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10000% mood because you’re looking at newest employee at NETFLIX!!!! Congratulations babe! I am so proud of you for not only landing a position with your dream company but because you worked so hard and MADE this happen for yourself! I’m so excited for what the future holds for you babe! So fucking proud! ❤️❤️❤️ I love you!!!!!! #startedfromthebottom #ashabaileyphotography #proud

if your reception isn’t just a big ass party where rihanna and drake are played multiple times throughout the night, you’re doing it wrong

summer in the city

last night’s magic ✨

from the first look to the bubble exit, this wedding was the epitome of DREAMY and i am so excited to spam the shit out of instagram with all the photos

why buy an expensive tilt-shift lens when u can just use the instagram tilt-shift feature for free

windy days in the desert 🌵

ethereal bride ✨

saw aladdin twice this weekend, managing my time excellently if i do say so myself

real eyes realize real lies

“hold me like you like me” – juliette to james during our session

you know when you get a cute pic of yourself and you change all of your profile photos to that one photo and share it to all of your accounts? i’m just covering my bases here. here’s me, cheesing real hard because why the hell not. life is so great. i post more cute things like this over at @ashajpg, but follow at your own risk. she’s even more sarcastic over there and she says fuck a lot

moon of my life

tonight with the king and queen of cuteness and profanities

Finally the day is here! Graduation time 👩🏻‍🎓❤️🖤 #graduation #sdsugrad #grad2019 #sandiegostateuniversity #ashabaileyphotography #bachelorsdegree #latinagrad #sdsu2019

happy mama’s day ✨

gale force wind magic

Check out that ring though!!

I do’s and sunsets!

the dreamiest backyard wedding. a million persian rugs, first-dancing to kid cudi, surrounded by alllll the love ✨

Hey hey hey... take it easy over there!!

all this rain has me thinkin bout running around empty amusement parks with these two ✨

3 more class meetings, 17 more days! I’ve never been so impatient! 🎉 @ashabaileyphotography • • • • • • #ashabaileyphotography #graduationpictures #sdsu #sdsugrad #sandiego #bachelorsdegree #sandiegostateuniversity #graduation #countdown

me running to the couch after my sessions tonight after i hear the game of thrones episode is an hour and a half long

the happiest bride, tear-streaks and all ✨

ready (kind of) for the next adventure❣️ #25days

That look they do when they just did a thing! BOOM!

happy monday my brain has too many tabs open

now and forever

“you were the one that i wanted to feel the earth rotate with.”

no caption today because a binch is tired

blogging the shit out of this session soon because i love the shit out of these people and the world needs to see these dreamy pics!!!!

“i am yours and you are mine; from this day to the end of my days.” YEP that game of thrones quote was absolutely part of lorraine & aaron’s vows :’) yesterday was just the best. between capturing these two elope in the middle of joshua tree and the season 8 premiere of game of thrones...my heart can barely take it.

the windiest, chilliest, most fun engagement shoot 🌙

due to personal reasons, i’m going to take a 12 hour nap tomorrow because i deserve it

“love is friendship that has caught fire. it is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. it is loyalty through good and bad times. it settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.”

sweeter than honey

Tonight’s night cap... Balloons, fluffy dogs, and a rad couple.


2019-04-09 10:34:34

And the count down begins .... engagement pictures/video were a success with @ashabaileyphotography 💕 (these were taken on my iPhone , the real deal will have you speechless ) #ashabaileyphotography #ashabailey #photography

pregnant women: mommy pregnant nehir: mamiiiiiiiii

The final countdown begins and so does the endless grad photos! 👩🏻‍🎓✨ #graduation #graduationpictures #grad2019 #sdsu #sandiego #bachelordegree #finalcountdown #ashabaileyphotography #finally #sandiegostate #maygraduation

i didn’t fall in love i stepped into it and decided that if i were going to drown in anything, i wanted it to be this

i look at you and i see forever

America Valle

2019-04-05 08:30:46

Happy Friday ❤️❤️❤️ . At the end of the week all you need is Love and Red Mustang Convertible 😍 . . Photographer: @ashabaileyphotography Wedding Coordinator: @avevents21

Slow dips with a view... It’s like watching The Note Book!

the goldenest yummiest creamiest light

America Valle

2019-04-01 09:16:36

“Don’t promise me the Moon and the stars promise me to watch them with me, always” . . Photographer: @ashabaileyphotography Wedding Coordinator: @avevents21

all my favorite colors

it’s always a good day to look cute and make money 👅

‘til death

friday shmood 🍾

women are so fucking incredible

lil snip from their vegas wedding last weekend ✨

turns out all southern california needed was a few torrential downpours to get the spring we always wanted but never truly deserved :’)

“every poem is about you. even the ones about other people, they’re for your eyes only. everyone else who reads this is just a stranger looking through the window at us. it always comes back to you. it will always come back to you.”

the photo that shows up in the dictionary when you look up “grand entrance”

when jeryn and giselle showed up for our session, jeryn was like “did you guys know each other before today?” and we were like NOPE but we’ve been texting for days and know everything about each other :-) these two take game nights as seriously as i do, love harry potter, and were just as excited as i was about getting pazookies after our shoot which is why i love them so damn much

lovinnnnnn that i’m working with so many baby mamas this year 👼🏽

headed home today after the best wedding weekend 😴 emails and naps are in the forecast for me today

one of the best receptions ever ever ever, and not just because we were all turnin’ up right on the beach in hawaii...but i mean that helped too. i love my people 😭✨

flying out for my second wedding of the year tomorrow 😳 spring has sprung and ya girl is READY

do you ever find yourself just thinking about jessi and gabriel’s wedding because i do

very much appreciating the shoots that are 100% laid back and 100% focused on love and fun 🕹💫

mom, dad & baby chloe

chasing summer with @allgoodfeels

yeah...i’m not sure how they’re real either

happy sunday my dudes

if you couldn’t share it on social media, how much of what you currently do would remain important to you? how much of it would remain fun or exciting or worth doing? sometimes i like to take all of my “reasons” for doing certain things and throw them into a pot, boil them down until i see their bones and true intentions. the urge to share everything feels almost embedded into our flesh now. like an instinct. if you don’t share it, it never really existed. i’m searching for the fine line. the balance. i paint to give my mind a break i travel to come un-stuck i photograph so people can hold their moments i write to untangle my thoughts and i share them because maybe somebody will see it and maybe they will feel it too

Beach days are LIFE! ⚡️I was driving down the coast and felt so thankful to call sunny San Diego home!

windy days where a lot of our time is spent chasing down the bride’s veil 🌬

right after hopping the gate to get onto the carousel, right before getting kicked off the carousel