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i know myself Chicago, 2018

Forest Fire - Upper Campus, UCT.


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I remember when me and Nick (the guy pictured) met up on this day to go to Rocky Mountain National Park. We both opened up about our struggles since being here in Colorado. How some shit have been piling up. Yet, we’re both grateful to be alive and to have family and friends. I remember... that I needed that weekend because I was anxious about my future and present. Now I’m hopeful. Willing to move on rather look back.


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Robb Bank$ | Green Hearted #gominimalmag #taintedmag #photocinematica #dreamermagazine #back2base


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simply one of the kindest persons I know

Playing football with this for a back drop, still one of my favourite days in Vietnam•

Grain is good •

On the road to nowhere •