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Had the #best time at @thematthewhusey's Live session in Hollywood this past weekend! What a treat to see this man open up about himself, give #great advice and even answer my question! If you have a chance to see him or go to one of his upcoming retreats, don't miss that chance! 💕 #gettheguy #coach #men #women #relationshipgoals #matthewhussey #live in #la #bestofla


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Good to be back home ! @carolinacerisola @sarscha9 #thefloorimprovnight #kingking #thefloor #bestofla


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Sometimes all we want is a nice bottle and a nicely done sandwich (📸 @alspotted | 📍 @ateliermonnier)


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Taking KBBQ to a different level! Focusing on the quality... this place is amazing! (📸 @alspotted | 📍 @tamaenus

✨✨✨ #vinotecafarfalla

Friends 🥂 fun 🧘‍♀️ and new experience = Beats • Balance • Flow 📅 save the date this Sunday for an amazing afternoon of workshops, curated goods, yoga 🧘‍♀️ and cool tunes by @rytoast @beatsbalanceflow @thisyogilife @skinfoodbodylove @sho_stilo @jessrabbitreid @kathleen_oakes @theteadroptrailer join us! #bestofla #weekend #sundayfunday #july #westla #california #yoga #gypsy #vintage #foodie #artist #play #acroyoga

We are giving away 4 parties in July / August in the private room 🎉🎉🎉 How to win: email info@lapoubellebistro.com Tell us about your first time at @lapoubellebistro (There will be no room fee no minim & we will have your own bar tender & we will clean up fo you). Thank you to all our loyal neighbors & community we adore you. 🙏🏻

Thank you for celebrating with us #fifaworldcup 🙌🏻

We love celebrating you 🥂 #happymonday

...and Windows are UP @MondayBitezinLancaster! Lots of great options for dinner including @spyrosgyrosla @phillyfornia1 @batterfish and @sweetgreekbites! The wind through the trees and the shade make it for a great way to start the week! :) Bring a blanket, the kids, the dog and join us here! #thisidhowisummer #yelpla #hungryinla #antelopevalley #yum #dinner #lafoodtrucks #bestofla #bestcommunityevents #oftenimitated #neverduplicated #dinner #laevents #yum #tasty #foodiecentral #foodies

#repost @chriswadhams 💙💙 ・・・ 🇫🇷 my grandma’s uncle’s cousin is French...so #vivalafrance pic: @laurencaster


10 Hours Ago

We all know that we have to cleanse the skin and then use a moisturizer. But ideally there is an extra step between the two: a toner. But for most of us it feels a little surplus, right? ❓Do we actually need toner? What does it do for our skin? ➡️ Toner was originally designed to balance the pH of the skin after cleansing, but nowadays, cleansers have moved on. If you use a good cleanser it probably is Ph balanced already ♻️ So in a simple way - no, you don’t have to use toner. ✅ BUT toners had to step up to fulfill different purposes once that approach was cast out as unnecessary. So now you can just add something extra to your skin regimen: 🔅if you have oily skin, there are astringent toners (witch hazel or the ones with salicylic acid for example) that control oil production and kill bacteria. 🔅If you have dry/sensitive skin, there are hydrating toners with vitamins, hyaluronic, plant extracts. Some of them just feel great :) I love 🌸 rose water or flower extracts based sprays that smell heavenly and provide a little more hydration. So in short: ❗️toners are not necessary, but they can be handy. _____________________ Все знают, что нужно очищать кожу, а потом смазать кремом. В идеале, есть ещё промежуточный шаг: тонер/тоник. Но для большинства из нас это выглядит немного излишним, не так ли? Действительно ли нужен тоник? Что вообще он делает для кожи? ➡️ Тоник был первоначально разработан, чтобы сбалансировать pH кожи после очищения, но в наши дни средства для очищения кожи уже автоматически как правило сбалансированны. Итак, если ответить коротко - нет, тоник использовать не нужно. ✅ НО, тонеры тоже продвинулись и теперь они могут выполнять разные цели. Вы можете просто добавить что-то дополнительно к своему уходу: если у вас жирная кожа, есть матирующие и антибактериальные тоники (с салициловой кислотой, например). 🔅Если у вас сухая / чувствительная кожа, есть увлажняющие тонеры с витаминами, гилауронкой, экстрактами трав и цветов. И иногда просто приятно побрызгать лицо нежным цветочным лосьоном (я обожаю гидролаты из ромашки или на основе розы). Но, опять же, вы вполне можете пропустить этот шаг ✅


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Fu - Hospital Cat Do you have any pets? So many! The humans in this hospital are the best pets a cat could ask for. What's your favorite animal? People! What are some interesting facts about you? I'm great at Magic Eye Images! I like to play catch. C.E.T. Dental treats are my favorite thing in the whole world. I love dancing and going on adventures in the lobby of the hospital, even if I'm not supposed to. You can see what I'm up to on Instagram - @thefulife #mohawkalleyvets

We are BACK to #antelopevalley with some AMAZING TRUCKS! We have tagged them all so make sure you give them a follow to find out what they serve! The fun is always from 5pm-9pm. Come by and get some great food and enjoy the chill vibes under the trees! #yum #dinner #lafoodtrucks #bestofla #bestcommunityevents #oftenimitated #neverduplicated #dinner #laevents #yum #tasty #foodiecentral #foodies


11 Hours Ago

Mini latkes from Sunday brunch yesterday🐒


12 Hours Ago

Parkway Grill - Pasadena Ca - Dine LA 2018 - July 13th- 27th - Lunch and Dinner


12 Hours Ago

Staying calm = Monday goals ✨☺️🔥💦 Join us for 6:15pm Deep Heat Stretch or 7:30pm Hot Power Yoga tonight in Hollywood #borntosweat


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The best of both worlds. 📷: @caffeineaddictfoodie


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Hot day at the beach. . .


14 Hours Ago

Join us tonight at 8p for a night full of laughs with @wagegapcomedy! I mean, come on... Who wouldn’t want to start the week off with some laughter?! 😂🤣😂 #bruhaus


14 Hours Ago

‘You Don’t Need More Than That’ 24 x 18 inches acrylic on heavy paper


14 Hours Ago

We love MomsLA Monday because we get to talk to awesome parents and find out what they like to do with kids in Los Angeles. Today we're chatting with the talented Amy Tan - author, fashion designer, scrapbooker and traveler. "It's @amytangerine and Jack here at our happy place. It feels like a best kept secret around LA, as the beach in Marina del Rey is often not crowded. (Shh- don't tell too many people!) It's fun watching the boats go by, the airplanes take off from LAX and in addition to playing in the sand, Jack loves riding his bike up and down the path." What's your favorite hidden gem in LA? #jackarchibald . . . #lamom #lamoms #momsla #lastory #bestofla #laevents #summerfun #socalmoms #momblogger #lakids #letthembelittle #familyblog #thingstodoinla #lakids #momsandkids #losangelesmom #familyfunday #calimom #amytangerine #marinadelrey #southerncalifornia #visitcalifornia #mydayinla @marinadelrey_ca #ilovemdr #marinadelreybeach #labeach