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2016-10-27 03:45:37

No there's no man behind the camera, there's no "sugar daddy". I work hard, I pay my bills, I take MYSELF on vacations, and I'm no different than a man who work hard for his shit. A woman can do the same. #igotmyownback. And yeah, I travel by myself. Peace ✌️ #yallhaveweirdq #womanpower 🙋🏽 #workhardplayhard #awomancandoittoo #thinkingaboutmynextvacation ✈️✈️

Andrea Hernandez

2016-03-28 16:44:37

In love 😍 this man is my inspiration his love for this industry his photos him reaching out to me to ask him questions this is my goal my job I want to call my career a meat cutter that's who and I WILL b 🔪 a woman can do a man's job also you push yourself u make it happen for urself I can't wait till the day comes to step into this lifestyle 🙌🏼 #goals #career #meatcutter #inspiration #awomancandoittoo

If I closed down 2dy I can walk💃away feeling proud cause I accomplished that😘 see y'all later cause without yall I couldn't say that yall BEEN ROCKING wit Club G-Wiz strong and we all appreciate it #awomancandoittoo #ididdat #withhelptho #thanks #7on7 #itsaparty