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4 Minutes Ago

Sweet dreams little man ♡ Everyone always says how precious it is to watch your baby sleep and that couldn’t be more true. . . His striped pjs are from @elsewhere_shop and you can use the code “CAM” for 20% off your order 😊


15 Minutes Ago

1st NHL game ✔ Signs for favorite player✔ Caps win the game✔ @tjoshie7 autographs a puck for you✔ Best night ever✔ Thank you Oshie for making this an amazing and memorable night for all of us.


12 Minutes Ago

You guys, it’s time. ⠀ And my heart is breaking in anticipation.⠀ How do we do this?!⠀ ⠀ We have to tell our son the truth about Santa. I have worked so hard to keep this magical secret that I’ve actually done too good of a job. ⠀ ⠀ He is old enough to understand, and to become a Santa himself. But while he is so intelligent, he is also incredibly sensitive. ⠀ ⠀ How did you break the news to your kids, or how did your parents break it to you?⠀ ⠀ #thetruthaboutchristmas #santaclaus #pictureswithsanta #ibelieveinsanta #ibelieveinsantaclaus #momoftwo #christmasseason #sahm #momlife #girlmom #yougotthismama #momminainteasy #idontwanna #boymomlife #momproblems #stopgrowing


12 Minutes Ago

My Snow Angel 😇 (with devil horns) Lol!!!! Fun Snow Day today!❄️❄️❄️❄️#snowday #snowmuchfun #winterwonderland #snowangel #boymomlife


14 Minutes Ago

Paper snowflakes aren’t a holiday craft? Right??? It’s snowing here. There’s about 8” and I didn’t think we were even going to have any! So baking and paper snowflake cutting it is. A few years ago I learned that coffee filters make the BEST paper snowflakes. They are thin enough to cut through for little hands and if you fold them into eighths you get some seriously gorgeous results. This is an awesome activity to strew - I’m about to hop on a call so I set this out for my oldest to work on when he’s ready to switch up his activities this afternoon. Happy ❄️snow day❄️ friends!!!


53 Minutes Ago

Made it to the children’s museum with aunt JuJu, Warner baby, aunt Sam, and our bud Louie. 👯‍♀️ The easy part is getting them in. They don’t tell you how hard it is to get them out. 🙅🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ #momlife #midwestmom #toddlerfun #maternity #prego #reasonsmytoddleriscrying #iowa #gingerhair #adidas #targetstyle #nike #boymom #boymomlife #iowa #thesimplelife #pregnancy #maternityfashion


15 Minutes Ago

One year ago, hugely pregnant and over it! I just can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. Two weeks after this picture, our sweet Maverick arrived and completed our family 🖤 . . . . #maternityphotography #maternityshoot #maternityfashion #boymomlife #abouttopop #fallphotoshoot #basketballbelly #dontmissbeingpregnant


23 Minutes Ago

Before winter sets in we've been trying to get a few hikes in. D loves getting out in the trails and climbing rocks everywhere we go. The trail was wet and muddy, which meant lots of fun jumping in puddles. It's great to watch my little explorer. He got all wet and dirty and had the time of his life doing it. Baby N was strapped to my chest and slept the whole time. Fall hikes are so much fun! Do you like getting out in the fall or does the weather keep you indoors?


19 Minutes Ago

Our BLACK FRIDAY SALE is lit 🔥 40% off our entire site + free shipping! Several things have already sold out but don't worry, we are getting them back in stock 😍 shop now 👇 www.escoeandleeclothing.com


19 Minutes Ago

A year ago I couldn’t do this! Swipe to see the next pic... that wasn’t an injury. It was due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’m not old but I’m certainly no spring chicken but I never expected this. After having my last child my body has turned into this angry confused hormonal mess. . I tried every natural remedy at the health store, different doctors, all the meds(a lot) some made me sick, most didn’t help at all. I even tried acupuncture to try and Curb the pain. I couldn’t open the door to my car, buckle my kids in let alone pick them up. I would crawl to the bathroom in the mornings because my feet hurt so bad! . I can’t tell you how much this exercise program, this nutrition, these great people I have met through coaching have changed my outlook, my body, and my overall health. There is a 💡 at the end of that tunnel! Moms don’t get to give up... we don’t call in 😷, we make things happen! One day at a time you can feel better. #mommingainteasy #momlife #jewelryjunkie #plexus #lularoe #livingwitharthritis #moveon #mommin #motherhood #postpartumbody #postprtumjourney #postpartumfitness #postpartumdepression #justbeyourself #getmoving #getoutside #onedayatatime #boymomproblems #boymomlife #toddlertales #teacherlife🍎 #teachersofinstagram #fitlife #momblogger


20 Minutes Ago

Bye. 👋🏻😘💋


23 Minutes Ago

Found my happy place! #naturelovers #hikingadventures #boymomlife


24 Minutes Ago

Every mom has a forever book. The one she has memorized and can read without looking at the pages. . This is one of those books. My best friend got this book and it’s mate for Sully when he was a toddler. He loved them. Then Harmon loved them. Then Dori passed away. Now Bowen loves them. . These will be our forever books. . What’s YOUR forever book?


