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Good morning beautiful believers! You! First. Above anyone else. Love yourself. After all, your pretty awesome! - #believeyourtruth


20 Hours Ago

Hey there beautiful believers! Don’t be afraid to ask...what’s the worst they can say, no? But, what if they say YES! You never know unless you try! - #believeyourtruth

Good morning beautiful believers! Make this weekend amazing 💥🔥! - #believeyourtruth


4 Days 2 Hours Ago

Good morning beautiful believers! A reminder to ourselves... - #believeyourtruth


5 Days 1 Hour Ago

Good morning beautiful believers! Open up and see the world through all your beauty... -#believeyourtruth


6 Days 1 Hour Ago

Good morning beautiful believers! In fact just the opposite! If you want growth then get out of that damn comfort zone! Sure being in a warm fuzzy blanket with a nice bowl of chicken soup is nice, but you know what’s even better? Riding in a fast car, music blasting as you sing at the top of your lungs for the world to hear with the wind blowing wildly through your hair... think about it. Go live life the way it was intended for you! - #believeyourtruth


7 Days 1 Hour Ago

Good morning beautiful believers! I loved this and thought you would too! Go be a badass love beam today! I will be 😘 - #believeyourtruth


8 Days 2 Hours Ago

Good morning beautiful believers! Let’s go kick this weeks butt! New week, new day, NEW YOU! - #believeyourtruth


11 Days 1 Hour Ago

Good morning beautiful believers! @garyvee said it best! Live unapologetically! - #believeyourtruth


12 Days 3 Hours Ago

Good morning beautiful believers! When you love yourself first and foremost, everything else will fall into place! The universe is pretty amazing like that! - #believeyourtruth


14 Days 2 Hours Ago

Good morning beautiful believers! Don’t listen to them! They put you down because of their own fears. They are the ones afraid to try new things. Afraid to live boldly. Afraid to be their true highest self! You can do it and you will if you keep going! - #believeyourtruth


15 Days 1 Hour Ago

Good morning beautiful believers! You are perfectly imperfect in every way! - #believeyourtruth


15 Days 19 Hours Ago

Always believe in how beautiful you truly are! - #believeyourtruth


18 Days 22 Hours Ago

I am thankful for all of you! This past year! Each and everyday! Have a beautiful day! - #believeyourtruth


19 Days 22 Hours Ago

I wanted to share something that's been on my mind and heart lately. Something that I am confronted with daily. The beautiful young women that surround us! 👭 . Yes, children are resilient, but they are also incredibly impressionable from a young age. I am not a mom yet, but I know in the future I am going to have a great responsibility if I have a daughter to help her see herself in a light of truth and love.🙌🏽 . I was listening to a friend who is a mom about how young women and girls view themselves and their bodies in the light of how their mothers or other adults around them perceive their own bodies.👉🏽 It’s not enough to tell these young women of their worth and beauty. If the women they look up to tell them they are beautiful, but stand in front of the mirror tearing herself apart … that little girl is going to think that of herself too. 💖 Because that young girl came from that persons blood and looks like that person, than she must be a reflection of that woman…. good or bad. She looks up to that adult and admired her. Same thing for intelligence, self worth, self love, and how we treat others. Self-love breeds self-love and self-hate breeds self-hate. . It doesn’t matter just what we say. It matters how we follow that up with actions. Don’t allow the enemies lies get in your mind and play tricks on you. He sees how he can negatively influence you AND that young girl. He sees that systematic approach to destroying confidence and self worth. Don’t let him. He thrives on it. 🖐🏽 . I challenge you today to be that positive, beautiful, intelligent, worthy woman God created you to be and show the young women around you the TRUTH. We were created perfectly in his image… uniquely, never to be compared, and worthy to be loved just as we are. ♥#bodypositive #positivebodyimage #selflove #selfworth #spreadlove #betheexample #believeyourtruth


