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10 Days 21 Hours Ago

Earlier this fall, the Zero Ceiling crew were lucky enough to see The Radicals (@theradicalsfilm) - the most important snowboard film of the year. It follows pro snowboarders as they discover inspiring stories of community activism across BC. These are stories that deserve to be heard, and luckily you've still got time. The Radicals is back with two showings at Whistler Film Festival (@whisfilmfest) - today and on Sunday! Visit their profile @theradicalsfilm to buy tickets. Don't miss out of these inspiring stories that are so close to home. #theradicals #beyondboarding #activism #snowboarding #surfing #climateaction #communityactivism #createchange #inspired


20 Days 10 Hours Ago

Great eye opening film tonight! “The Radicals” #patagonia #theradicalsfilm #ventura #beyondboarding


23 Days 20 Hours Ago

The Ecology Center has teamed up with @guayaki & @beyondboarding to present “The Radicals”, a film that follows a group of 4 surfers and snowboarders who drift from their respective sports into the world of activism. Together they journey across the West Coast of British Colombia, weaving a story of inspiration, resistance while learning what it means to be a true ‘radical’. Join us in San Juan Capistrano on Tuesday, November 20th at 5:30 PM for a free screening of this powerful film, click on the link in our bio to RSVP!


25 Days 21 Hours Ago

Next up ! 4 different shapes 3 kinds of foam ....All kinds of fun. #usblanks #milleniumfoam #articfoam #handshaped #customs for the #hippykids #easyrider #driver #sickfish #halibutt #beyondboarding #crew #surf #travel #community #eco #warriors #doinggood


2018-10-16 14:53:27

The Radical have traversed into Ganges - Tomorrow night 7:30 PM at #artspring - buy tickets today at @ArtSpring online or at the Box Office. Show starts at 7:30 pm and we are having a Q & A afterwards with #beyondboarding filmmakers Jasper Snow Rosen and Tamos Campos - spread the word!


2018-10-08 16:00:12

“I fear returning to the very places I love.” Professional snowboarder, filmmaker, and activist Tamo Campos (and David Suzuki's grandson) reflects on recent life-changing events that have both awakened his deepest fears and brought him new perspectives on the mountains he grew up loving. To read his essay, click on the link in bio / «J’ai peur de retourner dans ces endroits que j’adore.» La montagne peut-elle être un lieu de guérison, même si elle est à l’origine de nos blessures? Le planchiste, réalisateur et militant Tamo Campos nous fait part de ses réflexions après un évènement qui a transformé sa vie et changé sa vision des montagnes qu'il l'ont vu grandir. Pour lire son essai, cliquez sur le lien dans notre bio #newnarratives #nouveauxrécits #snowboarding #beyondboarding #tamocampos #mountains #concussion


2018-10-02 16:20:15

Our First Best of the Fest for our 20th Year is a local film by #beyondboarding called The Radicals and it is RAD! So get your tickets soon from Art Spring online - Date: Wednesday Oct 17th - 7:30 pm Tickets are $15.00 Director and subject of the film Tamo Campos and Producer and subject of the film Jasper Snow Rosen will be present for a Q & A after the film http://artspring.ca/event/ss-film-fest-the-radicals/


2018-09-22 14:15:48

This guy! Hands raised #theradicals #beyondboarding Environmental Rock star Tamo 🙏🏼❤️


2018-09-21 00:04:00

#tamocampos #beyondboarding #snowboarder #activist #filmmaker speaking after the premier of his film #theradicals Stories of #bc sanctioned fish farms, dams and mining on unceded territories of #firstnation people. #museumofvancouver #vancouver #canada #love #collagenbabe


2018-08-28 23:19:11

#beyondboarding #love #collagenbabe . . . #repost @beyondboarding with @get_repost ・・・ Xwisten Reclamation Story Part 1 of 5 . @mariefranceroy is one of The Radicals film's main characters. She finds herself in the Xwisten community with one of her best friends @danny.ofarrell Her journey leads her to discovering the devastating impacts of BC Hydro’s dams on the Bridge River. She also learns about a community’s effort of save their salmon runs. . . 4 more posts on this story from @theradicalsfilm coming daily !