23 Minutes Ago

I’m not anxious.. I’m just extremely well educated on all of the things that could go catastrophically wrong. 😵 . Me and my anxiety beast tho, we’ve become kinda friends lately. 👹I let him roam around, do his own thing, and visit with me at times. I don’t lock him in his cage like I used to. And I think this new freedom is working pretty well for us... controlled chaos if you will. It happened by accident, basically I was too tired to keep him locked in his cage anymore. 🤷‍♀️ I’m kinda okay with it, because now I don’t have to be strong to fight him, I just work WITH him. ❤️ . Whatever comes up today, you can handle it 😙💪 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #anxiety #momsofinstagram #korafitness #fitmomsofig #momstrong #postpartumfitness #fitmomsrock #postpartum #postpartumjourney #postpartumbody #fitmomof2 #momof2 #momofboys #utahblogger #momblogger #fitnessblogger #utahfitfam #strongmom #mombod #newmom #boymom #boymomlife #toddlermom #momlife #chronicillness #hypothyroidism #hashimotos #addisonsdisease #invisibleillness #spoonie


24 Minutes Ago

Went to mobile today to the craft show got some yummy dip mixes and some elf clothes 💜 great time with the boos 😍😍 #boymomsrock #boymomadventures #boymomlife #momlifebelike #momsohard #mommyblogger #momstruggles #mobile #craft #craftshowdisplay #dips #elf #christmastree


28 Minutes Ago

It's Snowing, sleeting, raining!!!! I dont know what outside!!!!!! But guess what! I didn't have to leave my house to get my workout done!!!! Nope!💥💥 I just totally nailed a Double Workout Thursday!!!!💥💥💥 All from the comfort of my own bedroom!!!!! Come on!!! You have to admit thats pretty convenient, especially during the winter months!!!! Today I had not only did the workout on the calendar from the program my challenge group is following! I also did a quick 18, yes I said it. 18 minutes lift and hiit workout with my favorite trainer, Joel!!!! Im a sweaty mess!!! Im finally feeling better!!!! I need to take a shower!! (Little man told me Im stinky 😂) Do you love to workout but hate having to leave the house during the yucky weather??? Are you tired of missing your workouts because of mother nature??? Well, I have the solution for you!!!! What are you waiting for? Lets do this together!!!! #39andfaboulous #liftheavy #liift4life #believeinyou #keepshining #boymomlife #fitmom #icandohardthings #fearlessandhappy #doubleworkoutday #healthymommyhappymommy


30 Minutes Ago

Living with four boys can be summarized in two emojis : 🤦🏼‍♀️+🤣. Yes, even the cat is male! As they grow and get bigger those tiny little baby toes are becoming big smelly boy feet so I love using @_sprayzee_ to freshen up the endless amounts of shoes my boys seem to have (including their daddy). I also use it to deodorize everything from the litter box area to smelly fabric laundry baskets and it’s 100% natural, so it’s safe for all of my little boy critters at home!👨🏻👦🏼👶🏻😼 • • • • • • • • • • #ad #love #spray #momlife #momhack #boymom #boymomlife #instagood #photooftheday #tbt #like4like #followme #picoftheday #follow #me #instadaily #report #fun #style #smile #instalike #likeforlike #family


35 Minutes Ago

The tooth fairy almost forgot to pick up this boy’s tooth...oops. She came through though while he was eating breakfast. For some reason Trip had a hard time finding her envelope...good thing mom’s are really good at that stuff 👊🏼 #mylove #boymomlife


38 Minutes Ago

Please excuse any typos.


44 Minutes Ago

There are a few new friends here so how about we do an introduction?✌🏼 . Welcome, babe! My name is Samantha🌹. I’m 26. Mama to my sweet viking babes, Kristjan and Liam. Living on overpopulated, overpriced, beautiful Long Island🗽 . I’m a soon to be wife of an incredible man, @hattimasm. He exceeds every dream I’ve ever had of what I wanted in a partner, and the father of my children. I couldn’t be more proud of this beautiful life we’re building together. We LOVE to adventure with our boys, and obsess over our big dreams and visions for our future and our family♡ . I’m all about empowering other women and surrounding yourself with genuine people that just make you feel good. For a good portion of my life, I struggled with my self esteem and confidence due to my severe cystic acne. I tried every product in the book. I came across LimeLife by Alcone, through a friend on social media. When I tried the products, I knew I needed to be apart of this brand because I believed in it. I know first hand what it did to my confidence to struggle with not feeling comfortable in my own skin. And I wanted to help other people not feel that way. Come hangout with me @thebeautyforce to learn more about it.💄 . Some of my favorite things - coffee, makeup, flowers, all things beauty, personal development, empowering others and I love taking pictures of my beautiful family. I’m also slightly obsessed with farmhouse decor and interior design, but I’m the least creative person in the world so I live vicariously through the pinterest moms who look like they have their life together (because who doesn’t?). If we have some things in common, stick around. I’d love to get to know all of you. Welcome, friends.🌼 Tell me something about yourself.👇🏼💕