20 Days 20 Hours Ago

Attitude of gratitude... brighten someone’s day by telling them what they mean to you! #believeyourtruth #motivation #love #inspiration #life #beauty #gratitude


21 Days 3 Hours Ago

Good morning beautiful believers! It’s all about getting on that horse and riding in this crazy rodeo called life! Do it! Do it loud and proud! - #believeyourtruth


22 Days 6 Hours Ago

⭐️words from my boyfriend- { YOUR most challenging year ever has started, the best gift will be to see that your enterprise will take off!! You might have to wait for that gift another year or two but it will be worth every endeavor you put into it now.}❤️ . . . Morning Monday ! People asking me where come my inspiration from... Better ask me where come my groundwork from... it’s have been a long weekend ... thank you @dope_on_plastik I keep read your words 🙌🏼 ————— Dei uma paradinha de um dia, tentei não pegar o telefone e não abrir o Instagram, tentei voltar para mim e os meus objetivos . Não foi fácil mas ele sempre está ali Deus e o meu anjinho @dope_on_plastik! Só de ler suas palavras aquela luz de gratidão reacende! . #breathe #selfconfident #believeyourtruth . ———— Gratidão @carolinerm - @thebetterachiever couldn’t have a better coach - friend in my path 🙌🏼 📸 @jiaweisu92 ⭐️Tap for the outfit credits


22 Days 1 Hour Ago

Attitude of gratitude! Not only this week but all year! - #believeyourtruth


24 Days 13 Hours Ago

Goodnight beautiful believers! It is your life...live it how you choose! - #believeyourtruth


26 Days 1 Hour Ago

Good morning beautiful believers! Always remember you are very special and loved! 😘 - #believeyourtruth


26 Days 21 Hours Ago

Hey beautiful believers! Always remember your most important job... - #believeyourtruth


29 Days 16 Hours Ago

It is up to you to make yourself better each and everyday but in order to do that you must first believe in yourself! - #believeyourtruth


2018-11-10 06:55:02

No matter what other’s think...love yourself and know how amazing you are! You are unique, one of a kind and someone’s favorite person. You are beautiful! - #believeyourtruth


2018-11-09 11:59:30

You were put here to shine and be extraordinary! So why be anything else? - #believeyourtruth


2018-11-06 23:14:39

May I add what you choose to take in. It's okay to realise that the circumstances are dire, or your family is dirt poor and you are not good at academic work. But if you choose to dwell on it and accept it as your way of life, then you have lost the point. What you choose to believe in and fight for shapes you and your future irrespective of what anyone say as far as it is a good fight. Don't settle and hold onto God's word. Surround yourself with encouragers and your hypers. Fight the good fight. I refuse to settle. #fight#believeyourtruth#believegod


2018-11-05 03:09:42

Good morning beautiful believers! You got this! - #believeyourtruth


2018-11-04 16:11:35

Good night beautiful believers! Don’t be afraid to let you dreams show you the way! - #believeyourtruth


2018-11-04 00:01:10

Your life is a journey There's only one real thing that you need to know... It all starts with knowing and trusting in you. We gave away our power, we gave away our love. We gave away so much not to stand in our truth. Was it all worth it? Probably not.. However we returned to empower, assist in our lot..


2018-11-01 04:54:03

Good morning beautiful believers! Your passion is yours alone, don’t let other make fun of it and don’t make fun of others! Let’s play fair! - #believeyourtruth


2018-10-30 09:45:58

You must believe that you can! That you are worthy! You are capable of anything! And then GO FOR IT! - #believeyourtruth


2018-10-27 23:15:46

Life’s journey...is it about where you’ve been or where you’re going? Love to know your thoughts... #believeyourtruth


2018-10-26 05:02:29

Good morning beautiful believers! Sometimes along our amazing journey we all might need a little help! Don’t be ashamed to ask for it and don’t be embarrassed to take it! Those who extend a hand to help are those who want to watch you soar! - #believeyourtruth