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1 Hour Ago

The lessons of life that set us up for a win might initially feel cruel. Learning to live, apply and grow in James 3 has brought my greatest comfort and increase of peace. Extravagant wisdom descends from above in the form of peace - when the opportunity arises to react.#learning #extravagant #blessed🙏 #blessedtobless #wisdomofgod #applywisdom #respond


2 Hours Ago

ATL APPROACH: "Eight Eight Juliet, I'm gonna vector you through the Bravo Corridor, turn left, heading 190" ME: "Vectors for Bravo corridor, Left heading 190,Thank you! Eight Eight Juliet." Proverbs 16:9 A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. I was just minding my business, on my way to Tuskegee. I planned to avoid Atlanta's Bravo Airspace, but God had better and even cooler plans. Got home faster too! #godsgotme #ordermysteps #godgang


3 Hours Ago

FriYey! Don't forget to wear your smile Meloves😊😍 #blessedtobless


6 Hours Ago

The MGM never looks as good as when Arbonne takes it over every April. They go over the top for us!

Lets make it a Throwback Thursday! Sometimes we just need to remember how far we have come! Sometimes we need to remember how hard we have worked! So much LIFE in these pictures has changed but I see how much I have changed! The hard work is so worth it! I just needed a reminder today!!!! So grateful for the journey!!!! #transformationcoachpam #determinationwins #icandothis #runningmotivation #halfmarathontraining #iamteambeachbody #throwbackthursday #shaunt #autumncalabrese #tonyhorton #joelfreemanfitness #jerichomcmatthews #blessedtobless #faithfamilyandfitness


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Power & Love UK Praise Evening with @burn247uk #praise #worship #unity ##breakourhearts #godsheartofloveforlondon #neverfails #blessedtobless #presenceofjesus @farhatg1 @jj.waters @lee.gater.1 @seantgooch @minimoss81 @lighthouse_67 @stanley.alice @helenmunt


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Puji Tuhan... Terbuka juga jalan untuk bisa on air di RPK 96.30 FM...😊😊 senangnya waktu dihubungi dan akhirnya dipertemukan kembali sama bro @danieltanamal ... 🤝😁 semoga lagu2 praise n worship masku @petrusanggo di album MELANGKAH bisa sering diputar @963rpkfm dan makin memberkati banyak orang... Amin.. 😇😇 Thanks God for this moment.. 😇❤😊 #melangkah #onair@963rpkfm #soundofspirit #albummelangkah #petrusanggo #blessedtobless #togodbetheglory


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I Готовьте свои светлые головы — завтра утром стартует #b2b 🔥🚀 ⠀ Будем ждать всех и каждого в 8:00 в университете ALMAU. Пришло время повышать свои скиллы в новых сферах, и на этот раз это предпринимательство! Нас ждет вводный бизнес завтрак, где каждый поймет надо это ему или нет. ⠀ Уверены это будет супер полезно 💣 Не спите, решайтесь и приходите. Так вот! ⠀ #blessedtobless #joyyouth #almau


11 Hours Ago

Another little treasure from my favorite 4 year old. "Mommy, is this wet or dry? I need it wet so I can clean with it" I just love that my boys can be right along side me as I clean. They can help and they love getting to be independent. With Norwex, I can let them explore their world, make messes, and just be little. At the end of the day we can clean the house up, but I can't give them back an experience they missed out on because I was too scared of the mess. Thank you Norwex!

"How much more will your Father in Heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him?" [MATTHEW•CHAPTER•SEVEN•VERSE•ELEVEN] #goodgiftgiver #hegivesthebestgifts #askandyoushallreceive #giftsforeveryone #heknowsbest #blessed #blessedtobless #heblessedme #hecanblessyou #heneverfails #godisgood #allthetime


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Tuhan ciptakan kita bukan tanpa sebab atau suatu kesalahan/kelalaian. Ia mempunyai misi khusus buat masing-masing kita didunia ini. Bukan kebetulan kita ditempatkan dikeluarga seperti keluarga kita sekarang, bukan kebetulan kita bertemu dengan teman² seperti sekarang ini, tempat kerja, dan tiap proses pembentukan karakter dan pengalaman kita. Dari situ kita dapat melihat, sebenarnya Tuhan mau apa untuk kita lakukan dalam hidup kita. Hal ini dapat benar² kita mengerti saat kita punya hubungan yang dekat dengan-Nya. Hidup kita bermakna saat kita mengerti dan mengerjakan apa yang Tuhan ingin untuk kita lakukan. Apa misi yang Tuhan tanamkan bagimu? #morningbless #pakamisan #yppalahairoi #biblestudy #persekutuandoa #quotes #motivationalquotes #church #motivasi #motivasihidup #bless #blessed #blessedtobless #blessedtoblessothers


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Let the adventure begin! So excited to learn and grow and be encouraged and inspired by some of the most amazing people on the planet.


