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2019-09-12 04:26:26

A rant is coming so feel free to not read I don't mind hahah this is my diary now Y'all my mental health is really struggling right now I've had the absolute worst luck in the past 24 hours I'm so tired and won't be able to work out for a couple days or eat correctly it's all about convenience and I wish for once I could just stay home and not be traveling My flight from Chicago to Detroit was canceled so I had to drive 5 hours to make a flight for vacation. I arrived at 2am and got two hours of sleep before I was back at the airport for the morning flight. That vacation flight would not let me get on bc I was only an hour early and not two hours early (do not ever fly air canada I am serious, they wouldn't even reimburse me and had me on hold for half an hour just to tell me that. ALSO when I didn't make my first flight they automatically canceled my return flight. @aircanada is the worst airline in the world I'm the official anti spokesperson). So I had to spend another $500 for a flight to Calgary where I'm hoping I can relax via hike (my favorite active activity). I'm just so tired of planes and everything fucking me over. If you got this far, tell me how much you hate air canada to make me feel better :)

#boycottaircanada @AIRCANADA ☪️ #slavemaster VIBES


2019-05-04 21:13:28

A life hack on how to fly first class without paying for it.....in theory this should work, but it didn't. Got kicked out almost immediately after I stopped filming. #flyfirstclass #richforaminute #aircanada #boycottaircanada #comedy #lifehacks

Air Canada you need to get an award for the worst airline in the world, not the best. I am not sure who you paid to get awarded the best airline in the world, because that is an absolute joke and inaccurate. I would like to meet the panel of judges or customers that came up with the conclusion that Air Canada is the best airline because they are clearly a bunch of idiots. Your check-in process is absolutely horrendous. First, your online check-in web application and mobile application (iOS and Android) is constantly experiencing issues, which is absolutely unacceptable in this digital age. Yesterday evening I wasted almost 45 minutes attempting to check-in into my flight on your web and mobile platforms. Please hire some proper developers to create a customer application that actually works 100% percent of the time. I don't have time to troubleshoot your application issues with your customer service, absolutely unacceptable. Second, your check-in process at the airport (Zurich International Airport) is an absolute joke, how do you deny a person access to flight that is has not left the airport (1 hour before boarding) who has purchased a full price Premium Economy ticket. Then you provide me an option to rebook my ticket on a new flight the following day, which was not feasible for me because I have to catch another flight first thing in the morning, May 3rd. The only option I had to arrive in Toronto on May 2nd was to book a brand new full price ticket on a United Airlines (Star Alliance member) flight to Newark and then figure out a solution to get from Newark to Toronto. The United Airline ticket was booked through the same Air Canada ticketing agent that denied me access to flight. If you claim to be part of the Star Alliance network, why couldn't you transfer my ticket to another airline within the Star Alliance, i.e. United Airlines. The agent informed me that Premium Economy ticket was only entitled to be booked the following day on an Air Canada flight because Air Canada only had applications single airline flying to Toronto on May 2nd.


2019-03-12 12:24:39

This is greed at its worst. #groundboeing737 #boycottaircanada #boycottwestjet . There are other carriers.

This is the face of a very unhappy traveler. @canadianairlinesinternational can suck a big fat one. They f’ed up our flight, or bags, our boarding passes. We’ve been stuck in Toronto for almost 24 hours now. Lesson learned. Boycot. #boycottaircanada #nothappy #helpmeplease #readytogohome

My country is Taiwan, not China. Air Canada and other 28 international airlines forced all Taiwanese citizens to accpet their policy of changing the country name of Taiwan to China, that makes all TW activists face the risk to be repatriated to China. #standupfortaiwan #boycottaircanada #beingtibetan

A bit of a rant about how shitty @aircanada's baggage claim department is. Am I supposed to believe that my suitcase fell out of the airplane in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle??? I'm sure a little bit of effort on your part can get me my baggage back. Check the last image. 21/25 people voted yes to their bag being lost or delayed by air Canada. I'm sorry it's really not worth it to travel with this airline if the chance of me getting my baggage misplaced is that high. Not only do I need some sort of compensation for all my time wasted but I need my ""lost"" baggage. Maybe you can help @aircanada and Air india is no better. They delayed my baggage on arrival to india. If I'm paying for a flight I expect that my baggage is there when I land and if not, then I expect some effort to be put on the part of these companies to help retrieve my bag. Not to mention air india customer service counter is actually non existent.... as in there is no air india customer service counter at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi... wtf!!!??? #aircanadacomplaints #aircanada #aircanadacustomerservice #aircanadacustomerservicesucks #airindia #boycottaircanada

Rachel O.

2017-09-02 21:17:02

🎵Marshmellows up in the sky 🌤 sooo high!!! 🎶 . . . #westjet #marshmellow #floatingonair #clouds #boycottaircanada #westjetalltheway

No thanks to @aircanada and their ability to arbitrarily cancel flights on a whim, Toronto and New York find each other together again and I couldn't be happier. 💕👬🌆 #boycottaircanada #welovejustintrudeau #reunited #newyorkcity #brooklyn

Kit Brown

2017-08-06 07:33:20

When you can't get to Toronto, bring Toronto to you 🤗 #candid #rooftopmoments #bk #summersunset #fromtotonyc #boycottaircanada

Someone sweet talked the lady pilot #sweettalker #firstplane #westjet #boycottaircanada #love #pilot


2017-04-01 07:44:59

#aircanada shamefull.... Using wool, silk and leather in a 'refreshing' way is totally asinine. This is how you want to represent Canada? How about bamboo or hemp? That would be more industry forward.... #sogross #ashamed #boycottaircanada

Zeus B

2017-01-21 08:18:44

Avoid & boycorr #aircanada! Their giftcard's are plagued with problems. Consumers are left in the dark with their systemic customer service failure! #boycottaircanada #aircanadafail #aircanadaproblems #yyz #toronto #aircanadajazz #aircanadafailure

On Air Canada a person needing oxygen on an international flight is charged $1200 (regardless of how much they need and way higher than the real cost), an obese person (irrespective of the cause of their condition) is given a second seat FREE. Is this fair? #boycottaircanada #airtravel #copd #oxygen #unfair #aircanada #faa #aviation #emphysema

Nicky Dyck

2015-08-23 12:44:13

Air Canada sent us an e-mail today denying us compensation for their mistake made a few months back and actually had the balls to fabricate a different story and tell us it's our fault; so naturally we're now drinking tea and plotting our next move. #aircanadalies #boycottaircanada

DJ Sneak

2015-03-18 18:52:11

Wouldn't you be Livid too! Fuck Air Canada > No Respect like Rodney Dangerfield. #boycottaircanada

Rebecca STeele

2014-07-23 17:00:02

Finally surrendered to a nap while we wait for missing luggage. #lostinaircanadahell

Rebecca STeele

2014-07-22 17:31:28

No seats available for me or A but Air Canada has V all booked in by herself and in an emergency exit seat no less 😒

Gee Mack

2014-04-21 06:05:04

Air Canada staff throwing people's carry-on luggage from the top of the staircase. People volunteered to have their carry-ons checked in order to make more room in the cabin and this how their bags are handled.. Hope no one had an iPad in their carry-on. Time to boycott Air Canada. #aircanada #boycottaircanada

Indrit Kasapi

2012-12-23 13:01:26

Missed our flight so we're still coming #nyc ..we're just running behind a couple of hours! :( #aircanadasucks #boycottaircanada