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21 Hours Ago

Real men wear “Pink” Floyd tees 🤘🏼😁. Come this Sunday Nov 18 to @queensbrewery and have a PF experience by @mrfloydnyc also onstage @ensamble_calavera @bulletsociety @smoke.n.mirrors.band @fansu_oficial + tacos 🌮 from @bushwicktacocompany 🍺➕🌮➕🎸🎹🥁🎷🎺 = 🤘🏼#savethedate #seeyououtthere . . . . . . . #musicianslife #musicislife #musicismylife #nymusicians #nymusicscene #nyc #nymusic #musicianportrait #nycmusician #wearemrfloyd #darksideofthemoon #wishyouwerehere #pinkfloyd #ska #bluesrock #ridgewood #brooklyn #craftbeer #craftbeernotcrapbeer #beerporn #beeragram #beeradvocate #beerlover #beerhead #cheers #drinklocal #queensbrewery


23 Hours Ago

ELECTRIC BEAR you ain't seen muffin yet. Lemon glazed blueberry muffin stout 🐻🍋🍇🍩#hoplife_london #hophead #drinkfresh #craftbeergeek #craftbeerlover #massivebeers #beeragram #stoutlovers #darkbeerlover #darkale


1 Day 3 Hours Ago

It's #flightfriday so I've lined up these three hoppy hitters: 'Son of the Sea' (NEIPA) from @thewhitehag in Sligo, Ireland, 'The Dodo', a double dry-hopped Pale Ale from London's @weirdbeardbrewco followed by their 7% 'Five O'Clock Shadow' Pale Ale. All cracking beers but 'Son of the Sea' stood out that little bit extra for me, as cramming that much tropical fruit flavour into the body of a 3.8% beer takes some serious brew moves. Definitely a brewery worth checking out if you get the chance! #fridayflight #weirdbeer #thewhitehag #beerflight #craftbeer #craftbeerporn #beerpics #beergeek #beertographer #beertography #instabeer #beeragram #tgif


1 Day 15 Hours Ago

#frothyfriday #saucebrewing #trubbleandsqueak #beer #beers #bier #birra #cerveza #piwo #øl #beeragram #beerporn #beergeek #beernut #beergasm #craftbeer #instabeer #instafroth #frothy #dneipa #doublenewenglandindiapaleale #tinnies I see what all the fuss is about @saucebrewing. Super thick, super juicy!!! When it pours, it pours with chunks of real mango in it. The amazing part is, even though it’s a double NEIPA, with added mango, it’s not too much that you wouldn’t have another. #cheers 🍻


2 Days 1 Hour Ago

Yunbrew Restaurant & Craft Beer Bar was my first stop on Day 2 of my Beijing Beer Quest. The main seating area is in front with a bar and kitchen in the back. There is also mezzanine seating overlooking the ground floor and a patio in front. Although they are a brewpub, they only currently brew one beer, a 5.6% ABV wheat beer. Seventeen guest taps were a mixture of domestic and import. Fridges stocked a mixture of bottles and cans. If you happen to be staying at the Beijing @marriotthotels Northeast, Yunbrew is your best craft beer option within walking distance. Read about my Big Fat Beijing Pub Crawl at https://greathopforward.wordpress.com/2018/11/12/great-hop-forward-beijing-craft-beer-quest/.


2 Days 8 Hours Ago

The @vocationbrewery Tap Takeover starting lineup is ready! The weekend of great beer, fun, Street Food, frivolity, Live Music and more kicks off at 4pm! #craftale #craftbeer #craft #caskale #realale #weekend #ale #beer #caskale #realale #craftbeerlife #craftbeerporn #craftbeernotcrapbeer #craftnotcrap #beerporn #beersnob #beeragram #beersofinstagram #hops #hoppy #ipa #paleale #juicy #refreshing #lager #pilsner #taptakeover


2 Days 20 Hours Ago

Normal service has been resumed! After the wipe out of Gypsy Hill's Imperial Stout recently I was really hoping the London-based brewery would bounce back with this kettle sour pimped with 1000kg of blackberry, raspberry and lingonberry puree. And boy did they!! This is the kind of fruit smoothie 💣I can drink for breakfast, with the perfect amount of lactose to balance out the yeasty sourness and tartness of the lingonberries and to stop your face looking like you've accidentally just seen your grandmother naked. 😱 * Love what it stands for (supporting people from socially marginalised groups) and just ❤️this beer! * Swipe 👈 to check out this sour's amazing colour! No filter!! 😲 * Note to self: stop putting cans of beer in bramble bushes. * #gypsyhill #peoplelikeus #bramblesour #craftbrewery #craftbeer #beerporn #beergeek #craftbeerlife #craftbeerporn #craftbeerlife #beerpics #beertography #beertographer #beeragram #instabeer #sourbeer


