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ТРАНЗИТ СОЛНЦА ЧЕРЕЗ ОВЕН (21.03.19 - 19.04.19) Сегодня начинают праздновать свой День Рождения все солнечные Овны🔥☀💛 Не забудьте поздравить их😉 Период Овна проявляет в людях тягу к лидерству, желание главенствовать в своей компании или рабочем коллективе. В этот период времени люди становятся более самоуверенными, решительными, волевыми, властными, агрессивными, у них возрастает энергия, появляются честолюбивые притязания. Усиливается желание быть самостоятельными и независимыми, могут проявиться организаторские способности. В эти дни человеку можно доверить любую, даже самую ответственную работу. Успех ждёт военных, криминалистов, госслужащих, предпринимателей, спортсменов и всех, кто избрал "марсианскую" профессию. 👉👉👉Вступайте в нашу группу в контакте, чтобы узнать больше: vk.com/astro_psiho #astrologer #ezoteric #horoscope #zodiac #interesting #go #happybirthday #power #speed #aries #congratulations #mars #freedoom #energy #instafollow #likeforlikes #астрология #эзотерика #гороскоп #прогноз #овен #зодиак #интересное #поздравления #сила #скорость #свобода #энергия #марс

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As of this month, I've been on the sobriety journey for almost 15 years. In honor of the swirling, healing Chiron energies in the sky, figured I would share a piece I'm proud of from @thetemper . While I didn't know astrology at the time, the timing and reasons for my decision made even more sense in hindsight given various aspects of my chart. It’s a tool I wish I had been open to sooner. My astrology chart certainly would have helped me and reinforced my path to sobriety for the past 15 years. — Paying attention to myriad transits can be fun, for me the most important part of astrology is always knowing your own chart first and foremost. Because astrology simultaneously operates in the realms of the collective and the individual, understanding only the first can lead to an imbalance of information. Not knowing what makes each of us unique leaves us susceptible to superficial mass astrology generalizations (Mercury Retrograde will be terrible!), or thinking that there’s something wrong with us based on the stars at our birth (everyone knows that all Scorpios are intense and that Leos are dramatic, right?). Read more on @thetemper or a link on my site to the article.=) #soberlife #sobriety #thetemper #astrology #toolforrecovery #recovery #astrologer

Dünya Astroloji Günümüz kutlu olsun 💫 Happy International Astrology Day 💫 En iyi astrologlarla en keyifli kareler 🌟 Great photos with great astrologers 🌟 #solakaydır #swipeleft #proudtobe #astrologer

Whew. How's everyone? I woke up to messages from friends and followers asking for insight. This Full Moon/Sun into Aries/Mars trine Pluto/Venus sq. Mars is so hefty. It highlights issues of self & other. It illuminates who we have been and who we want to be in relationships based on how we have previously *learned to be,* along with the emotional shorthand we use when bonding and communicating. We are now confronted with our patterns and observing how some loved ones panic, trying to bring us back into the fold to repeat our old roles in old dynamics if our desire to change and grow causes them threat. If you are making new shapes, taking on new insight, watch others for guilt trips, emotional manipulation, passive aggression, gaslighting, martyring, stonewalling, and plausible deniability. Note that. And, note if you find yourself doing it. All of those behaviors highlight a lack of accountability. And then, questions about definitions of love have to come up; how can people who employ such behaviors towards us as a part of their definition of love, truly be loving us more than their need for control? They have work to do. And chances are because of that, we have work and healing to do too. Make no mistake; these are severely dysfunctional dynamics. Systems of dysfunction and abuse require buy-in from a group, denying the experience or needs of the individual. Change coming from one person often threatens the system through its participating members. It works overtime to return to established dynamics. Change and growth are a threat because some individuals retain power, benefiting from the status quo. If we choose to step outside the script, that does not make us unloving or disloyal. It means we are ready to love ourselves and others in a healthier way. The more strongly we hold our boundaries, the sooner the group dynamic will synthesize our new definition. You are allowed to change. Mars and Pluto are heavy hitters and when their gifts are used for positive change old structures can tumble down, making way for the fertile and new. Plant seeds now, in the dark, away from those who will protest. Grow into new earth, in new directions. Reach.

Follow and tune-in tomorrow for a live discussion panel I will be a part of with all these other lovely magical beings about Astrology and Medicine and Herbs and Tarot and many other modality traditions. Gonna be chill, fun, and informative to boot! Such an honor to be a part of this 🤓🌈🙏🏼💖🌙 @michel.malito @happygallerychicago @ddamascenaa @whitforrester @ambientpain @divainparadise #astrology #astrologersofinstagram #astrologer #queerhealer #queer #medicalastrology #astro #symposium

⚡️#thearieswoman⚡️ is described as being full of fire, in constant movement, with a lot of motivation, excitement and spontaneity. She is independent, multifaceted and entrepreneurial. Enjoys starting something new and can’t stand staying in stagnation. She is a warrior for she defends her territory and always goes right to what she wants even if she has to face some battles or obstacles. _ She needs a north to channel all her passionate energy in order not scatter it. However, her lesson is to be patient and have perseverance, for this is how she can achieve her goals and master her battles. _ The Aries woman needs to balance her 'me' with the 'we', her Mars energy with the energy of Venus-> ‘doing this’ from the ego with ‘doing this’ for the other -> from the 'I receive only for me' with ‘I receive to share'. Therefore, it is through balancing her Aries energy with its opposite sign, Libra, when she can reach the maximum potential of her Natal Sun. * can apply to anyone that identifies as female. Other planets need to take into consideration for a more profound insight of character. _ En español—> #lamujeraries⚡️ _ La mujer Aries se describe por ser llena de fuego, en constante movimiento, con mucha motivación, excitación y espontaneidad. Es independiente, multifacética y emprendedora. Disfruta comenzar algo nuevo y detesta quedarse en el estancamiento. Es una guerrera, pues defiende su territorio y siempre va justo hacia lo que quiere aunque tenga que afrontarse a los obstáculos. _ Necesita un norte para canalizar todo su energía y pasión a un lugar determinado y no esparcirlo. Sin embargo, su lección es aprender a ser paciente y perseverante, así es como podrá dominar las batallas y/o lograr sus metas. _ La mujer Aries necesita balancear su ‘Yo’ con el ‘nosotros’, su energía de Marte con la energía de Venus—> del ‘hago esto’ por el ego con ‘hago esto’ por el otro —> del ‘recibo para mí’ con ‘recibo para compartir’. Por lo tanto, es balanceando su energía Aries con su signo opuesto, Libra, que logra alcanzar el máximo potencial de su Sol Natal.


