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and though the dark clouds still pass over from time to time, i know i made it before so i know i’ll make it again. it will not be the end of my story. 💙 • • • #personaldevelopment #positivevibes #bereavement #blogger #wordpress #loss #author #writersofinstagram #selfpublishing

One in five children will lose someone close to them before their 18th birthday. Statistics show, severe or chronic grief can lead to mental health problems (anxiety, depression, eating disorder, PTSD, OCD, and drug and alcohol abuse), or make a pre-existing condition worse. Today we pray for every grieving person secretly living in pain, to preserve through it. Remember that time you thought you would never survive? Well you did, and you can do it again. Our hearts and prayers are also with the families of #wynterpitts, #makiyahwilson, #teniyajones and the other people whose stories we may never know. Follow #girlswhovote as we raise awareness about #griefsupport and #mentalhealth on our voter registration campaign. Leave a 💙 for young people who have lost their loved ones this summer. Together we can #curestigma and end silent suffering one story at a time. #beatyoutblues #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #girlempowerment #womenofcolor #blackgirlpower #blackpsychology #bereavement #whenweallvote #blackmentalhealth #browngirlheal #blackgirlmagic #minoritymentalhealth #peopleofcolor #griefandloss #blackmentalhealthmatters #blackwomenshealth #blackgirljoy #blackgirlhealing #blackmindsmatter


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Genova🌹 #italy #dreams #bridge #bereavement


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Sometimes it’s only ice cream that makes things bearable, thank you to our donors for providing some comfort for others, and today, for Mary. #bereavement #helping #comfortfood #love #sharing #socialenterprise


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‪I’ve swithered as to whether I should share this or not. These are my grandparents. I’ve talked a lot in my book about losing my parents but these two heroes lost their daughter and son-in-law. Neither of them ever got over it for their remaining years #orphanboys #bereavement#grief #talkaboutdeath


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💜Stillbirthday Hearts Release in Austin Texas💜 Each year stillbirthday honors our babies gone too soon with a global Hearts Release™. This FREE event allows our beloved babies names, worldwide, to be handwritten on teeny tiny biodegradable hearts embedded with floral seeds. For the first time this event will be held both globally as well as locally. I am a bereaved parent as well as certified SBD birth and bereavement doula. Together with other local SBD doulas, we are honored to be bringing this event locally to the Charlotte area. We would be honored to hold and record your baby/babies’ name(s) here. Please record the name(s) you wish to honor in the Guestbook linked below to be dually included in both the local and global events and feel welcome to add them to the event wall. Please join us for this FREE event either online and/or in person; October 20, 2018 from 2-4pm. Location TBD “2018 Hearts Release™ - the tremendous honor of spending a few moments handwriting the names of beloved babies not alive, that they may grow into flowers all over the world- from babies all over the world.” Heidi Faith - founder stillbirthday. https://www.heartsrelease.com/ https://www.heartsrelease.com/babies-names/ https://stillbirthday.com/ www.integritybirthcare.wordpress.com Yana Romoser has graciously offered to photograph the event for us. <3 https://www.facebook.com/photosbyyana/ Event FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/219073128760775/?ti=cl #austintexas #bereavement #doula #cedarparktexas #pflugerville #georgetowntexas #huttotexas #roundrocktexas #babies #infant #motherhood #fatherhood #mother #father #life #death #sids #stillbirth #miscarriage #infantloss #pregnancy #pregnancyloss #pregnant #siblings #childloss #stillbirthday #heartsrelease2018 #heartsrelease

#wednesdaywisdom For our bereavement resources & tools, please visit: www.bereaved.ie #livingwithloss #bereavement


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Taking high steps into this thing 👠 ⠀ I remember someone told me that I was doing too much after the death of my child? ⠀ Sweetheart! What does that even mean? Who placed the the measurements for “TOO MUCH” after childloss? So a woman that’s never been a mother have the rights to determine that for me? 😳 ⠀ So I’m wrong for trying to regain the life that I once had before the birth of my kid? ⠀ I’m out here trying to mind train and motivate myself to carry life on AS iF and you’re completely ignorant to the fact! ⠀ Why does lipstick,foundation, and a pair of nice high heels brings forward so much hostility? 🤔 ⠀ She can’t make judgement towards my efforts. I was simp-lying self lecturing and trying not to let my troublesome past dictate my current mindset and future. ⠀ Maybe if she wasn’t so concern with the shades of my lipstick and the height of my heels, she could get to know the depths of my heart ✨ ⠀ Who has had this problem before? Just because you don’t fit the traditional looks of mourning, you’re criticized 😳 ⠀ I’m STEPPING, rather it’s liked by many, a few, or none 😌 _________ #themourningmoms #thoughtsofamourningmom

