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2 Days 19 Hours Ago

Foxy lady! Join Kelly Fox for this Sunday’s Forward Flow. With rotating teachers we give you the opportunity to experience a variety of our Bliss Flow teachers, who all offer something unique and wonderful! See you there! #blissflowyoga #yogalove #yogasundays #blissfulyoga


3 Days 12 Hours Ago

New to yoga, or a seasoned practitioner! Join Jennifer for Yoga 101 and let her help you get back to basics. #yogalove #blissfulyoga #yogabasics101 #blissflowyoga


5 Days 17 Hours Ago

AJ subs in for Megan at tomorrow’s 4:45 Exhale Flow! Get a little bit of Monday in on Wednesday #yogaforlife #yogaeveryday #blissflowyoga #yogalove #yogaflow #exhale


7 Days 15 Hours Ago

Still time to sign up for today’s Foward Flow with Sarah Mathis! Forward Flow rotates instructors from our wonderful group at Bliss! A great way to try someone you haven’t before #yogaforlife #yogaeveryday #blissflowyoga #yogalove #forwardflow

My frequency changes at least 150 times a day. Or in other words, I feel all the feels. I used to be ashamed of all this feeling—tried to hide it, numb it, run from it. But now I’m embracing the ever changing frequencies of my soul. Like a mixed-tape soundtrack, I’m dancing and moving and feeling my way through life. Come join me today @blissflowyoga at 10:15, and let’s explore together how to tap into and accept our own unique tuning though Yin Yoga. Killer playlist includes—David Bowie, Queen and Shakey Graves. #yogaeverydamnday #tunein #tuneout #frequencies #love #allthefeels #blissflowyoga


8 Days 11 Hours Ago

Delight amounts the trees 🌲🌲🌲 a gorgeous vacation picture!! #yogisonthego #yogaeveryday #vacationyoga #blissflowyoga #yogalove

Camp Bliss, Day 6 @blissflowyoga. Continuing to meet the intention of #yogaeverydamnday. Making space on the blanket. Pre-concert. Finding time to stretch and pause—taking in a breath. Letting something I can’t quite name—go. #yogachallenge #blissflowyoga #breathe #pause #live #love


9 Days 8 Hours Ago

“Flow state is not just about the 'happiest' heights of being. It is about movement. Moving through every cycle, chapter, weight, wave of grief, ecstasy, shock, breaking point, sting, relief, creation, breath, conversation, inspired action and terrible or beautiful change like water. The river doesn't avoid, bypass or jump the course. It feels it's way through, like a dance, undeniably true to the current energy. And keeps flowing forward” (Victoria Erickson) Join Megan for T/Th 7:15pm Candlelight Yoga and M/W 4:45pm Exhale Flow #yogaforlife #yogaeveryday #blissflowyoga #yogalove #yogaflow


10 Days 7 Hours Ago

Yogis get a double dose of Al this weekend! Stop in for his regular Saturday Bliss Flow at 9:30am and a sweet second session when he subs for Delight on Sunday Morning for 8:45am Power Flow #yogaforlife #yogaeveryday #blissflowyoga #yogalove #powerflow


12 Days 11 Hours Ago

Take your flow to the water! With another session of SUPintro! Perfect for beginners to stand up paddle board yoga as well as more experienced students! Sign up online or in studio for this fun event coming up on July 19th! #yogaforlife #yogaeveryday #blissflowyoga #yogalove #supyoga #standuppaddleboard #standuppaddleboardyoga


13 Days 21 Hours Ago

Two chances to join me on the mat today?! What?! That's right. I'll be subbing for the fantastic @heatherlast_wellness @blissflowyoga at 10 am, and teaching my regular 12:15 slow flow. Today's theme is all about recharging the body and soul. So come all who are weary and leave feeling refreshed. And what better way to start out our Bliss Flow Summer Camp than a Monday class? 🙂 #yogawithaj #blissflowyoga #yogaisforeveryone #yogaclass #yogaeveryday #yogastrong #yogaforthesoul