YOUR HOROSCOPE 2019. 2019 is set to be a year of great progress, but what will it bring for you? Visit Our Website➡️ womensdestiny.com #womensdestiny #astrologer #chakras #astrologysigns #meditation #yoga #zodiacs #spiritual #zodiaclove #horoscopesigns #spells #starsign #motivation #inspiration #conspiracytheory #witchcraft #bhfyp

03/21/19 --🔥Oroscopo di oggi! 🔥 Tagga i tuoi amici! #aioroscopo Metti mi piace e condividi il tuo oroscopo 😎 #astrologia #astrologi #like #share #oroscopo #segni #zodiaco #astrologer #astrology #horoscope #horoscopes #astro #psychic #love #spiritual

#fylfot Because an astrologer is better counselor. #follow @jangidnatasha for #astrology & #vastu #updates . #contact #team #astrologernatasha on +91-9529525617 for astrology and vastu consult. ➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡ #jaipurite #beautifuljaipur #astrologer #vedicastrology #planets #zodiacsigns #sunmoon #predictions #raghavjuyal #fan #natasha #transit #friday

My first interview with @goal.cast took place because they wanted a general forecast not only for the cosmos this entire Spring, but what each zodiac sign will be focusing upon. 🎇 For some signs, it’ll be all about love and power, whereas others will be doing a deep dive into their self-worth and self-love. Still, some will be launching to fame while others are luckier grinding to build the life of their dreams. 🌌 Take a peek into where the stars will be giving you a laser focus and please share it with your astrology-loving friends. Special thanks to @goal.cast and @lovebyluna.co 💞 READ on @goal.cast: https://www.goalcast.com/2019/03/20/astrologers-on-what-spring-will-bring-based-on-your-sign/

🖤😂😂😂 ...legit reasoning! #springequinoxhumor


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#repost @cafe.focalpoint (@get_repost) ・・・ Marche de la reine des etoiles 星の女王が満月にひらくマルシェ🌕 4/19(Fri)-21(Sun) 11:00-17:00 星や月の神秘をそれぞれに表現し、天秤座満月に寄せて、秘密のマルシェをひらきます。 **************************************** 一時帰国の最初のイベントはこちら @cafe.focalpoint さんで 星読み師として、雑貨屋オーナーとして 出店させていただきます☺ 今日は春分・天秤座座の満月でしたね。 4月19日は2回目の天秤座満月😳 こういう時はパワフルエネルギー! セルビアのアソシエーションの雑貨 @grand_socco モロッコ・トルコ・東欧・オリジナル雑貨 @socco_b の商品をご覧いただけます。 「星読み」をご希望の方は、出生時間 (母子手帳などに記載されています) をご用意してきて下さいね。 ホロスコープを作成して、読み解いていきます。 https://ameblo.jp/petitsocco/ ぜひこちらのマルシェで、素敵なエネルギーを受け取って楽しみに来て下さいね✨ #京都カフェ #イベント #マルシェ #星読み #東欧雑貨 #セルビア🇷🇸 #トルコ🇹🇷 #モロッコ #オリジナル雑貨 #海外生活 #移住生活 #占星術 #星読み #満月 #春分の日 #アソシエーション #serbia #turkey🇹🇷 #association #grandsocco #petitsocco #morocco🇲🇦 #madeinserbia🇷🇸 #handmade #astrologer #astrology #fullmoon🌕 #marche #japan🇯🇵 #kyoto

Raise your hand if you’ve become much more aware of your own 💩 the last few weeks! 🙋‍♀️ Looking in the mirror and calling yourself out is powerful- but terrifying. I know, because I looked. I stared into my own eyes. And friends, I didn’t like what I saw. Yes, I LOVE the woman staring back- she’s confident and beautiful and she’s overcome so damned much to create a wonderful life for her family. But I didn’t like her. She was hiding- from healing, from stepping into who she KNOWS she is. She was afraid. She was wearing a mask of a million excuses and using escapism to well...escape what she knew she had to do. And I called her out. She responded that she didn’t like herself right now. I gave her love, and reminded her it’s ok to go through phases like this...and that the first step to getting back on track was to own that she was OFF track. She owned it. And now I’m 12-stepping her ass back to empowerment and self-love. (The 12-step model works SO WELL for any kind of addictive behavior- including limiting beliefs 😘) ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ It’s ok to get off track & feel badly about yourself because of it, my friends . You’re human, afterall! But being a student of self-love- sometimes we have to admit we failed a test/didn’t do the homework and suck it the fuck up and keep going. Are you with me? Let’s light that soul on fire 💕 Openings for 1:1 clients + Astro-clients! Book on my website in bio. 😘 #bullshit #nomore #ownit #soulfire #chchchanges #selflove #astrologer #mentor #12steps #youcandoit