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14 Days 16 Hours Ago

♦♥ Hangin with my puddin #harleyquinn #joker #halloween #puddin #costume2 #happyhalloween #boymomlife


44 Minutes Ago

I spent so many years straightening, bleaching and just being unkind to my hair. I’m finally embracing my curls and I’m so in love with them. It’s just so much easier to just be you even when it comes to your hair. 🤣 But seriously, that’s something I will always teach my boys. Be yourself. Embrace what God gave you. Be a leader. Because all of those things are so much cooler than what’s popular or “in-style” for the moment.


44 Minutes Ago

I’ve got to be on my game the next 4 months because it’s just me and you while daddy is deployed. Here’s to scribes who also double as babysitters, my new bedtime of 8pm because it’s only mama now for every night awakening, stealing all the cuddles, and figuring it out together lil guy. . Don’t worry, I got you! . #throwbackthursday to when Chris and I took Wyatt hiking for the 1st time up in the mountains surrounding Asheville, NC a few weeks ago. We decided the day before to go, made the 7 hour drive down, took the pup, got a little cabin on #homeaway and had our own little family adventure. 💕👪 🏔 . Highly recommend this Poco AG Carrier by @ospreypacks 👍🏽 Back pain free hiking! Just be prepared for some hair pulling and head slaps from the little one 🤣 . . . #navywife #familyadventures #drmom #doctorfit #milso #milsolife #militaryfamily #mommydoctor #pmg #somedoc #doctorlife #notjustamom #familyhike #babywearing #boymomlife #familygoals #medlife #rei #fitdoctorsofinsta


48 Minutes Ago

Immune boosters & veggies disguised as a chocolate milkshake for breakfast?⁣ ⁣ Mmmmmmmmmk I think I will. 👌🏼⁣ ⁣ #stayawaysickness


50 Minutes Ago

This kid was definitely super cool today, because he was such a big boy during drop off 🙌🏻 No crying, went potty, washed his hands, gave me a kiss, and waved goodbye as he followed his classmates outside to play ❤️ we seriously can’t believe how big he’s getting and how much his little personality is coming out. He has opinions. He has attitude. He’s funny. He’s sweet. And he’s one hell of a singer/dancer 🤣 ✖️ ✖️ ✖️ ✖️ ✖️ #kaisontyler #happyboy #realboyswearpink #supercool #toddlerlife #toddlerlifestyle #toddlerstyle #toddlerfashion #offtoschool #alwaysbeyourself #handm #hmkids #toddlermodel #bigboy #proudmommy #preschooldays #november2018 #toddlerhairstyles #modellife #socalkids #lakids #twomoms #boyhood #boymom #boymomlife #twomomlife #lesbianmoms


56 Minutes Ago

Your biggest contribution may not be something that you do but someone you raise.


1 Hour Ago

@anthropologie is the cutest store with the most adorable clothes and home decor! I literally swoon over everything they sell. But not only do they have the cutest products...the smell when you walk in to that store is pretty heavenly. There is something about it, so clean and fresh. . . This blend has been floating around for a while now, and it will always be a favorite for me. I’m taking a tiny break from my holiday oils to diffuse this amazing blend. . . ANTHROPOLOGIE BLEND👇🏼 💧3 drops Citrus Bliss 💧3 drops Siberian Fir (or White fir if you still have some hoarded like I do 😉) 💧3 drops Grapefruit . . Using oils to make my house smell good without having to light candles with synthetic fragrance is my most favorite thing ever! Remember...oils have amazing side benefits. When you diffuse this blend, you will also⬇️ - Boost your energy and lift your spirits (thanks to Citrus Bliss) - Purify the air and even curve sugar cravings (Grapefruit) - Give yourself some pretty awesome respiratory support and fight anxious feelings (Siberian Fir) . . Doesn’t that sound great? Tag a friend who would LOVE this blend ❤️ . . #doterraessentialoils #diffuserblends #anthropologiehome #nontoxicfragrance


57 Minutes Ago

THROWBACK THURSDAY to the summer of 2017 in Ft Lauderdale!! I love the beach, and I love these guys so much!💕


58 Minutes Ago

First snow day of the year calls for Decorating and snow fights with my favorite guys ❄️ ☃️ 🎄 @captain_hoff #familyday #snowday #playhard #boymomlife