When my daughter died, I remember how shocked I was to find that I could actually still feel joy, even while simultaneously feeling a depth of grief that truly cannot be put to words. . It confused me. It enraged me. I didn’t understand how I was still breathing without her, forget smiling, or laughing, or noticing the beauty of a sunset. . But I was capable of doing all of the above. Even when my grief was at its freshest and most unbearable. . In fact, the more deeply and willingly I dove into the pain, the more intensely I felt everything—including the joy and gratitude. . Feeling these “positive” emotions in no way negates your grief. You do not have to cling to the pain to prove your love. (But if you need to cling, then do it!) . To experience happiness does not mean you are in ‘denial’ or ‘shock.’ It’s perfectly possible and very, very common to both fully understand and acknowledge tremendous loss while still remaining open to these other emotional experiences. . As a collective, we need to stop pathologizing the literally countless, equally legitimate, ways there are grieve. ✨❤️✨ . #grieving #grief #griefsupport #griefcounseling #griefandloss #bereavement #bereavedmother #bereavedparents #joy #happiness #complexptsd #complextrauma #cptsdrecovery #healingtrauma #childhoodtrauma #transpersonalcounselling #coloradotherapy #coloradotherapist #selflove #selfcompassion #selfacceptance #normalizegrief #endthestigma #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #queertherapist #sacredcirclecounseling #reparenting #innerchild #innerchildwork quote found via @maghenhallene

Msg from Kernel’s mgmt: Today is my mom’s 10th deathaversary. In an attempt to keep her present, this quote comes from a letter she wrote me that was found in her dresser after she passed - a glimpse into why #kernellesleygdane proudly carries on her name. “Live each day with fulfillment, to be happy. It took me too many years to realize this. Corporate life was only somewhat fulfilling and just a way to make money. That is a waste of time. Find a way in your life to be a whole person, to be happy, kind, and fulfilled every day. Happiness comes from within. No one can give it to you. Meet difficulty with courage. Don’t ignore it, don’t battle it alone." #legendsneverdie #strengthandwisdom 🖤🏳️


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Yesterday, Liam should have been 3 months old, probably coming home from NICU. Not many words have truly given me comfort, but I can’t argue with this. I’d do it all again. ✨ #lifeafterliam #lifeafterloss #scribblesandcrumbs #grief #grievingoutloud #loss #babyloss #infantloss #neonatalloss #nicumom #babylossawareness #trauma #hydrops #hydropsfetalis #deathpositive #bereavedmother #stillamom #bereavement


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@all_about_film tagged me for my favourite “Horror Babes” here they are, Alexandra Daddario in “Bereavement”, Katharine Isabelle in “American Mary” , Pollyanna McIntosh from “The Woman” and Belén Rueda in “Julia’s eyes” I tag @willow_w0lf to choose her favourite horror babes#horrorbabes #babes #horror #horrorfilms #films #movie #movies #american #mary #americanmary #juliaseyes #julia #eyes #the #woman #thewoman #bereavement #alexandradaddario #belénrueda #katharineisabelle #pollyannamcintosh #spanishhorror #horrormaniac #horrorfan


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This is my work family, and every day they’re indescribably wonderful. I wouldn’t have gotten through the last few hugely difficult weeks without them 🙌🙌🙌 #sisterhood #bereavement #repost @neighbourhoodmidwivesltd with @get_repost ・・・ Here we all are at a Neighbourhood Midwives team circle day. Friends and special colleagues working, sharing and laughing together. #neighbourhoodmidwives #privatemidwife #independentmidwife #positivebirth #continuitymatters


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This beautiful drawing is made by Dannyele @foxwarpaint please check her out! You can costum order a drawing by messaging her. This is given to my grandmother today as a canvas and will be hung in her living room. Incredible skill and artwork made by Dannyele and I made the letters.

Our team are amazing!Last year, we gave bereavement support to 432 patients and families 💜 Find out more on our website. Link in bio. #hospice #support #bereavement #luton #care #hospicecare #family


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What does it mean to die? #chh #christian #death #die #bereavement #gospel #gospelrap


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Last week both Mr C and I did readings in front of people for 2 very different reasons. Mr C said some beautiful original words at the funeral of his step-father, who was a truly lovely, kind, good and silly man. I had the easier job of reading Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 at the intimate wedding ceremony of one of my bestest friends from school. An emotional few days, and ones that reminded both of us how lucky we are to have each other and our little family 💜 . . #bereavement #wedding #celebratelife #occasions #emotional #life #circleoflife #friendship #hardtimes #sadtimes #happytimes #


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#poppa is coming out in a larger version due to popular demand ⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’m glad it’s helping so many but so sad that it has to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #bookstagram #bereavement #family #poppa