Happy astrological new year everyone! The sun has finally moved into the fire sign of Aries and the Spring equinox has arrived. With the moon being in Libra all day we can take in this new energy in a harmonious way. A great day for peace making and seeing the other side of the story. Use this time to find accord with those around you and repair any damage caused on any level lately (externally and internally)….The Pisces season of this year was like a deadly storm that forced us to stay in our house, alone, separated from the outside world for WEEKS!!! Now spring has arrived, the birds are chirping, and we are starting to peek outside. The craziness of the energy of the past few weeks is getting easier to deal with but still not done! 💥 We are also still feeling the impact of yesterday’s full moon in Libra. A little break but a few more rough patches to come. The sun is also conjunct Chiron today so expect some deep spiritual pain/wounds to surface in the coming days. The energy is here to go do! Moon and sun in cardinal signs and opposite signs! Aries is the initiation and Libra is the diplomat. Go out and get done what you want done. This can be a great day for partnerships of all sorts, but wait for the Mercury Retrograde to end on March 29 before signing any contracts or officially starting anything.When the moon moves into Scorpio late Saturday, we will have a lot deeper understanding of what has happened on an unconscious level and will continue the purging process that I talked about in my last IGTV post. Also Mercury will continue to retrograde closer and closer to Neptune until it is completely on it on March 25th!! This is crazy energy and very unique. Key words would be the most confusing time ever for communication/thought and extreme fogginess over the mind…. 🔥 So use the energy of today and the newly arrived Aries sun to start to build and move into the future. The astrology is also showing that the karma is ripening. Karmic people, circumstances, and events are going to be coming into your life! The past few weeks has been preparation for new beginnings. Continue to purge out the unneeded unconscious shit and get ready. The page is turning!

🎶 Money, money, money, money, MONEY!🎶 #theojays Things that make you feel safe, comfortable (including food) and secure: that’s what the #astrological second house is all about. Your values are placed here as well. The second house correlates to Taurus. #pisceswoman #intuitive #clairvoyant #astrologer #astrology #secondhouse #finances #money #food #taurus #zodiacsigns #planets #esotericknowledge #occultknowledge #esoteric #occult #mystical #magickal #metaphysical

Today is a 3 day (1+2=3) in the 3rd month and is a 3 year (2+0+1+9=12=3) so is a #333 day.it is a very powerful time and along with the #equinox and full moon ushering in fresh new energy, opening a #portal to your truth. The world tree is number #21 in this tarot deck. It is one of my favourite cards as shows the cycle of life and represents all the elements of #air, #fire, #water and #earth. Light and darkness, the upper world and the lower world. There is no #light without #darkness and no spring without #winter. #spring has now sprung, the worms are pushing up and the #birds are chirping. It's time to shed the skin of what is no longer needed and face up to our fears. Be #brave. Be #patient, take steps that are needed. It's time to start bringing your plans and dreams to fruition. You are supported. #tarot #theworldtree #snake #healing #newseason #astrologer #tarotreader #energyhealer #reikihealer #spirituality #spiritjunkie Mercury retrograde added 2 photos! 🤣🤣

Come in for an Astrology reading with @mysticmermaidcarly 🎂birth charts 🔮predictive 💘relationship & more! ⏰30, 60, or 90 minute readings ⚠️carlycotnoir.wixsite.com/mysticmermaid ⚠️phoenixtattooandwellness.com #astrology #astrologer #psychic #metaphysical #occult #spiritual #reading #rhodeisland #ri #cranstonri #providence #newengland #massachusetts #connecticut #neonlights #neonsign

Come in for an Astrology reading at @phoenixtattooandwellness 🎂birth charts 🔮predictive 💘relationship & more! ⏰30, 60, or 90 minute readings ⚠️carlycotnoir.wixsite.com/mysticmermaid ⚠️phoenixtattooandwellness.com #astrology #astrologer #psychic #metaphysical #occult #spiritual #reading #rhodeisland #ri #cranstonri #providence #newengland #massachusetts #connecticut #neonlights #neonsign

break the cycle. rise above lmao

Ann Mortifee said it best in her wonderous work: “In Love with the Mystery.” No more running and hiding - the time IS and *has always only ever been* now. Happy #astro new year, #equinox, #aries season and #fullmoon last night! Let’s gooo!! #astrologer #cosmos

water sign lovvvvveeeeee. this babies face is how I feel inside

Your birth chart is uniquely yours. So, own it! ✨ One of the many wonderful things about astrology is that it makes you realize you are not alone in your experience. ✨ I’ve bonded significantly with people who were going through an astrological transit I had experienced before. ✨ There is no such thing as a “bad” chart or a “good” chart. We all have our strengths and areas where we need to improve. ✨ Astrology is not about judgment or making you feel that you have no say in events. It’s about providing you with a deeper understanding of yourself so you can make empowered decisions and ultimately evolve to be a better you.

Yesterday marked the day of a rebirth. It was the last day of Pisces season, the last sign of the zodiac and the first day of Aries season. We also had a full moon on the same day only amplifying the energy of completion but also new beginnings. Throughout Pisces season many people have been feeling overwhelmed by emotions. You may have found lots of things ending or just realizing parts of yourself that you never knew you had. It was a time of deep reflection of the past year and honestly of your life in general and it may have been hard to face. If you are ready and willing, it is time to let go. It is time to let the old you die and let a new form of you blossom. A new you that isn’t afraid, that is open to receive, that has trust and faith in the universe that everything will work out fine. Allow yourself to release. Allow yourself to be successful. Allow yourself to flourish. You can break the chains of self doubt, worry and fear that bind you to stagnation. You just have to prove it to yourself. Be disciplined. Be strong. SET BOUNDARIES. You can work towards the things you want and become the person you want to achieve but if you spread yourself out too thin and give your energy, love, and vitality to anyone and everyone you will be left drained. SET YOUR BOUNDARIES. I cannot stress this enough. This message is coming through strong. So much new love and creation energy is available to you now and you have the ability to tap into it. Meditate. Set boundaries and WORK towards your goals. If you don’t believe in yourself, fake it till you make it. If you want to do something but you feel fear, analyze it, figure out why are you scared. Are you worried what people may think of you? Are you worried you won’t succeed and people will tell you “I told you so”. What is it that you’re afraid of? If it isn’t something that is actually endangering your life, do it. It’s not a real fear. It’s a limitation you have put on yourself in order to not get hurt. Sometimes our fear can manifest as false intuition, trying to make us think that we should be fearful of certain situations or things. That’s not intuition, that’s fear/ego disguised as intuition.(Cont. in comments)

