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1 Day 2 Hours Ago

We all have our struggles, right? . . If we're lucky, we recognize that a substance/behavior/relationship/mindset is not serving us and we start to look for ways to change our lives . . For me, it was alcohol....and I am so grateful that I have not had a drink (or felt the desire to) in over 17 years. #miraclesdohappen . . But... my (ongoing) recovery from alcohol was just the beginning. Once my mind started to clear, I learned to recognize the patterns of unhealthy thinking & behavior that I had learned along the way . . So many of my struggles stemmed from a dysfunctional mindset that told me that I needed to change to be ok. That who I was wasn't "enough"....that's a whole other post for another day but, suffice it to say, I didn't believe I was worthy of love . . SO.....I have been on a journey of healing, and have learned some powerful tools that I would love to share with other women who might be struggling as well . . I created Limitless Recovery for women who were looking for a safe space to heal and learn how to love themselves, care for themselves in healthy ways, and design a life in recovery that is personal to THEM If this sounds like you, please feel free to DM me xo #limitlessrecovery #selfloveadvocate #beyondmywildestdreams #selfcareisthebestcare #manifestthatshit #dreambigger #mindsetiseverything #soulsisters #soberisbetter #sobriety #recoveryispossible #recoveryforwomen


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Throw back Thursday to the first few bikes being installed. What a journey from this time 3 years ago. If I could give one bit of advice? Believe in yourself and your dreams because what is happening to me now is beyond mine and I never thought possible. Believe in you. And let me tell you this I really want us all to do well. #tbt #throwbackthursday #neilmarshhealthandfitness #memories #team #fitness #goals #beyondmywildestdreams


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v symbolizes Gratitude; the quality of being thankful. The readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. I will be the strongest, most genuine v. All the ups plus all the downs plus all that I’ve seen and all that I’ve learned have equaled a truly blessed life at such a ripe age and because of this, my gratitude shall shine in bountiful rays out of me from the tippy top of my big head to the last skin cell of my toes.✨


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Jessica &Traes new place,soo quaint&cozy,and here's my angel w/o wings,didn't think she could get cuter,or more charming,or loving ..i was wrong! She holds grammy &granpa Larrys💟 hearts #klairrose #beyondmywildestdreams #ilovemygrandaughter #redlandsissoocool #checkoutthepinkboots


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5 YEARS SOBER TODAY By God’s grace I was given a second chance 5 years ago to live this life that is second to none... so much gratitude and so blessed to find and really know my self, without a drop of alcohol or any other substance. I used to think I needed to drink or get high everyday but today I am so thankful to be a sober member of society and show up and suit up for my family, daughter, significant other, and everyone else in my life❤️ #miracle #beyondmywildestdreams #soberaf #recoveroutloud #blessed


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“Your hustle may not look like their hustle. Don’t spend your life chasing a dream you don’t even want.” {Kristen Lohr} • • Whatever world you grew up in—church, secular, sports, academic, business, etc—my twenties have mostly been marked by unlearning what I was taught success, happiness, and thriving looked like. • • We are taught & shown the dreams and hopes of others and—often through unintentional manipulation—they become what we believe our dreams and aspirations should be. • • Two years ago, even a year ago, I would have never imagined I’d be one of the top selling sales reps and brand ambassador for a 3.2 billion dollar global company on the front lines of innovating the way the world eats & cooks. I’d never imagine that I’d be good at sales. And even more importantly, BLISSFULLY HAPPY doing it. More happy than I’ve ever been working for a church (even before the slut shaming began). • People change. Dreams evolve. Faith matures. Your talents and gifts fit in so many different spheres and occupations. As @nayyirah.waheed writes, “Let a new life happen to you.” Try not to fight it kicking and screaming too much. Because life is always trying to guide us to our highest, most meaningful & authentic selves. That journey might take you into careers, places, dreams, and people you could never have imagined for yourself. • • So maybe don’t “live the life you’ve always imagined.” Instead live the life that you could NEVER have imagined for yourself. That makes a better story anyways. It makes life one crazy, fun, unexpected adventure. Trust your journey.


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Retirement ceremonies in Italy call for gelati served in a Fiat on the piazza. #livingabroad #expatlife #navylife #navy #bellanapoli #skysthelimit #beyondmywildestdreams #travelista


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Aesthetic results after the February 2018 Body Blitz @madeleychloe. Sadly I seem to have lost my stats since getting a new mobile. My weight loss during the 4 week blitz was around 12lb and I got abs for the first time in my life ever #beyondmywildestdreams #wherearetheabsnow


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Rescatando minicovers! “Beyond my wildest dreams” - La Sirenita #minicoverberbel #minicover #musical #coverespañol #lasirenita #sing #song #voice #disneyvoice #thelittlemermaid #thelittlemermaidmusical #vozdisney #coverdisney #disneycover #beyondmywildestdreams #ariel @covers_tuvoz @tumejorvoz @cover_s0ngs


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Celebrating our first year of marriage this weekend.. what an amazing journey it’s been so far.. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us! I know that whatever it is, it’ll be incredible, as long as we’re by each other’s side, where we belong! 😘😍 💗🐻💗🐷💗 #alwaysandforever #myheart #myworld #hiswife #soproudtocallhimmine #towtrucklife #shenanigans #happilyeverafter #youshouldbejealous #beyondmywildestdreams #happywifehappylife #lovelaughterhappilyeverafter #myhubbybearwarmsmysoul 🤗😘😍💗🐻💗🐷💗