14 Days 16 Hours Ago

Day 1 of Camp Bliss @blissflowyoga. Already been on my mat before class, now breathing into swan pose in this cute little revamped nook at the studio. So grateful for the inspiring challenge and for the opportunity to share this challenge with our students. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogachallenge #inspired #blissflowyoga


18 Days 15 Hours Ago

Teaching moments at Bliss Flow Yoga with Patricia Green-Soto’s. Come to her 12:15-1:15 Wednesday Slow Flow and learn a little more than an asana. #findyourbliss #blissflowyoga #yogaeveryday #yogalife


19 Days 18 Hours Ago

The Camp Bliss Summer Challenge starts this Sunday July 1st, sign up closes when the challenge is full or by 6/30. Set your intention and the more you show up on your mat the more you are entered to win almost 2000$ worth of prizes from our blissful partners - including but not limited to Ayurvedic massage, doTERRA, Reiki, private yoga and more!! Along with this you will have special access to exclusive weekday content from the Challenge FB group hosted by Bliss Flow instructors helping you to deepen your practice #summerofyoga #campbliss #yogachallenge #setyourownintentions #blissflowyoga


20 Days 14 Hours Ago

Calling all Bliss Flow Yogis we have quite the surprise coming your way tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled! Can’t wait to see you in the studio!#yogalove #yogasurprise #summerofyoga #blissflowyoga


20 Days 21 Hours Ago

Repetition can be eye opening. Last week I had the opportunity to join other yogi friends in a celebration of the summer solstice by doing 108 Sun Salutations. 😮 Two hours of this familiar sequence and I walked away with a few new insights. When you have occasion to do something 108 times in a row you can see patterns and notice subtle things in the body. As the practice continued I wasn't as hard on myself if I needed to regress a posture knowing I would have another chance to try it again in just moment. What if I always practice with that same grace? Join me later today at 12:15 @blissflowyoga to notice How subtle changes in movement, body position, and breath can bring something new to the familiar, and to be kind to yourself knowing regression is not failure. #yogawithaj #blissflowyoga #yogaisforeveryone #sunsalutation #yogastrong #yogaeveryday #bekind


24 Days 15 Hours Ago

Happy Summer Solstice!!! Today only, @blissflowyoga is offering a super sweet summer special - treat yo self! #internationalyogaday #blissflowyoga #summersolstice2018


24 Days 17 Hours Ago

Summer just got sweeter! Today ONLY buy a 25 class pass for $249! Supersize your summer practice with 5 extra classes for less than the cost of a 20 class pass #blissflowyoga #yogasale #yogaforlife #yogaeveryday


26 Days 15 Hours Ago

Check out our story for a sweet mini sequence from Heather T from her 9am Yoga Flow this morning. Join her Thursday for the next session. #yogaeveryday #yogaforlife #yogalove #yogaflow #blissflowyoga


27 Days 15 Hours Ago

Celebrating the #solstice this week by honoring & nurturing new beginnings. It's never too late to #beginagain For reals. 9am Tues & Thurs @blissflowyoga #summersolstice #blissflowyoga


27 Days 21 Hours Ago

During a stretch of hot days like this it can be difficult to fine the motivation to show up on my mat. It's days like today that I know I will benefit from movement if I scale back and look for ease in my practice. This afternoon's slow flow class @blissflowyoga will be all about being kind to ourselves and really listening and responding to how each day is different. We will pay attention to the subtle changes in breath, flexibility, mindfulness, as the flow progresses. And rather than search for our edge we will look and be open to discovering ease. See you at 12:15! #yogawithaj #blissflowyoga #yogaevverydamnday #yogaisforeveryone #yoga #yogastrong #mindfulyoga #summeryoga


