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HYDRATION MATTERS!! 💦 💦 . I was WAAAY better about my water intake this morning and guess what?! MOMMAS SUPPLY IS UP!! 🍼 . Mommas often blame a dip in supply on exercise 🙅🏻‍♀️ I know.. because I was one of them when I first started my own milk journey!! 😏 BUT what I’ve found is that as long as you eat the RIGHT stuff, drink TONS of water, and stress LESS about your supply — you can totally lose the weight and still produce!! 🙌🏻 . PS - Did you know that your body produces milk on a supply and demand?! The more you feed or pump, the more you will produce!! It’s incredible what our bodies do in response to our baby’s needs. Don’t you think?!


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AHHHHHH, we’re only just touching the surface at the moment when it comes to all the questions and ideas i have in store for @advicefromafatbitch. so pls head on over and give a follow to your new sex positive, fat positive and down right weird agony aunt — you won’t regret it (or you might... but as your new aunt you just have to accept it). k thx bye. 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 . Posted @withrepost • @advicefromafatbitch: calling all kinky fatties! what makes you tick and how accepting have your sexual partners been of this? or if you’re strictly vanilla: have you encountered any kinky sexual partners? how far into the kink realm would you wander? and lastly, because i’m dying to know y’alls thots, do you embrace the fetishisation of larger bodies? or does this so-called “kink” outrage you? • • • • • • #plussize #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodyposi #bopo #mybopojourney #bopojourney #selflove #radicalselflove #loveyourself #mybodyisnotanapology #effyourbeautystandards #fatisbeautiful #fatisnotabadword #fatisnotaviolation #thicc #plussizefashion #plussizestyle #positive #positivity #fatphobia #fatbabe #fatgirlflow #thickthighssavelives #fatpositive #visiblyplussize #honormycurves #agonyaunt #fatsex #fatlove


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Don’t need a sixpack to be happy.✨ . Ziele. Ziele sind gut. Durch Ziele haben wir etwas, auf das wir hinstreben können. Ziele motivieren uns. Oder? . Ziele sind gut, solange sie realistisch sind. Wenn du ein totaler Fitnessmuffel bist, schnell am Bauch ansetzt und dich nur durch Fast-Food ernährst, ist es eher unrealistisch, dass du innerhalb eines Monats einen Sixpack haben wirst. Wie kann sich aber unser Fitnessmuffel nun ein Ziel setzen, das ihn nicht nur motiviert, sondern das er auch erreichen kann? . Ganz einfach: Kein Ziel – Ziele. Genauer gesagt: kleine Ziele. Statt sich täglich dem Fast-Food-Konsum hinzugeben, könnte er damit anfangen, wenigstens eine gesunde Mahlzeit am Tag zu essen. Er könnte mit einem wöchentlichen Kurs im Fitnessstudio starten. Das hört sich doch gar nicht so schlimm an, oder? Wenn unser Muffelchen die Ziele einen Monat lang durchgehalten hat, könnte er darauf aufbauen. Zum Beispiel könnte er jetzt nur noch viermal wöchentlich Fast-Food essen und zweimal die Woche einen Kurs besuchen. . Unser Fitnessmuffel wird sich nach und nach an die Umstellung gewöhnen. Das Erreichen der kleinen Ziele wird ihn dabei motivieren. Und wer weiß, nach einem Jahr, wirst du ihm im Freibad begegnen und dich fragen: „Wie bekomme ich nur so einen Sixpack?“