3 Days 1 Hour Ago

Always important to support craft beer, no matter what time of day it is. #craftbeer #beerporn #ctbeer


3 Days 15 Hours Ago

Signal Blocker IPA from Arden Beer Co is self-billed as a hazy, juicy NEIPA, but unfortunately somewhere along the way the signal must have got blocked between the brewers and the yeast. The beer in my bottle had continued attenuating away, leaving behind an IPA stripped of practically all its juicy fruity sweetness with a weird finish of band aids. It frothed so violently it was impossible to jam it in a glass. Shame, because I really love the NEIPA style 😞but Signal Blocker and me weren't on the same wavelength today. End of message. #signalblocker #neipa #craftbeer #beerporn #craftbeerporn #craftbeerlife #beertography #beertographer #beerpics #instabeer #beeragram #whitstable #beerreview #betterlucknexttime

This year's @8x8brewingproject featured the Nordic countries, including Estonia and Iceland. You can find some beer from these countries in Vancouver, but relatively few. That's why I was excited to get a small survey of what the craft brewers in this region are up to. Here is @amagerbryghus from Denmark who collaborated with Wild West Brewing in Chengdu. In addition to the collaboration beer that was available for all of the four festival sessions, each brewery featured two of their own beers per session, for a total of 136 beers. Some may scorn a lager, but how can you not try one called Pink Farts & Unicorns? Absolutely brilliant name! Find out more about this year's 8x8 China Brewing Project on @realbrewstuds at https://wearebrewstuds.com/features/craft-beer-beijing-china-festival-8x8/.


4 Days 1 Hour Ago

If you want to get a permanent reminder of the @8x8brewingproject festival, tattoo artists are on hand for that very purpose. Here my Scottish mate, Daniel, is getting his body art souvenir. Someone got a "京A" tattooed on their ankle. Read more about the 2018 8x8 China Brewing Project on @realbrewstuds at https://wearebrewstuds.com/features/craft-beer-beijing-china-festival-8x8/.


4 Days 18 Hours Ago

He rode through the woods on a big blue ox 📖 Another day, another beer, this #blogtrotbeers courtesy of Trading Post, and their Helles Lager. A smooth refreshing beer that can be enjoyed while cheering on the Vancouver Giants. #veryvancouver #vancouverisawesome #adventureisoutthere #myvancouverlife #narcityvancouver #lovevancouver #liveauthentic #instagood #mustbevancouver #travelgram #letsgosomewhere #traveldeeper #neverstopexploring #fromwhereistand #mytinyatlas #welltravelled #westcoast #leftcoast #wanderlust #dailyhive #followback #keepitwild #explorebc #stayandwander #pnw #thevisualscollective #allaboutadventures #yvreats #stayandwander #beeragram @beautifuldestinations


4 Days 3 Hours Ago

If you didn’t already know this month is @movember – the month where men are encouraged to grow their mo in support of men’s health awareness. And this year the global Movember movement is once again focusing on men’s mental health and suicide prevention by encouraging guys not to struggle on alone but to open up and talk about how they really feel. Follow @movember for great advice and resources if you feel you need them. Rocking the tache is @brewdogofficial ’s Quench Quake, a subtly sour seismic burst of tart tangerine and mango. Very trim!


4 Days 11 Hours Ago

If you recall the photo of my @8x8brewingproject VIP bottle share suitcase beer, you'll notice in this photo three of my @bccraftbrewersguild fresh hop beers from @fuggleswarlock, @moodyales, and @parksidebrewery. Magnus (left) from @duggesbryggeri and Jon of Xian Brewery are enjoying some hoppy nectar from Canada as they make the rounds of intriguing contributions to the pool. Xian and Dugges collaborated for 8x8 to create a 7% Double-Take Kettle Sour using fresh ginger and local pear juice. For more about the 2018 8x8 China Brewing Project, see my article on @realbrewstuds at https://wearebrewstuds.com/features/craft-beer-beijing-china-festival-8x8/.


