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Some clips from last night, 315 for a 4x3 on squat, 285 for a 4x3 on bench and 275 for a 4x3 on floor press. I was so done after my last set of floor press as you can

6x3 on squat @ 330lbs last night. The weight moved really well and I luckily haven’t had any knee pain lately. Everything is looking up from here 🤙

6x3 on squats today @ 315. Sets 1-3 felt great, sets 4-5 were kinda rough, but I regrouped for a good final set shown in the video.

Switched up my programming to give me more rest days so I can recover more effectively. Yesterday was a 6x3 on deadlifts @ 405 and then a 5x5 on bench @ 235. 🤙

2 days of lifting in 1 video. Yesterday was a heavy single at 355 on squat followed up with a 4x5 at 315 and today was a heavy single on bench at 305 followed up with a 4x5 at 275. My body feels so drained and beat up and the weights sometimes feel heavier than they should be. I think it’s time for a de-load week. 😅

Late night bench session last night. I had a 1x1 @ 300 and 275 for a 3x5. I ended up doing 300 with a wide grip in the first video and didn’t like how it moved so I moved my hands back to my normal position and did it again. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Good day of deadlifts! Started off with a 1x1 @ 440 and followed that up with a 3x5 @ 385. Deadlifts are slowly becoming one of my favorite lifts whenever they decide to cooperate (😅). After hitting a long time goal of 500 a few weeks back I’ve had to re-adjust my goals and aim for something bigger by summer.

I had a 1x1 on bench @ 295 follow up with a 3x6 @ 265. Bench has been feeling good these last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying out some new shoulder mobility exercises and it’s made a big difference.

Made 475 my bitch last night . Don’t know how but fuck it 💪🏻 5 wheels soon. #arriveandconquer #deadlifts #powerlifting #stregthnoweakness #clangnbang #24hourfitness


2017-10-30 06:51:31

The only way our #monday should start 💖 #happymonday #mondaythrive #arriveandconquer #jewelry #weightless #sotrendy #soposh


2017-09-09 18:23:02

#mood When the tasklist take all weekend, but I get to slide into class Monday like Buju on horseback 🐎 OVER Prepared for this University life. #thankyouoakland #thankyoumerritt #thankyoumama #thankyoudad #thankyousis #4evaridinhigh #arriveandconquer

Concrete jungle in the Empire State. 10 years ago this month I arrived with a dream. I clearly remember dreaming of having everything I now have. #dream #big #bebrave #fight #arriveandconquer #nyc #mycity #killingit #love #blessed #thankyou #arrived #hairdreams #topoftheheap

You can't see my face but look at that sweat! Thank you hit muggy Phoenix and my wonderful sister for this great start to the day! I have had a hyadius from IG, I have been eating normal except a few glutenous meals that kicked my booty! Yeah I still need to stay away from that, I've namely been focusing on my eating and adjusting mentally to my new job and of course improving my food where it needs to be. Now I'm introducing my working out again and lived it! Man I forgot how much I missed pushing myself and going further than what my mind told me I could #getit #arriveandconquer #paleo #getfit #gethealthy #honesty

"Insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results." -Albert Einstein... Stop, realize this, make a change, and begin living the life you have always dreamed of! 👍 #howbaddoyouwantit? Creo que este post va perfecto contigo en el día de hoy, así que te lo dedico @pamanez. Deut 31:8 And He will be leading you. He’ll be with you, and He’ll never fail you or abandon you. So don’t be afraid!... Me vas a hacer muchisima falta! #new #bigger #unimaginable #doors #getem #arriveandconquer