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On January 21st (that's MLK for those of ya'll in the States), we’re hosting a Live Chat with Rukiya McNair, the super awesome creator of Melanin Migration. She and her family were featured in House Hunters International last year and she’s a veteran of a number of moves, especially in Asia and Africa. We’re chatting at 10am EST. (Link is in Bio).⠀ ⠀ #theblackexpat #blackexpatfamilies #blackandabroad #blacknomads #blackexpat #blacktravelmovement

Ricky Watson

5 Days 2 Hours Ago

Find a little piece of land on a beach and get away. Incredible experiences are difficult to let go of. I’ll always remember the tranquility Thailand presented when I was on this beach. . . . . . . . . . #blacktravel #traveladdict # #globalcitizen #travelporn #blackadventure #blackandabroad #blacktravelers #goabroad # #nomadnesstribe #nomadicblack #blacknomads #droneshot #digitalnomads #mavicair #lightuptheworld #dronephotography #chasingculture #travelthailand #hiking #kohphiphi #trailblazer #asiahighlights #happynewyear #discoverthailand #thailandlife

Ricky Watson

10 Days 3 Hours Ago

Hong Kong colors and sights! What an amazing trip that has opened my eyes to how interconnected cultures are in Asia. Truly an exceptional experience to be shared by you all!!! This is what’s in Asia, see for yourself!! . . . . . . . . . #blacktravel #traveladdict #globalcitizen #travelporn #blackadventure #blackandabroad #blacktravelers #hongkong #nomadnesstribe #nomadicblack #blacknomads #shotoniphone #digitalnomads #iphone7 #lightuptheworld #iphonephotography #chasingculture #travelhongkong #streetart #hongkong #trailblazer #asiahighlights #graffitiart #discoverhongkong #hongkonglife

How salty air makes me feel ☀️ @chasingmyeuphoria | Martinique 🇲🇶

👉🏾Where my ladies at?👈🏾 ⛵ Raise your hand if you're looking for ideas for your next girls trip? ⛵ I just published two articles on the blog talking about yachting on the Mediterranean; including mega insights and tips on how you can organise your own girls sailing trip in 2019. ⛵ In this adventure, I go off with my girl @cocoandgingeruk to the Mediterranean to explore the Southwest coast of Turkey by yacht. You may be surprised to read that yacht cruises are more accessible than you know! ⛵️ Thanks to @scicsailing for sharing this experience with us.

Megan and Madison

11 Days 16 Hours Ago

This is what yall doing out here on these flights or nah? This dude changed positions fifty-leven times. I was irritated because he wouldn't be still and his feet came close to me a few times as he proceeded to stretch out

Megan and Madison

12 Days 15 Hours Ago

I haven't been posting because there was absolutely nothing to post. We've been in Jakarta for a week and I was ready to go. I cut our stay short and now we're heading to Bangkok.

Happy New Year fam! We've missed you all. In so many ways, you're family to us both. 📱 2019 has us reflecting on the power of relationships. We're so grateful to have taken so many online friendships to in person, offline ones in 2018. 📱 Community is real. It's powerful, transformative, and it's often a reflection of what's really there and what's not. 📱 So fam, what are your travel plans for 2019 looking like? Anyone stopping through London at some point? Who are you looking to connect with in 2019? 📱 We're looking to connect with more of you this year. Definitely hoping to meet @negrabohemian, @hownottotravellikeabasicbitch, @ohio2ohayo, @capcitygal @theufuoma, @wanderdaughter, @sam.adeleke, @ceecestravels and others!

While in Bali we decided to go drink cat poop coffee 😂😂😂. The cat thing is called a luwak (the nocturnal animal I told Madison not to disturb and I turn around and she's holding the damn thing🙄). I must say...I did not like the was EXTREMELY bitter. But the view was nice so it was a WIN.

Miranda Moure

15 Days 10 Hours Ago

How lucky am I to be starting #yearofreturn2019 having already returned. And luckier, even, to be starting this year with a journey. I will love you forever, Johannesburg. Today starts the long JNB—>CPT. 🇿🇦 #blacknomads

Miranda Moure

16 Days 7 Hours Ago

What an absolute pleasure to catch up with the venerable @_zolabrunner after a long three years. See you sooner next time, girl. @beyondherstories #blacknomads #paris #dusseldorf #joburg #yearofreturn2019

No matter how your 2018 went it’s always important to be grateful. I created more content this year than I did the year before. It may not have been as much as I wanted or exactly as imagined but nonetheless I did exactly what I said I was going to do in 2018. I’m choosing to recognise the wins of the year however minor they may seem. . . . Here is to moving forward with faith in SELF 🥂 . . . #blackcontentcreators #blackcontentmatters #blackyoutubers #blackyoutuberskorea #blackinkorea #nomadpeeps #blacknomads #blackdigitalnomad #blacktraveler #blackgirlsinasia

Miranda Moure

16 Days 22 Hours Ago

#afropunkjoburg2018 day one: WOW. @flyinglotus #blacknomads #yearofreturn2019

Here's a pic I didn't post lol. We went to temple with our host and it was great! I enjoyed our time there, like seriously. They were so welcoming and eager to explain things to us. Our host is helping Madison put on her sarong!