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Você já ouviu falar no mapa do luto?? Essa é uma simbolização proposta pela Dra. Sheila Clark no livro “Depois do suicídio” 📚. . Clark compara o processo de luto a uma escalada. 🧗🏻‍♂️Cada momento representa uma montanha, ⛰cada dificuldade é um desafio. “Pode ser difícil ver a direção em que está seguindo ou à distância que já percorreu. Você pode achar que não está progredindo, porque está lidando com uma emoção particularmente difícil.” Mas assim como uma escalada, podem haver caminhos alternativos até o topo. Não é uma tarefa simples encontrá-los, mas com certeza desistir não é a melhor opção. É preciso valorizar o quanto já evoluiu e as pequenas conquistas diárias. . Na segunda foto você pode ver mais sobre como o mapa pode ser usado. Lembre-se é apenas uma representação, não existem regras para o luto, mas pode ser uma estratégia para entender tudo o que está sentindo 👍🏻. #mapadoluto #luto #lutoemelancolia #suicidio #morte #death #deathsupport #bereavement #enfrentamentodeperdas #perdas #saudade #apoioaoluto


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Can I be extremely blunt... no matter what is going on.. when you lose a child .. a spouse .. a loved one.. nothing else in life doesn’t seem to matter .. last night I was talking to my life long friends and we were discussing Chloe’s funeral .. and it was a disaster .. it really was but honestly for me and Chloe’s dad .. we were shattered and broken .. I was hysterical and nothing anyone could do could help my pain.. I kept praying to God to help me but what I was really praying for was to give Chloe peace and that prayer was answered. I don’t post to ask for sympathy or likes- I post for perspective- if you have your child- show up- don’t gossip, don’t complain- don’t worry- don’t hesitate- live your life- love - know that you are blessed and yes life is difficult and challenging but the opposite is far more challenging and complicated and impossible. I cannot ever live my life fully and that is my truth today, I don’t worry about he said or they say or she said - I want my baby daughter ... it’s that simple.. and that complicated. I love my life but there is a void that I long for - so I know I cannot take this life for granted, if you are in this impossible society of grief I encourage you to make your way to find life after Loss one moment at a time- don’t try to fill the void but instead embrace the love that remains! I am sending you all my love and grace 💛🙏🏻


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Whichever words we use to describe loss, processing it will happen at a person’s own pace. #grief #loss #losingalovedone #bereavement #sadness #mourning #counselling #griefsupport #telephonecounselling #bury #radcliffe #imscounselling

Penny. . When Tom died I lost a friend but Penny lost her husband, so we decided to do this together; it just seemed the right thing to do at the time. Dropping everything else we worked on it for about four months I think, and as it remains a painting I have a particularly strong and personal attachment to, I make no apologies for posting it again. Exhibited and sold at a mixed summer exhibition @beauxartsgallery London, I sometimes wonder where it is now. If anyone can let me know, I’d be very grateful. . . . . #figurativeartist #portraiture #figurativepainting #britishartist #contemporaryartist #psychology #emotionallydrained #emotive #artcontemporain #nationalportraitgallery #portrait #bereavement #beauxarts


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I’ve been going to suicide loss survivor support groups. - I often times leave the sessions frustrated and ashamed my life is now come to this, and angry at my boyfriend I have to do this as a result of a choice he made. But it’s necessary. - It’s necessary for my mental health and well being. Being left behind as a result of suicide is such a complex and isolating grieving process. There’s only so much my existing support system can do to help me through it, without experiencing it first hand themselves. - Meeting other people who have walked the same journey with me is comforting in so many ways. It helps me see I’m not alone, what I’m feeling is ok and normal, and that with time, everything will be ok. - If you are suffering from any kind of loss or life challenge, I highly recommend seeking out support groups. You can find them for addictions, divorce, bereavement and many other situations. Don’t isolate yourself. Take comfort in knowing others have walked this walk before you, and that everything is going to be ok. - If you’ve attended a support group and found it valuable, please share it in the comments. It may help someone going through what you went through. Thank you 🙏❤️


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Everyone experiences #grief differently. Even in the same family, each person is different, because your relationship with the person who died was individual and unique. #grieftribe#love#followme#death#missingyou#heartbroken#loss#gonebutneverforgotten#sorrow#heartbrokenquotes#bereavement#griefjourney#griefsucks#griefquotes#griefwork

PATIENCE: My neighbor gave me this piece of pencil plant about three or four months ago. I noticed a few times that nothing about it was changing.☹️😖😞😣 After this much time, watering, appropriate sun, I was about ready to give up on it.🧐 And right before I did, these tiny buds started to grow out of the end (I have no idea what they are called. I’m in no way a plant person and have no clue really what I’m doing plant wise).🌱🧚‍♀️🍀 How many things in life do we lose patience over right before they start to show results? Hobbies. Jobs. Exercise routines. Relationships. The list goes on. What might happen if at the very moment we wanted to cut and run from something, because it isn’t happening fast enough; if we paused and practiced one last stretch of patience instead?🌚🌓🌕 Worst case scenario, we have to cut and run later. Best case? Something amazing and unexpected starts to bloom.🌱🌼💐