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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ TODAY in Black Film History ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ POETIC JUSTICE Released July 23, 1993 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In his second film, Poetic Justice, Director John Singleton returns to South Central, Los Angeles, the same setting of his critically acclaimed and Oscar nominated debut film Boyz N the Hood. Stepping away from the gangs, guns, and drugs that permeated his first film, Singleton presents a portrait of a young woman who finds herself through poetry and eventually gains true love. In her film debut, recording superstar Janet Jackson appears as Justice, a feisty but sensitive woman fighting to improve her life by working as a hairdresser and writing poetry (actually the work of famed author Maya Angelou.) On a road trip north with friends, she is unexpectedly thrown together with Lucky (Tupac Shakur), a postal worker and aspiring rap performer struggling to resist the temptation of an easier life on the street, instead of a steady job. A relevant and moving romance, Poetic Justice sets the story of Justice and Lucky against a backdrop of urban despair and loneliness as they struggle to find love, hope and, ultimately, personal transformation. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @africanarchives#blackhollywood#blackhistory#blackhistorymonth#blm#blacklivesmatter#vintageblack#blackfilms#blackfilm#blackcinema#blackmovies#blackfilmmakers#blackfilmhistory#onthisday#happybirthday#poeticjustice#johnsingleton#janetjackson#tupacshakur#mayaangelou


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Congratulations pappi, our very own jide Awobona Regrann from @jideawobona - I'm so excited about this, all glory belongs to GOD Regrann from @poopydiscoop - My short film The Event is an official selection for the 2018 BlackStar Film Festival and I could just cry. On god, I just wanted to make a black film exploring black love and hopefully get some black people to watch it and talk about it and boom dream true just like that*. So grateful to our wonderful cast and crew and to @blackstarfest for your recognition and your commitment to Black film and the brave artists passionate about storytelling. I can’t wait to go to Philly! With my beret. Cuz I’m a filmmaker #actionhoe The Event will screen in the “Possibly, Maybe” block on Saturday, August 4, 2018 at NOON at the Lightbox Film Center. If you’re in town or will be at the fest, please come out and support, and be sure to follow us @theeventshort!❤️❤️❤️ #theeventshortfilm #directedby #tunjibamishigbin #writtenandproducedby #solabamis #starring #solabamis #jideawobona #nollywood #hollywood #africanfilm #africanfilmmakers #blackfilm #blackfilmmakers #femalefilmmakers #shortfilm #experimentalfilm #silentfilm #rockviewmedia #stillbraveproductions #blackstar18 #bsff18 #byindiemeansnecessary *-by way of stress, failure, anguish, dog bites, hangnails, split ends, bullshit, hives, and all around going to hell and back...just like that - #regrann - #regrann

Taraji P Henson is now well known for her role in the hit tv show “Empire” but did you know she won an Oscar for the movie “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” co staring along side Brad Pitt. She was paid a mere $100-125,000. She was worth a few million at least and would have settled for less but get this... they made her pay for her own hotel and other expenses. All together she may have Wales away with $50,000 before taxes. Brad Pitt at no fault of his own was paid millions. This is Hollywood’s business as usual. This is also why the Hollywood System has failed. @tylerperry paid her her worth. A producer and story teller outside of the Hollywood system. What are we saying... you don’t need Hollywood anymore. Great films that pay are closer than you think. Don’t let Hollywood use your Talent when someone else can appreciate easily appreciate you. #actor #love #hollywood #model #dallas #film #movies #london #la #chicago#fashion #fitness #blackfilm


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Imprisoned By Love [2013] 🎥🎥🎥 . Directed by Michael Angelo . Starring: Reece Odum @reeceodum Leah Monet @leahxmonet Regina Charles @raelcharles Marvin Baldwin @marvinbaldwinjr .  Positives👍🏾 - The story line is relevant and continues to be. - The cast pulled off 85% of the scene. - The strength and love of a sister! . Negatives👎🏾 - The Mother’s actions at times made ME want to reach out and touch her. - The scene when a friend was murdered, well, could have done without. . . “Go Straight to hell Ike” are the type of words I wanted to see come out of the main character’s mouth Tracie (Reece Odum). This movie kept popping up while browsing YouTube content. I kept looking past it, but I am happy I decided to give it a chance. It puts you in the mindset of “Enough” starring Jennifer Lopez @jlo and the Tina Turner’s story “What’s Love Got to Do With it” Starring Angela Basset. @im.angelabassett. Tracie and Gerald (Marvin Baldwin) are married with two girls, the relationship seems ideal until you see the masks unveiled. Gerald’s anger and frustrations are channeled through boxing and his wife his is punching bag. Tracie endures the abuse for years keeping it away from her family and friends until it becomes increasingly dangerous. While allowing her husband to control her mentally, physically and emotionally, she has two young girls watching this behavior as a way of acceptance. The oldest daughter begins to show resentment toward her father and sorrow for mother who allows her daughter to have more balls then she does. I don’t want to tell the movie, but I will say it is a must see. . Final feelings... I love independent films and this has proven to me one of my favorite. They hit a lot of points that people don’t want to speak about. If you don’t know how to talk to a friend or family member about domestic abuse, invite them over for a movie night with dinner and have a discussion after. Take time out to check this out on YouTube, its under Maverick’s account. . ~pt . Find it on YouTube . #blackfilm #blackfilms #filmreviews #youtube #blackhollywood #blackfilmsmatter #blindie

