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15 Hours Ago

@d33b0p exploring of some of the freshest terrain this earth has to offer.


23 Minutes Ago


26 Minutes Ago


35 Minutes Ago

Street photographer’s enemy no.1 . . . Minolta X-500 / Rokkor 70-210 f4 / Fomapan 400 at 800


53 Minutes Ago

Armageddon Days Are Here . #leica M3, 35mm Summilux f1.4 Pre-ASPH, Kodak Tri-X 400, light leak. . . #leicam3 #leica #analogphotography #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhitefilmphotography #blackandwhitefilm #kodaktrix #kodaktrix400


2018-03-21 06:48:58

B&W Inverted Plant.


2018-03-21 23:46:28

Bye for now GenSan 👋


2018-03-22 02:19:48



2018-03-22 19:19:09

Sometimes it is better not to make sense of things. The Inverted Road.


2018-03-23 01:14:07

‘The Inverted Window’ Plane Shot On the second day, God created the skies and the seas. Traveling back to Manila ✈️


2018-03-23 02:23:18

First time doing a flatlay 🙌 woot woot 🙌


2018-03-23 02:55:02

I read an article that “the eyes are the windows to the soul” Found an empty lot, a block away from our hotel. 😆🙌


2018-03-23 20:46:07

The City Hall


2018-03-23 23:56:37

The 🔥 Blower 🎧: “When a fire starts to burn, right, and it starts to spread...”


2018-03-24 23:45:50

When there’s a will, there’s a way Kind of beautiful. The Inverted Road pt.2 Black and White 3/3


2018-03-24 23:50:09

1st time in KIA theatre 🎭 🙌 Photo taken: Jan 2018 Black and White 2/3


2018-03-24 23:57:17

‘DVO’ A day before araw ng Dabaw 😎 Thank you to our family and friends there 🤗♥️ Love you all 😘 Black and White 1/3


56 Minutes Ago

✨ Watched Béla Tarr‘s final film „The Tourin Horse“ (2011) last night. With only 30 shots entirely in black and white within 240 minutes, Tarr made a fascinating, haunting film about a father and a daughter struggling with existence set on a secluded farm (accompanied by their depressive horse.) Outgoing from the tale about Nietzsche having prevented a horse from being beaten in Turin on the day before he started suffering from dementia, the film asks „What happened to the horse?“ I absolutely loved the long shots, the score (that will stay with me for the next days), the metaphorical level and the aesthetic-minimalistic setting built up of wood and stone. Also lovely how the IMDb-critics differ from „10/10 masterpiece“ to „In truth you would get more emotional angst by a celery stalk“. 🖤 #bélatarr #theturinhorse #nietzsche #hungarianfilm #filmart #arthouse #filmlover #blackandwhitefilm #cinephile


1 Hour Ago

You bet I was mumbling under my breath “don’t you dare move a muscle, mister” while framing this shot and focusing my Rollei


9 Hours Ago

I am a person with no boundaries when I set my mind on doing something 🖤🔪 • // #indiefilmlab #hasselblad500cm #blackandwhitefilm #filmshooters #believeinfilm