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Shedd with my babies 👩‍👧‍👦🐠🦈 #momlife #boymom #parenting #ryatts2 #ryattchristopher #rogan #roganmarshall #sheddaquarium


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2 months old today, and his rolls are coming along nicely

#30daysofgratitude • • I'm thankful for sweet baby giggles. It makes me cry happy tears every time ♡


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Every year Kyle has to work on Thanksgiving! We have gotten use to him being gone but are thankful he has an amazing work family! . Two years ago I sent him with the food he was taking for Thanksgiving dinner and a pie! Well it must have been a hit since it has been requested again for two years now :) . This year the kids got their hands in on making them! We made of course our favorite, dutch apple and had some fun with topping the cherry pie!! . Enjoy the pies @estesparkparamedics We are so thankful for the work you do taking care of others!! . . . #paramediclife #thankful #candidchildhood #letthembelittle #paramedic #momlife #sahm #emergenciesdontstoponaholiday #momlife #momoftoddlers #momoftwo #boymom #girlmom #parenthood


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Who is already in the kitchen prepping for tomorrow??? Anyone have any favorite side dish recipes they wanna share?! I’m all about that broccoli casserole 🤤🥦 but i LOVE finding new recipes! 🥧🥐🍷

🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼Thieves Life!🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 🍁My family👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 has successfully DITCHED AND SWITCHED many things in our life when it comes to getting rid of chemical filled products and switching them to high quality oil infused products with natural ingredients! 🍁What’s unique about the Thieves products is that they are infused with the thieves essential oil blend (rosemary, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus) that supports our immune system along with powerfully cleaning many things in our home! 🍁It’s important to be aware of what we are breathing in, putting on our skin, and ingesting! Ignoring it and buying the cheap colorful stuff in the stores will only bring us to consequences we don’t want when it comes to our health and our families health! 🍁Here’s some examples of Young Living’s Thieves products... 🌟Thieves toothpaste- (leaves your teeth feeling like glass!) 🌟 Thieves cleaner-(has replaced all my cleaning products) 🌟 Thieves dish soap (safe enough to clean the dishes my family and I️ get off of and smells great) 🌟 Thieves dishwasher (can also be used as toilet bowl cleaner).


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Round one of cooking prep for thanksgiving done. #sweetpotatocasserole #joannagaines #yum No we are not eating the crayons. Prepping for Christmas presents for my kinders. #holidayprep #boymom


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Onery through and through #momofboys #boymom #imaginativeplay


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Every morning looks like some version of this for me 😅👧🏼👦🏼💄 And this is part of my “why”. I’m glad to know that the products they’re coming in contact with do not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Small amounts here and there DO add up. Check out this post I shared last year and the link in the comments... WOW!!! This was just released TODAY!! Scary 😰 Not only does the makeup - for a child - include heavy metals and other toxins... it was found to include Asbestos!! Unbelievable that the industry is so unregulated that something of this nature could even occur! THIS is why Beautycounter lobby's for stricter regulations and Safe Beauty for all!! "They could die an untimely death in their 30s or 40s because of the exposure in this product," an expert says. #saferbeauty #momlife #girlmom #boymom #morningroutine #healthyhairrevolution #betterbeauty

I love these sorting bears from @lakeshorelearning! And this teacher-mama was pretty darn proud of my little guy for sorting his colors correctly! #teachermama #teachermom #mamabear #boymom #mommylife #iteachtoo #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofig #parenting


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🎉My $200 Shopping Spree is ending soon! . HOWTO ENTER 1️⃣Pop over to @risingunitedcreators 2️⃣ Follow the quick instructions on their main giveaway post . That’s it! Good Luck 😉!

Hey cutie. You lookin’ good! Stock your babes wardrobes with our essential pieces! 📷 @jaggerkai #weareviconx#beyondyourbasicthreads


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Being a mom is like having your heart walking around outside of your body 💕 He keeps me strong, keeps me focused, and definitely is the best part of each day 💕 We have a five day adventure ahead of us and I’m looking forward to seeing where we go! For now, rest up sweet boy. Xoxo 💕 . . . . #foodprep #mealprep #toddlermom #homegym #momboss #momlife #kittylove #coffeelover #shoeaddict #workingmom #positivity #lifebydesign #personalgrowth #strongnotskinny #eatcleanfeelbetter #teacherlife #baseballwife #balance #fitnessforlife #healthyfamily #postpartumfitness #bethebestyou #boymom #bodyimageissues #foodisfuel #fuelyourbody #momblogger #cleaneating #busymom #fitmom


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The downstairs bathroom now has a super easy way for my boys to feel secure while on the potty without me and without making the dash upstairs to use their bathroom with the potty ring! Best thing is there is no unsightly ring sitting around when they don’t need it or a little person having to try to get the seat on in those urgent moments! The big one has been potty trained for almost a year, but did everything by himself this morning from start to finish 🥳🚽 #itsthelittlethings #boymom #pottytraining #nowontothenextone #topseat


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Ember. You were definitely a spark in my life that keeps me going. They say kids change you. Yeah, it is true. But, you my boy, you saved me. You will never know the depths of my heart for you and how much I cherish our snuggles. You gave me a fighting desire I never knew was deep down. I am so blessed to watch you learn and grow. Your smile is contagious and your personality entraps me. I love you, kid. #embersterling #littlestlove #bestillmyheart #lastbaby #timeslowdown #boymom #fullheart #blessedfarmorethanideserve #godknewwhathewasdoing #godgavemeyou #emberinthehighest