We did a lot of "touristy stuff" today but this was by far my FAVORITE.

Me to know how I feel about animals being disturbed for our entertainment...luwaks are nocturnal.. so dont bother them Madison: I know...I'm just gonna take a picture of him... I walk away...and this happens

Miranda Moure

25 Days 12 Hours Ago

Walking back into SA this morning 🇿🇦 🇿🇦 🇿🇦 #blacknomads ✊🏾

When we! That holiday time when the philly (& Jersey)tribe massive crammed in my house for a Christmas jawn that went til the early AM...3 years already?! Seems like yesterday—love to all the holiday parties this wknd w/ everyone you call your tribe. #travelfam . . . #flashbackfriday #phillytribe #blackcardrevoke #thoseoxtailsnikmade #framily #theblacktravelcrew #blacknomads #phillytribe #flashback #phillylove #phillytraveljawn

Couple goals 🙌🏾 📷 @legendaryk9 | Paris, France

Miranda Moure

27 Days 23 Hours Ago

The Natural History Museum here is incredible. It’s so beautifully and carefully curated, and every specimen tag is calligraphed by hand. And it pulls no punches about how brutal this world is. #theendiscertain #blacknomads

Miranda Moure

28 Days 9 Hours Ago

Finally arrived safely in Bulawayo! I have so many (long) stories from Vic Falls that I brought with me. 🇿🇼 ✊🏾 #blacknomads


29 Days 14 Hours Ago

Going to Hanoi & Siem Reap in March. Anyone have recs for places to stay? . . . . #traveladvice #blackgirlstravel #blackgirlstraveltoo #blacknomads #blacknomad #blackpackers #tripplanning #ihateplanning

Miranda Moure

2018-12-17 05:01:13

The cool thing about Zambia is that if you just straight up walk into a super fancy resort they will fully direct you straight to the bar, and not ask you what the fuck you’re doing there just because you’re black. To be clear, I am almost definitely getting some light-skinned privilege here, but damn. If you even knew how much I needed this beer. #trulyzambian #blacknomads

Miranda Moure

2018-12-16 08:02:07

The glorious Vic Falls, and a gaggle of new girlfriends in town from Bulawayo. They asked me if I’d ever met any American celebrities. I showed them pictures from Basel, but they were like “no, REAL ones.” #whyisntbeyoncemyfriend #amievenamerican #blacknomads #teenageblackgirlnomads 🇿🇼💯💁🏽‍♀️🏞🗺

Miranda Moure

2018-12-14 06:00:27

First glimpses of Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 🇿🇼 🇿🇼 #blacknomads

If your drink doesn't come in a it even a thing? Dinner was delicious 😋😋😋

Very pretty place and the food was good too

Girls trip. 📷@veneshiasg | Aruba

How good does this look?! I swear we have gone to this restaurant several times and each time the dessert is delicious.


2018-12-13 12:02:54

I now have a thing for visiting hidden bars while traveling. This one, aptly named Hidden House, was my first time finding one abroad. The drinks there were scrumptious. Next time you’re in Beijing, I definitely recommend you look it up. #livetravelmore #blackexpat #plussizetraveltoo #blacknomads #hiddenbars #beijingbars

Mexico City’s Sunrise Over Popocatepetl :: #popocatepetl #volcano

Eulanda here. Today I was supposed to be in Bahrain (courtesy of @house_of_coco magazine) enjoying a week of luxury surrounded by business class flights, fast cars, Arabian horses, spa treatments, and the list goes on. 🛩 I know, it sounds lush right? Why would anyone in their right mind pull out of a trip like that? Well, it boiled down to health. 🛩 Travel will never supersede the importance of taking care of myself. I sometimes like to think I'm superwoman, in fact, I desperately tried to convince my Dad at the tender age of four that I was actually Wonder Woman. 🛩 If memory serves me correctly, I refused to get down off a tall stool after repeatedly being told to do so. My Dad exclaimed that I'd get a 'whoopin' if I didn't get down right away. 🛩 "You can't whoop me! I'm WONDER Woman," I yelled with all the four year old sass I possessed. 🛩 Well, I'm sure you can imagine what happened next? Since those early years, I've learned to reassess my, ahem, 'super powers.' 🛩 It's taken me decades (plus some) to figure out that I come first. I must take care of health, and my spirit. This way I can give, do, and be more. 🛩 If you're struggling with over extending or deprioritising yourself, remember...there's only one of YOU. 🛩 The only super power you need is the ability to be honest with yourself, and say no...loud enough for others to hear. ------- Kaftan by @julietessence

