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1 Day 3 Hours Ago

Dni coraz dłuższe i cieplejsze, więc z pełną odpowiedzialnością możemy powiedzieć, ze przyszedł czas na otwarcie sezonu balkonowego 👍💞❗ @aygul.sweethome 💋😍 ___ #balkon #balkony #balcony #balconygarden #stylowybalkon #loggia #loggiastyle #loggiadesign #balconydesign #balconystyle #pufa #pufy #puf #knitteddesign #knitteddecorations #mmieszkanie @m.mieszkanie


1 Day 9 Hours Ago

Small balcony? Turn the whole thing into a cozy, outdoor bed-lounge. (📷:@myparadissi)


3 Days 10 Hours Ago

Celebrated this beautiful Earth Day weekend by outfitting my balcony with some new herbs and flowers 🌵✨🌸


3 Days 14 Hours Ago

Quando o mobiliário valoriza e define os espaços com elegância by Maurício Karam. _____________________________________________________. ➡️ Confira outras inspirações no @decoremais →  USE a #grupojsmais, COMENTE nas nossas postagens e aumente sua chance de ser repostado pelo @grupojsmais. ⠀ ▸@decoremesmo ▸ @design_do_dia ▸@hedinapauli ▸ @espacos.decorados ▸@decoredecor ▸ @obraeestilo ▸ @decorcriative ▸@euteinspiro ▸@carolcantelli_interiores ⠀ Somos #geraçãocarolcantelli


3 Days 21 Hours Ago

На этом небольшом балконе разместился небольшой сад, не обошлось и без системы хранения. ♥Жмите 2 раза по картинке и 📝 сохраняйте интересные идеи в закладки! 👉 Больше идей для балконов по тегу #smallflatideas_балкон On this small balcony there is a small garden, there was also a storage system. ♥Press twice on the picture and📝 save ideas that is useful for you 👉 More ideas for small balcony #smallflatideas_balcony Source: inmyroom.ru Designed by Insomnia


3 Days 21 Hours Ago

Bom Dia❗️❗️Priorizando a paisagem que abraça a natureza em proposta despojada by Fabiano Prates para @revistaquem. _____________________________________________________. Confira mais inspirações no @carolcantelli_interiores →  USE a #grupojsmais, COMENTE nas nossas postagens e aumente sua chance de ser repostado pelo @grupojsmais. ⠀ ▸@arquiteturaz ▸ @decoratrends ▸@decorecomcharme ▸ @interior.inspira ▸@diadedecor ▸ @decoreinteriores ▸@pontodefugaarq ▸ @manualdecor ▸@engenhariaeinteriores ⠀ Somos #geraçãocarolcantelli


3 Days 22 Hours Ago

Happy Sunday! ✨ And what a sunny day indeed! ☀️Yesterday we got surprised by some rain, and a little chill. It’s all good though, our plants aren’t complaining! New space alert! 📣 As the weather continues to warm up, looking forward to using our outdoor living room! While our garden is rather small, we have a large balcony terrace that we’re fortunate to be able to enjoy nearly year round. We even brave the outdoors to watch thunder and lighting storms under our covered pergola. There’s something very peaceful about being bundled up under blankets with your loved ones, just watching a storm come in. Our container garden of plants, and trees (like this young lime tree), out here are slowly coming back to life. They may have been a little neglected, over the colder months. 😬 Our living/dining room is one shared room so having this outdoor space, literally doubles our space for entertaining. If you caught my stories, you can spy our outdoor dining area, we frequently dine al fresco, in the warmer months. Taking advantage of the cooler evening air. You may have wondered what became of my grocery store trays. Well here they are! Repurposed into wall decor, with some adhesive and wall hooks. The little table belonged to my husbands grandparents. It got a quick layer of gold tone, Hammerite to cover up some rust, and has been sitting pretty out here ever since. We always keep a basket of throws out here for chillier nights. The yellow tray was a target gift, from my mom. Have been busy propagating new succulents pots. Some really branched out over the winter, and need a drastic hair cut! Within a month or so they’ll have filled up new pots. Love it when my plants are happy! 😄 We had a few false starts with the clean up out here. We’d give everything a good scrub and then get a bout of rain. Which would inevitably result in mud. Wondering if yesterday’s rain was the last of it for the season. 🤔 Even our outdoor space is chock full of throw cushions, that’s just the way I roll! Throw cushions for life! 😎 Wishing you a wonderful Sunday whereever you are! 😘💕☀️


4 Days 17 Hours Ago

Uma proposta descontraída, destacada por materiais naturais que sugerem maior aconchego a espaços abertos em composição pra lá de convidativa. Imagem via El Mueble. ______________________________________________________ Confira mais inspirações no @engenhariaeinteriores →  USE a #grupojsmais, COMENTE nas nossas postagens e aumente sua chance de ser repostado pelo @grupojsmais. ⠀ ▸@decoremesmo ▸ @design_do_dia ▸@hedinapauli ▸ @espacos.decorados ▸@decoredecor ▸ @obraeestilo ▸ @decorcriative ▸@euteinspiro ▸@carolcantelli_interiores ⠀ Somos #geraçãocarolcantelli


5 Days 15 Hours Ago

Kto dziś uprawia wieczorowy balkoning? Bo w Warszawie pogoda sprzyja 😉 🇪🇸el tiempo en Varsovia es muy bueno para perderlo sentando en balcon y relajandose 😉😂 Quien mas va a hacer asi? 🇬🇧the weater in Varsaw is very nice so it's good time to seat on balcony and relax. Anyone else ? 😉 #balcony#balconystyle #outdoor #olddoor #cactuslover #cactuscountry #festoonlights #nightlights #izabelaperezharriette #iphp📷 #coloresdemialma #rustic #bohodecor #ethnostyle #darlingweekend #womenwithplants #iginterior #housedesign #homeliving #homeandgarden #scandihome #interiorblogger #interiorwarrior #polishinterior #howyouhome #darlingweekend


5 Days 18 Hours Ago

Balcon suite.. Les tapis en plastoc trouvés chez les chintocs à Belleville..une occase . .. #deco #balconystyle #homedeco #lagrisettestyle #summer #sunnyday #lagrisettecreations #paris


5 Days 20 Hours Ago

寄せ植えに入れるリーフで人気のアイビーゼラニュームエレガンテ。ちょうどお花も咲いてます🌸 #アイビーゼラニウム #アイビーゼラニウムエレガンテ #寄せ植え #寄せ植えの花 #ピンクの花 #バルコニースタイル #pelargonium #ivygeranium #balconystyle #pinkflowers