Today was tough. I'm sharing with you the realities of set life. I spent a few thousand dollars for production today as well as insurance policies for equipment and had a few people cancel on me with no regard or respect to my time and money invested. This is self funded not sponsored! When I suggested possible rescheduling there was either excuses or no answer and I cried. I cried hard. . . . Here it was I had people I paid for sound, clarity, and quality and everything that could go wrong was. I'm not making no bootleg production. However, I had to get over it. For every person that flaked there were others who didn't. For every story that didn't get shared today there are so many more untold. This isn't for fun. This is me spending my own money to make an impact for communities with women of color whose stories go untold and who often times are forgotten. This is to make an impact. This is to change lives and I had to remember that even in the midst of my own frustration and remind myself of who I was, why I was doing it, and rejoice in knowing... I'll see you on the other side and have fun watching. . . Thank you @joyeofbeauty for coming all the way from Richmond for makeup and thank you so much to all of the other women who came today. I truly appreciate y'all from the bottom of my ❤️ #setlife #filmlife #womenofcolor #blackfilmdirectors #blackproducers #womeninfilm #media #documentary #blackmaternalhealth #ppd #minoritymentalhealth #perinatalhealth #blackmedia #africanamericanfilm #blackfilm #maryland


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groove /ɡro͞ov/ verb (slang). 1. to appreciate and enjoy. 2. to please immensely It was a special delight to finally experience How Stella Got Her Groove Back especially in my state where change is currently in process. It was easy to fall into the groove of Stella herself. I found myself relating to her as I expected: Independent ✅ Sassy ✅ Ambitious ✅ Dickless ✅ The ability to fuck up good situations because of insecurity ✅ Rejected artistic path because creativity (at least what I thought back then) did not pay the bills. ✅ My main takeaway from the movie was to let love flow. I can only imagine how scary falling in love with someone is, the feeling of letting yourself be completely vulnerable and at the mercy of your heart but to find a person who is willing to accept all of you seems to be increasing worth it. Do you have any favorite scenes? Watch the full video on my YouTube channel. Link in the bio. #naturalhair #baltimore #howstellagothergrooveback #thecuriouscookie @im.angelabassett @whoopigoldberg @iamreginaking @tayediggsinsta


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Don’t be good at a lot of things and a master of none. Master one thing and allow that to open doors to other things.

• MAXWELL ADDAE Writer| Director Enjoys facilitating a collaborative space by providing a script as a foundation and any supplemental information necessary, but believes it important for his team to have a lot of room to play, try things, and add to the film. His current genre interests are Sci-Fi, Crime, and bold character studies. Influenced by the works of Spike Lee, Dee Rees, Barry Jenkins, Paul Thomas Anderson, Melina Matsoukas, Alfonso Cuaron, Andrea Arnold, Maxwell finds inspiration through people and the stories that do not usually get told. Maxwell recently had the honor of placing in the top 15% of the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship competition. The featured clip is from his film “The Man In The Glass Case” For this and more works by Maxwell, visit https://vimeo.com/18503023 (Link in bio) @maxwelladdae • • • #blackfilmmakers #filmmaker #writer #director #creative #shortfilm #nichollfellowship #blackfilm #losangeles #hollywood #blackfilmallegiance ✊🏾🎞


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our host and executive producer went to the Seed & Spark’s “Keep It Colorful” informational event and met the incomparable Erika Alexander! We’ll need your support so Nah, Not Really will have the opportunity to be funded by the Seed & Spark film crowdfunding website! More details soon! ——————————————————— #blackwebseries #nnr #nahnotreally #independentfilm #blackfilm #blackcinema #blackpodcasters #webseries


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Doing what I love! So many @s lmao #repost @justthisonceproductions ・・・ @lauren.brenai on the second edit for @cabinof1861 short thriller by @dtaphotography for @2010visuals. #blackfilm #innovators #trailblazers #director #editor #thriller #justthisonceproductions

@lauren.brenai on the second edit for @cabinof1861 short thriller by @dtaphotography for @2010visuals. #blackfilm #innovators #trailblazers #director #editor #thriller #justthisonceproductions


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When #blackfilmmakers get together. #tribe building at the @blackfilmspace #event . #blackfilms #blackactors #blkcreatives #blackartist


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Wtf are days off? ~ “Finessed” written by @reallywalter ~ As for me... Honored to be asked to be the Assistant Director 😝🎥🎬


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Having fun at @aurore_tv ‘s first event! Thanks to @blackfilmspace ✨✨ #blackfilm #blackindie #blackindiefilm #blackwebseries #blackmovies #blacktv #blacktvshows #blackfilm


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Yo!!! #blackrevolt is real in #blackfilm #blackentertainment I went to see #sorrytobotheryou #lastnight Based in #oakland movie #selfdate This movie sooooo Bold #introspective #80sscifi #afropunk #highlydisturbing Like #childishgambino #thisisamerica Like #jordanpeele #getout Showing how #black see #america This movie show be watched by #conspiracytheorist only because it has so many metaphors and oxymorons and backdoor truths #blackpower #whitepower #racismtoday #pastpresentfuture