2018-08-22 20:41:31

Throwback! Beyond Boarding's veggie powered, wood stove heated school bus; 'Boris' #vanlife #beyondboarding #northerngrease #film #adventure #travel #environment #veggiepowered


2018-08-16 22:03:29

THIS WEEKEND @kanahus.tattoos & @tinyhousewarriors on route to set up a Mountain Music Concert at the base of the iconic Mt. Robson. Mere kms from Kinder Morgan construction. Similar tactics of using grassroots music festivals to push environmental and indigenous rights happened in the 1990's to protect the Stein Valley from logging #movementmemory Support @ tinyhousewarriors.com #nomountainpipeline #unceededterritories #stopkm #beyondboarding #music #resistance #tinyhousewarriors #mountrobson @buckmancoe


2018-08-12 19:58:19

You know that feeling you get when you spend a little more time outside with Mother Nature? That special connection inherently makes you want to protect it 🧘🏻‍♀️. This weekend I met some incredible humans who feel the same way and are actually doing something to bring about change. Over the next few months I’ll be using my social channels to share their projects, and also showcase some important lessons I’m learning myself along the way. I’m so grateful to have been invited on this journey by the team at @mec_nation; they are having some important dialogue right now to bring about change and building a rad community in the process. Now, we just need other industries to follow suit. It’s time to start challenging and asking tough questions and you better bet your ass I’m up for the challenge 👊 ——————- Huge love and thanks to @thisnativeland for capturing some of these moments for me so I could be fully present in them 🙏


2018-07-10 21:30:20

Backside turns in the Tl'abane. Featured in the upcoming beyond boarding film The Radicals. Shot on 35mm film #35mm #snowboarding #beyondboarding @clifbar @kindredsnow @sandboxland @sparkrandd @patagonia @salmonarms @zealoptics


2018-05-04 10:04:17

In a display of respect and welcome, the Martin Sheen receives a First Nations escort into Namgis territory, a nation very concerned about the impact of farmed salmon on wild salmon in B.C.’s coastal waters. Photo: Simon Ager (@simonagerphotography) Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (@seashepherdsscs) ......... Read the full story from the Mountain Life Annual on our site now. Link in profile. ......... #salmon #wildsalmon #namgis #seashepherd #aquaculture #conservation #mountainlifeannual #beyondboarding


2018-03-26 16:41:06

Our amigos of @BeyondBoarding, Tamo Campos and Jasper Snow Rosen, have been busy getting after it in Iskut all winter. When not leading adventure youth outdoor programs to inspire preservation of nature, these guys are on the road chasing powder and waves. Check out this gallery and a larger gallery on our FB for more on their work and adventures. #cometolife #sacredheadwaters #beyondboarding


2018-02-15 11:08:29

We love getting emails like this: “Currently offline in the backcountry for the next two weeks!” That just came in from our amigo Tamo Campos, who is currently out on one of his usual canoe and snowboarding missions in Canada. His waste veggie oil fueled ambulance turned camper serves as his adventure mobile and home in British Colombia. Not only out for fun, Tamo and his bud Jasper are constantly on the front lines of activist missions and standing alongside indigenous communities to defend sacred lands. Hop on board the adventure activist bandwagon and learn more via @beyondboarding. #cometolife #beyondboarding


2018-01-31 07:54:21

salal and selkies on Haida Gwaii


2017-10-24 12:30:08

The backyard (and the company) sure makes it easy to appreciate nature. Very stoked to be talking to good folks about new projects that'll give me the chance to speak up about protecting it— been too long. . @patagoniawhistler @beyondboarding #whistler #backyard #canoeing #nature #love #greenlake #lake #autumn #beyondboarding


2017-08-18 17:38:42

Decimation Sound In summer 2016, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (@seashepherd) loaned salmon crusader Alexandra Morton their research sailing vessel Martin Sheen RV for a voyage to help bring attention to the impact of fish farms of British Columbia’s wild salmon. Activist Tamo Campos (@beyondboarding) was aboard. Read more in the new Mountain Life Annual, available to download now, and on newsstand and specialty retail soon. Link in profile #mountainlife #mla #mountainlifeannual #seashepherd #alexandramorton #decimationsound #nature #beyondboarding