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Unfortunately, yes. That’s why I think it’s worth talking about. • The most disturbing example to me of this trend is a badass woman marathoner (IG famous) who qualified for the Olympic trials. She puts in 70 mile weeks, pushes her body to its limit EVERY day and also flaunts breast implants 🤔 She’s a force of nature and incredibly inspiring. But somehow she expects followers to reconcile the fact that she optimizes every aspect of her life towards running faster but thinks nothing of those extra pounds weighing her down with every stride?!? Or maybe she believes people think they’re real? Or that it’s normal? That they’re not at odds with doing everything possible to shave minutes and seconds off one’s time? It boggles my mind. And while she might be an exception in the world of elite running, she wouldn’t be in CrossFit. • Regardless of which sport you play, extra pounds of a foreign substance on your chest are not functional or healthy, and potentially harmful, with long-term risk of rupture and dangerous leaks. And whether they intend to or not, these athletes are sending the message that being sexual > healthy, that having a hypersexualized male fantasy body is empowering and that those inconveniences and risks are ok and not at odds with being healthy and fit, and I think that’s where the damage is done. • What kind of damage? If this cultural trend is depressing to me, imagine the damage it does to girls and women trying to become comfortable in their own skin through fitness. • Health and fitness are about loving being inside one’s body, and transforming it in ways that make it healthier and stronger. I think anything at odds with those goals should be called out as such. • #effyourbeautystandards#goldenconfidence#bodypositivemovement#embraceyourbody#bodyposi#igfitness#bodypositive#fitspo#grlpwr#loveyourbody#bootybootybooty#instagramfitness#bopo


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This one hurts. It hurts in the place that my knowing lives. Somewhere deep inside, under layers of heart and sinew. I spent years being that girl - substituting the height of my heels for self-esteem. Hoping that if I could just look taller...Be leaner...Laugh louder...I might just convince myself that I was happy. I might convince someone else I was worthy. . I am done being that woman. My worthiness and my (fashion) choices now come from within me. I am happier and more grounded now, in my flats. 🥿❤️ . . . #selfesteem #girlsnightout #grounded #selflove #journey #poem


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Today’s Thanksgiving tip #3: Allow yourself feel full, possibly very full. . Feeling feeling full after your Thanksgiving Day meal is normal and is nothing to be feared, regardless of what dieting culture may be telling you this time of year. With so many incredibly delicious foods, you may find that you choose* to continue to eat beyond your comfortable level of fullness and that is OK! . If feeling full is challenging or triggering for you, it is helpful to think about what you are going to do after the meal to help sooth your brain and body, as well as protect you from slipping into diet mentality thoughts, i.e. planning the next diet/restriction, talking about “exercising it off”, using language such as you have been “bad” or you have “cheated”, etc. Here are some supportive ideas to consider doing after your meal: 🍗 Create and decide on a mantra (if this is too woo woo for you, mantra is just another word for something that you repeat to yourself) that promotes body trust. This can sound something like, “ I trust my body” or “It’s ok to be full and my body is doing such a great job digesting” or “I feel full and it doesn’t mean I have done anything wrong” or “I honored my appetite and I am proud of myself” or “I feel full and I don’t have to do anything to fix it.” 🍗Go for a mindful walk. How is this different then a regular walk? So glad you asked! This means walking with intention by focusing on your breath, the body, the feet touching the ground, the sounds around you (birds, trees, babies crying, etc.) and everything else that you notice on the walk. You may consider including positive body affirmations too, such as “I am so grateful for my feet( legs, stomach, hands, etc.) 🍗Give yourself permission to not be ok and to feel any emotions that might come up.During this holiday, there is so much pressure to be happy and content; this is nonsense! You get to feel angry, hurt, frustrated, scared or any other emotion that feels present for you. It’s ok to not be ok. . Tell me: What are some other things that you do after the thanksgiving meal to support your wellbeing? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


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Here’s to round ✌🏼 . {Left: May 2016 - Right: November 2018} . For those who are new or simply forgot 😅 •started: March 2017 |156 lbs| I was able to bring down my weight to around 129-133 lbs. I have not properly exercised since around August or maybe it was July? 🤔 but I was able to keep my eating habits on point. I am so ready to mold my body to the way that I want by gaining muscle. I’m a bit terrified tbh. 😂 Let’s see how it goes. . Reminders: • it’s November, but why postpone something you really want until January? Every day is a new beginning. • no journey is a straight line, I’ve tried to gain muscle before , but I’m determined to actually do so this time 😅


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Ohhh rolly polly tummy is about to get fluffier.... one day to Turkey time 🍗 I only baked one pie, one cakes and three dozen rolls, no biggie 😋 Art by @college_of_marin student #art #artmodel #figure #figuremodel #figuredrawing #figuremodels #artnude #nudeart #nude #nudefigure #nudefiguremodel #nudefiguredrawing #artmodelnude #nudeartmodel #fineart #fineartmodel #fineartnude #fineartnudes #fineartnudemodel #artnudemodel #nudeartmodels #nudefineart #curvemodels #curvemodel #curvymodel #bodyposi #bodypositive #curvywomen