☽ You guys feel the shift last night? ☽ Meme by the hilarious and beautiful @farahmsaddiq Go follow her for great art, wisdom, and get a reiki or astrology sesh with her! ☽ And Get a #fullmoon tarot reading with me for $22.22 all week! One question, one card, emailed. Email me thecountryclairvoyant@gmail.com (in profile, too, for easy access) or DM me and we can set something up. ☽ ☽ #ariesseason #psychic #psychicreadings #countryfriedkundalini #gaywitch #tarot #tarotreader #tarotreadersofinstagram #aries #astrologer #astrology #astrologymeme #reiki #mercuryretrograde #zodiacmemes


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E a Lua se faz plena no signo de Libra, lua nos domínios da graciosa Vênus deusa da união, "o outro sou eu" e exaltação do disciplinador Saturno existe elegância na ética, Libra faz contraponto para o ingresso do Sol em Áries, o individual aqui não encontra terreno afinal ninguém é uma ilha, Libra admite a existência do outro e estabelece relações, trocas, empatia e sedução. O caminho da cooperação é mais producente, e assim Libra entende que o caminhar juntos se torna mais suave contra as agruras do mundo, equilibrar os pratos do julgamento através do caminho do meio, nem tanto ao céu nem tanto a terra, apreciador da beleza como nenhum outro, seu sentido estético é apurado e critico geralmente razoável e justo.♎ #luaemlibra♎ #libra♎️ #ceudodia #astrology #astrologia #astrologyweed #astrologyposts #astrologysigns #astrologos #astrologer

“quando sei primo nella classifica della settimana” #astrologer #paolofox #oroscopo #astrology #astrologia

8.90ct natural yellow sapphire with no treatments from Ceylon. 📩DM for inquires . We recommend our clients to wear only natural untreated stones. . . . . . . . #pukhraj #pokhraj #guru #jyotish #astrologer #astrology #astrological #numerology #navratna #navgraha #pune #nashik #mumbai #thane #delhi #gurgaon #zodiacsigns #sapphire #yellowsapphire #ceylon #srilanka #bangalore #jalgaon #kolkata #calcutta #indore #lucknow #kashmir #india #gemstone

🌱Readings for the month of March & The first week of April will resume as planned. Videos on my channel will resume but booking readings will be closed until further notice. Daily Instagram post will also resume as well. I will not answer DM’s about readings.🌿 It’s time to recharge and recenter myself. Thank you. Tarot message coming up later this afternoon . ✨ * * * #psychicreading #like4like #lightworker #likeforlike #psychic #tarot #tarotreading #tarotreader #astrology #astrologer #dailytarot #lightworker #blackgirlmagic #divination #melanin #blackwitchesofinstagram #spiritualawakening #hoodoo #witch #astrology #spirituality #yas #beautiful #witchesofcolor #blacktarotreaders #mercuryretrograde


On Saturday I’ll be doing complementary readings with the @monicavinader concession in @libertylondon from 12-3pm. . . V. exciting because back in 2016 I FOUND a Green Onyx Monica Vinader Siren ring in a crack in the pavement!! 🍀 💚 I researched the stone and it’s connected to the planet Mercury, my chart ruler. I wear this ring at most of my events as part of my routine! It’s my lucky ring! . . . Excited to try on all the gems and play with the colourful range that makes my HEART SING! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 - I’ll be in Liberty this Saturday 12-3 with my iPad, doing astrology readings and explaining the meaning of the gems and how they resonate with you. 😊✨ Please come on over and say hi! ✨🌕 . . Thanks to @naturabruta for this exquisite image 😍😊✨ and to @starsignstyle for trailblazing! ✨🍀💚 . . . #astrology #gems #monicavinader #22 #fullmoon #libertylondon #liberty #londonevents #crystals #magic #colourtherapy #colourful #astrologer #astrologyreadings #cosmiccollage #londonsurreal #surreallondon #cosmicart #starryeyedsurprise #thestarsshinealldaytoo

Just a quick post to wish every one a happy spring equinox, entry into the Aries season and Libra full moon. I hope every aspect of your relationships was illuminated. It’s the start of the new astrological year, may it be our best one yet! 🌟🌟 #leoviridisastrologia #aries #mercuryretrograde #ariesseason #libra #fullmoon #springequinox #astrologysigns #astrologyposts #astrologersofinstagram #astrology #astrologymemes #astrologia #astrologie #astrologer #astrología #astrologyreadings #astrologyart #astrologyfacts #astrologypost #zodiac #zodiacsigns #astrologyforecast #astrologyquotes

@nicoleelizabethmodel Let’s follow my best friend in the whole wide world together 😍

: UPS, ME LLAMA MERCEDES MILA... para hablar del San Valentón de Malasaña y el amor romántico pero yo, hmmm... desviaré ese enfoque hacia El Amor vecinal 🤗 * (CONTINUARÁ) * #mercedesmila #scottymila #movistarplus #fiestadelamor #yosicreoenelamor #14defebrero #sanvalentin #sanvalenton #elsanvalenton #elsanvalentondemalaña #somosuno #poweroflove #feb14th #hacerbarrio #lopedemalasaña #malasaña #somosmalasaña #madridnoticias #telemadrid #ondamadrid #madriddirecto #storyteller #cuentacuentos #actor #model #astrologo #astrologer #streettheater #teatrodebarrio #teatrodecalle * * PROYECTO 101 pregones en Malasaña 101 proclaims in Malasaña City