2017-08-10 17:20:57

@beyondboarding's ambulance camper conversion. 🙌🏼 Runs on veggie oil, utilizes the stretcher compartment as a surf & snowboard quiver container, mini library, huge bed/table, sky light portal, wood burning stove, and so so much more. Owner Tamo Campos utilizes it for adventure activism up here in BC. Whether on the frontlines of oil fracking, salmon farming, or indigenous land/culture protection, he's always thinking big. And that's all in between hunting for perfect powder lines and swell. #beyondboarding #beyondvanlife


2017-06-14 09:54:38

This is something I have begun to think about more and more. The current state of humanity- in most civilizations- is one of separation and disconnection. The ego is used for us to function in our day to day lives, and it is necessary for a lot of things. But there is very little energy being placed into strengthening the other side of the spectrum - togetherness and connection. With quantum physics and newer sciences it has been proven that energy alone can change the shape of a water molecule. Our bodies consist of somewhere near 97% of water? In many ways we can scientifically prove that not only our every day actions effect the world around us, but also down to the energy vibration we emit performing said actions. (Sorry if that's way too hippy for some of you but it's the real deal) Should we not spend more time teaching ourselves and our children that we are all connected? If I lift others up- I put my energy into making the world a better place- in turn I get to live in a better world. If we work together to create communities and lift each other up we will be so much more powerful. We must retrain ourselves for this perspective. A view of the planet as a whole. That is our work toward evolution. We are hopefully gaining the wisdom, through experience, of how not to exist as a species. I encourage us all to put more practice into our daily lives of remembering we are all connected. ❤ These are three of my favorite people, although there are many more of you. This photo connects with my current feeling as these three always lift me up in a jump session. They are all much better than me at tricks and when I ride with them I do things that I couldn't normally do, or I at least try. Thanks for lifting me up ! To everyone thanks for being a part of the world I know and love. 🙏🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼 . . . . #wa #stevenspass #community #together #pnw #beyondboarding #snow #exploremore #protectourwinters #motherearth


2016-12-15 16:44:38

Update from our amigos Jasper Snow Rosen and Tamo Campos who are touring Northern British Colombia with veggie oil powered campers… They reported that the first split boarding tour of the season was a bit of a cold one. - 20 C and a brisk wind to top it off. Jasper’s beard froze solid and remained that way until they got the fire started to brew yerba mate in the camper after an epic day of scoring deep powder lines. Now they’re en route to Haida Gwaii on a mission to help their indigenous friends protect their sacred lands from big oil companies who are attempting to take the land. _________________________
#goexlpore #biodiesel #manpoweredadventuring #splitboard #snowboard #canada #explorebc #sacredheadwaters #stopbigoil #beyondboarding #tamocampos #jaspersnowrosen


2016-12-06 17:08:56

Regram from 📷 @marshalchupa - a throwback to the @beyondboarding days. This shot from our #belen project was my first published riding photo, and appeared in my first story for @snowboardcanada. Been just over four years since that tasty frontside! . . . #belen #beyondboarding #throwback #inprint #sbclocals


2016-08-15 23:28:19

Up late writing copy for @sbcresortguide has me dreaming of Cain like Andre Nickatina. #captionswithcoolyhands. . . . #beyondboarding #dirtystashes #mtcain #trees #pillows #air #snowboarding #tricesplit #sbclocals


2016-08-01 18:39:04

Happy BC day! This year I was fortunate enough to visit some areas of our province that I've never had the chance to make it to before, nor would I have ever thought I would visit at all. Like here, above a small town in northern BC with @beyondboarding and @her_mitts after shwacking from the highway to score some late season (pow?). Just goes to show there are endless opportunities to explore in British Columbia and we are extremely lucky for that, so go out and get some!! #explorebc #northernbc #sacredheadwaters #beyondboarding #splitboarding @686 @libtechnologies @pacificboarder @spyoptic


2015-11-03 19:00:44

Join us on Wed. Nov. 4 for Beyond Boarding's 'Northern Grease', which follows a group of snowboarders as they travel to BC, Canada to learn firsthand about resource extraction like fracking and oil drilling. A fundraiser for the League to Save Lake Tahoe, snowboarding legend Mike Basich will also present a segment from his new film and talk about living off the grid. 7 pm. Tix at www.tahoearthauscinema.com. #tahoecity #tahoearthaus #laketahoe #tahoemovie #northshoretahoe #localfreshies #beyondboarding #mikebasich #northerngrease #keeptahoeblue