4 Days 12 Hours Ago

The @8x8brewingproject festival food vendors were lined up along the far wall of the venue, at the opposite end from the entrance and the DJ booth. I headed here first to make sure I had a full stomach to tackle tasting 40 beers in the one session. Here I am in conversation with Chef Simone, creator of the Chuan-Mex burrito. For those who want to try this original fusion dish, I have been informed that it is permanently on the menu @hatcheryasia. Read more about the 2018 8x8 China Brewing Project on @realbrewstuds at https://wearebrewstuds.com/features/craft-beer-beijing-china-festival-8x8/.


4 Days 14 Hours Ago

The Arcade by Hatchery folks were also offering beer milkshakes made with 京A's Black Velvet Vanilla Stout. As I am a bit of a beer float fanatic, of course I couldn't pass this up. As you can see, the presentation is attractive. The flavours were very well-combined to give it only a subtle beer character. Some may prefer to have a more pronounced beeriness. I might be more inclined that way, but would have to experiment with ingredient ratios to know for sure. The main drawback, however, was its consistency. It was on the thin side for my taste -- a bit too milky. I prefer a thick shake. Is that a North American thing? You can read more about this year's 8x8 festival on @realbrewstuds at https://wearebrewstuds.com/features/craft-beer-beijing-china-festival-8x8/.


4 Days 16 Hours Ago

Raise of hands who has had this beer before? Or another traditional biere de garde for that matter. It's an awesome style that is rare to find authentic examples of, so get it when you can. #frenchbier #france #saisonbutnotreally


4 Days 19 Hours Ago

Aside from the beer, one of the highlights of the @8x8brewingproject festival for me was the surprising Sichuan-Mexican food from Arcade by Hatchery. This Century Old Xiao Chao Burrito was something to savour. It was stuffed with larou pork fat fried rice, spicy chicken, century eggs, Chinese pickles, and "Sichuan" mayonnaise. Yum! I had a long chat with Hatchery chef, Simone, who created the special menu for the festival. If you happen to be in Beijing and go to the Hatchery, you may be able to still find this burrito. Simone was mulling over putting it on the menu if only for her to be able to have it herself. Read my article about this year's 8x8 China Brewing Project on @realbrewstuds at https://wearebrewstuds.com/features/craft-beer-beijing-china-festival-8x8/.


4 Days 19 Hours Ago

Being my second @8x8brewingproject festival, I now have a pair of tasting glasses to use at home. Given that you have 40 beers to sample in three hours, the size is right and the shape is optimal for appreciating a beer's appearance. If you go to multiple sessions on Saturday, it's important to maintain your stamina. My strategy is to rinse the glasses between tastings and drink the rinse water. Start with the lighter, lower alcohol beers and work your way up. Also, be sure to eat enough food. For more about this year's 8x8 China Brewing Project, see my article on @realbrewstuds at https://wearebrewstuds.com/features/craft-beer-beijing-china-festival-8x8/.


4 Days 20 Hours Ago

I found the interior space for this year's @8x8brewingproject at Langyuan Vintage had a better vibe than last year at 798 Art District. It was roomy enough to feel not overly crowded. Lineups for beer and food were reasonable. The variety of food on offer was eclectic and of good quality. The DJ was excellent, as long as he kept the music volume to a reasonable level. (Dude, it's a beer festival, not a dance party!) The only drawback was the location of the bathrooms outside of the venue, on the second floor of another building. Drink all those Pohjala Baltic porters, better be careful you don't trip on the stairs! For more on the China 8x8 Brewing Project festival, see my article on "Brew Studs" at https://wearebrewstuds.com/features/craft-beer-beijing-china-festival-8x8/.


4 Days 20 Hours Ago

In what seems to be turning into a tradition, my first beer in Beijing on this trip was @great_leap_brewing #6 in Doujiao Hutong. Situated in a converted courtyard house, this is the quintessential Beijing craft beer experience. Here I'm drinking one of their latest seasonals, a Diplomatic Mango Tropical Stout.


5 Days 9 Hours Ago

Not sure how PC it is to feature one of my own beers but I'm really proud of the @beerstudio team for creating our juicy new Mixtape IPA! You can always head over to @untappd if you want to run those rating numbers 😃 #craftbeer #beerporn #beertography #beertographer #beerphoto #beerphotography #instabeer #beeragram #mixtapeipa #ipa #craftlover


5 Days 18 Hours Ago

Always good to drink @victorybeer when you want a #victory! V12 is a 12% Quad from 2016 that is mellowing out nicely with some age. #pabrewreview #comingsoon #flyeaglesfly