The Taj Mahal is one of those places I dreamed of, but never thought I would actually get to visit. The experience was nothing short of what I believed it would be! this was the best birthday I could have asked for knocking off two world wonders in one trip! Happy Birthday to me. @marcusmeetsworld | 📍Agra, India


2018-12-07 12:17:52

Mama I made it! Featured in Essence. Black Women Shattering Travel Stereotypes One Adventure At A Time. Black Women do EVERYTHING! Currently planning my next adventure! #jazzeexcursions

Cute as a bug in a rug. She trekked ahead of me the whole time...I was mad the whole time. Judge me.

Whew chile. That's all I can say...and we weren't even halfway there at this point, the hike had just started. I was PISSED and praying for rain. No rain, unfortunately, but we made it...hell.

Lunch is served! It was soooo good, it just took forever to get to the table and after what we've been through...I simply didnt want to wait.

Black RVers

2018-12-04 17:26:08

Welcome to Black RVers a Community for Nomadic People of Color. Whether you are a Full-Timer or "Some-Timer", about RV Life, Van Life, Bus Life, or just Curious... This is the place for you! Welcome! #blackrvers #homeonwheels #travel #travelnoir #blacklove #blacktravel #rvlife #rvliving #fulltimers #vanlife #buslife #blacknomads #nomads #nomadsofcolor #blackblogger #blackcreatives #blacknomad #blacktravelfeed

#traveltuesday • • • • • @afrika_insta asks, "Why fit in when you can stand out?" Let's travel to the strangest places and wear the wildest outfits on the most beautiful beaches!! • • • Catch us on the move!! 🛫🛫🛫 #traveltuesday #btt #blacknomads #traveltime #blacktimetravels #blcktmtrvlrs #btt

Do you hunt out streetart when you travel? We found this piece on a trip to Montréal (by @ronenglishart). Public art is a key part of Montréal's appeal (besides ALL the FOOD!). 🛩 Although we'd missed the annual summer mural festival by the time we visited, we found many excellent pieces along Saint-Laurent Boulevard. 🛩 Apart from iconic street art, if you're a lover of vintage finds, you'll be spoilt for choice along the boulevard. 🛩 We certainly recommend adding this cool French-Canadian city to your travel wishlist! 🛩 Many thanks to Tourisme @montreal for showing us all the best places to get our streetart fix!

First weekend off in three weeks means going to the beach over the hill from my apartment and just relaxing. 📷: @anarje | Turks and Caicos

We were able to cross Cartegena, Colombia off our travel list. We clearly got stuck in more than one sticky situation. What’s your craziest travel experience? Comment below 👇🏾 @kellyandshannonm | Cartagena, Colombia

Postcard from Bahamas. 📷@sherika_kp | Bahamas 🇧🇸

My adorable not so tiny human. She stole my socks and insisted on wearing them with shorts because....FASHION, MA. FASHION.

So in route to Hikkaduwa, the trip was delayed yet again due to rain, but instead of traveling all the way back to Colombo, we decided to spend the night in Galle. Galle is much closer to Hikkaduwa and the plan is to get up early in the morning and head that way. The old Dutch settlement of Galle is a complete change in atmosphere from the green mountains of tea country, but it was nice nonetheless. Hung out with some monks, watched a cliff diver do what I or @therealaliagha wouldn't have the guts to do, aye since great food, and did a lot of people watching. Although entertaining and filled with interesting colonial history, I prefer the jungle and beach scenes of Sri Lanka! 》 》 》 #srilanka #ilovesrilanka #blackwanderlust #instapassport #blackpassportstamps #essencetravels #nomadnesstribe #theblacktourist #travelnoire #travelisthenewclub #blackguy #melaninmajority #urbntrvl #blackandabroad #iamatraveler #amazingtrips #theblacktravelclub #blacknomad #blacknomads #youngblacknomads #blacktravelmovement #blacktravel #blackguystravel #blackguystraveltoo #blacktraveljourney #blacktravelfeed #blackmentravel #ilovetotraveltheworld #blackguyswinning #beautifuldestinations

⛩ @kaitlyn_amor | Tokyo, Japan

These outfits earned us lots of stares and plenty of big smiles lol. A mama and daughter can't wear brightly colored matching outfits? 😂😂😂😂. Madison said, "ma we look ridiculous." No we don't, we are totally adorable. Most of our outfits match lol. And to quote myself, "they can laugh, but I bet they won't throw hands." To which Madison responded, "ain't nobody tryin to fight you Ma." Me: GOOD😂😂😂😂

