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31 Seconds Ago

Happy birthday to my handsome nephew .. I love you . Two years ago today you came into our life’s . ❤️😘😍😊 #birthdayboy #2yearsold #happybaby


37 Seconds Ago

🎂❤🎂"Hey Mom, I'm officially a Tween"!! HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY to my sweet Trent!! #myheart #birthdayboy #12 #tween #babyboy #sweetpea #timetocelebrate


2 Minutes Ago

It’s Weezy birthday next week on 27th September 2018 and we all know what’s dropping that day let’s hype this up big time for the BEST RAPPER ALIVE the motherfu*king GOAT @liltunechi let’s make this one special for him he deserves it 7# Days to #c5 #thacarterv drops share this hashtag #amillichallenge let’s get this to Milli first week for him✋🏼🐐🙏🏼🔥❤️💥🎉🎁 #birthdayboy


5 Minutes Ago

Happy birthday to my finest padi @dedamola Pepe Sneh for the gals them 😂😂😂. . Have an amazing birthday bro 😘 I miss ya loads. . . . . . #birthdayboy #bestguy #mygoon #damyomomartins😊 #happybirthday


4 Minutes Ago

Today is Project Manager Angus’ birthday. . He’s rowed across the Indian Ocean. He’s rowed across the Atlantic Ocean twice, the second time beating his own world record. He’s skippered an ocean rowing boat around Great Britain and he’s not even 30 years old yet! Is it too big headed of us to say he got a world record with each ocean crossing he did too??? . We’ve lost count how many teams and rowers he’s trained but one thing is for sure, ocean rowing wouldn’t be the same without him. . . There’ll be more pictures of Angus’ ocean rows over on our Facebook page shortly. Head over and take a peek 👀 . . Happy Birthday Angus from Charlie, Lizzie, Mike, Gary, Laura and Joe 🎂 🎂 🎂 . . #rowwithrannoch . . Photo credit: @benduffyphoto via @atlanticcampaigns

Happy 4th Birthday to my precious little ones! We celebrated their fourth birthday on Monday. The day started off with a sign on the door that lice, pinworms and GI illness had all been reported at our förskola so they spent the day (week) with me instead. It meant not having time to prepare what I had wanted to make the day special (in my eyes). It’s times like these I have to make myself stop and be present in the little moments because that’s what they’ll actually remember.

Leah and her family are the absolute sweetest! They celebrated William’s first birthday this past weekend and we had such a fun time! 🎈🎈🎈 *Side Note: How amazing is Leah’s hair? I’m a little jealous of that braid!


4 Minutes Ago

It’s my birthday!!!!! I’m 3️⃣ now ! Yay!! 🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂🎈🎈🎈#bigboy #birthdayboy


7 Minutes Ago

Thanks for sharing this photo @juliecollinsphoto! He looks happy to be 7! 🎉 #repost @juliecollinsphoto with @get_repost ・・・ Our youngest guy turns seven today! Yay! Can you guess what his favorite color is? Mad props to @k.jodesign for the coolest custom shirt! Swipe to see the back.


6 Minutes Ago

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little bestie! You make me laugh everyday! We are so proud of you cheeky chops! 💙


6 Minutes Ago

Had a four year old when I left for work last night. Came home to a five year old this morning. #birthdayboy #fiveyearsold #timeflies #momlife #kidlife #gettingold


6 Minutes Ago

Picture overload! My sweet, smart, handsome boy is 8 years old! Just like that. He is supposed to still be my chunky baby now he’s just barely shorter than me! I’m so proud of his dedication to everything he does! Time slow down, he is half way to his drivers license 😭😭 happy birthday Jaxson Cole! ❤️❤️ I love you so so much! #jaxsoncole #birthdayboy #eightyearsold #mommasboy


6 Minutes Ago

Not very often will he want to hold my hand but when he does, I have to take advantage of it ♡ Happy 12th Birthday to my 1st born, the reason I keep going in life, Jake. Thank you for letting me live out my dream through your name! #youthhockey #hockeymom #livemylife #liveoutyourdreams #birthdayboy


6 Minutes Ago

Happy 25th Birthday to the most incredible man in my life ❤️ I pray that all your wishes and dreams come true my angel thank you for all the love and support you give me I am so blessed to call you mine. I am incredibly proud of how much you have achieved this year and I know there's so much more to come 🎈❤️I love you 😘 #goggaleeloveforever 💏 #happybirthday #birthdayboy #25thbirthday #myman #mce #handsome #birthdayboy #happy


7 Minutes Ago

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man on the planet! @coffeeandwine, you are my favorite person of all time and also my best friend! You amaze me everyday with your talent and kindness and love! So honored to be by your side and cannot wait to spend forever with you! Hope your birthday is amazing today...oh wait, I’m going to make sure it is❤️❤️❤️🎂🎂🎂 Thank you for having such an amazing boy @debbietausevich ❤️💕🎶🌻 #birthdayboy #handsome #lovehim #destinedtoadventure #theboothofus


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Muchisimas gracias a todxs lxs que han felicitado a mi gordito el día de hoy❤️ No tienen idea de lo bonito que se siente saber que es un niño muy querido😍agradecemos bastante todas sus muestras de cariño. Dios les multiplique sus buenos deseos. ❤️ @bryanht #birthdayboy #patitoisone #teamo


7 Minutes Ago

Birthday Haiku: . . Happiness, Success Forever be by your side Let’s go eat nuggets 🍴 . . Love you for always Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall Nammer squat? Why tho 🙏🏼 . . I’m your cheerleader Follow all that you dream of Weirdos forever 💕 . . #virgoseason #birthdayboy #adventurebuddy #adventurelife #imsopoetic #letsbeweirdtogether


7 Minutes Ago

Went out and tried some alcohol last night for the first time. • • #birthdayboy#bourbonman


8 Minutes Ago

Turning 21 on the 21st can only mean this will be one of your favorite years to date! Happy Birthday to a wonderful big brother, son and stepson! You embody the charge to be “fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”. We love you! 2️⃣1️⃣🏙💙 #birthdayboy #21


24 Hours Ago

To my favorite little boy. Thank you for letting us visit this past weekend to celebrate YOU! You are the most amazing little human and I love watching you grow everyday into such a compassionate, loving, and caring little boy. I hope your birthday today is absolutely amazing and full of love and your favorite things! 🎂✈️🐶

Chiiiiile I almost had to snatch him up in the Red Lobster.. @im__unfinished ...#flashback #birthdayboy


10 Minutes Ago

Happy birthday To this awesome, one of the most loving,caring person we know! We love you @colestillwater! May God continue to bless you and many more to come! #birthdayboy #family #big18🎉


11 Minutes Ago

On this day 71 years ago, Stephen King was born in Maine. Did you know that King repeated the 1st grade due to absences. He was declared unfit for duty in Vietnam for high blood pressure, vision, and flat feet. He has worked pumping gas, doing laundry, and as an English teacher. King has the record for the most movies based on his books, and has made 22 cameos. He even wrote a video for Michael Jackson. King has over 17,000 books in his personal library. #stephenking #horrorstories #dontbeafraid #booknerd #happybirthday #birthdayboy #dailyhistory #knowyourhistory #onthisday


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Daddy' Boy Mommy's World..... cakesmash #cake #love #babyboy #photography #birthday #cakes #natural photography#professionalphotographer #jpawan pictures#birthdayboy #canon#one #toddler.