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This is why we do what we do. Our loyal customer, Becky Johnson, was last week's car seat giveaway winner! While she has two grandbabies of her own, Becky has decided to gift her win to @stepbystepnews . The organization's mission is to transform the lives of at-risk pregnant women, so they will deliver a healthy baby, embrace positive parenting, and establish a safe home. Sounds like this car seat will get plenty to loving use! #blessedtobless #blessingthecommunity #beablessing #carseatgiveway #childsafety #safetyfirst #shopsmall #bestcustomers


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I soo Love it💕 #tylj #blessedtobless


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The numbers are in and I'm not surprised at all. As Sheryl Sandberg says, "if you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask what seat, just get on!" 🚀🚀🚀 I am so grateful I didn't think twice when I was presented with this opportunity....when being the #1 skincare brand in all of North America was just a vision of the future. I never had a doubt. And I don't doubt now that this company will be a global iconic brand. We are truly just getting started, and there is room for everyone at the top. 👉👉 Not only are we the #1 Skincare Brand in the U.S. for the SECOND year in a row, we are also the #1 Skincare Brand in North America, AND the #1 Fastest Growing Beauty & Personal Care Brand in the U.S. in 2017!!! ➡️This category includes make-up, fragrance, AND skincare! There’s MORE... 🚀 Over $1.5 BILLION in sales last year!!! 🚀 42% Growth in 2017! 🚀 On track for $2 Billion in sales this year! 🚀 #1 Fastest Growing Brand in the U.S. since 2010 🚀 #1 Fastest Growing Brand in Canada in 2017 And it doesn't stop there! We also received the following rankings: 🚀 #1 Premium Skin Care Brand in the US in 2017 🚀 #1 Premium Acne Brand across Canada & the US in 2017 🚀 #1 Anti-Aging Brand across Canada & the US in 2017 👇Want to know our secret for such fast paced growth? We’re changing lives, mindsets, self-esteem and skin. Join the movement! We’re just getting started! 🚀🚀 • • • #joinus #thereisroomforeveryone #growaloha #buildyourlegacy #wahm #sahm #barefootceo #rflife #ownyour24 #ignoretheskeptics #blessedtobless #lifebydesign #teamaloha🌴 🙌


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Hey guys, since @itwas927 blessed me with the nail polish that I so wanted, let me pay it forward by blessing someone else. The twins got new bigger bicycles for their birthday so I’m giving their lovingly-used toddler tricycles away. Suitable for toddlers 1-3…maybe 4 years. DM if you’ve got a blessed baby…but my regular/active followers get priority. #uwanmatheblessedblessing * * * * * * #kidstoys #kidstricycle #freebie #giveaway #grateful #gratitude #blessedtobless #blessedtobeablessing #love #community #vlogger #youtuber #media #entertainment #nollywood #bigbrothernaija #uwanma


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Enjoying His presence this morning.


1 Day 8 Hours Ago

So I posted the lower picture a few days ago and said I was looking for it because they don’t stock this brand in Nigeria. Then a number of my followers ‘in the abroad’ reached out to me. This is @itwas927 He bought and brought them to me on Sunday. Don’t I just have the best followers? I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers. But the few I have, you guys are like friends & family. I always say we’re a community. Dayo, God bless and favor you. May you always find favor & helpers wherever you go. Thank you. #uwanmatheoverwhelmed 🙏🏼 * * * * * * #onlinefriends #diymanicure #manicure #pedicure #pureice #nailpolish #gifts #blessedtobless #vlogger #grateful #friendshipgoals #friendsandfamily #youtuber #youtube #uwanma


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Loved. #blessedtobless


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It's Walk Like You Know #wednesday. Today is a gift. Walk like you know. You are blessed. Walk like you know. God's got you! Walk like you know. It's a great day to have a great day. So walk like you know & let your light shine. Tag someone a shot of 💥 this morning and have a fabulous day. #morningmotivation #happywednesday #inspiredaily #bethelight #loveandlight #sparkle #grateful #gratitude #blessed #blessedtobless #work #worship #expectmiracles #riseandgrind #dontsitonyourfabulous


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Ugh, my floors always get so gross so fast. Yesterday was a gorgeous day so my floors have paid the price. So today is floor day and I'm cleaning them with just water and my microfiber wet pad. Look how much dirt is got up!!