✨🎉HAPPY ASTRO NEW YEAR SKYMATES!! 🎉✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Wow, it’s been a long time coming but we made it through! The fresh start that some of you have still been waiting for is here. Now is your time to shine. Take a moment to reflect on this: What are the seeds you wish to see blossom🌸?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ With continuous effort to put in the work, release control and trusting the outcome, everything that you’re imagining can manifest beyond that belief. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Don’t be afraid to toss old ways of thinking, toxic relationships or anything that no longer serves you. Spring cleaning is in full effect! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Live this one up Skymate, I’m rooting for you.❤️ #linkinbio to download your @knowthezodiac 2019 Cosmic Guide 🌟 #jupiterinsagittarius #astronewyear #ariesseason #astrologer

Еще один анекдот про синастрию и брачные аспекты😝 - мы должны расстаться -ну и пжалста, умрешь старой девой -нет, старым водолеем 🙈🙈🙈 . . #синастрия #астро #астрология #астропсихология #sinastry #astrology #astro #astrologer

Happy Eostara. Lately all kinds of money has been showing up from unexpected sources. Yesterday I got given a super expensive gift. Today YouTube paid me $100 for the month. Thanks @youtube for all your support over the years And I just deposited the $60 check from last week. Easter/eostara traditionally is a celebration of fertility, joy and hope. We welcome the return of the sun..... If you'd like to learn how I celebrate Check out my latest YouTube video Link in bio #psychic #summer #tarot #author #oc #astrologer #chakras #love #gypsy #bohochic #eostara #hawaii #maori #celtic #bjj #mma #ufcfightnight #stylebender #represent #kingsmma #jacksonwink

Ekinoks ve Terazi'de "Denge" Dolunayı Her yıl Ekinoks'ta, Güneş'in Koç burcuna giriş yapması ile, bir önceki astrolojik yılı uğurlar, yeni seneye merhaba deriz. Şahsen benim de, 31 Aralık'tan ziyade, doğada ve içimizde uyanan çiçeklerle beraber, bu güzel ilkbahar başlangıcını, dünyanın her yıl yeniden doğuşunu daha bir kutlayasım geliyor 💐 Karanlık ve aydınlığın eşitlendiği bu güzel güne, bize dengeyi, eşitliği anlatan ve bir de yanına yaralı şifacı Chiron'u almış terazi dolunayı eşlik ediyor bu sene. Güneş koça geçip de "Ben" diyecekken, "Gör" diyor gökyüzü. " Bir de karşıda sen var. Nasıl bağ kuruyorsun bir bak. Ben, sen ve biz arasında öyle bir denge kur ki, kimse ağır çekmesin. İlişkilerini iyileştir, ilişkilerinde iyileş. Sana eski yaralarını sarman için taze bir başlangıç fırsatı sunuyorum. " O zaman, vakit, ilişkilere, ilişkilerdeki kendimize ve kendimizle ilişkimize yeni bir gözle bakma vakti. Belki bu olumlamaları bu yeni ay tazeliğindeki dolunayda hep beraber tekrarlayıp, kalpleri yeni olana açabiliriz ; İlişkide olduğum herkes kadar önemli, değerli ve güzelim. İlişkide olduğum herkes, benim kadar önemli, değerli ve güzel. Onları, oldukları gibi olmaları için destekliyor, her halleriyle seviyorum. Ben de, tam olarak olduğum gibi, kabul edilip sevileceğim ilişkiler içinde olmayı seçiyorum. Anlamlı bir bütünün iki yarımdan değil, iki tamdan oluştuğunu biliyor, sevgi almak için vazgeçtiğim her parçama kucak açıyorum. İçinde büyüyemediğim ilişkileri, yenilerine yer açmak üzere özgür bırakıyorum. Karşıma çıkan herkesin, beni bana yansıtan aynalar olduğunu bilerek, varlıklarına şükran duyuyorum. İlişkilerde yaralandığımızı ve sonra yine ilişkilerde iyileştiğimizi biliyorum. Eski yaralarımı, korkularımı arkamda bırakıyor, şu ana, güven ve umut dolu, açık bir kalple başlıyorum. Hepimize güzel dolunaylar olsun, hem kendimizle hem başkalarıyla kurduğumuz ilişkiler içimizde bahar çiçekleri açtırsın 🌸 #astroloji #astrology #astrolog #astrologer #ilkayakbay #psikolojikastroloji #astrolojidanismanligi #astrolojidanışmanlığı

Here is this week's Moon Meme for the full moon in Libra and spring equinox. It's set to run a bit fast so that it comes in at less than a minute due to Instagram restrictions. . But if you want to read at your leisure, go to Moonday on Facebook, where it scrolls more slowly, and you can pause with video control: . https://www.facebook.com/moonday.sphinxyoga/ . Yay, spring! The fading supermoon will impress for a few more nights and early morning moonsets. Enjoy! . Music: Someday from Past Memories on InShot Site: https://icons8.com/music/ . 🌝🌞🌝🌞 . #sphinxyoga #purelightyoga #moonday #moondaybysphinxyoga #moonmeme #moonmemes #moon #astrology #astrologypost #astrologyposts #astrologymeme #astrologymemes #astrological #astrologically #astrologicalaspects #horoscope #horoscopes #horoscopepost #horoscopeposts #horoscopememes #zodiac #zodiacpost #zodiacmeme #zodiacmemes #luna #lunar #lunarpost #astrologer #astrologersofinstagram #astrologersofig

#carta natal: Informe en Audio o lectura presencial. ¿Qué es y para qué sirve leerse la carta natal? Es un mapa energético que, a través de los astros y signos, nos describe nuestra personalidad, espiritualidad, mentalidad... nos ayuda a potenciar capacidades que se nos pierden de vista o mostrarnos que poseemos otras que hasta el momento no podíamos ver. A su vez, sirve de guía para ver qué áreas debemos mejorar, qué zonas hay que transformar y cómo hacerlo. La interpretación de la carta traza un camino evolutivo de encuentro con nosotros mismos. Si te interesa, podes acceder a una lectura presencial/online o pedir el audio, también podes optar por combinarla con una lectura de Tarot. Reservas Mail: espaciogalia@gmail.com Wap:+5491127501373 . . . . . #tarot #espaciogalia #astrologiaevolutiva #horoscope #horoscopo #galiaastral #vidaconsciente #conscienciaespiritural #espiritualidad #astrologer #astrologiaprofesional #astrologiaterapeutica #astrotexto #astrologiaespiritual #astrologiapractica