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YOU ARE POWERFUL. Celebrate how far you’ve come, the challenges you didn’t think you could overcome, but you did. You are here. 🎶 Stronger than yesterday.🎶 @butchbarbie in Carve flexing on all of us 💪


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Who knew undergarments could be so high-tech?⠀ ⠀ We did! 🙋‍♀️⠀ ⠀ In case you missed it, check out @HurrayKimmay on @TheMarilynDenisShow showcasing our innovative slip shorts in yesterday’s segment.Super soft & stretchy, moisture-wicking, size-inclusive, and great in both the summer & winter…yep, that’s us!⠀ ⠀ #thighsociety #themarilyndenisshow #slipshorts #antichafing #hurraykimmay #hightech #innovative #tv #television #undergarments #bopo #sizeinclusive #comfortable #bodypositivity #bodyinclusivity #inclusivity #diversity #bodyposi


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Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it and #fncmfox @simpllyshalonda is undoubtedly bringing the heat in our Dulce de Leche maxi! 🔥 Thank you, beautiful! 🖤 Shop with us online at FeedNClotheMe.com. 🛍


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#freethemelons 🍈🍈 #freethenipple #aliciasinclaircotr | Regram c/o @behance


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Happy Wednesday! I’m hopefully finally getting a new un-cracked phone today ✌🏼


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fresh faced & feeling free 💛


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✨ 👉 @protectfemale 💘 Available in all sizes, multiple styles and colors Visit the URL to see our full collection 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧Tag a mate 👏who would love this❕ Available to preorder soon from --- > https://appareltee.com/ ---------------------------- #feminism #strongwomen #equality #feminist #womenempowerment #empowerment #ladyboss #strongwoman #womensupportingwomen #womensmarch #likeagirl #womenempoweringwomen #equalrights #genderequality #activist #wonderwomen #bodyposi #feministart


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calling all kinky fatties! what makes you tick and how accepting have your sexual partners been of this? or if you’re strictly vanilla: have you encountered any kinky sexual partners? how far into the kink realm would you wander? and lastly, because i’m dying to know y’alls thots, do you embrace the fetishisation of larger bodies? or does this so-called “kink” outrage you?


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picked up a @kyliecosmetics lip kit from my local @ultabeauty yesterday and of course i get the one named after candy 🍬 _______ friendly reminder that I have a new blogpost up and it’s linked in my bio

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving Eve! 🍂 I am so freaking pumped for this holiday. I am overflowing with gratefulness this year 💕 Things I’m looking forward to: ✖️friends + family ✖️ bomb food ✖️ love + laughter ✖️ giving back to others . What are you looking forward to? ✨ . New on the blog today is a lil’ post on embracing loneliness in this season of life. Link is in my bio! ✌️


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We never start our days without it. #dailyglide

Hey I’ve never posted a pic like this but #bodyposi u kno 🤷🏽‍♀️


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Petition for a pink moustache to be added to the emoji keyboard.

ENJOY THANKSGIVING PIE. Just in time for Thanksgiving, I was invited to lead a fun and informative workshop on how to recognize body cues for hunger and fullness. 🥧 Turning inward to the body allows you to stop eating when you’re content and satisfied. Yes, that is a cake on the workshop table! 🥧 We practiced how to take the power away from perceived “forbidden” foods like pasta and desserts. Then we can truly taste foods once again, and begin the journey to stress-free eating and the nutrients your body craves. 🥧 Workshops are available on cancer-preventative foods and intuitive eating. Jumpstart the journey to feeling strong, and finding food freedom. 🥧 Contact Nutrition Nom Nom, 👆link in profile.


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BLACK FRIDAY IS ALMOST HERE! We’ve got some HUGE deals in store for you all and at 6pm (GMT) this evening you will be able to check some of them out! For our past customers, you’ll have a little something extra hitting your inbox. You have until 6PM TONIGHT (21st Nov) to get on our subscriber list and see the goodies. THAT’S 2 HOURS. Link is in the bio, don’t miss out!


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Is this real life? We have a HUGE double spread in today’s The Daily Telegraph! We’re so happy!!! ❤️😍 gonna have a happy cry later lol