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Maybe it’s because he’s my second (and last) baby. Maybe it’s because he’s my sweet mamas boy. Or maybe I’m just an emotional mess 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve been struggling with a roller coaster of emotions when realizing that my last baby is officially a year old. It’s pretty ridiculous actually. My husband tells me multiple times a day to “get myself together” as I whimper that he said “dada” instead of “mama.” Or like when I try to eat his face and he smacks me then runs away and I cry that he doesn’t love me. Normal, right? #stagefiveclinger . . The icing on the cake is this beautiful piece above his crib from @onceuponapine.co. A mama making these name signs by hand, so much love and hard work going in to them, and it’s perfect. It’s exactly what I envisioned for our boy and whenever I look at it, I’m really really happy. #hormones . . . . . #toddlerproblems #instamom #motherhood #momoftwo #motherlove #dailyparenting #ig_parenting #lifeofamom #momlifeisthebestlife #girlmom #boymom #momblog #momblogger #nursingmom #breastfedbaby #motherhoodrising #familylife #childhoodunplugged #mama #candidchildhood #familytime #momiform #lifegivingsquares #motherhoodrising #thehappynow #honestmotherhood #ourlifeinsquares #ohheymama


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He invited me in one (thanks buddy)... the others i discovered this morning 😂 that’s my boy #boymom


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Give us all the Christmas things ❤️🌲❄️🎅🏽 We are so loving our new hand knitted throw from @sarahlouco Her work is so gorgeous & I can’t even describe how comfy & soft the blanket is! Go check out her page and snag one for yourself!


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Sometimes it's hard to share, sometimes it's necessary. We have been under what I would consider spiritual warfare for the last month in this family. Parenting growing kids is hard and I am realizing that my decision to step away from wedding photography was no coincidence. These boys need me home more than ever right now...especially that older one. . . I remember @annvoskamp talking once about how a mother never stops laboring. For a tiny blink I felt like parenting was getting easier. And it did in a sense...theres no more diapers, it's easier to go out of the house on a whim, I can sleep a full night now, but in another sense my heart is in pain as a mother. The great deceiver is working his way into the lives of my believing children. . . The Lord is my Shepherd. He makes me rest, He will restore my soul and He will continue to lead me to paths of righteousness for His great name...if I listen, if I obey, if I follow. Though the arrow flies and the terror of night is at my door....i will still trust you more. . . If you pray, will you pray with Us? #godfirst #familysecond #raisingkids #raisingboys #boymom


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Who else loves the Time Hop on Facebook?? 🙋 One year ago I posted this move that was new to me in one of my programs, with the specific intent for it to pop up in my Time Hop year after year so I could compare my progress - man, that was a clever move! 😉 I am SO glad I did this, because just this morning I started a new dose of my thyroid medication, so I weighed myself to see how the medication will be affecting my weight over the next 3 months, and I was not pleased. I probably weighed a similar amount in this photo from a year ago, which could be disappointing - if I let it. Well now I just don't even CARE about what the scale says, because look at what the PHOTOS say!!! ✨ A year ago I couldn't do this move with my knee off the floor - today I can. ✨ A year ago I couldn't get my other knee to my elbow - today I can. ✨ A year ago I couldn't get my chest too low to the ground - today I can. The STRENGTH that I have gained from working out at home for 30-60 minutes a day, CONSISTENTLY, is blowing my mind!! I feel so PROUD of myself and that silly number on the scale isn't going to get me down today!! That saying is so true... "A year ago you'll wish you had started TODAY." ❤️ Now if only my shoes were still as clean and bright as they were a year ago... 😉


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Nothing cuter than a sweet baby 👶🏻 laughing in his sleep 😍 we are waiting for big brother to wake up to get our day started ! It’s my favorite day of the year !!! 😬

Morning ride 🚲 checking out some of the new murals in the #rosemarydistrict we love this one at @dreamlarger painted by @ringlingcollege students 👌🏻 our morning was off to a rocky start but some fresh air made the world of difference! If you’re having a tough day try and get some time outside today ☺️ #mural #sarasota #srq #floridamom #motherhood #thisismotherhood #momlife #mom #boymom #ride #bikeride #getoutside


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《5 whole days with my boys》& this one even got in on a little sweat stash this a.m.(they are always watchin' so make sure your ARE THE BEST EXAMPLE in taking care of yourself so they will do the SAME! #goals#boymom Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels!!🦃🦃


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It’s here! There’s a new holiday Gift Guide for you Mama’s of budding artists and creators on the blog! ❤️ 🎄 Get to it easy by clicking the link in my bio.


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I always wondered how some people always seemed to get so much done in one day. I felt like my days just flew by and I wasn’t accomplishing anything. I’ve found a way to change my mindset and I’m noticing I’m getting more done than I used to and I’m feeling more accomplished. I’ve replaced my “I’ll do it later” with “I’ll do it now” instead of leaving those dishes for the morning, I’ll clean the kitchen before I go to bed. * * Sometimes all it takes is a mindset change. Not easy I know. Yesterday, I kept putting off my workout, but at 8pm I finally got it in, because it has become so much a part of who I am, and I know to reach the goals I have set for myself it’s a requirement. I felt much better once I got it done though, I should’ve just done it sooner rather than putting it off. * * We all have 24hours in our day. How do you spend yours? What you get done in your 24 hours is your choice.


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Does anyone else spot trouble? 😍 #dinosaurlover #eyepatch #momoftwokids

How I feel about a short work day and Thanksgiving 🦃🧡 #happywednesday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #happythanksgivng #adidas #happy #longweekend #adidasobsessed #yay #gobblegobble #tampa #comfortableclothes #comfortablestyle #momlife #boymom


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Instagram VS reality 🤣 I love this little munchkin so much 💕