ENERGY UPDATE //Lets talk healing :: We are still under the energy of the full moon. I posted about how powerful this was is/was in a previous post. Check it out!! But there is more. There is always more. Remember, the universe is abundant. There are always a multitude of things going on. Often, I get DM’s from many of you and asking questions that are very limited. Can it only be this or that? Can I do this if I only have this etc. Now, I say this with love. Expand. Open your mind. So many are a prisoner to their thoughts and beliefs. The universe expands and contracts in proportion to your willingness to move beyond the limited mind. Stop thinking so small. So little. So constructed. Anything is possible. I really want to see you win. I can’t rescue everyone nor am I here to. I can only share knowledgeable in the hopes that you feel into it and it helps you expand. I also see so many of you asking questions that have obvious answers. The thing is, you just don’t trust yourself. This is where the healing begins. This is where the vibrational changes happen. ⁣ ⁣ Let’s get back to this full moon energy which was opposing Chiron. If you felt some tears yesterday or some wounds that popped up this was the energy in the air. Chiron is like an antenna. It’s a very sensitive point in your chart. That’s a topic for another day because it’s so layered. But the collective Chiron was aspecting this full moon and asking everyone to —> feel it to heal it. What came up for you with this full moon? What pain point was activated again? Go deep into this now. Don’t shy away for only when you go into it can you begin to transform it into something higher. There is wisdom and magic in your pain. Use it to create the life you desire, not the life that’s keeping you stuck. You got this!! No more small minds...only the belief that anything is possible because you are possible. ✨✨✨💕💕 I believe in you..but do you believe in yourself? LINK IN BIO for relationship healing meditation and Astro talk! Only $27!

Your either Hot or Cute 😼🔥 - WhIch one are you? 😉👀

Dear Zodiac Lovers: I have begun a public, personal journey on my new facebook page that explores the 12 signs in depth 👍🏻 Each energy of the zodiac is divided into three parts called the Decans (12 Signs x 3 Decans = 36 Decans) This allows us to perceive and embody the depth that each sign radiates 👍🏻 I will be invoking these Decans as the sun travels through each one with news articles, art, music and everything that the internet has to offer to make the most of the astrological energies available to us 👍🏻 Wanna join me? Like my new page: Aurora the Witch on Facebook 👍🏻 #aurorathewitch #decans #inspired #theaxe #aries1 #facebook #newfacebookpage #astrologer #astrologers #astrologersonfacebook #decanmagic #decans #astrologymagick #witch #personaljourney #zodiac #exploringastrology #zodiacposts #followme #astroworld #astro #astronomi #astrologyzone #astrologysign #astrologylover #witchcraft #astrologywitches #witchesofinstagram

Spring is here. Yesterday we beheld the Vernal Equinox, beginning of Aries season and the astrological new year, as well as a Full Moon in Libra! All the while, Mercury continues it’s retrograde through Pisces and is currently in conjunction with the nebulous mystic, Neptune. We occupy a beautifully strange time and space. For many of us, there has been a resurrection of the past, so that we may begin to glimpse the future, ripe with potential! • While now is an ideal time to consider how we may bring equilibrium and beauty to our external relationships with “others”. Let’s take the time to acknowledge and honor the “others” within. The unconscious contents of self that we’ve orphaned or placed into quiet submission along the way. Our higher self, our inner guardian angel (however you choose to label this energy) lives within our hearts, always present to facilitate this oftentimes painful and uncomfortable exercise. How may we come into better relationship with ourselves this season, our whole selves, choosing to no longer relegate any part of us to the unconscious, to the shadow? Be light and be well my friends. • Image courtesy of @blackartinamerica_ | Jacob and the Angel by Anthony Armstrong

Accidentally, I was a history of math major. Questions of shape, line, symbolic measures, arbitrary multitudes, became precious considerations. How did we, in our intimacy with the muck of survival, conceive a world of logical perfection, geometric precision. Is math discovered or created? Does its world have a mythology? I believe it does. And more than that, I think it has a practice. I think it can be engaged with creatively and reverently. I think it is a mistake that the culture preaches a relationship with math that is essentially a story of exile. "There should be no realm of human endeavor you feel yourself excluded from." Now, the other part is that the human story has been sterilized out of the study of math, at least at lower levels. I came to love math in college for the same reason I love literature and theology - because its history expresses themes essentially human. Questions were engaged with for THOUSANDS of years before someone found the beginning of a solution, a way of measuring the area under an irregular curve. These millennia of questioning are given as formulas to children who have not even come to the question yet. Recieving answers before you have the question is a forced conversion. Let the beauty of the story be ours. Let the discovery of the true path belong to each. Knowledge is personal. And, delineations for the day are in the comments ⤵️ #astrology #historyofmath #euclid #geometry #stjohnscollege #venus #mars #jupiter #ariesseason #astrologer #astrologersofinstagram


