your messages have been so kind, but to answer your question about how this week is—it sucks. It is hard. It is sad. It is unfair. It is unimaginable and I can’t say that enough. All I know is what is in front of me. This morning I got to school early with my executive class board. We prepared a breakfast and opened up my doors to the rest of the sophomore class, giving them a space to smile. I felt myself feeling nostalgic. I loved watching kids worry about which donut they were going to get—I wish that was their biggest worry. Later this afternoon I met with some more students and we planted sunflowers. Then, I reflected outside my building on the same hill that I sat on one year ago. I looked at it, just wanting everything back. My students, my faculty, my classroom—everything, but this is it. I have to accept that we have 17 angels looking over us and I feel them each day. This week is unimaginable, but we are trying. I’m pushing myself to end this on a positive note. Please, tell someone how much you love them today. Pay it forward. Research what it means to have common sense gun laws. Work with your administration to make sure your school is safe. Stand up more. Speak out more. Give more. Love more. #msdstrong

It’s really hard to say “Happy” Valentines Day when it’s the anniversary of the Parkland shooting. My heart is heavy as I think of those students and their families tonight. But better than my thoughts are my actions. As an educator, I will continue to fight for the safety of all students. I might just be one teacher, but I’m not alone; and our efforts can’t slow down just because it’s been 12 months. #armmewith a voice, the ability to inspire change, and lawmakers who listen.

17 people shouldn’t have died, a year ago tomorrow, in a school shooting on a day meant to spread love. Do something.

💗💛💚🧡💗💛💚🧡 #schoolpsychlife #schoolpsychologist #mindfulness #relationshipbuilding #mentalhealthatschool #selfcare #repostplus @thewholewheatclass - - - - - - I love this idea from @teachingmore 💕 Would be a great activity for supply drop off or curriculum night! #repost @teachingmore ・・・ Today I asked my students what they needed from teachers in general. It was a way for me to gauge how they are doing without getting into a discussion about violence in our world. Out of the mouths of babes - it’s very telling to see what they wrote. Love, art, books, teachers that believe in them, kindness, etc. Not that different than our #armmewith posts. I wish I could give them all every single thing they need to be successful. #lovemystudents #armmewith #blessedteacher #teacherspayteachers #teachingandmuchmoore #iteach3rd #enoughisenough #notonemore #teachersagainstgunviolence #instagood #instateacher #instahope #instainspiration

#repost @utlanow with @download_repost ・・・ Denver teachers to strike for first time in 25 years. The truth is that one job should be enough. Teachers shouldn't have to work side gigs, get roommates, or worry about living in a camper van. #dctastrong #utlastrong #redfored #solidarity • • • #strikeready #wearela #redfored #stopstarvingourpublicschool #allin4respect #stopthebillionaireprivatizers #kidsfirst #wearepublicschools #armmewith #schoolslastudentsdeserve #lausd #handsoffourschools #teacherstrike #studentsdeserve #studentsnotsuspects #union #teacher

Educators join together in unions to gain a voice at work and in society. Union members have a say about pay, benefits, working conditions and how their jobs get done. Also, unions provide a counterbalance to the influence of corporate money in our democracy. Remember, you are the union. #utlastrong • • • #strikeready #wearela #redfored #stopstarvingourpublicschool #allin4respect #stopthebillionaireprivatizers #kidsfirst #wearepublicschools #armmewith #schoolslastudentsdeserve #lausd #handsoffourschools #teacherstrike #studentsdeserve #studentsnotsuspects #union #teacher #teacherlife🍎 #teacherlife #teachersofig #teachersfollowteachers #utlastrong #wearela #losangeles  #1u