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8 Minutes Ago

Comment " 🔥" if you find this picture hot


18 Minutes Ago

Love or Money ?


21 Minutes Ago

@jeremybieber via Instagram: My heart @baybieber #bieber •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #baybieber #josefapacheco


21 Minutes Ago

people honestly gotta stop thinking that celebs give a fuck about their ship. people really act like their ship is real life and is something that SHOULD happen when it’s just what they WANT to happen. do y’all get how childish it is so get mad over the fact that someone u stan isn’t dating who u want it to be? 😩 grow tf up and start minding ur own business cause ur fav doesn’t give a fuck about ur opinion anyway so why waste energy on being bitter about something u cant control lmao.


25 Minutes Ago

“ι’м ¢яαzу, ι’м иυтѕ. נυѕт тнє ωαу му вяαιи ωσякѕ. ι’м иσт иσямαℓ. ι тнιик ∂ιffєяєитℓу.” PC : @rohit_emmanul 💗 #justinbieber #bieber #picoftheday #insta #mood #cap #brit


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Whatever you do, do it for you.


46 Minutes Ago

'ѕ вσɾιиg ρσѕт | im sick, anybody else?


2017-04-01 00:47:18

Just a little something to brighten up your life @justinbieber


45 Minutes Ago

comment your top 3 songs of the Purpose album!


49 Minutes Ago

I keep on seeing each other well and on my bed love, what would I do to you, if I had you here, let's fuck I feel in love whit my boy from 8 years;) @justinbieber #beliebers#italianbeliebers#justinbiebervideoedits#justinbiebervideos#justinbieber#bieber#myboy;)


54 Minutes Ago

this woman is~~~


51 Minutes Ago

me when I see "Billie just posted a photo"


22 Hours Ago

; changed my user on twitter so.. nvm have a nice day - — Quotes n' blythe


55 Minutes Ago

Look to your left.... Close your eyes for a second or two.... That feeling you're feeling right now? Thats me fucking with you


1 Hour Ago

bitches broken heart


1 Hour Ago

the most beautiful creature I know


1 Hour Ago

imagine billie with red hair omg


1 Hour Ago

Maybe it's in the gutter where I left my lover 🤧


60 Minutes Ago

My queen 🥰


59 Minutes Ago

My boy 🤪