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There’s times when it feels that some days feel shorter than others. But in reality a lot of us waste time on doing things that don’t help us progress towards our goals. • • Simply write down each day what are 3-4 important tasks on your to-do list that you must complete today that will get you closer to your goals and make those your priorities for that day. • • Share this with 2 people you know this could help.


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I AM SO PROUD of Myself👏. I asked Zani if I could use my Products on her as She would be the perfect - her hair is extremely thick & long & curly. Guess what - the Products worked!!!! Thank You Zani for putting up with me. I really am not a hairdresser but I got her hair straight & smooth🙌🙌🙌 #believeinyourself #empoweringwomen #grateful


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‘Nature’s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower, but only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf, so Eden sank to grief, so dawn goes down today, nothing gold can stay’. I didn’t even google the words to that poem, I promise! It’s actually the very first poem that I ever read and analysed when we were studying the outsiders at school, so it will always be my favourite! I didn’t realise I actually knew it by heart until a few years ago. I don’t know how 😂. Anyway, I’ve just woken up and I am severely tired but I have got a whole day of analysing poetry ahead! I don’t actually mind it, analysing poetry is one of my favourite things to do and I much prefer it over novels and plays, I’d just also prefer to sleep all day 😂


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Self Confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how awesome you are if you can’t see it yourself? 🌸 Beautiful Jacket by @everfashionluxurygroup @twinsetofficial @nijel_pearce_imagery 🖤 #beyourself #believeinyourself #brandambassador #speaker #moderator #presenter #doha #qatar #everfashionluxurygroup


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Korean Monster👊 @chul_soon


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Faith is light that shows the path of believing trusting made to witnessed. #witness#trust #believeinyourself #positivevibes #spirit #wonders #mystery #hope #dont #give #up #faith💕💕💕❤


6 Minutes Ago

So I had no idea Uber Eats had Vegan friendly meal options & restaurants available?! So maybe I’ve lived under a rock and many of you already knew this but none the less I was ecstatic to be able to order ‘take out’ after arriving home late leaving no time for food prep. After reviewing many options I decided to give @lordofthefries1 a go - located Jetty Road, Glenelg. Feeling skeptical yet hopeful they would taste as yummy as the pictures looked, I figured I will never know if I don’t try. Making a change is about new experiences, new tastes, new flavours and to be open minded when trying. I ordered a chick’n gluten free burger topped with vegan cheese, crispy lettuce and the tastiest dairy free mayo and mustard I’ve ever had! Wow! Would it be too soon to say it tasted better then McDonald’s and entirely guilt free! #whatawin

➡️ Entreprendre & travailler autrement, ça vous intéresse ? Vous avez envie d'un nouveau challenge professionnel ?✅ Link in my bio 👌🏽😉 Envoyez moi un message 📩 pour échanger et prendre des infos ! #travaillerautrement #stayhumble #bekind #behappy #believeinyourself #workhard #staypositive #positivethinking #positivity #learn #hustle #dreambig #readeveryday #progress #gamechanger #entrepreneurship #pleasure #lifeisgood #lifeisbeautiful #grateful #imsolucky #ilovemylife #ilovemyjob #b2ulife #enjoy #newstart #alfyfly #peace


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Lounge comfortably in this bra and jegging set ... : Jacket available too.... Get OUR MERCHANDISE- @ World business first floor - SIX FIGURES SHOP! Or call Marion on on 0717 514 177. #believeinyourself #beyou

It's been a very busy week @ Animation Explainers HQ. Today we can announce another deal this week with TRREND.COM. We cannot wait to produce an awesome animated video for this new exciting software. If you need an animated video to explain your business, Reach out to us ! 👌


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Fear is a thief and a liar! Whispering “you’re not good enough” and that you’re not safe. It dictates what you can and can’t do. It is the product of the thoughts we create. Danger is real, but fear is a choice.


11 Minutes Ago

Me acuesto y cierro los ojos, siento que no me duermo, pero encuentro la forma de soñar. Insisto en calmar, mis ansias de viajar al recuerdo, abatiendo mis brazos hacia el suelo. Sentir el equilibrio en el roce de mi cuerpo, es lo que hace que concilie el sueño. El sueño con mi realidad.


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Don’t find fault. Find remedy. ——-///———/————————- Reminder: if you aren’t on the waitlist yet for a free Career Roadmap Session, now is the time to join. Slots will be opening up next week and it’s first come, first served. DM me to get on it or if you have any questions! Speak soon!!!


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OMG take me back!!! 💯😥😤 #blessed #parking #recepies #believeinyourself #goals😍 #timeismoney #tbt #tuesday