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🌟 Acción y reacción 🌟 La intención que tenemos debe nacer de un propósito o meta mayor, y luego esa intención debe convertirse en un plan, un plan realista y ejecutable. Con realista no nos referimos a no soñar en grande, al contrario, el sueño no tiene límites, pero el plan a ejecutar debe ser congruente con nuestras acciones, tiempo y espacio. Tenemos todo a nuestro favor para conseguir lo que queremos, pero nadie consigue nada si no se mueven en pro a lo que quiere. . A veces juzgamos a las personas que creen en la energía y el cosmos pensando que promovemos las ilusiones ficticias y las mentiras, cuando realmente lo que hacemos es analizar las energías cósmicas para que nos hagamos conscientes de que somos uno solo con el universo, y que si estamos hechos de la misma sustancia somos energía que se mueve sincronizada. . Entonces, sabiendo que nada pasa por obra y gracia, cuando decimos que el “universo conspira a nuestro favor” es porque estamos aprovechando las oportunidad que hemos TRABAJADO, al realizar acciones concretas, al mantenernos en movimiento y respondiendo a resultados verdaderos. Así nos hacemos más conscientes de las oportunidades y el camino va respondiendo a toda causa, es decir, toda causa tiene su efecto y si empezamos a tocar puertas se van abriendo como todo movimiento lógico. . Agarrando el hilo de la primera parte, la energía disponible nos ayuda enfocarnos y elaborar planes ejecutables para empezar a llevar a cabo nuestro propósito mayor. . . . Art by @tiagommarinho . #astrologia #astrology #ideas #trabajo #planetas #energia #flowastral #astrodex #astrocoaching #astrologer #instaday #conciencia #energiaastral

🌱 Daily Horoscope 3/21/2019 – The Greater Vision 🌳 . We are laying a strong foundation that will lead us towards a much greater chance to expand in all directions, especially once Mars hits Gemini and has the room and flexibility to run in all directions. Patience and hope are needed. . The Priestess advises you to stay open for answers to come pouring in through your intuition. If you walk by a stone and feel a strange urge to lift it, do so and relish in the coins that you find laying under it. Solutions are coming. Be patient. . Check the houses that Taurus, Sagittarius and Aquarius rule in your chart for more details! Blessed be! . 📚 Read the full horoscope on my site! Link in my bio! https://mysticalmaigaia.wordpress.com/ . 🔮 For personal guidance visit readingsbymaigaia.bigcartel.com

🔅Alabileceğiniz Danışmanlıklar . 🔅 Seanslar online olarak telefon ya da skype üzerinden gerçekleştirilir. . 🔅Seanslar hakkında detaylı bilgi için e-mail üzerinden ulaşabilirsiniz. . ceresonline@hotmail.com . #ceresonline #astroloji #astrolojikkoçluk #astrologer #koçluk #ilişkikoçu #danışmanlık #psikoloji #burçlar #burçyorumu


🖤💕🦄 Uranus in Taurus. 🔥 #valueshift #valueofauthenticself

🖤🌿 Happy Taurus. 😌🙏🏽 ..also my moon right now reveling at the initiation of spring!🌿 #springequinox #moonsign

Astrologer Gurudev in Toronto can give you astrological remedies to remove evil energies from your life. He would perform rituals, pujas and powerful mantras to eliminate the negative energy that is plaguing you. Contact us for the solution Call @ +1 647 853 1233 Website: www.astrologergurudev.com #negativeenergyremoval #negativeenergy #evilenergy #astrologer #astrologerintoronto

And the winners are....⁣ @heartofoak8⁣ @astroqueery⁣ @iamtheoneyouresearchingfor⁣ ⁣ Please DM me your choice of Zodiac Print and your mailing address! ⁣ ⁣ Thanks everyone for playing!⁣ ⁣ #astroessentia #astrology #astrologer

The sun has moved into Aries and is facing off with the moon in its opposite sign, Libra. This full moon brings a culmination to cycles in our lives and in our world around the themes of independence versus interdependence and balancing the divine masculine and the divine feminine. #aries #libra #fullmoon #astrology #astrologer #horoscope #therapist #lcsw #divinemasculine #healing #socialworker #meditation #selfcare #selfhealing #spirituality #consciousness #awakening

My favorite time of year 💕💕💕♈️💖🧬🖤💋 #aries #ariesseason #yogisofinstagram #blackgirlmagic #georgia #astrologer want to know how Aries season will affect your sign? Follow @2cardinalpoints 🔮🧬💕💋

Happy Ostara! Today is the day the sun moves out of ♓️ 🐠 & into ♈️ 🐏 . This particular transit marks the start of a brand new Astrological New Year. Every year the sun makes this shift on the Vernal or Spring Equinox. I find it so interesting this shift is coinciding with the full moon in Libra. Since Libra is the sign of the scales it’s almost as if she has found a way to achieve that perfect balance of darkness & light. From today until the autumnal equinox we will get to enjoy the longer, warmer & brighter days of spring & summer. This is the universe letting us know it is time to get to work on all those projects you were dreaming about during Pisces season. Spring time is the season of fertility & new life! Nurture your creative spirit this Aries season! Set your soul on fire by doing what makes you feel ALIVE & you will be pleasantly surprised when you discover what you are able to give birth to when you’re not afraid. This Mercury Rx has been the perfect time for me to rest, relax & reflect on all the wonderful manifestations that have happened over this last astrological year, as well as the goals I want to accomplish over the next 12 zodiac seasons. Right now Chiron, the “Wounded Healer”, is conjunct the ☀️ in Aries making an opposition to the 🌙 in Libra. This aspect can create a lot of tension & have the potential to reopen old wounds. If it’s true for me, it’s probably true for you too… so if you have been experiencing recurring issues with particular people in your life, you are not alone! Pay attention to the signs the universe shows you & follow your intuition. When you say ‘goodbye’ to someone & their absence brings you peace… trust me, you didn’t lose them. A friend of mine shared a quote yesterday that was so soo perfect for Aries season… side note – lots of astrologers will refer to Aries as “the sign of the Self” – the quote said something along the lines of “It is not selfish to do what is best for you.”& nothing has ever been more true. Aries is the sign teaching us it is okay to put yourself first especially when it comes to the self-preservation of mind, body & spirit. 🎨 @isabel_mariposa_galactica


