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A little late to the party, but here's Front End Friday! 😎🤙 #frontendfriday


5 Hours Ago

Over the months of owning this car AKA , “Mia”, she’s put me through a lot , I’ve met many new people, saw crazy different builds , even made friends with F30 owners in California. And I’m grateful for every moment of it! Even when she broke down, ran out of gas and hydroplaned She looks sexier and sexier every time. The bond I created with this car is just one of a kind , selling this car would really be something I would have to deeply think about although that time will soon come, I will make this build even better , and I’ll do whatever it takes ❤️#carguythings - #rsrwheels @rsr_wheels


11 Hours Ago

Or maybe you want an apple? 🍏😋 #modelkars