2018-06-15 17:30:23

When things get intense, are you a fighter, a flee-er or a freezer? • Diaphragmatic breathing impacts the vagus nerve, responsible for the flight or fight response. By providing a steady, calming rhythm against the vagus nerve via diaphragmatic breath, we can help our “lizard brain” to uncouple this flight/fight/freeze response from stressful or intense situations. Science proves it! Hopefully your personal experience does, too. 😊 • Yoga is an amazing opportunity to practice this. Maintaining steady, full breath during physically demanding postures eventually seeps into our everyday life. • Last weekend a semi truck hit and ran my car (it only left a paint scrape, but still 🙄). Today, the folks who power washed my apartment killed 3/4 of my bean plants I’ve been nurturing from seed for months and left their lunch break trash on my patio. Life will always throw us annoying, sometimes infuriating curve balls. We can work on how we respond. • Come train that lizard brain tomorrow morning @blissflowyoga as we begin to explore limb #2 from the #hathayogapradipika - pranayama. AND do some super fun handstand prep & practice! 🤸🏼‍♀️😸


2018-06-15 09:25:32

Heathers Strengthen Your Asana Members Only Event this Saturday is just another perk of being an annual member at Bliss. Find out more about how to reserve your space in multiple free events for members through the year! Just ask the front desk #yogaeveryday #memberappreciation #blissflowyoga #asana


2018-06-13 11:06:31

Big thanks to Christopher for his social media shout out! We are so grateful for our BFY students and community #mondaynights #bfyyogis #blissflowyoga #yogaeveryday #yogaforlife


2018-06-12 07:42:38

Father’s Day is this Sunday the 17th! Join us for free yoga for dads and local cold brew coffee all day ☕️ #fathersday #dads #yogadads #yogaeveryday #blissflowyoga #coldbrewcoffee


2018-06-11 12:06:58

New to stand up paddle board yoga? Our SUPIntro workshop is the perfect fit for you! Preregister online or give the desk a call at 608-233-2577 with any questions #standuppaddleboard #standuppaddleboardyoga #blissflowyoga #yogaeveryday #yogaforlife


2018-06-10 16:10:23

Have you been traveling this summer? Feeling a little off balance? Hips tight? I've been on the road twice in the past few weeks, and there are a few things my body craves as I adjust to changing schedules and sitting for long periods of time. Come find out how I regain some balance in my body tomorrow @blissflowyoga 12:15 slow flow. #yogawithaj #blissflowyoga #yogaeverywhere #yogaisforeveryone #travel #yogaeveryday #yogahealth


2018-06-10 11:08:22

108 Sun Salutations - Summer Solstice Edition! Heather will be teaching this special class June 21st from 6:30-8:30am. Greet the sun together and flow through as many vinyasa that feel right for you! Modifications welcome #sunsalutation #suryanamaskar #yogalife #yogaeveryday #blissflowyoga


2018-06-09 18:07:42

Stop in tomorrow for Delight-ful 8:45am Power Flow! #yogaforlife #yogaeveryday #blissflowyoga #powerflow #catsandyoga


2018-06-08 11:37:38

Forward Flow is a great chance to try instructors who maybe don’t fit into your regular schedule! Can’t seem to make it to Annie’s Monday Yoga Flow? You’re in luck! She will be teaching this Sunday’s Forward Flow at 4pm #blissflowyoga #forwardflow #switchitup #yogaforlife #yogaeveryday


2018-06-05 15:24:11

Celebrate the longest day of the year with us on the water! Register online and take a look at our entire summer of SUP yoga workshops 🌊 #blissflowyoga #yogalife #sup #standuppaddleboard


2018-06-05 11:36:05

#transformationtuesday these photos were taken almost exactly a year apart. Love seeing how my practice and a baby can change my body. Im even more excited to see what this year will bring with it. Let’s explore this transformative practice tonight 6pm Power Flow @blissflowyoga #balance #yogamom #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #yogagirl #yogalife #yogababy #madison #wisconsin #blissflowyoga #strong #strength #binder #rocktape @rocktape


2018-06-03 06:53:26

See you tonight at 4pm Forward Flow with Alicia Wright! #forwardflow #yogaforlife #yogaeveryday #blissflowyoga