Bénédicte King

2018-11-29 10:43:37

— I feel unstoppable in my stillness — herein lies the beautiful irony of trusting God; He makes us strongest at our weakest. Growing, changing, learning; a deeply PERSONAL process that no one outside of yourself will understand. That’s why I am not hurt by words from those that do not live & breathe my reality. Only I can appreciate the process I have engaged in, the wounds I am attending to and the exhilarating joy of small victories. This year, “The Year Of Me” as I’ve affectionately named it, is deeply personal (but now you know my secret). A journey of faith, of self-care and nurturing the soul. I have spent 22 years working on perfecting my grades, my relationships, my physical appearance. This time is for my soul; my beautiful soul, you deserve all the attention and I am giving it to you now. The scariest adventure I have embarked upon until now but also the best yet. It’s been scary, uneasy but also liberating, at times I felt like I was touching the skies (kind of like how I was feeling in this picture, captured by my honey child @chezchrisss 💕)

Yes, I had to give them the side eye (slide 3). Little monkey's kept running up and I just didn't want trouble with nan one.

My baby looks SO enthusiastic about her field trip today kml. She just KNEW we would get bit 🙄 (we didnt though). Check the IG stories and highlights to see more

📷@phrozenchaos | Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Bénédicte King

2018-11-28 04:54:13

« She has the kind of energy you only had to feel once to remember forever. She is an adventure to her own. I mean — look at her » . . . . . Can you guess from which landmark this picture was taken from? 🇫🇷

Check out our review of our first hotel when we arrived in Kuta so you don't make the same mistake I did! 1. Things won't be perfect...make the best of it anyway. 2. Sometimes you have to humble your expectations. 3. When in doubt...use a lotta bleach

There's definitely no shortage of delicious fresh fruit around. This beautiful plate came with our breakfast but I also bought mango, snakefruit, and watermelon yesterday (when I should have been buying veggies)

The food was okay. Definitely looked better than it tasted. I think I'm becoming increasingly partial to the cooking of my homestay host though. I will say...I desperately need more veggies from somewhere though.

Although living in Bali has been fantastic, Sri Lanka holds a very special place in my heart. It's really and truly my favorite place to be in the world...thus far. The natural beauty, green landscapes everywhere, fantastic food, endless tea fields, and please don't get me started on the people 😍! I was pretty much adopted by a family in which I still keep in contact with til this day. My first stop outside of Colombo, which I really don't care for, was to Hikkaduwa for some beach time and relaxation. On the way there, we stopped by the famous Heritage Ambepussa Rest House for breakfast, where I was able to converse with "The Wise Man" and hear him play his infamous flute. I believe he was featured on CBS's "The Amazing Race" back in 2014 as a clue holder, and I honestly see why he's known as "The Wise Man"😂! After dropping a few "life gems" in my ear, he continued to bless us with his talent while we ate. Unsurprisingly, the food was fantastic and cheap; it really hit the spot for the long drive ahead. I've heard of "Sri Lanka" being mentioned in a few songs, and have always been intrigued by that little island off the southeastern coast of India, but never was I prepared to be as amazed as I was! Much more to come...🇱🇰 》 》 》 #srilanka #ambepussaresthouse #theamazingrace #ilovesrilanka #essence #blackpassportstamps #essencetravels #nomadnesstribe #theblacktourist #travelnoire #blackguy #melaninmajority #urbntrvl #cocoatravelersintl #blackandabroad #iamatraveler #theblacktravelclub #blacknomad #blacknomads #youngblacknomads #blacktravelmovement #blacktravel #blackguystravel #blackguystraveltoo #blacktraveljourney #blacktravelfeed #blackmentravel #ilovetotraveltheworld #blackguyswinning #solotraveler

Walked around the museum all day and finally found where I parked my car! I definitely don't remember driving up four fully carpeted floors, but hey, I just left Amsterdam so my short term is kinda shot, lol. Really enjoyed the museum and seeing the transition and growth of Mercedes Benz, but think I'll stick with my Bali scooter for a while... 》 》 》 #mercedes #mercedesbenz #instacar #blackwanderlust #germany #blackpassportstamps #essencetravels #nomadnesstribe #theblacktourist #travelnoire #travelisthenewclub #blackguy #melaninmajority #urbntrvl #cocoatravelersintl #blackandabroad #iamatraveler #theblacktravelclub #blacknomad #blacknomads #youngblacknomads #blacktravelmovement #blacktravel #blackguystravel #blackguystraveltoo #blacktraveljourney #blacktravelfeed #blackmentravel #ilovetotraveltheworld #blackguyswinning

Madison was hating on ya girl. She asked me if I was really going to wear this dress out to lunch because it was revealing (it's tight and a little low cut in the front...I had it pulled up in the pic though lol.) I guess she doesn't want her mama out here looking like a whole snack.

A little bit of breakfast action. Chocolate pancakes made by our host with a side of assorted fruit.