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🌱SPRING HOROSCOPES🌱⁣ ⁣ Happy Aries Season!! 🐏❤️♈️⁣ ⁣ ✨In honor of Ostara and new beginnings, NFLUX Issue 02 - Spring Equinox now features TAROTSCOPES for each sign in addition to the spring horoscopes which are centered around how Uranus in Taurus affects each sign (read for your Rising and your Sun signs!)⁣ ⁣ ✨Here’s the card we pulled for Aries - Three of Cups - which is all about harmonious communion with like minded individuals, friendship, and creating something beautiful with a group.⁣ ⁣ ✨You can order Issue 02 online now for both immediate download or pre-order our limited edition (less than 100) print version which ships out next week!⁣ ⁣ #linkinbio

♈️HAPPY ARIES SEASON BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!!!!! It's time to courageously go after what you want, and grab the universe by the cajones!! Aries season is the time to TAKE ACTION with PASSION. A time to be your authentic BOSS self!! Aries energy takes no shit!! It's TOUCH YO BODY, love yoself season!! Embrace your inner boldness and take the risks you've been wanting to take! Speak and live your truth AND SMACK YOUR OWN ASS!! THIS IS ARIES SEASON BITCHES!!!!🔥♈️👌🤪💃🏼💁‍♀️🕺🏻🌹💥☄️🎉

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on my very short trip to London i met with @aaronsharif our resident #astrologer on #asvof the full nvu will come soon #astrology

there there all better 👑😇

Keep your words sparse, your actions devotional, and Stella is sure you will indeed have a lovely day. #aww #cat #cats #zodiac #astrologer #astrology #horoscope #homestudio #catsoftwitter #audio #catsofinstagram #self-help

♀Venus in Aquarius squares Mars & sextiles Jupiter exactly with the Full Moon in Libra ⸁ Today we are moving through all there is to process from the Libra Full Moon and the Sun in Aries. The Moon in Libra seeks harmony, it wants justice. This is a recalibration of giving and receiving. ⸁ Early this morning at 4:07am et, Venus in Aquarius perfected in her Last Quarter square over to Mars in Taurus. The last time Venus last time squared Mars exactly on October 10th, when Venus was Retrograde in Scorpio and Mars was in Aquarius, and the time before that, was September 8th when Venus was not yet retrograde in Scorpio. ⸁ • What relationships dynamics are you being challenged by now? • How does this relate to the last time we were working through Venus square Mars in September and October of 2018? ⸁ Back then, the theme was about connecting to a desired group, your soul family. Now, you may feel more connected to that soul family, but some adjusts are needing to be made to better reflect your values and self-worth. ⸁ You may need to change things up in a way that will ultimately bring you more comfort and make you feel more resourceful. This could result in having challenging conversations or moving through some physical and emotional tension within our relationships. Or it could reveal the passion you have for your current relationships. ⸁ Let your communications come from a fair and open-minded perspective. Focus your energy on relationships that truly support you in the long run and help you to stay on track to your goals. ⸁ Venus’ hard square to Mars is counterbalanced with a perfect sextile to Jupiter today at 10:17am et. So with this, we can find pleasure from many sources today, so pick your poison wisely. ⸁ Educating yourself on something new will likely take interest as well as being in groups. This energy will help you to feel more optimistic about the relationship dynamics you are working out and help you to see the many options at hand for the future. ⸁ ↯ 🎧 Hear the full #horoscope 🔗 in bio + use code “aries” to SAVE 10% OFF any reading ~ offer expires in nearly 1 week! ⸁ ⸁ 🧡 art by @ainmaxo11.11

Feliz 5a feira e novo ano astrológico!!! Hj q começa o Sol em Áries e um Novo Ano! 🤗

Aquarian Venus is the lead character in our lives today, making two powerful aspects: A challenging square with Mars and a harmonious sextile with Jupiter. Unconventional approaches to relationships with an intuitive approach will yield the best results! Moon in #libra.

Spring Equinox, Sun in Aries, 2:59 pm PST, and Worm Libra Supermoon, 6:43 pm PST - March 20, 2019 The Sun and Intense Libra Full SuperMoon are at opposite ends of a devil may care attitude I will do what I want -Sun in Aries or wanting to stay in Harmony with Self and Others, Libra Supermoon. Most of us our somewhere in between learning the lessons about love and loving through conflict and what do we value. What’s working for you and what’s not in relationship with self and others is front and center to view. How do I maintain myself as a healthy individual, yet stay in right connection with other human beings? Sun at 0 Aries bright light is shining on the Wounded Healer’s Shadow, Chiron at 1 Aries. Our shadow sides are being illuminated by the light, so we may see the old broken patterns blocking us for moving forward. This is bringing awareness to what is working or not. The pain and conflict force us to look at the emotional unhealthy patterns and wounding, so we may 1st see them, then take responsibility for self and handle them with emotional clearing and healthy boundaries. It’s time to shift to the next level of our highest soul guidance and allow the creative unique expression of who we are at the soul level to flow free. When Uranus moved into Taurus on March 6, 2019, major shifts were set in motion bringing energy for new awareness’s to what we value, how we love ourselves and others. How to be a unique healthy individual that comes to the group with right relationship to self and other. It will be in this sign for the next 7 years. We will be struck with mental lightning bolts, sudden earthquakes on our mental radar, rocking us wildly, so we can receive the wake-up calls and awareness Uranus brings suddenly. It will be in the areas of our lives where we are connecting with those close to us, those we love or work with, in community with and our own ways of loving self along with shifting universal and personal values to a higher vibration. There is a strong message here reminding us we are on this planet having a human experience, so we can connect with others. It is all a part of the plan here.

🤭My face when I’m trying my best not to fall for someone because of their natal chart 😂👏🏻 . Drop an “💕” emoji if you’d like to hop on my waiting list for my upcoming LOVE ASTROLOGY readings 🤭 working on a prototype for my girl right now 🤫 . . . #astrologer #wanderingbutnotlost #meditation #pinkaesthetic #lawofattraction #coach #brandastrology #girlswithtattoos #knuckletattoos #girlboss #goddessboss #manifest #loveastrology #compatibility #innergoddess #alberta #blonde #fitness #fitgirl #restday #fitwitch