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3 Minutes Ago

Deadlifts today 150x3/2 190x2/2 212.5x1/ personal best


6 Minutes Ago

diet is key, before i started watching what I put into my body I was wondering my I did not see as much progress as other people, I quickly learned that you can put all the effort into the gym but if you have a crap diet then it is all going to waste. Ever since i started eating right, in just a matter of a few weeks my body started to change, but ion gonna lie eating the same thing everyday can get boring 😂

Very cool Ultra Instinct Goku 🦁


10 Minutes Ago

Nice lighting and an open gym🤗


10 Minutes Ago

You can never trust a Vanessa. 👩🏻➡️😈


12 Minutes Ago

For me this guy is gonna be the CLASSIC PHYSIQUE CHAMPION THIS YEAR. WE'LL SEE @cbum


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Tried to draw a brain. I hope it looks somewhat like one to you guys. I'm not an artist lol. But this is my daily reminder from me to you. _____________________ If I had a genie and he gave me the option between an extremely strong & muscular physique or an extremely strong mentality. I'm choosing the mentality. _____________________ For those who think I'm on some weird stuff, by constantly preaching this. First of all you suck. Jk. Seriously though all I ask is that you try it. Next time you're at the gym. _____________________ Maybe if you're going for a PR or something. Think to yourself: this is light weight. I can lift this. I can lift this for reps. This is a warmup. _____________________ Or when you're working a muscle group. Try to concentrate all your attention on that muscle group and feel it growing. _____________________ You'll get better pumps and you'll feel the difference between thinking "damn this weight is heavy" vs "this is light weight, I can lift this all day". _____________________ Also understand I'm not trying to preach to be constantly positive. We all face negative emotions (& it's healthy to face & accept them imo). Rather I'm preaching believing in yourself & having a mentality of I can over I can't.


16 Minutes Ago

00:00h Pesos voltando para seus lugares! Luzes se apagando! Todos voltando para suas casas. Ai surgue esse muleke @mathhhenrique cheio cede pelo nosso Bodybuilding! Dizendo que na cidade dele não ha Bodybuilders! Seja bem vindo a Casa dos Monstros de BC @academia.masterbc 💪💪 #ciganoarmy @miaguiazevedo


17 Minutes Ago

Post workout posing. Chest and triceps day. Practice posing to identify areas that I want to build on. Posing actually takes quite a bit of practice. You are flexing from the ground up. Try it out if you haven't done it. #bodybuildinglifestyle #healthyhabits #posingpractice #instafit


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#waybackwednesday to the @canadianphysiquealliance show in Winnipeg where I got to hang with fellow @nutrabolics team member @henripierreano #teamnutra #nutrabolicsperform #nutrabolics #nutrabolicsathlete #nutrabolicsnation #guestposer #ifbbpro #ifbb #cpa #bodybuilder #bodybuildinglifestyle #hemakesmelooktiny