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Makan Siang Gratis @higherthaneverchurch Peliharalah kasih persaudaraan! Ibrani 13:1 TB Dan mereka semuanya makan sampai kenyang. Markus 6:42 TB #blessedtobless #fgindah


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Blessed to Blessing😇 #mylife #myjob #myadventure #doctorslife #pttlife #dokterptt #pttsitaro #blessedtobless Dokter Puskesmas Makalehi - 2018


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“Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it.” C. JoyBell C. #takecourage #lifeofannetrepreneur #mompreneur #lifestyle #projectbreakthrough2018 #ageingmatters #blessedtobless


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I really do belive I’m here by grace. Without that grace, without that breath being breethed into my lunges, without that oxygine in my blood, I’ld have no life. But I also belive, that being given this life, it’s also up to me to create my future. To use whatever I’m thrown in life, as brickstones to build something strong and lifegiving. Within me - and around me. I fail constantly. Both in the doing and in the believing. And still, it makes so much sence to me. We are blessed - to bless.


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You can be part of the Solution instead of the Problem. #blessedtobless #hopeforthehopeless #strongandawake #christrepresenters


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D.I.S.C.I.P.L.I.N.E To get results you have to be willing to put the work in . That means aligning all your efforts in order to reach the goal . You will need focus, dedication ,consistency. I am still in the lab improving everyday no matter how little, i will keep going. 🔊🎶JAHIN POTO by @mix.premier.officiel X @kiffnobeat . . . Pour avoir des résultats, il faut accepter de se mettre au travail. Cela signifie tout simplement qu'il faut aligner tout vos efforts dans le but d'atteindre vôtre objectif. Vous aurez besoin de concentration de dévouement et de constance. Je suis encore au labo et aussi petite soit l'évolution je ne lâcherai pas je continuerai jusqu'au bout. 🔊🎶JAHIN POTO by @mix.premier.officiel X @kiffnobeat #stephanezabavy #ivorianwonder #blessedtobless #fit225 #hardwork


1 Day 18 Hours Ago

Go Forth And Win Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place (2 Corinthians 2:14). — When you confessed the Lordship of Jesus over your life, you were immediately catapulted into the Kingdom of God's dear Son; into a life of triumph. Christianity is a call to the triumphant life. Our opening verse reveals God's purpose for His children to live triumphantly in Christ Jesus. That means in Him, and through Him, we've been called to live a life of persistent productivity, good success, peace, joy, health, and permanent prosperity. This is the heritage of every Christian. We win, every day. — There are many who are yet to accept this glorious truth, and as a result, live below their calling. They're up today, and down tomorrow. To them, the journey of life is smothered in uncertainties, full of ups and downs; you may win today, and loose tomorrow. But that's not consistent with the life we have in Christ; we don't win sometimes and lose sometimes; we win all the time. Observe our opening verse again; it says, "...thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ... "; not sometimes, but always. — Have this consciousness, and you'll never be beaten down in life. Be more conscious of your victorious life in Christ; your divinity! You have the very nature of God in your spirit, and His pulsating life in every fibre of your being. Think about that! — You were born a champion. Live each day of your life in victory. 1 John 4:4 says, "Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world" (1 John 4:4). Yours is a daily life of blessings, miracles, signs and wonders. Go forth today and win. — Confession I'm a victor in Christ Jesus. I'm more than a conqueror. I function by the wisdom of God today, and in the dominion of the Spirit over every situation! I live the triumphant life in Christ today, and I recognize and put to work my authority in Christ! Glory to God! #christianliving #christianity #dailydevotion


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Yuk menari buat Tuhan....karena DIA Tuhan yg merubah ratapan menjadi tarian..karena DIA Tuhan yg selalu menampung setiap tetes air mata kita..merubahnya menjadi sukacita dan damai sejahtera...so lets us dance for HIM...#regrannjesusarmyid#menariuntuktuhan#tuhankuluarbiasa#diasanggup#blessedtobless


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Hoy compartimos sobre "Belleza espiritual" con las integrantes de "El Encuentro". . "El corazón alegre hermosea el rostro; Mas por el dolor del corazón el espíritu se abate." - Proverbios 15:13 . Un corazón sano es la clave de la belleza espiritual! Perdona, guarda tu corazón y se agradecido! . #innerbeauty #bellezainterior #delaabundanciadelcorazonhablalaboca #begrateful #forgivenessiskey #33 #purpose #blessedtobless